ANTARNAAD…The Inner Voice || Rishika Sawant | Akshay Menon Feat :- Osho Jain

ANTARNAAD…The Inner Voice || Rishika Sawant | Akshay Menon Feat :- Osho Jain

When shrouded in gloom…. Do not hold back the tears , Why be steeped in darkness; Let go of the smears .. Why is there a web of entanglement, the knots aren’t giving way anymore…. With distraught emotions tangled in a bundle The free end can be found no more Precious pearls of moments, have elapsed through the fist of time Memories seem to have faded away beyond, what seems like a lifetime in the sea of a million people You search for your own self A veil of helpless despair. while wearing on your lone self . Like the fury of a fire… that engulfs a mighty forest Deep within, you are consumed by endless anguish Your sense of compassion too is put to rest Akin a darkened night that gushes through your fleeting breath life is a tumultuous current of sorrow In it , the soul dies a thousand death… The shards of your dreams in smithereens go piercing through the eyes… The harsh realities, like a receding wave egg you on… adding insult to injury, you so despise. Why is your world devoured by an eclipse so dark Why are you bereft of a direction, in a path so stark The answers you seek outside of your being You shall find them all Just look within…. Break free of the despondency, why be entangled in a knot… Like the first peering stream of morning twilight.. triumphs through the spell of darkness without a blot A new beginning ,a new trail … A beckoning anew , a new way Restored Winds of hope are again finding their sway you now are Abound in hope ,
and illusory it is not Believe You can rise …
and shine as You thought Persist to be victorious is the way of the world so glorious Feel you own… the infinite blue sky… Melodic notes anew will escape your lips, on the sly … Go play with new coIours adorned be eager to shine high … Spread your wings and soar into the new horizon Now that YOU must live to FLY !

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  1. Awesome video .. very touchy …Sid my friend u shall live in our hearts & memories forever … & I shall see u on d better side … Amen

  2. Osm song could not understand the lyrics as I am not familiar with Marathi but conveyed the message through music

  3. Rishika, im not that fond of Marathi songs, but this song has a meaning and has touched. Way more to go… 🤗

  4. जीवन हे परमेश्वराने दिलेल्या अमुल्य ठेव्यांपैकी एक अतीव महत्वाचा ठेवा आहे ही जाणीव बहुधा प्राणघातक आघात किंवा संकटानेच माणसाला होते..हे या गाण्यातुन सुंदर चित्रीत केल आहे.संकटे तर केवळ आगच आहेत.त्या आगीत होरपळुन न जाता समर्थपणे स्वताला वाचवुन जगण्यास सुवर्णाची झळाळी प्राप्त करून देणारा हा विडीओ मानसिक खच्चीकरण झालेल्या श्रोत्यांना जगण्याचे बळ नक्कीच देईल. रिषीका खरच खूप छान!! ..😘😘👍

  5. Every darkness is followed by sunshine. The story is been well told through screenplay. Your voice has described all emotions in depth. Great work Rishika. Truly an inspirational video..

  6. This work of yours is so deep that you're already much ahead of our time Rishika !
    I as always am a Fan !

  7. This is a masterpiece and everything in this video is worth learning right from the meaning to the creativity

  8. Osho Mann your voice is just touched my heart . Sorry for the loss of your team member R.I.P Siddhesh Vengurlekar you were another genius stay happy whether you are

  9. This message is so important for all of us
    And you've managed to capture that

  10. The Lyricist is just wow. It's so hard to find such pure words in today's impure world
    Kaustubh Panat hats off to you ❤️

  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Im so glad you did not do this in Hindi
    Marathi being a regional language begins out the richness in the song

  13. Amazing song selection… Superb singing… 👌👌👌
    Welcome…For new Song, CHANDRAKANTA Ki KAHANI

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