Allah Will Respond to the Caller | Make Dua no matter what – Nouman Ali Khan

Allah Will Respond to the Caller | Make Dua no matter what – Nouman Ali Khan

Allah Says, Ujeebo dawah. I respond to the call whenever he calls me, I’ll answer whatever he calls me, I will answer the Ayah began I’m waiting for you to
ask about I’m not even waiting for you to talk to me,
I’m waiting for you to ask about me talk about me, I’m near. And then He goes on to say, You , it doesn’t matter when you call me, I will answer. SubhanAllah Who’s going to be more
important than Allah and who is going to have a lower status
that you and me and yet Allah says I’m waiting for you anytime and i will respond immediately by the way (arabic) (astajeebo) I’ll respond over time Ujeebo Fouran immediately, I will immediately respond immediately I will respond when he calls me but there’s something that happens in
the middle that I want to share with you and then im done this particular Ayah. This is the gift, this particular Ayah Allah Says, Ujeebo Dawahtad Daee I respond to the call the call, of THE caller there’s a difference between saying I
respond to the call of any caller as opposed to saying I respond to the
call of THE caller when you say any caller, A caller, Is the caller known or not known? Not known. And when you say THE caller is the caller known or not known? Known How many people calling Allah? SO MANY you know if anybody else, if all of you
were asking a question I would say a person asked because I got a written question, I dont know where it came from one of the students asked, it’s anonymous Allah says none of you are anonymous
all of you are not an “A”, you are a “THE” you are a “THE” and Allah knows you particularly. I will respond to your calls individually He’s not just going to say a slave from Texus called, made Dua. No that one, that one right there, he called he
made that dua very particular. Because of the Ad, Ad Daaee Ad Daaee because of Ad Daaee And then Allah didn’t say, Ujeebo Ad Dua Ad Daaee He said Ujeebo Dawatad Daaee This is called a Mustar what a TaaMarbuta on it. They call it Mustar Marraa in the Arabic Grammar i will call, even if this guy is not even
used to making dua, and once in a Blue moon out of some crazy thing that happened in
his life he decided to make dua by accident even that guy. Even if he called me one time (Dawata) Not Dua, Dua could be regular. Dawata is one time. even if he called me one time i will
answer him so none of us can say: well i don’t even
pray, i’m so messed up, Allah is not going to answer my dua Allah says, you try once just try Me once, I’m waiting where are you and then Allah hears, SubhanAllah, look at this Allah says I respond to the call of THE actually, I should retranslate, I respond
to the single call of the what? The caller, tell me when you say caller Hay, Ya Allah, Rabbi does that mean the caller is a certain
standard? could a caller be a good person or a bad person? Sure. a caller is a caller a caller could be anybody Allah didn’t say I respond to the call of the
righteous one the worshipping one the good one the knowledgeable one He didn’t put any conditions on the
caller except that he is a…Caller so it doesn’t matter what position
you have it doesn’t matter how messed up or good you are this invitation is open so long as you are a… caller. and to Allah, you are not “A” caller, you are “THE” caller. Even if that’s all you ever did. You never made a single act of Ibadah in your life, you just decided to
turn to Allah once in your life, He will still respond (arabic) so he adds “Idaha Da’an” whenever he calls me Whenever he does it. Its up to him its up to him

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  1. ameen, i agree we muslims have alot of ignorance in us, but this is not for the muslims who are real muslims. in our time we have shia sunni kadiyani salafi wahabi etc all these are FAKE muslims my brother i have studied about them and i want muslims who read this to be aware of these gangs in islam who are FAKE muslims and spreading corruption in the name of islam. you might not have a idea on how much bad things are said about islam from these muslims its more then the zionist killers..

  2. my brother telling the truth is not alienating lol, you are quite ignorant in this field. you judging and criticising me while you have no idea what i meant thought my words are clear. we should not be shameful to stand for the right islam and tell the fake muslims not to do so. if one doubts his faith then dont speak, which i think your doing so nicely. READ Quran and hadith dont assume with your opinions what should or not be done..

