BASIC BUILDING TUTORIAL // The Sims 4: Builder’s Bible

BASIC BUILDING TUTORIAL // The Sims 4: Builder’s Bible

Hi, everybody, it’s Kayla and welcome to episode 1 of the Builder’s Bible, which is basically a little mini series where I’m gonna do some build tutorials for you guys. So I get asked a lot of questions like “Kayla, how do you build your houses?” “Kayla, how do you do this thing?” “Kayla, help!” And I just thought this was a good opportunity for me to come in here and just give you some advice, I guess. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve built my fair share of houses in the Sims 4, and I think that I’ve got some tips I can share with you, and so I’m going to do that today. I built this house a long time ago — I think a few months ago– for clouds (??) my friend SourPatchSimmer, and it is a *super* easy house to build and I’m gonna break it down for you right now and show you how I did it and how you can also do it because I get these comments like “Kayla I suck at building mraah!” But I guarantee you that you do not because this is the easiest house to build ever– I’m gonna show you what it is– and then you’ll understand. So here we have myself– Sim Kayla– and she is in desperate need of a starter home, and she is in luck because I’m going to build her one today on camera and kind of go through some tips and tricks with you all as You all as I do it. I have a list of like four main pointers like my main advice for you also. Got like a Series of cheats and shortcuts, I’m going to show you [a] [ready] for that. I also have some like annotations and Timestamps and want to check out and like just kind of skip through the video sort of like a table of contents But in video form but we’re gonna jump right into this So step one to any house build is to you know go into build mode which I assume you know how to do But just in case you have press this button up here the top left right top right wow Flopped already and boom [bilbo], and you’re Gonna just start My real step one though my biggest piece of advice for you is to build a box now I know you’re thinking [kilo] what no, but listen all of my houses and I build a lot of houses start off as boxes I’m not kidding if you watch any build of my my speed builds, they’re all boxes at first And that’s because that’s how you do them You make a box and then you add smaller boxes to the outside and make it look like Fancy box And then you just keep going and we’re going to do that today for our little starter home for myself Sim We’re start off with a big old box kind of in the middle. It’s like a little bit off-centered in the lot I’m kind of thinking like mmM Right there, maybe we’ll move it over a little bit We’re going to do that box and we’re going to kind of put another box over here [two] [boxes] so I can write do another box this is getting wild another box back here oops I’m off a box like right there Yep, that’s the box I’m looking for if we can put a porch in the front and backyard we’re gonna make it like a little porch just a little porch and we’ll do one back here too because I’m living life on the Edge [and] That’s the house done so you can see it’s already just it’s just a box okay [and] that’s all it has to be I’m not kidding It’s really really very simple and we’re gonna just go in and add some details to our box now like for example I’m [thinking] a chimney. This is getting a little crazy. I do this a lot of my builds I make a chimney myself because the ones that come in the [sims] 4 I don’t want like one of these roof decoration Detail things like that is the definition of lame. You know we make our own chimneys here on little Sims Es we’re gonna do that today by Pressing [a] [hotkey] tip press bead take the wall tool Very simple some other hotkeys to be aware of G toggles the grid so for example the squared is showing very annoying you can toggle It on and off by pressing G very simple and it just makes your whole life a lot easier other hotkeys I’m kind of thinking [like] oh for example if we want to print like paint the whole wall all at once you press shift So I’ll grab my paper. I hold shift whole room I press all just paints one just you know one part. Yeah, you get I’m saying that’s the difference I don’t explain this I’m just a little sims II okay back to the bill. What’s our chimney now so again I’m pressing my b key. I grab my wall tool. Take this room tool. I’m gonna just make a little chimney It’s a little bit off-center bloods, okay, because this whole house isn’t centered I might I might make this smaller My third tip for you or second tip it depends lately look at it is when in doubt make it smaller I know a lot of people haven’t see to build just a big house because you think it’s Gonna be best is to just you know build a big house But that’s a bad idea because I do this [too] you always end up making it smaller because just when it’s too big There’s too much empty space and it just looks bad So when in doubt make smaller [is] [really] to make a small house Really hard to make a big house so start small you can always add on more if you want to But you know it just yeah when in doubt make it small, okay listen to me. I’m an expert I say loosely cuz you know I’m not an expert, but I do build a lot so I guess I’ve got [some] experience But we’ll put your chimney here. [I] think we’re gonna put on a note all [its] gonna because I haven’t done my roof yet We’ll do it right now. So roofing tips I’m [gonna] do a whole video on this but for now very simple roof just a couple kinds We’re going to do this just gabled roof the whole time. We’re going to go through Our one roof like so we’ll do our next roof same angle and everything just back here our last oops oh boy our last week was gonna be back here very very simple just kind of Placed in the back this way, and we’re going to go ahead and push it back to the edge now I’m kind of thinking again that this chimney is a little bit off. [I] kind of want to put it one over So we’re going to do that right [now]. I think [it] looks better there, right do you agree with me? You can’t answer but hey I’m going for it that way And we’re going to do our [next] thing with a half wall and just you know kind of finish off for a little