3 Reasons Why Christianity is NOT the White Man’s Religion (The REAL Black History!)

3 Reasons Why Christianity is NOT the White Man’s Religion (The REAL Black History!)

This meme says: I don’t practice the white man’s religion Some people think being a black Christian
is an oxy moron. Some people think that if you are a black
Christian, then you are an oxymoron minus the “oxy” Given that it’s black history month, I thought
I’d take a minute to explain why I’m a black Christian
while at the same time conclusively showing that Christianity is NOT the white man’s
religion. So, let’s get into it: So this meme is referring to Christianity
when it talks about the white man’s religion. Alright? Now there’s at least 3 ways to understand
what people mean when they say that Christianity’s the white man’s religion. One way to understand this is that Christians
are mostly white men. Since this first point deals with statistics,
we can go ahead and keep this one quick and simple. For those of us who have never looked at the
statistics, we might think that Christianity consists of mostly white males. But factually speaking, that’s just incorrect. Christianity is not mostly white, or male. There’s more Christians in Africa right
now than in America. We’re gonna get to that later on, but in
the mean time, just note that Christianity is not mostly white. So the first point is, Christianity is not
the white man’s religion factually speaking. Now to the second reason. Another way to understand the claim that Christianity’s
the white mans religion, is to reference the fact that Christianity was given to blacks
by white slave masters during the slave trade. In other words, the reason why blacks came
to accept Christianity in first place, is because it was beat into them by slave masters
who used Bible verses in order to get them to be obedient. Therefore, Christianity originally came from
white men, and was only forced on blacks in order to keep them obedient and submissive. So with this claim, if we go back in history,
it’s both true and false. What do I mean by that? It’s true in that some slaves at that time
were introduced to Christianity from their slave masters. This is something that, as a black man, I
can understand why people would find the thought of blacks accepting Christianity to be offensive. Just the thought of our ancestors being given
a belief that was used to manipulate them into becoming submissive to abuse, is emotionally
tough. So in that way, the claim is true. It’s true in the sense that some blacks
were introduced to Christianity during the slave trade. Now, why is it false? Well, it’s false because Christianity was
not first introduced to blacks during the slave trade. As Lisa Fields talks about in my video with
her on this channel, some of the early church fathers, like Athanasius, were African. Christianity was in Africa even before Islam
was in Africa. So blacks held belief in Christianity going
all the way back to around the time that Christianity first started. In the book of Acts we read about Ethiopia and at that time included all of Africa South of Egypt We read about the Ethiopian Eunuch that declares,
“I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God” We also read that the men from Cyrene (a north
African town) who laid hands on Paul the Apostle to go do missions, were also African. And we even read that Africans were missionaries
to Europeans. All of this was 1600 years before the African
Slave trade, and even then, blacks that were giving their lives to Christ and worshipping
Jesus. An alternative way of understanding the slogan
is that, Christianity is the white man’s religion because basically it’s foreign
to us as a people. In other words, Christianity is something
that white people do, and black people do African religions. But as we just saw, that can’t be the case
when we look at history. By definition Christianity IS an African Religion. We also know from history that Christianity
was in Africa before it was in Europe. It was in India before it was in England. And it was in China before it was America. So even if it were actually the case that
the majority of Christians today were white men, historically speaking, it was anything
but that. So what should we do if we go around telling
people that they shouldn’t become Christians because of black history? Well if we’re gonna be real and we’re
gonna be consistent, now that we have more of the facts, then we should tell people that
they should become Christians because of black history. In other words, if our argument is that blacks
should make a decision about Christianity based on history and how they first came to receive Christianity then taking in this fuller scope of history should compel us to accept Christianity based on even more history and the fact that blacks accepted Christianity voluntarily for all the centuries
prior to the slave trade. So our second reason is that Christianity
is not the white man’s religion, historically speaking. Before we get to our last point, a quick point
about why I’m a Christian. Alright guys. I’ll right black, you stay white here. Now, I know that there’s plenty of people,
and plenty of Christians who hold to certain religious beliefs based mostly on positive
emotional reasons. Many will hold to their religious belief because
it makes them feel good, helps them cope with life’s problems, gives them hope, and so
on. And on the flip side of that, many people
might reject religious belief because of negative emotional reasons, like what we just talked
about; like some people may reject Christianity because of the use of Christian scriptures
against our ancestors. But if you were to ask my why I believe in
Christianity, it isn’t for any of those reasons. I believe in it because I believe that it’s true. A true statement about reality and the way
things really are. Now I’m not saying that Christianity can’t
and it doesn’t bring happiness; it definitely can. But that’s not why we should believe in
Christianity. And we shouldn’t reject Christianity because
of negative emotions either. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be
any prophets, disciples, apostles or even a savior. So considering this, in my eyes, any pressure
put on me to reject Christianity for any other reason than it being false, ultimately doesn’t
have anything to do with if I should accept or reject it. Ok now to the final point. Given the fact that I believe Christianity
is true, as true as anything else that is true about reality, I’m free to celebrate
my culture. But as a Christian, my value ultimately isn’t
found in my skin color or my culture. I’m not valuable because of who I am or
what I was born. I am valuable because Christ loved me and
provided a way for me (and everyone else) to be rightly related to Him. Despite the fact that I don’t deserve it
and didn’t earn it. I get death threats for making these sorts
of videos and exposing what I am convinced of is the truth, and as this channel grows, I
expect to get even more death threats. It’s possible that I could die at the hands
of my enemies, like Christ. Or I could suffer some illnesses, like Job. Or I could die in some random, freak accident. But no matter what the case may be, nothing
will change the truth of Christianity and the fact that Christ died for me. My identity is ultimately found in Christ,
and life’s circumstances, emotions and even death, won’t change that one bit. As Paul the apostle said, not even death itself
can keep us from the love of God that’s in Christ. So the final point is that Christianity is
not a white or a man’s religion because it’s not about white men, any more than
black men, or any other man. Jesus’s final instructions to his disciples
were to go make disciples of ALL the nations. Christianity isn’t and never was for or
about whites only. Christ didn’t just die for me, He died for
anyone and everyone who will accept Him. Do you agree with me on these points? Do you disagree? What are your thoughts about Christianity
being the white man’s religion? Whatever it is, go ahead and leave your comments
down below. And if you’re interested in this topic,
my boy Adam Coleman has a podcast on it that I highly, highly recommend. And that link is in the description. And if this is your first time here then go
ahead and subscribe, cuz I got all kinds of new stuff comin. Until then, the next time someone says that
Christianity is the white man’s religion, what are you gonna say?