  3. Assalamu Alaikum. to @Shamsa khan and @dongangster86 I advise you to please do NOT argue over the internet. It is pointless. I agree that we need to change things with our hand, speak out against things, or at least feel bad in our hearts, but that has to be done AT THE PLACE it is happening, not online. I also follow this advice as much as I can, but its done at the place wrong is being done. NOT online. We need to respect others and not call others stuff without knowing who they are. Jzk

  4. Assalamu Alaikum. Just added the captions. It should be working now. Its as best as I could get it. I couldn't transliterate some Arabic, sorry about that.

  5. Waiyakum. You are really welcome. Thanks for asking me. This was a short video so it didn't take too long. I apologize for not being able to provide subtitles in the rest of my uploaded videos. Hopefully I will get to the rest of them in the near future iA.

  6. SubhanAllah. verily, there is no barrier between Allah and the du'as of the oppressed Muslims. Allah knows best.

    Keep communicating with Allah and Remember Allah as often as you can, wherever you are.

    May Allah accept our good deeds. Ameen.

    wasalaam 🙂

  7. Hello. If you would like to learn more about Islam, you can read the Quran for your self instead of regurgitate false information you learned from where ever you learned it. There are many different websites and phone apps where you can read the Quran. If you would like a hard copy and live in the US, I can mail it to you personally, free of charge (PM me your address). Otherwise, please stop posting nonsense on the comments until you fully educate yourself.

  8. As I have replied to you in your earlier comment, please educate yourself on Islam and the Quran. Plenty of Muslim sites that will send you a free copy of the Quran if you wish, or I can mail you a copy as well.

  9. That still didn't answer my question. Did you READ it before? I know a lot about the Bible and Torah, but I have only read the Bible and thats how I know what it says. And on that note, you should read the Bible as well. You will find some interesting facts in there as well as some interesting differences between the different versions of the bible. As for the Quran, there is only ONE version, no matter where you go, you will only find one version. Alhumdulillah (All praise is to Allah)

  10. SubhanAllah, now I know Allah is going to respond to my Duas
    Ya Allah! Rabi Istighfar. Forgive me for my sins.

  11. but the verse continues :

    "……… Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: …."

    accoding to my understanding of the QU'ran and my own interpretation : "meaning after he responds to you , you should also respond to him by believing and not doing bad deeds ". don't you think ?

    O Allah answer our dua pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa­aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  12. Jazzak Allahoe ghairan for this video…my everyone who do a dua, make it true, and give us sabr inshaAllah. Muslimin d3ami3in.

  13. May Allah reward u great time. to be honest with u i don't really know how to make dua can u teach me. i don't know what to say as dua & i also don't know how to make dua in Arabic. plz teach me.

  14. Assalamu Alaikum. I am not a scholar so I will not be able to help you in this field. All I know is that you can make dua in any language. If you would like to know some dua in Arabic, there are many books that can help, or you can find some dua in Arabic online (google: Dua's in Arabic).

  15. ok thxs i did tht before coming to u to ask u tht question. the thing is i do dot read arabic. i was talking about dua in arabic english if u know wht i mean. plus it is difficult to learn the arabic-english dua. i asked u b/c i thought u could post a video showing how to make dua in these languages. wht to say & how to pronounce the words. I try to make dua all the time but it never seemed to be answered. yeh am supposed to be patient but i have been patient for 6 yrs now. time is ticking

  16. I will try to get a scholar to do this. I'm not a scholar; Im an Average Muslim who posts videos that I record at my Masjid or find some great clips from online and put them on my channel with permission from original owners. The Arabic in English is called Transliteration and I will see if I can find something iA.
    As for your Dua, keep asking and never give up. Allah knows what is good for you. We all have been/are in that situation I think. But don't give up and continue to have patience.

