today I will be teaching Aly
who has a
channel for teaching English! he’s British, from London
and he will be
learning 5 Arabic expressions today with me, let’s check his pronunciation and see if I can teach him something! Yalla!

89 thoughts on “5 MOST USEFUL ARABIC EXPRESSIONS OF ALL TIMES! – Including the word “ALLAH””

  1. I did not watch the video! i want to guess! Like if I was right!
    1. Allahu akbar (or Allah kbir for Lebanese Christians)
    2. AlHamdu lillah (Hamdillah)
    3. answers to ya3tik el 3afi and
    alhamdillah assalemeh
    –> Allah ya3fik
    Allah yisallmak
    4. Allah yaHmik/yaHmih
    5. yallah! (hurry!)
    6. Allah 'alaik (=bravo)
    7. kttr kheir Allah (thank God)
    8. Barak Allahu feek
    9. jazak Allah kheiran
    10. An-Nabi Salla Allahu 3alaihi wa sallam
    11. Allah ma3ak
    12. Allah yil3an 3alaik (NEVER SAY THIS!)

    Was I right?😇

  2. Maha, I love your laughter and enthusiasm! May Allah unite all the peoples of this world through the magic of the Arabic language, even if they are not religious. Allah bless you and Palestine! Maha the ambassador of the Arab world!

  3. Yalla comes from Ya Allah, oh God (calling God) Used when commencing something eventually meaning , let’s go.

  4. طريقتك بالتعليم والشرح جميلة وبتعطي الفرح والسعادة وبتجنني ههههه

  5. يمكن تسمعو العابرة الشائعة إنو بدكو تسمعو هي "لا حول و لا قوة الا بالله كتير لمسلمين او إشي حدا إللي بيحكي عربي برغض من إيش دين هنه.

  6. ma sya Allah. Maha and your male counterpart are excellent. pls help other people to learn Arbaic with your simple methodes. love from Indonesia.

  7. I think a better translation for bismillah is "In the name of God"… like letting in his hands what you're about to do

  8. Maha you are amazing. I don't have any intention to learn Arabic. But I have subscribed to your channel only because you are a cheerful, wonderful personality. Shukran Maha 😊

  9. She's Christian but she knows more about Islam than most Muslims I know and I find it ironic how Arab Christians know about islam but muslims don't know nothing about Christians and persecuted us since 6th century! This is why I personally don't care for muslims. They're ignorant people!

  10. Cool Maha! A Lebanese friend told me that Christians don’t use Allah but the word Addra (or I least I understood it that) which means The Holy Mary Virgin … But an Egyptian friend told me it’s ok if I use Inshallah or allah expressions … I’m a little am confused

  11. Do non-Muslim arabs also use this allah sentences? Inshallah mashallah istagfr Allah, allah karim…..

  12. We use these sayings in English and in similar context, even amongst those who do not follow a religion. ie. Oh God, God willing, Thanks be to God and in Gods name.

  13. LearnArabicwithMaha

    Alhamdulillah = "Praise be to Allah". Hamid = "Praise". Hamid is also Hebrew.
    Bismillah is Hebrew. It is in Ezra 5:1 בשם אלה.

  14. If you want to learn Classical Arabic or Quranic Arabic with Ease please click on the channel (Allamal Quran) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr2MIzZNjCU
    Allamal Quran (عَلَّمَ الْقُرْآنَ) is a unique classical Arabic language course designed to educate those who are interested and have the desire to learn what the Quran says.

  15. same here Maha I say it all the time even to people that don't speak Arabic. Yalla ya Maha. Who is this guy he teaches arabic?? I tried clicking it does not work

  16. لمن لا يعرف هذه التعبيرات كلها مأخوذه من القران
    1-ولولا إذ دخلت جنتك قلت ما شاء الله لا قوة الا بالله
    2-الحمد لله الذي وهب لي علي الكبر اسماعيل واسحاق
    3-ولا تقولن لشئ اني فاعل ذلك غدا الا أن يشاء الله
    4-الذين قال لهم الناس إن الناس قد جمعوا لكم فأخشوهم فزادهم إيمانا وقالوا حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
    5-إنه من سليمان وإنه بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    6-سلام عليكم طبتم فادخلوها خالدين
    7-دعواهم فيها سبحانك اللهم وتحيتهم فيها سلام واخر دعواهم ان الحمد لله رب العالمين

  17. Assalamau alikom! Sabah alkhair min Mexico. Allah maak dayman, okhti. Warm regards from Mexico. 🙂

  18. Maha, may have said this before but here I go again: Thanks a lot, Shukran, Mille Grazie, I work in an area dense with mostly Arabic speaking immigrants, new and those who move here a long time ago, in a school. Some kids use Arabic to exclude, but partly (big part) thanks to you I have made clear that it is not worth it. I've can even use some expressions to surprise them and make them listen if that't hard. "Chalas" (or how it should be transcribed) is quite effective.

  19. 1/ yalla
    2/ inshallah
    3/ al-hamdulilah
    4/ bismillah
    5/ ????????
    Where is the fifth useful Arabic expression of all times inclusing the word "Allah"??

  20. Hoje descobri o seu canal e adorei, estou treinando meu ingles e árabe juntos assistindo, parabens pra você, saudações do Brazil.

  21. Haha sweet 🙂 for years I used to tell my friends about these words as well, just so I could use them next to them, plus masallah and istighfarallah as well 😀 but I love how thanks to Maha I can explain the meaning behind them properly now 🙂

  22. Inshallah sounds like si Dios quiere in Spanish. If God wants/desires. Example if I ask my Mexican parents if they are going on vacation they will answer with "Si Dios quiere".

  23. So im having trouble just learning how to say “ i love you guys so much “ in arabic can someone help me

  24. the reason we join Sha + Allah is becuse in the arabic we spell Sha as شاء with a hamza at the end. becausee the word for Allah in arabic has a lam as he first letter it is termed as a qamari (moon) letter which is considered 'idghaan bi ghayri gunnah' which basically means that the last letter of the word before allah can be joined to the Lam (first letter of allah) so we join the hamza at the end of sha with the lam to make it joined howver due to centuries of dialect it got to a point that we short of skip the hamza and join the sheen with the lam. this is also evident with the name 'Abdulllah' in stead of pronlucin it distinct Abd + dul + laah we shorten the end 'dullah' spoken very quickly

  25. Its clear you can't speak to a man without being a flirt, you are a true representation of your ancestors, pure Jezebel's and whores!!!

  26. Maha, I love you <3 You're always so positive and inspirting through your energy. I enjoy learning Arabic with you!!! xoxo

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