A Light from Allah – Abdul Nasir Jangda – Quran Weekly

A Light from Allah – Abdul Nasir Jangda – Quran Weekly

So in the month of Ramadan, we are constantly
going to the masjid, special occasions, special events, we regularly go to the masjid, and
it’s a great experience. It’s awesome. We go for Fridays or Family nights or seminars
or whatever it may be. Allah (SWT) in the Qur’an, there is a really, really powerful
ayah. I am going to share a little bit of this detail. Surah An-Anam, which is the sixth
surah in the Qur’an, surah number six, surah An-Anam. In that surah, it is basically known
as a surah that teaches us everything that we believe in. So it is kind of like the surah
of faith, the surah of theology. It talks about what we believe, what we don’t believe,
etc. But what is really, really fascinating is that in the middle of the surah, it kind
of touches on what is the ultimate goal of faith. What is the outcome of faith? What
is the fruit of faith? So Allah presents this really powerful image. He says, أَوَمَن كَانَ مَيْتًا
(Awa man kana maytan) (6:122) That can somebody who was dead… now imagine
a lifeless body. فَأَحْيَيْنَاهُ
(Faahyaynahu) Then we revived him. We put life into him. وَجَعَلْنَا لَهُ نُورًا
(WajaAAalna lahu nooran) And then We gave him a light. يَمْشِي بِهِ فِي النَّاسِ
(Yamshee bihi fee annasi) He walks around with that light amongst the
people. كَمَن مَّثَلُهُ فِي الظُّلُمَاتِ
لَيْسَ بِخَارِجٍ مِّنْهَا (Kaman mathaluhu fee aththulumatilaysa bikharijin
minha) Can that person ever be the same as somebody
who is drowning in darkness, who is completely enveloped by the darkness, unable to get out
from it? Now the example that is really interesting
that I like to give a lot of times is, imagine that you go camping. Because a lot of times
we all live like in civilizations, suburbia. So we are used to lights constantly being
around us. There is always a light that you can turn on, streetlights and everything.
But imagine when you go camping like in the forest or in the woods and it is like real
darkness. One of the most valuable things you can have when you go camping is a flashlight.
And what is interesting is that we don’t even think about that anymore because we don’t
ever need flashlights. So flashlights are one of the most valuable things. And it’s
for the simple reason that the darkness, it’s very crippling, it’s frightening, and it’s
scary. And so we seek out light. And whether we want to make a joke about us being like
bugs or whatever it may be, but imagine there is like fifteen people, and it’s dark, and
somebody lights a candle in that corner, slowly everyone is going to gravitate towards that
corner. It’s just a natural reaction. So if you went camping with like five buddies,
and you have a flashlight, and they all forgot to bring a flashlight, when you turn it on,
everyone kind of follows you. Everyone kind of looks at you with envy. Everybody wants
to borrow your flashlight. And you would normally let them borrow your shoes. You would let
them borrow your blanket. You would let them borrow your pillow. You would let them borrow
anything. But you are hesitant to let them borrow your flashlight because you know how
valuable it is out here and you wouldn’t want them to lose it or drop it or mess it
up or whatever the case may be. So light. Allah doesn’t just talk about this
person having light. He says this person has light and walks amongst the people. So everybody
sees this beacon of light walking around. So there is something about that person, whether
it is the look on their face. You know a lot of times you here Muslims saying, “Noor…that
person has noor. That person kind of like has this radiance to them. That person has
this illumination to them.” Whether it’s that or it’s just a little bit extra jump
in their step or it’s their uplifting attitude. Just really, really positive or whatever it
may be. There is that person who is kind of like that and everybody else is kind of gloomy,
just kind of drudging through life, just kind of somehow getting through. So Allah presents,
Allah says, “Can those two ever be the same? Is there any similarity between the two?”
No, completely different, polar opposites. It’s a very interesting idea. This is in
the middle of that surah that talks about faith and belief and Iman, because that is
the fruit of faith. When you believe, that’s the effect it will have on your life. It will
turn on the flashlight. So faith is a flashlight. Now the big question is, “How do I turn
on that light though?” I understand faith is the flashlight in this world of darkness
that is the woods. How do I get that flashlight? I know how to get a flashlight in real life.
You just go to the supermarket, grocery store, general store, pharmacy, whatever. How do
I get a flashlight like spiritually? How do I get that faith? One of the ways that we
can get that faith, that light, is by going to the masjid, and not just going to the masjid,
going to the masjid when it is difficult to go to the masjid. The Prophet (SAW), there
is a beautiful hadith in a narration. He says, “Congratulate those people who regularly
walk…” One meaning is regularly walk. The other meaning is they go frequently. The
second meaning is they go no matter how difficult it is. So congratulate the people who frequently
go to the masjid no matter how difficult it is at the hours of darkness, like Isha prayer,
Fajr prayer. And congratulate them and let them know the Prophet (SAW) is saying, “They
will have a complete light on the Day of Judgment, on the Day of Resurrection.” So I gave you
the example that faith is like a flashlight in the woods. Now take it to a whole other
level, the Day of Judgment. The Day of Judgment will be frightening. It will be dark. It will
be the most terrifying experience that anybody has ever seen or experienced. It is the most
terrifying thing. And on that day, Allah tells us in another place in the Qur’an, in surah
number fifty-seven, surah Al-Hadid. Allah says, يَوْمَ تَرَى الْمُؤْمِنِينَ
وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ يَسْعَىٰ نُورُهُم بَيْنَ أَيْدِيهِمْ
وَبِأَيْمَانِهِم (Yawma tara almu/mineena walmu/minatiyasAAa
nooruhum bayna aydeehim wabi-aymanihim) (57:12) On that Day of Judgment you are going to see
the believing men and the believing women, and rushing in front of them, flying in front
of them, will be a light in front of them and there will be a light to the right of
them. So it will almost be like a beam of light. So imagine kind of like a fireball.
So like glowing ball of light. There will be a glowing force of light that will be in
front of them and to the right of them. Interesting Allah says in the Qur’an, that light is
going to be moving very quickly. What it implies, two things. Number one, Allah (SWT) says نُورُهُم
(nooruhum), this will be “their light”. And number two, if Allah says it’s their
light, it belongs to them, and if it’s flying very quickly, then that means they are flying
very quickly. They are moving very quickly. So they are just going to be flying through.
Everyone is going to be like drowning in their own sweat and wanting to die because of the
torment and the regret on that Day of Judgment. Everyone is kind of trapped and stuck where
they are and then you are going to be seeing these beams of light just go flying through,
everyone and everything until they go straight into through the gates of paradise. And those
beams of light that will be guiding them, leading them, protecting them, showing them
the way, those are the same beams of light that are acquired when we go to the masjid,
at the hours of darkness, even when it’s difficult. So that’s something very serious to consider.
We all understand. We always fall into these polemics and these conversations, “Do you
have to pray in the masjid? Is it mandatory to go to the masjid to pray? Yes. No. No,
it’s not mandatory. Okay fine, I just rather pray at home. Do sisters have to go to the
masjid as much as brothers do? No. Okay then I rather pray by myself at home.” You could
pray by yourself at home and you would be offering your prayer. You would be fine. You
would be good. You would be taking care of your responsibility, your obligation, but
it’s not so much about what you have to do but it’s what you can do. If you were
going to go camping, taking a candle would suffice. But if you could buy a flashlight,
wouldn’t you? You absolutely would. You would never venture out there into the woods
without a flashlight. How are we so comfortable, not just going through the difficulties of
life, going into our graves, going to the Day of Judgment, the life of the Hereafter,
without having a flashlight handy? And that flashlight is the light of the heart, and
it’s acquired here in the life of this world by going to the masjid, at the hours of darkness,
even when it’s difficult. So inshAllah hopefully Allah gives us the
ability to keep regularly going to the masjid and I would be remiss if I didn’t say, when
you do go to the masjid, you might run into sometimes some “interesting” people. I
use the word “interesting” very interestingly. You might run into some “interesting”
people. Remember why you are there. You are there for Allah. You are there to get that
light. You are there to light your heart up with iman. So if you got to ignore somebody,
you gotta do what you got to do, inshAllah.