  17. I am muslim, but one thing I am sure of is that dua doesn't help. Never have I gotten help by making dua.. It's about you and not dua. If you are stupid, even if you make duas in 100000000 years to pass a exam, you will still fail. But if you are clever then you will pass without even make a dua. Simple.

  18. Thanks for your comment. I will answer as any "Joe Muslim" would since that is what I consider myself.
    While you are right to a certain extent in your example, Allah does tell us to try our hardest (study), have faith in Allah, and ask for his help. You still have to study, but asking Allah for his help while studying is much better.
    Many people, including myself, have been in a situation where we think our dua is not accepted, but Allah knows best and we NEED to keep asking him (dua).

  19. Also, here are some Hadith about Dua:
    “Truly, Allah loves those who repent, and He loves those who cleanse themselves.” [Al-Baqarah 2:222]
    “The dua of a Muslim for his brother (in Islam) in his absence is readily accepted, an angel is appointed to his side, whenever he makes a beneficial dua for his brother the appointed angel says “aameen and may you also be blessed with the same”. [Sahih Muslim]
    “If you ask, ask Allah and if you seek help, seek help from Allah.” [Tirmdhi, Ahmad]

  20. Here are some Quranic Verses:
    “And whoever does evil or wrongs himself but afterwards seeks Allah’s forgiveness, he will find Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [4:110]
    “And declare the freedom of your Rubb from imperfection beginning with His praise, and ask His forgiveness. Verily, He is the One Who accepts the repentance and Who forgives.” [110:3]
    “And your lord said, invoke me and I will respond to your invocation.” [40:60]

  21. Peace be upon you my brother. I hope your in good health.

    The thing is my brother when we make Dua we do not know whether what we have asked for is actually good for us or bad Allah the Great is All Wise, He decides with Wisdom whether what you have asked for is good for you or bad for you. He will then answer according to what is good for you. Whether Allah answers your Dua in this world or whether Allah answers in the next-life.

    Also, the reality is that we cannot do anything SEEPART2

  22. PART 3: Allah knows what is hidden in your heart. Allah knows what you want and Allah the All Merciful still gives us what we want even-though we do not ask for it.

    Also, we are also very guilty. We make Dua to Allah eventhough we sin and disobey Allah. Many of us offer salah only when we want to, such as exam time or death of a relative, or only in Ramadhan, yet we then find it acceptable to make Dua to Allah and expect Him to accept it, when we do not even obey Him? Yet, Allah being SE PART4

  23. PART 4: Merciful, Kind, and Loving will probably out of His Mercy answer our Duas.

    Even if we do not make Dua Allah has the power to punish us for disobeying Him. Despite having the power to Paralyses us, blind us, etc Allah still gives us the Strength to even make it to the exam alive.

    ,May Allah have mercy on us all and forgive our shortcomings, sins, and disobedience. Ameen.

  24. you sound very depressed and hence your comment. a strong muslim is dearer to Allah than a weak one. You are talking about exams for example, you cant NOT study hard and hope to get pass right? we must tie our camel and then leave the rest to Allah. I am sure u are not knowledgeable as the Brother in this video, so dont bring your weakness on everyone. Allah says what He says to get us hope! How dare you, unknowledgeable comment to makes us feel hopeless. LISTEN to the video again.

  25. Brother making Dua is not about passing a math test. Allah swt is the one that controls all things. He gets pleased when we call out to him recognizing that there is no power except his. its about being patient and trusting in Allah. please don't make these comments that Duas dont help. They have ALWAYS helped me. dont lead ppl in the wrong direction

  26. There were times in my life that I felt like I would never get what I wanted but I made dua to Allah sincerely and He has answered my dua even thought it absolutely felt like there was no way out of my situation. You can be stupid and fail the test but the dua you made to Allah can make your teacher give you a second chance and help you get the grade you want. You may not get your dua the way you want it but you will get it the way that is best for you in His knowledge.