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  1. Rejecting Christianity because of the actions of those who are NOT following its precepts is logically incoherent.

  2. Exactly. And if i am correct the first christians were jews and many were ethiopians. CHRISTIANITY FOR ALL RACES. from a white guy.

  3. Christianity has followers from every race and every ethnicity (except north sentinel isles) Christianity is not a white man's religion. If anything a jew's man religion though not really. They say "islam is the black man's religion" and yet muhammad called them raisin heads.

  4. Jesus was not white he was probably blackish olive. like an ethiopian and a arab the features of judah at the time so why do white supremacist idiots insist Jesus was white and that christianity is a white man's religion? it's very jewish.

  5. If christianity is a white man's religion? then why are most christians not white I.E latin americans and the millions of africans. and others. only half of our population of christianity is white and with converts maybe even less.

  6. God is so full of love he wouldn't tell a difference between his white or black devout follower.

  7. At best which is not true. Christianity is a semitic man's religion (I.E jews, arabs, assyrians, maronites, phoenicians, jordanese, chaldeans, babylonians, (later two are still alive people are surprised of this fact), samaritas (which also for whatever reason are believed to be dead even though bible never stated that and there is 900 alive today) and other groups) And why is christianity at best a semite man's religion ? because most early followers descend from shem and are semitic and Jesus was semitic and so were the scripture. But with the grace of God all races are accepted not just semites. He would even give neanderthals the option to convert to christianity if they were still alive.

  8. I agree with you are saying. My value is not in my skin color or my culture. My value is in Christ. AMEN! I used to find my value in others, until I found Christ, who defined who I am.

