पुडाची वडी – Pudachi Vadi | नागपुरी सांबार वडी | Vidarbh Special Street Food – Sambhar Vadi |Archana

पुडाची वडी – Pudachi Vadi | नागपुरी सांबार वडी | Vidarbh Special Street Food – Sambhar Vadi |Archana

Hi! welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani. I like Pudachi Vadi a lot and I got
loads of request to make Pudachi Vadi. So today I’m going to show you,
how to make Pudachi Vadi. So let’s begin. First of all we will make
the covering for Pudachi Vadi’s, For that I’ve taken
1 cup Bengal gram flour. I cup Wheat flour. A bit of carom seeds. Take some carom seeds in hand,
crush and then add them in. Add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder. 1 tsp Red chilli powder. Salt as per taste. And we will add hot oil. We have heated the Oil
and we’ll add it in here. So add the 2 tbsp hot oil,
which makes the recipe crispy. Since I have a tsp, I will add it 4 times. Let’s mix it up. Its hot so I’m not using my hand to
mix it, I will do that in a while. Now we’ll add water in
batches and form a dough. So our dough is now ready, lets keep it aside. So now let’s get make the stuffing..so
for that we’ll keep the oil aside, And we’ll take a pan. We’ll add 2 tbsp oil in the pan. Add 1 tbsp of kala masala in the oil. And 1 tbsp of red chilli powder and mix it all. Keep the gas on a low flame, or else the pungent
smell will hit your throat. I’ve made a powder here that includes, 2 tbsp of grated dry coconut, 2 tbsp Poppy seeds and
2 tbsp of sesame seeds. I’ve roasted it and then
ground it in a mixer. Let’s add the mixture in it. Mix it all nicely. Now add a bit of salt in it. I’ve taken coriander leaves… Wash it, chop it and let it dry on a
muslin cloth and then use it. Mix it up all again. As it has mixed well,
lets take it out in a bowl.. The stuffing has mixed nicely, so now
lets take a small bowl, Add a bit of oil, not more that 1 tbsp. We’re adding 1 tsp red chilli powder
and 1 tsp kala masala. Mix them both..and keep them aside. So now we will start making Pudacha
Vadi, so heat up the oil. So let’s begin with Pudacha Vadi, we’ll
make small balls of the dough. We will roll the dough like puri, and use oil instead of flour to roll. Now the puri is rolled, we will add
the spice and spread all over it. And we will add the stuffing we have prepared. Fold it from both the sides. Then fold it from both bottom
ends, like a pocket fold. Press a bit from the middle. So this is a bit a Pudachi Vadi looks like. It is made in various shapes,
in different households. If my Pudachi Vadi looks like this then
it may differ from my neighbours, So that’s a speciality of this dish
that can have various shapes. Let’s do the same we’ll make
the remaining Pudachi Vadis. In this way, our all
Pudicha Vadis are ready, And also the oil is heated up,
so now let’s fry our Pudachi Vadi. Fry it nicely and make is crisp. So it’s all fried, we’ll now take it out. Similarly fry the remaining pieces. There it is our Pudicha Vadi ready to serve. You can always play with the
size and also give various shape. So it’s ready Let’s cut the pieces into half. You can see, how beautiful it
looks and is also tasty, As its tempting, I’ve already called for tea. Do try this and write to me your feedback. And Like, Share and Subscribe
to Ruchkar Mejwani.

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