  27. Thanks for you comment. atleast we follow what Muhammad has thought us. Please go and fast for 40 days as Jesus has thought you, if you don't, you are nothing but a hypocrite…follow what you preach before you start preaching.

    And the bible also states ALOT of other things as well. If you want to start quoting the bible, I have many versus i can quote you that you will make exuses for and not like. Read the full bible, Read the full Quran. PRACTICE what your religion teaches, then come talk.

  28. Come back and talk to me after you have completed your 40 straight day of fast without food/water. until then, all your comments will be deleted. If you wish to discuss Christianity and Islam, you can direct message me or email me at [email protected]
    It doesn't matter if Jesus loves us or not, he was a MESSENGER OF GOD, NOT GOD. We as Muslims know GOD loves us & we love him more than anything else, that is why Muslims all over the world practice Islam. For GOD, not Mohammad, not Jesus

  29. Your comments are being deleted bc they are fabricated lies and anything said against Islam/Muslims/Muhammad/Allah without proof will be deleted. You are also a hypocrite as you have not fasted your 40 days of fasts without food and water. Follow your religion before you preach Muslims theirs. I hope you have a beard and long hair (Jesus as depicted in your pics).

    And as Muslims, we BELIEVE in Jesus, but as a messenger, not God. Jesus never said he was God.
    God Loves all and you 🙂

  30. Also, Jesus was not worshiped while he was alive. Non of his disciples worshiped him, they worshiped God. Jesus wouldn't need food or water at all, not worship himself, nor look EXACTLY like a human being in the physical form. Too many contradictions. You need to go re examine your bible. That is why so many Christians never go to church or are atheist now.

    Please stop commenting on this now, I will have to permanently block you if you do. Freedom of speech has its limits anywhere you go

  31. Its up to the person to call Allah whenever s/he wants. Its up to you to "reach out" to Allah. I am assuming Br Nouman is saying that.
    I am not a scholar by any standards. It would be best to contact a scholar about this verse or listen to the whole speech (link in the description) which might give you a better understanding of what is being said iA.

  32. Awesome lecture , JazakALLAAHKhairan brothers you can inshaALLAAH bring many people close to the true faith through love and peace

  33. Salaam. Do not be discouraged. I am currently in your situation and I know a lot of other people in the same situation as well. They have been working hard, making dua, and doing everything they can for several years. But their dua is "not accepted" yet, at least that is what it seems like. But Allah knows best, he probably has something better in the works for you and all of us. That is the only thing we can use to keep us going inshaAllah. May Allah make us all strong, help us keep our iman.

  34. I hope allah SWT will accept my dua today and change my life forever i Believe in him inshallah he will accept my Dua today i will be Rich and wealthy INSHALLAH! Allah Akbar!!!!!!!

  35. Allah answers prayers every time but if he didn't he will give you in exchange of something even better then the one you asked! or maybe Allah will exchange a hardship into a better thing!

  36. @ItsYaBoySS there is always something good in what happens. We don't see it, nor do we know what it is, and probably never will. Maybe Allah protected your grandmother from some sort of harm that would have befallen her or protected you from an unforeseeable harm that would have come if she was alive. Allah knows best. I don't know the condition of your grandmother, but Allah knew and also knew what would happen if she lived longer. May Allah give her the highest Jannah. Ameen

    Things happen in everyone's lives that they ask "WHY?" and everyone goes thru something different. But EVERYONE is going thru something, even those who seem happy and without worries. We just have to keep in the back of our minds that whatever is happening or has happened is for the best, no matter how hard that is to do. May Allah help us all. Ameen. 

  37. Human beeings wäre so egoistic. Everyone wants a response. Why is nobody asking himself what did He Ort She do for GOD. Ask yourself For what you are praying? Beside that God knows you every second.

  38. It seems to me that we don't emphasize enough Allah's mercy, love and concern for us; think of it: even if someone has never called upon Him, Allah will respond to that someone.