  9. I have to be honest I do not pay much attention to skin color and didn't even notice you were black. Most times I can not even tell because a white man with a tan can look like a black man. Ya I know I am odd but I have a hard time telling what color someone is. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  10. So you want to use a Book with no dates in it as a history book? Look, the first Bible was created by a man who claimed to be a Greek God. His father before him, started Christianity in Africa, Egypt to be exact. All before Jesus was supposedly born, a good 300 years beforehand. They were called the Bishops of Christ aka the early Christians. These Christians worshiped a statue, not a man, but a statue called Serapis Christus. This all took place around 300BCE. If you can show me a Bible that's older than the LXX, or a group of people that called themselves Christians before the Bishops, that were Black, then your 3 reasons would be legitimate.

  11. I have been watching a lot of your videos. I was hesitant to advocate your channel at first, because in the first few videos I watched you showed logical fallacies in the atheists without supporting a biblical worldview. I became more certain or your worldview a few videos ago, but this one, at 4:25, earned my respect for you. I appreciated hearing your testimony and why you believe in Christianity. Thank you brother for what you do through this channel.

  12. Here’s a 4th reason it’s not a white man religion: not all Europeans are white and these people think it originated in Europe. Europeans are diverse too. For example, in some parts of the Mediterranean especially in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece you’ll find a significant number of people with dark hair and olive skin. Only 12% of Italians are naturally blonde and that’s small next the percentage of Norway which is like 50% and this be surprising but there are a lot of Asian groups living in Europe as well such as the Sami’s and Uralic peoples in Scandinavia are descendants of East Asians who immigrated there over 20,000 years ago. Another Asian group are Tatar’s who mostly live in Russia, Ukraine and Crimea, the Baltic countries and Romania. Tatar’s are a mixed race between Slavs and Mongolians who came there via mongol empire. Another example, Charles Bronson from the death wish movies is Lithuanian American with lipka Tatar roots. Lipkas are a sub group in the Tatar community that live mostly in Lithuania and Belarus. I don’t know how people got the idea that Europe is 99% white.

  13. Christianity will be what it always been since the beginning: a religion with an invented God concept; a religion with a reputation of 2000yrs failed end time prophecy; false oracle, false miracle healers, bamboozlement, indoctrination; and a pile of rubbish that needs to be tossed into the receptacle with the rest of rubbish! As we exit — the Christian Twilight Zone!

  14. There is a difference between a colonialist and a missionary. They did get to Africa at the same time but different purposes. The missionaries had to rely on the colonialists to get to Africa. They did want to spread the religion but the colonialists had politics and money in mind.

  15. So where did Christianity come from? so me the verse in the bible God said that Christianity is the religion that I have chosen for mankind to follow

  16. Some of your points are valid, but you never pointed out the european version of christianity. Tje white jesus as savior.

  17. Black Christians really need to start educating and catechizing the modern black community in America. The Black Community is rampant with crazy, afro-supremacist insane degenerate "religions" (Nation of Islam; Five Percent Nation; Black Hebrew Israelites; and so on). These modern, bizarre cults propagate ignorance (especially historical ignorance), racism, egocentrism (they have an obsession with being called gods themselves), vice (drugs, alcohol abuse, promiscuity… Prison religions, what else can anyone say).
    Because the Black Community has been historically hurt and marginalized in America, it has developed a series of traumas, paranoia, anxiety, anger, mistrust, etc. There is an urgent need for black Christians to patiently and lovingly reach out to other black people and educate them about history, the Resurrection, the brotherhood of all men in Christ, and so on.

  18. One thing that would help tremendously to make the black community more friendly to Christianity is to present the HISTORICAL FACT that the ABOLITIONIST MOVEMENT was mainly started by CHRISTIANS. Men like William Wilberforce in England were doing everything they could to stop slave trade, all in the name of Christianity and the brotherhood of all men in Christ, for blacks were also brothers in Christ and had been created in the image of God just like all other races. It is important to show the origins of the abolitionist movement and men like Wilberforce. So the history of slavery should not lead one to reject christianity, but on the contrary, to respect it

  19. I cant up-hold Christianity to some man's version. who were the 'they' that made mankind in their image? Who was Christ? who was Paul? why aren't there any shred of evidence for any of his disciples? where are the original scripts? why do catholic priests confiscate scripts found in Egypt and make it a death sentenced if found with them? I have so many questions. why were slaves only freed if they were Christians and to 'minister' to other blacks.
    why do the archbishops molest little boys the most? Why don't they 'fear' God too.
    honestly, I think Africans were always spiritual and the Bible was put together with specific parts preached to us.
    "its easy for a poor man to enter heaven than a rich man" says the bible. Now the people who first told us that seem to have amnesia.. or is it that they've always known there was no heaven?

