All The Times Viggo Mortensen Almost Died Making Lord of the Rings

All The Times Viggo Mortensen Almost Died Making Lord of the Rings

(key clicks)
(electronic beeps) (static) – [Narrator] Viggo Mortensen
was a last-minute replacement to play Aragorn in The
Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is kind of amazing considering that it’s arguably the most important role, the reluctant king who
risked life and limb to save, uh, just everything. (grunts) Almost everything. Still, Viggo showing up at the 11:00 hour wasn’t the iconic accident. Due to a series of
mishaps, miscalculations and the gods of middle
earth just straight up toying with him, more often than not Mortensen really sold the risking life and limb thing because he actually found himself in
actual danger, and/or anguish. For example, there’s a
scene in The Two Towers where Aragorn thinks that
two hobbits are dead, angrily kicks a helmet and lets out a soul-scarring scream of grief. (screams) However, that wasn’t so
much powerful performing as actual physical pain. While kicking the helmet, Mortensen broke two toes
and fell to his knees, not because the script required
it for artistic expression, but because he literally
couldn’t stay on his feet. But hey, who needs toes? They’re like the fingers of the feet, and no one needs fingers. It’s not like someone threw a knife at his face or something. No, that happened in The
Fellowship of the Ring when another actor misjudged a throw and accidentally flung a real knife at Mortensen’s face at high velocity. According to the DVD commentary, Mortensen managed to swing
his sword and block the knife, creating another
unintentional badass moment for his character. Finally, while filming the
scene in The Two Towers where an unconscious Aragorn
is floating down the river, Viggo got caught in an undertow and nearly drowned due to
the weight of his armor, barely escaping with his life. Peter Jackson, of course,
kept all these accidents in the films because they
were simply the best takes. One of the key factors of
the success of the trilogy was the fact that it
just felt more authentic than fantasy movies tend to be, and having the actors
literally scream in pain and almost end their life on set certainly helped that effect. Now that’s directing. Or, endangerment. (static)

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  1. If an actor says okay to having someone throw a sharpened and real metal blade anywhere close to his head while he is supposed to hit with his real metal sword, perhap deflecting INTO his face… well, then, uhm, kinda explains him agreeing to kicking a heavy metal helmet, too. It's hard to blame the director for not taking advantage of such a willing zoolander.

  2. You forgot the surfing accident that bruised half his face. The had to film the first have of Moria only showing one side.

  3. In the same fight in the fellowship Viggo has his head trapped by a shield against a tree and he had told the stunt guy to actually come at him for like everything so him struggling to get his head out is real and had he not…..also the horse that lays down beside him was another last minute replacement cuz the first one kept laying on the dummy and if it had been actually Viggo the horse would have crushed like all of him and killed him. Not completely the same but I felt both were note worthy.

  4. I knew about the almost drowning and the kick but he blocked that knife with his fucking sword? Dayum Viggo you badass

  5. Also when Sam flounders trying to get in the boat with Frodo, actor Sean Astin really did go under because he had impaled his foot on a stray piece of glass! (They had a team of divers comb the area that scene would be shot in and thought they had taken all the shards from drunken douchebags out but they missed one) So at least we know that Peter Jackson wasn't out to get only Viggo!

  6. Didn't wana take an extra 15 seconds to mention that the stunt team performed a haka for Viggo out of respect for all he endured and gave to the roll? And afterwards he went around and gave a headbutt to the entire team, causing his face to swell up like he just did 10 rounds in the ring?

  7. Cracked. Honey, be honest. Is your video page imploding? Seems like we're only getting videos you guys had left in the vault. I'm not the kind off person that feels like dictating what kind of content people should upload, but I think a new episode of 'Obsessive Pop Culture Discussion' wil somehow stop these brain hemorrhages I keep having every week when there's no new episode. Please don't make have to spell out that fucking name again. No joke tho, that series is life. kthnxbai<3

  8. I really like "Lost in La Mancha" and the extended DVD extras of LotR are close. That's why I have these in my documentary section – I regard the films (great as they are) as the bonus – the insane shoot and post-production on these films make for a pretty exciting watch. There are moments like the sound department having to finish their mix while there are still shots missing or the whole "wait we had 100 fewer shots to finish last week and we did hand in 100 shots, what happened? Oh PJ just added 200 more shots" thing, where you know people were put in extreme situations professionally. Yea, you know the films do get made, but you also know the one ring gets cast into the fires of Mt Doom. But "we had to hire somebody to blow dry the prints to make the handover of the reels" is pretty close in real life to the "but I can carry you" moment. There are these natural character arcs, where you start with a sound guy happy to record a cheesgrater wooshing around and the same sound guy absolutely exasperated because there's an active construction site in the soundstage he's supposed to work at. Or the VFX person happy to talk about some of the things they came up with for the trilogy and the same person going nuts in the final crunch having slept at the desk for weeks…

  9. I knew all of this already.
    Why didn't you guys mention his sword fight accident where he chipped his Numenorean tooth??? Gosh!

  10. shit. I know a lot of trivia from those movies and this is the first I've heard about the knife block. That's fucking amazing.

  11. It makes me wonder why there isn't an Oscar category for 'Taking it to the Edge' – no pun intended. There have been been many instances over the years of actors putting it all on the line, whether it's nearly dying through violence – Sly Stallone in Rocky 3 or through dangerous body manipulation Christian Bale in The Machinist. Sometimes if it's a good film the actor might receive an award anyway, but if it's a turkey it just becomes a story, which doesn't seem fair when you consider the "nearly died" angle.