chimney like That I might make it [a] little bit taller. Yeah on the dew taller So we’re gonna [got] this one instead and fixed. This is my house complete just kidding We’re going to go in and do our nice fancy porches. I’m gonna go ahead and add a you know fancy good old foundation We’re gonna go ahead press this button, and you just race it and then do it [to] not very tall I think maybe like [a] three step. Oh, no Like me. I don’t know This one’s like a three stair. I think let me check out [really] fast I think but I’m [not] sure I don’t want to be wrong it is three stairs Yeah, so I like this height is I think it’s a good height Maybe we could do it in shorter, but we’re going to keep with the three I love these stairs from get together, but actually let’s keep this house based game nevermind We’re going to use [mean] we’re going to use these stairs so weird even based game. You’re welcome I’ll put on the gallery two for you because I’m a good noodle We’re going to keep it like that, and we’re Gonna Go press our grid back on by toggling the g key we’re going to come upstairs oops It was already on and we’re going to come up [here] And then we’re going to just go like this grab a flat roof put it above this arch actually is like a flat room We’re gonna put it up there, and then do another roof It’s getting wild like so I know great actually you know what you know what I take it back I’m not doing this I’m doing on. This is crazy. We’re gonna do a half gable roof instead This is getting wild now these ones now This is we’re Gonna want to make it smaller [you] see [I’m] being so ridiculous But I do it like this usually might make it a little bit shorter Actually yeah until it kind of goes down And then maybe we extend it, so it goes and hides in the back of this roof so they kind of connect yeah I think it looks better that way, but is it too short. [oh], maybe it’s too flat now. I don’t know is that better Mmm, okay, we’re gonna go in this is getting crazy – we’re going to add in some Dormers We’re gonna go ahead and place and I think 2 dormers here if we yeah, you know What will – [I’ll] place one like right here, and then another one like [right] there? Yes? Yes, okay? We’re going to play something that will [makes] one. Go out into the other side kind of firm You know an extra touch I guess I’ll make em say this wide and then I’m going to go ahead and place this one – but just until it hides inside Oh my goodness [heis] inside of the Roof or make this with a little bit taller so we can kind of fit them in I’m Gonna do – oh that’s a little nut now. We’re good and then place our rubes on these again with the gabled roof [I] think it’s going to kind of keep like one roof style throughout the whole build I think it looks best that way But you can always change it up and not here to tell you what to do I just like these do groups a lot, so I’ll use them a lot Oh, you come in do both of them see very very simple This is a very [easy] house above but you run into this weird issue you see how the roof It doesn’t fit properly cuz you see you put it back actually [it] does nevermind Well because if it was lower see this was like one less You can see how there’s it’s kind of clipping over here. Yeah Just make the roof taller or make this one a little bit shorter. You can press the alt key to free move it I’m holding down all and then moving it down with that as like lowers I want to and then it’s just like slightly lower fits But now they’re on the same height so good commands view that one Or it controls easier on a PC and put this back up one and now it fits Perfectly, and it’s not too bad so not too shabby cute little house, or do the same thing this roof on the back But this [time] you know on the other side so again put our grid go ahead and place our flat roofs We know where to put it and then grab our gabled roof and try and match it up So it’s the same height as the one in the back or the front I mean boom done, okay? So we’re going to go ahead and put again our super classy columns back here keep some continuity for the whole house Super simple house, but like I said, but ends up looking really nice I [think] we’re going to go ahead and extend this so it kind of again clips into this next roof It’s next to it [cuz] before you can see there’s a gap. We’re going to fix that gap So now it’s closed and then we’re going to do some Fancy roof detailing This is getting crazy so hold on to your hats kids We’re gonna Grab this roof trim and do this one very simple very classy white so they’re like this one’s way too big I think This one too a small this one again truce. Well, I want this one something looks nice We’re into this on all others in the house, and it just kind of adds that like nice for touch to [it] Which I am a big big fan of now back [to] windows I think windows the biggest issue in house that I’ve seen like what people might consider bad houses People just put too many windows on them, and that’s just an easy mistake Nothing wrong with that But I mean I would like to avoid it at all cost so I usually try to get windows that like to a minimum Just enough to make it look nice. Just [a] cute little casual like this kind of window I might actually go crazy and put two here now. It doesn’t line up properly completely, but I think it looks nice [so] [well] actually Let’s go. Let’s go big or go home right we’ll put these bigger Windows. Maybe maybe It is the front of the house. We’ll do two. We’ll do two like that, and then we’ll put some windows over here I’m kind of thinking just to like this very simple Again some upstairs windows just these I think hold on ultimate freely Oh, here’s a good time for some cheats because I can’t move it where I want to look at that We’re going to go ahead and press cTRL shift C open the cheat panel up top BB Dot move objects on and now move this however. I want to [I] can [just] go in here and be like boom [oh] look at that perfect. I can place it wherever I want and it looks perfect [control] [ship] C again I can click [to] close that panel and It’s looking beautiful. I’m gonna actually change these windows again. I’m not a fan of them. I don’t like them [I’m] too picky. I know we’re going to put this one in instead because it