  20. I've never heard Christianity referred to as the 'white man's religion'. Maybe I'm running in the wrong circles, but I've honestly never heard that statement.

  21. One thought I have, in which I think is something of a miracle, is tha the bible is NOT whitewashed. When the KJV was written, they could've easily put a description of Jesus as being white skinned, blonde hair, and blue eyed. But they didn't. They could have did this to help ensure their perceived superiority. But, they didn't. Just a little common sense about what people are native to where and a quick Google search on the spread of christianity and you'll see what this guy is talking about.

  22. It was in China before it was in America. America wasn’t white it was Native American. Just a little odd considering the formula he was using.

  23. I agree wholeheartedly! Thank you for sharing this! I’m a new subscriber and I shared this video on my Facebook page! Praying for you and your ministry. Be blessed and encouraged!

  24. North Africans aren't (and weren't ) black. Check out Egyptian hieroglyphs if that sounds specious.

    (It goes without saying that north Africans aren't (and weren't) white either)

  25. "Suffer some illness like Job"? That's ridiculous! You need to actually read the Bible. The story of Job is that he and his family and servants were the victims of a cruel bet between Yaweh and Satan, like the one in "Trading Places"

  26. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

  27. CLAIM??? FACTS say, you get white jesus from the slave quarters and you are spending a whole lot of energy denying the obvious. White Jesus comes to you from the slave quarters. AKA slave religion. There is a way to be a good black Christian. When you go on You Tube and tell the white lie that three is one, then you are serving white liars and massa's. Blacks in Ethiopia have NOTHING to do with you and white Jesus massa gave in the slave quarters. You will NEVER go near any Ethiopian or practice African religion. STOP lyin'

  28. G…..when you so something that is shameful for grown men in public, maybe it's legal, but you should kinda keep it to yourself?

  29. To be honest I don't understand why people overall care so much about "race". And what if it was a "white" man's religion? That sounds really racist coming from black people who say that.

  30. Simply put, God so loved the "world" everyone that He gave His only son that who so ever believe on Him shall be saved.

  31. Greeks, Syrians, Ethiopians, Armenians and Italians were the first Christians for the first 300 years. How can it be “the white mans religion “????

  32. I always appreciate and respect due diligence in finding unbiased and historically established evidence which is brought to the fore objectively. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Much of the Middle East was part of ancient Europe before being conquered, so technically it was in Europe firsts, that said…

    It's everyone's religion

  34. and then theres the other side of it which are the black 'hebrew israelites' hahahahah. There is a reason why Jesus said to walk the narrow path. racism has no place in Christianity nor white nor black racism.

  35. The real Israelites are not white.They happen to be black or native american,and the Israelites scattered through the 4 corners of the Earth,who Christ will gather back in the end times.

  36. Some of my best, best friends are African American Christians in the USA. Another non-white friend of mine is a Cuban and he is a Adventist (I love him and I do not believe that Adventists are heresy although some have strange ideas about food and the Sabbath, but he was there for me as a friend and I love him dearly). This will be the only time I use profanity because I absolutely DESPISE racism: [email protected] RACISM. There I said it, now I will confess that sin and move on. PREACH.

  37. Check out African Catholic Saints and see how many of them act as christian inspiration to Catholics worldwide through their life works and passion aimed at God and the World 🙏

  38. Christianity became a “white religion” because of how Satan corrupted God’s word through the use of Catholicism and corrupt European politics (why do you think Freemasons and the Illuminati are so tied with Catholics?)

  39. I read a lot of history and Christianity certainly isn't white only since christians exist in the arab world even before islam. And early christians were non white.