  39. Inshallah allah will listen to my calls, I been calling to him for over 7 years now, I am not uspet because he might be busy answering other people's call and maybe forgot about me

  40. why pray to a god that makes people suffer with cancer?
    why pray to a god who burns his creation who he allegedly loves?
    you make your own plan to change the world, forget gods plan. 

  41. Avoiding sins, helping others and giving charity and doing tons of good deeds will AWAKEN a human being SPIRITUALLY, you won't stand to see things like nudity or hear bad music anymore. And your brain will feel new, wonderful things. Even your food and music taste will change. You will meet new like-minded people. And your words will have much more positive impact than usual, like making people laugh for example. Your face will shine more than normal people. PLEASE SHARE THIS !!! 😀 😀 😀

  42. Last year this same month I was facing problmes realted to my studies(admission)I was praying lyk regularly but inside itself one sort of negativeness or sort of dull lyk it won't be Allah will nothelp u that's it sometimes I get feeling Allah will do it as I have prayed so much but no….nothing happend now once again I am asking help I am praying regularly but the same felling will not help u such feelings I am getting not at all happy .. does Allah subhanwatala loves me sometimes I have doubt

  43. You should never question Allah and ask why he has not answered you, he is The most powerful. He's listenimg but what I strongly believe what he wants too see In all his sons and daughters is them helping themselves first – and then he will help. You must prove to him, you must show progress. Don't be down on yourselves my brothers and sisters.. Ya Allah is always near. Alhamdulilah <3

  44. May allah answere our dua soon. For sure we (true believer) never despair from his mercy and one of his name from Asma ul husna is As Samii, so we put our trust in him till the day we last, and May he accept our dua soon. So never despair from his mercy. Verily he is able to answere our dua without any stint, only thing he might delaying in accepting our dua is that he wants us to get closer to him.

  45. Must been like a year ago when I still used to believe in Allah's existence. I used to be a sincere devoted believer in Allah, but after many many many shortcomings on his part for many years (16 years to be exact of waiting) without a single dua being answered…..I started to think critically about my beliefs and found illogical consistencies…..slowly but surely I came out of the Islamic Delusion. According to the Islamic Framework, Allah chooses to guide whom he wills, I guess he chose not to guide me given his relentless unwillingness to respond to even one supplication. Now I am somewhere between agnostic and atheist.

  46. Ya Allah, I know thay I am a sinner and I cant promise that I will not sin again but Ya Allah, I know that you are watching over me, so Ya Allah, please keep me away from sinning and forgive me for whatever I have done, am doing or will do. Ya Allah, please listen my calls and answer my dua's and help me become the Muslim you want me to be, for I have no one in this world except you!!!

  47. Ya Allah, I know thay I am a sinner and I cant promise that I will not sin again but Ya Allah, I know that you are watching over me, so Ya Allah, please keep me away from sinning and forgive me for whatever I have done, am doing or will do. Ya Allah, please listen my calls and answer my dua's and help me become the Muslim you want me to be, for I have no one in this world except you!!!

  48. so I kept praying and remain persistent for over four years, he didn't answered, I finally moved on, I am not mad that he didn't answered but I am not happy with myself that I was trusting him and because of that I put many things on hold and wasted close to 6 years thinking that he will respond eventually. yes I am not happy because I wasted so many years just because of something called trust

  49. This "Allah" is basically satanic work. There is only 1 God and that God is God. Allah copied some of what God had written in the Bible ages ago before Allah was even known yet.

  50. Assalam o alaikum..i am a lot depressed now..i am working hard to get into a medical school..but i landed up in dental stream..i m so much tired now..i dont feel like studying any more..i worked so hard..but this time when i sat for my competition..i made a blunder..
    Will ALLAH give me mbbs only if i make duaa for it day and night?? I m very restless..not being able to accept what happened..

  51. Wonderful clip but why is there always the obnoxious humming and such in the background…I mean…his words are powerful and moving enough without a soundtrack

    UBH = AT
    To become a Freemason, you must and have to swear upon the Koran, why ?

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