  12. Viggo Mortensen was commited to the role of Aragorn he had the prop makers add a smaller utilitarian knife at the scabbard of his sword. Feeling the character would not use his sword for mundane everyday things like cutting rope/ food. He also wanted to be so accustomed to carrying the sword he carried it on him always, even out to eat at local restaurants before reshoots even began, this caused a lot of attention from locals who did not know he was part of a film.

  13. Maybe nobody mentions it enough, but THANK YOU FOR FINALLY USING VOICEOVERS its has made me viewing of these videos excessively more pleasent

  14. So I love this channel and the majority of the content here, the site, and via podcasts. I also understand that multiple places can, and often do, post the same or similar stories.

    However, the last movie with vigo came out in 2003 and these tidbids have been covered by (probably "literally") thousands of sites. What's most interesting – I believe this is your third video on the subject.

  15. Once again, these are things that have been covered by other channels in other videos.

    These two minute extractions are really a poor and lazy show.

  16. Every time Cracked releases a video where there was no mention of Trump, the whole crew has to angrily rape their company-purchased Trump body pillows in order to balance out their anti-Trump blue-balls.

  17. Interesting topic! I also appreciated the improvement in video pacing compared to other videos of this same style, which have all been better than those darn typing videos. Thanks, Cracked, for listening to our feedback!

  18. seriously only just making a video about this now?? get it together cracked with late cheap stolen content your quickly becoming the fox news of youtube

  19. Awesome job Cracked, told us a couple snippets about a movie that was done 14 years ago, all of which most of us knew 14 years ago. Perhaps next you can tell us what happens to the ship in the movie Titanic.

  20. and yet not a single actor in these movies were nominated or won major awards (to my knowledge) Viggo Mortensen is such an underrated actor.

  21. I'm always glad to see new Lord of the Rings related things. I don't understand why the popularity of it seemed to die so fast. Especially with the success of more high fantasy books and shows these days, I'm surprised the studios haven't tried to make Lord of the Rings relevant again. I don't mean I want remakes, I'm just disappointed in the lack of merchandise and media like this.
    If I can find Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Dungeons and Dragons stuff places almost anywhere, then why can't I ever find a Lord of the Rings product???

  22. All the ONE TIME he almost died.

    Or are you saying he almost died from two broken toes? Just how MLB pitcher fast was that knife going that he would have definitely died from getting hit in the most bone-fortified part of your body?

    Cracked loves being inaccurate. Its a habit, a persistent unprofessional practice.

  23. He deflected a throwing knife mid air with his sword??? Seriously? Now that's some Jedi shit right there… Why does he have superhuman powers?

  24. so what was supposed to happen in the knife throwing scene? Was it supposed to land nowhere near him? Because that would've been a pretty lame scene.

  25. So Mortensen literally saved himself from getting bashed in the face by deflecting that knife. Which also means it's not just Hollywood fighting either. Awesome.

  26. And after breaking his toes, he went on to finish the scene (crawling around tracking the hobbits into Fangorn), not even mentioning anything until after.

  27. So the knife throw at Aragorn was an accident? Originally in the script he throws the knife, misses Aragorn by a lot, and it just gets chucked in the woods? Do we really believe that?  My guess is it was always in the script, and they were ready to try several takes, but Viggo hit it on his first try and they were all like "wow, we don't have to do another take?!?!?" and then the story got bent around to being what it is. I mean really. The knife was supposed to just get chucked into the woods? Watch the scene again.

  28. The fact that Vigo blocked that potentially life threatening throw gives me so much more respect for him. He now literally has experience as a medieval warrior.

  29. I fucking hate you cracked, you are so shit is fucking ridicoules compared to just 10 years ago, but already back then you could see the slipping.

  30. Weird to think that if anyone else had played Aragorn, the actor who played Lurtz would have actually killed them…

  31. I suspect the knife had a dull edge like the rest of the prop weapons, but it was probably thrown with enough force to still do some damage.

  32. I've seen the clip of him nearly drowning. It's probably the funniest near death experience in history. He floats down the river, then sinks beneath the surface for a good 20-30 seconds. One can only imagine the panic he experienced as he realised he was wedged and could drown. By sheer fortune he manages to kick himself free and floats back up, and stays in character. He just reappears, and continues floating as if nothing happened. Its so funny.

  33. I heard he chipped his tooth when doing the stunt of jumping off a ruin and onto a bunch of guys. He had the piece of his tooth glued back on to quickly resume acting the rest of the scene before going to an emergency dentist. The man's a legendary actor.

  34. I always thought that scene where he knocks away the knife with his sword was super badass, but I had no idea it was a real knife going straight for his face!

  35. "Almost everything" don't blame Aragorn for not being able to stop the Sean Bean effect; that's as impossible as beating the High Ground.

  36. I always heard the rumor but I didn't think it was true . About the knife if it was really true that just makes him so bad ass . He's like not even human lol . The only reason I find it to be skeptical is cause you'd think peter would have mentioned this in the extended editions appendices . Like how the scene where he broke his 2 toes in the 2 towers (ha 2 joke lol) . Cause that was an amazing . The only reason I think it is is that probably he didn't want to describe the scene that could've nearly killed him or put hate on the other actor . That's my guess . But damn that was way too good to be true .

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