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  1. SubhanAllah this was such a beautiful and heart softening reminder! May Allah make us all amongst those who will be racing with light on the day of judgement. Ameen

  2. is he taking a class to some reverts? seems like he is using a very simplistic language to get the point across instead of shooting a hadith, which would be sufficient for most muslims.

  3. We need to understand the context of the hadeeth which indicates that it's better for women to pray at home. The prophet (PBUH) gave that advice to actually bring harmony and peace b/w a companion and his wife through this suggestion; it was not meant to be applicable to all.

  4. They have a tendency to get under your skin at times and that's why he said remember the objective as to why you are going there in the first place? Who do you want to please through these actions?

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    on youtube video picture – it looks as if you are holding a torch with your right hand)))

  7. I am also curious about where women fit into this equation. It was also my understanding that to pray at home is better for us.  It is perhaps easier for men to go to the mosque without the responsibilities that women have at home. If so, how can women also get this reward on the day of judgement? Jzk 

  8. Our beloved Prophet PBUH, would often make a prayer for this light.  He would pray that Allah SWT allow a light be on his right, on his left, above him and below him … he would than ask Allah SWT to make him a light.   Jazakallah brother for your wisdom and sharing it with us.   Allah SWT knows best.

  9. okay I'm a woman so no i can't go to the masjid at the hours of darkness. Shyke could you find another ways or exemples for the sisters. Jazaakallah

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