Allah o kadar zenginse, neden herkesi zengin yapmadı? / Kerem Önder

Allah o kadar zenginse, neden herkesi zengin yapmadı? / Kerem Önder

Allah will more give some people more blessings
than some people. He will never give anyone equal blessings. This is the system of Allah. He certainly tests people with more or less. For example, a young brother sent me a message. He’s an atheist. Can you say “brother” to an Atheist? You cannot. But in the sense of “citizen” or “friend” can be said. So that he does not get despised or insulted.
So he doesn’t start hating Islam. This brother told me how he became an Atheist. And he said, “I would like to ask you the question that caused
me to become an Atheist.” “I’ve watched a few of your lectures about Atheism.
Could you please answer my question?
I am very curious about your answer.” The question is: “If God is so rich, why does He not make everyone else rich?” Does this question make sense to you? It makes sense. Isn’t God the richest of the rich? When He gives, will He run out of things to give? If something is going to end by giving, Those of humans will come to an end.
Allah’s blessings won’t finish. Because He does not have to work to create. He just says “BE” and it is created. So nothing ends. If Allah Tealâ said “BE”,, could all people become rich? From the first man to the last man,
all people would become rich. But Allah did not want this. Look, Mawla Ta’ala says in Surah Ash-Shuraa; “If Allah had extended [excessively] provision for His servants,
they would have committed tyranny throughout the earth.” Look at the verse, God explains why He didn’t do that. He doesn’t have to explain. But when you think about this question,
with the Devil’s whisper… Now, an atheist citizen has confused this atheist
with this question. He thought and thought… “Indeed, why doesn’t God make us all rich? I’m poor,
so is my father. This means there is no God.” He has reached this conclusion and is now enjoying
an arbitrary life. A life where everything is free. Then I explained this surah. and sent to this friend. May Allah guide him. Ameen. He hasn’t replied to me yet. Maybe he’s in contemplation. Maybe he’s thinking. It is easy to give guidance for God. It is not possible for us. We cannot even provide guidance to our
most beloved best friend. We can only transfer on the information. From what Allah has taught us, the Prophet has taught us,
we teached what we learned. Appreciation belongs to Allah. Now brothers! There is a situation in human nature, When he’s rich, When the financial status is good or when he is healthy, He begins to become arrogant. If he has no education, If he is not studying a mystical education, If he is not studying a religious education, He will feel prideful. And he will see himself over the clouds. He will start look down on people. “I do bodybuilding. I’m all pumped.
Look at me compared to the guys around me.
It’s like these scrawny guys got out of cartoons…” He becomes prideful and arrogant. Why is that? He does sports. And Allah has given such a muscular structure together
with little work, which has strengthened our brother. He is a Muslim but an arrogant Muslim. Look at the rich people! I will explain this with a social experiment. Ask 100 rich people on the streets: Do you pray five times, brother? (Do this social experiment) You’ll find either 5 or 8 people praying five times a day. Ask 100 poor people on the same street Say that; Do you pray five times, brother? 30 or 40 person will say: Yes, I pray. Why is there a difference between them? They are all human. Why are the disobeyers in the rich more than the poor? Because with richness comes arrogance and pride. Especially if they have not read the Qur’an. If he hasn’t read the words of Allah, If he doesn’t follow the Prophet of Allah, If he doesn’t know his life, Certainly pride and arrogant will treat into his heart. And he will begin to be feel prideful. “I earned it.” He’ll say. “I did it.” He’ll say. He will look down on people whomever he meets. “I’m smarter than him.” He’ll say. However, wealth is not proportional to the mind. Richness is completely given by Allah. Before Allah gives wealth to a man, Allah gives mind. He doesn’t give wealth. First, He gives him mind. And provides the person the quickly plan in a short time. Angels will constantly call him, whisper to him. “Do this, do it like this, do it like this…” The man says “Okay” and does it that way. And what he does becomes correct. So, he becomes rich. Before Allah takes wealth from someone,
what does He first take? Takes his mind! The person will make such decisions, he makes such acts, That you’ll say, “Even a stupid man won’t do this!
How has this trillion wealthy man get so broke?” This is the case, brothers. So what should we ask of Allah? Not the wealth! Give beneficence in the world and
give goodness in the Hereafter!

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  2. Bu sorudan dolayı ateist olduysa o ateist gerizekaliymis. Ateist olarak söylüyorum. Böyle basit bir tane sorudan ateist olması ne biliyim şaşırdım.

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