उत्तम संयम धर्म कहानी | Uttam Sanyam Dharm story | Daslakshan Series | Jain Animated Stories kids

Jai Jinendra, kids You all ride bikes and your mummy and papa drive cars and motorcycles So tell me one thing what if your cycle, scooter or car had no breaks what do you think will happen? would you still be comfortable riding it? Is it safe to ride a scooter without breaks? No, not at all no brakes would lead to an accident we may ram into somebody and get hurt Although we might feel that breaks stop us but that’s important too else we can easily go out of control right? hmmm our life is also similar to this All the things that we enjoy doing in life we wish to continue doing it all the time, without any break But, now you know that its very important to control on them too else we can easily go out of control In Cars and scooters we have brakes to control them and in our life what do we have to control us tell me Sanyam Sanyam means self-control For example, what to eat, how much to eat, how much TV to watch, how many cartoons to watch how many toys to buy, etc etc oh but this is a very difficult thing to do everything will have to be done in control but why? what is wrong with having it all and doing whatever we like? whatever we do for our happiness and enjoyment we do to satisfy our five senses but our touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight are these five senses ever completely satisfied? have we ever felt in life that we have already eaten a lot have eaten everything good, now we dont want to eat anything no, right? so, no matter what you do our senses will never be satisfied we are always hungry for more and more and we always end up staying dissatisfied There’s one more thing there’s violence involved every time we please our five senses hence self control meaning sanyam is very important in our life Let’s hear an interesting story about sanyam Once near a jungle of a town came Sagarsen Muniraj he was doing samayik, meaning meditation he sat very still and calm and from far away, a fox saw this he thought that it was a dead body and went near to eat him Muniraj stayed calm did not get scared to save the fox from committing the sin of violence started giving religious sermons He said hey great soul, you became an animal because of your bad karmas and in tiryanch gati (animal form of life) you should quit all forms of violence and take an oath that from now on you wont hurt anyone listening to these words of the calm Muniraj the fox became calm and sat next to him the fox gave up on eating and drinking post sunset he took an oath for it he decided he wont eat anything nor drink anything post sunset and he also decided to not kill any animal now onwards the fox was very thirsty one day and to satisfy his thirst, he went near a well the well was too deep you know what the fox did he took the staircase to go down the well as he went down, it turned out to be really dark down there fox thought it was night and he had taken an oath of not eating or drinking anything at night so fox without drinking water, came out of the well as he came out, he realized it was still daytime the sun had still not set the fox was very thirsty he again went into the well to drink water when he went down, it was dark he again went up he did this multiple times but he did not break his sanyam and niyam (oath) he did not give up even though he was thirsty, he did not drink water during the night time so he sat down and started remembering Muniraj and he died thirsty but you know what happened to that fox? in the next birth, that fox became Prince Preetikar and he went to Bhagwaan Mahavir’s Samosharan took Muni diksha (became a saint and renounced worldly pleasures) and attained Moksha So you see kids, how even a fox observed sanyam for the betterment of his soul We too, in our lives start practicing sanyam by taking small oaths We can start practicing self control by taking very small vows in our daily life what can we do? we can decide on the limit of watching TV that we will only watch TV for 30 mins daily and we can also decide that that we will only watch educational videos on TV which teaches us good things we will not watch any video that involves violence and do you know in our lives, our parents are our best friends and best well wishers so we should listen to them we should stay away from mobile phones, tablets or any other gadgets and if you ever get tempted then we should take permission from our parents to use and there is a very important oath whatever we eat from outside we should check the ingredients before eating we can take an oath that we will eat only after checking its ingredients and will not eat anything which involves violence On Ashtami and Chaudas which are very special days of the month we can take on oath of worshiping God on those days Do you know that initially, it could be difficult to observe the oath they can be pretty difficult but gradually these oaths become a part of our routine and do you know that oath makes our will power very strong and by taking an oath we also get punya (good karmas) good karmas get added to our account so kids, from today itself you will put a break of Sanyam on your desires wont you? Jai Jinendra

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