YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN! he then gives the explanation of why
we’ve been chosen he says HUA IJTABAKUM the easy translation of HUA IJTABAKUM is in fact he is the one he has selected you he has chosen you but
the Arabic word here for choosing or ijtiba that the word that selected here by
Allah is very special if you say the word ikhtiar which is also a word for choice
then it comes from the word khair meaning you prefer something or
something is you make a better choice that’s ikhtiar you can say istifa in the Arabic language which comes from safwa
purity when you make a choice you don’t have to explain anybody – anybody else
why you made that choice for example when you go shopping and you buy like a
blue shirt you don’t owe somebody a scientific explanation why did you pick
the blue shirt why didn’t you get the white shirt that’s this istifa purely
your choice there’s no rationale necessary but when you say ijtiba which
is the word Allah chose here when he described that he chose you and me to be
Muslim that word actually comes from jabu jabu in Arabic in old Arabic
actually get the the verb used to be used for tax collection back in the day
the people who made enough money owed taxes obviously even now you have to be
above a certain level minimum income before you’re qualified to be to be
selected for tax collection ijtiba actually means to make a choice based on
qualifications so in other words you know when you get hired for a job or if
you’re fixing your car or your your your tightening a screw or something and you
pick the right tool for that job you just did ijtiba because if you pick any
other tool it doesn’t do the job when you make the right choice for the right
job that is called ijtiba in other words what I’m trying to tell you and what I’m
trying to remind myself of is that when Allah honored you and me to be Muslim
the fact that you and I say la ilaha illallah the fact that you and I have
have the gift of say muhammad rasulullah salallahu alaihe salam is actually a
very precise choice from Allah of you and me there were plenty of other human
beings available before Allah on this planet and Allah chose precisely you and
to be Muslim for a task that he has because ijtiba is done for a
particular purpose for a task so now you are we aren’t just chosen to be Muslim
were chosen to be Muslim because we have a mission in front of us and that
mission he already describes is you have to struggle for Allah as his worthy of
the struggle that should be made for him huijitabakum and then he then he adds finally now that I realize I’ve been chosen even
though I’ve been chosen I I’m still thinking this is too hard of a job how
am I gonna do this fine Allah sees something in me I don’t
even see it in myself I don’t even see what’s so special about me why did I get
chosen you know there’s so many better people out there but Allah and this is
too hard anyways islam is way too hard the what Allah is asking of me is too
much I can’t do it and what are the next words from Allah Himself wa ma ja la ilaikum fi din hurj he did not place for you in the religion any
difficulty any discomfort any tightness whatsoever in other words this is Allah
Himself telling you relax I’ll make it easy don’t you worry about that you’re
the right man for the job you’re the right woman for the job you are the one
chosen for this time this day in this age you know when you look around now
you see that Muslims are what we are the target of media attention political
craziness I travel to England all the time but this last time I traveled I got
exhaustively questioned what are you doing here
you know I got a question like why are you here that’s never happened before so
most things are becoming tougher and tougher for Muslims they are in many
many ways but that’s ok you know what Allah chose you and me to be born in
this generation in this day and age knowing full well these are the trials
were going to have and the best people qualified to struggle in these trials
are the Muslims alive today that’s the choice of Allah that’s why
here that’s why you and I are taking a breath right now if we didn’t have a
purpose for us because he only creates for purpose Khalaq as samawat wal arze bil haq wa sawarakum he created the skies and the earth with
precise purpose and molded you so he molded you and me
put us in this position because we have a purpose to serve and then even though
that’s a challenging purpose Allah Himself gives the orientation and says
I’m not gonna make it any hard for you it’s not going to be difficult at all
I’ll take you back to the analogy I gave you in the beginning there’s that job
interview and the guy gave you an impossible job description and you’re
sitting there thinking there’s no way I’ll get hired and then he hires you and
your first thought is I’m not qualified and he says relax I know what I’m doing
I’ve been hiring for a long time I see something in you even if you don’t think
you know you’ll learn pretty quickly you know I I know tell it when I see it
so he’s encouraging you and he’s acknowledging you in a way that you
didn’t even think you saw in yourself the other thing that’s happening here is
every Muslim is supposed to see value in themselves no believer can think that
they’re useless before Allah that they’re pointless that they are
meaningless before Allah they’re worthless they are worthy of Allah
they’re worthy because Allah made a special choice of them a special choice
of them

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