  40. Finally! A brother tells the historical truth of Christianity! It is a MYTH (read LIE) that Europe introduced Christianity to Africa, Europe REINTRODUCED Christianity into Africa. Unfortunately, Christianity got pushed out of Africa due to the Islamic invasions of Africa. Centuries later, the Europeans began their invasion and colonization of Africa and reintroduced it. Also, it is a another MYTH (read LIE) that Christianity spread first to West (read Europe). Christianity spread FIRST TO NORTH AFRICA, later, much later, it spread to the West but it went FIRST to North Africa where it was growing and spreading ORGANICALLY when the Islamic invasions of Africa occurred and the organic growth of Christianity was stopped.

  41. Brother, I know Jesus have you a high five for this one. Sounds like you and I have read and come across the same books and documents respectively. Christianity (Holiness or whatever some may call it) was and is and Eastern spiritual practice. Man came along and made a religion out of it but that never was, isn't and never shall be the Crux of it. It's Jesus plus nothing. I don't agree with the morals and weighs if The Family but that slogan is so dead on. It's Him, His Word and His Way. It holds a mirror up to reality, explains reality and IS reality. Excellent mic drop young man!

  42. Before you begin, I would like to say that to the claim you are refuting, Augustine and the North African bishops would have had something to say to that stupid assertion.

  43. Religious brainwashed folks cant use logic. Christianity is a white man's religion. Christianity was started by the Romans (Italians) who were white so….
    First of all, most Jews never accepted Jesus as a prophet. Some Jews did believe in the Jesus of Nazareth so much so that the Romans hijacked their belief and incorporated it as a tool of their empire. The roman general Saul became the unifier of those believers and in 325ad Europeans compiled the New Testament and combined it with the Jewish fables to form the first Bible.
    Ethiopians were among the first Christians who were influenced by the roman empire. The fact that Africa has millions of Christians is nothing more than colonial indoctrination the same as America.

  44. Only a tiny minority of Christians are white, the majority of atheists are white though. Me, I'm a non-white Christian.

  45. Really good that a black man said that because as a white male I'd get hosed… sad that we've become so racist trying ironically to become not racist.

    I totally agree with you here and I'm sure this video will come in handy some time soon.

  46. Many of my ex girlfriends weren't white. Christianity is for all people. Hell I have an ex who was half Jewish.

  47. As an white christian i completely agree Christianity isnt a white mans religion it was an middle eastern religion and Arabs and Israelites werent White at all

  48. So blessed this morning to hear this from you. I always thought it was really a dumb idea but I didn’t have the information to be able to present a good argument to people who have said Christianity is a white man’s religion. Thank you so much for your videos!

  49. Christianity is for everyone, we are all people, of course christianity is not for the color white, your color doesn't show that its for you that's ridiculous we are all Gods kids and always will be.

  50. Christianity isn't about the color of your skin. It's about your heart. I understand what you mean by someone using the Bible to control an manipulate. My family done it too me. They make me feel bad an it's not healthy. They're tearing me down! 😟 There's rebuking then there is abusing! 😩 Correction an negative criticism! 😔 I get so depressed I feel totally unlovable. This drives people away from God. 😪
    I love you Jon the person. It would be selfish to try to make someone do something, but if you love them you desire what is honestly good for them. You are such a sweet person! 😊 God bless you!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙏❤️🙏✝️🕊️

  51. You're stupid. Study the actual history of Africa and stop 'assuming' stuff. 'Christianity started in Ethopia' did they tell you that?

  52. You could have better titled this segment by saying " Why Christianity is NOT (ONLY) the White Man's Religion but all peoples".

  53. Its no one races history and it certainly isn't the black mans more so then white. Black man would not even have known of CHRISTIANITY without the WHITEMAN so I think there is a thanks in order.

  54. Personally I think Christianity is a Western religion rather than a “white religion” because there was African countries that used to be considered part of the Western world in ancient times, not to mention that Ethiopia and Egypt were one the first black countries to practice the love of Jesus.

  55. Blacks in Ethiopia in the 1st century have nothing to do with Africans in west africa in the mid 1400s…. the ethiopians did NOT introduce christianity to the africans in west africa. The Portuguese did….

    And bible history is not as accurate as real history. Christian institution in ethiopia started around 330 ad… right after the European st Frumentius told the Africans about bible god. Christianity is the white man's religion

  56. Am an indian and also am from the state where thomas apostle died
    Before europe and america taken christianity .

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