matches better with the ones I already have put it up a little bit higher and then it kind of fits in ooh good opportunity for a [three-wide] window or we could do okay? This is where it gets crazy. We could do like just two of these like this or or Hear me out now. We could I’m trying to sound I feel like I’m being so sarcastic. I’m sorry I don’t mean [to] I just and this way we could put this one Which is kind of cute nice Bay window back here. I kind of want that a Bay window to kind of Brighten the mood I don’t think I’m gonna put any windows in the sides from the inside if I have windows on this wall It’s gonna look like way too much, and this is like my fireplace. I don’t need windows next to it So I’m gonna kind of keep this side windowless. Which is a little bit crazy, but I think it’s gonna look okay I’m not gonna lie. So we’re gonna keep it that way I am terrible at commentating Overbuilt [I’m] sorry [alright], but we’re coming closely in this video now We’re gonna go ahead [and] do [them] like last-minute touches for example flower boxes. I love flower boxes, but don’t overuse them It’s really easy to place money I get really carried away with them trust, but just try and keep it to a minimum. So it looks just classy and not Obsessive, but I don’t play some every window this whole house because I think they look [really] cute So you know what you can never have I take it back You can never have too many flower boxes new rule place as many as you want [we’re] going to go ahead and put on some really nice. You know classic brick on this side of the house, [too] Oh, I like the red brick yes, and we’ll put it on the inside of this too and sneaky sneak peek we’re going to go ahead and yeah, break that roof inside of there and put it down there too on the other floor sneaky and then we’re going to place a Super Nice Wall Trim That’s white to match the rest of the house on this and do a sneaky floor tile down here That is brick themed like you know. Oh this one. Yes, and then it come hold [up]. I’ll go downstairs We’ll go down in here so I can see it better place that right there and look at that You will never be able to tell it’s not all chimney except for the roof cut clipping through but hey, what [are] you gonna? Do and look at that what a classy area and that is the exterior of the house base [boo] except for this [never] [mind] We gotta fix that and that is the exterior of the house basically complete I might go in and add like some extra trim around this part of the roof you can see how there’s like this random Part I might add some white there to kind of you know break it apart from the rest of the house and same [thing] on The back of the house, but otherwise, I think we are almost complete then we come into landscaping We do a whole video [on] landscaping in the future because it’s just kind of a lot, but [on] this house I’d probably just add a couple trees. I don’t know like this tree simple little trees. [we’re] running out of money I’m kind of going a little bit overboard for [a] starter home but hey You know what? I’m just trying to show you maybe place them like a few just a couple trees again with like Terrain paint I might go in and add I don’t know like some sort of path was very simple path like that my favorite one to use is you basically and [bass] game this one, [ooh] Not like that Well, it’s a path. You know maybe throw in a super cute mailbox. Just kind of placed up here close to the front yard And this is basically the shape of the house done Interior-wise. Oh actually you know what? One more thing I want to place this wallpaper over here, so I get a corner Edge there. Yeah, this little edge I wanted to fix and that I think [is] the exterior complete inside. I’ll do a very simple floor plan It’s really like a one bedroom one bathroom house This is a weird for pedo fix, but we I wouldn’t like that along those lines And I would turn into a super cute little house, and that my friends is my build tutorial for a basic starter home complete Okay, so this house a long time ago. It’s super cute. You know fun Color Scheme very similar when I just built on camera for you But not the same thing in case you haven’t noticed still similar though again with a box shape you can see the box here I’ll show you it right now. Look this is the box ready ready big giant box you see that see the box yep That’s box then we got some more boxes added [onto] it obviously, but that’s the big box and the big picture I’m going to show you guys some super simple like hot keys and things you didn’t know about [sims] for like for example How to do diagonal floor tiles which is a weird thing people don’t know about so you’re gonna grab your tile like for symbol this Tile and if you want to make like a really cool actually let’s do a cool carpet thing oh I Didn’t make you do that cool carpet thing. So you’re gonna Go ahead press your grid toggle G to do that, and we’re gonna make our own designer carpet So we’re gonna go ahead and grab like the carpet tiles and [since] for like for example this cool one right here And we’re gonna make it black because that’s real fancy. Yeah, [that’s] nice, and you [wanna] make [a] diagonal tile You’re going to just press cTRL and f at the same time and you get this like quarter tile And then you can place member you want to like this, and maybe like that. I don’t know fancy Schmancy Or random tiles around the place and look at that. We had these cool to act on tiles place just by pressing ctrl f and then you can just you know like exit off [of] it get your [square] back ctrl f and my Thing is back into a square, so you’re welcome now You know a super simple and people don’t know about that one lot of rotate things really like for example I want to make this couch Go like this usually [you] can only rotate like this on the grid which would be like these things But if you hold alt while you do it You can run to however you want to again letters must be on to do that like [you] know control chef C. Be be dot [objects’] on and then you can do that. Otherwise you won’t be able to put it anywhere near these things like this this is crazy also if you want to like also to copy and I’m [do] you’re going [to] click on it hold shift and Well, you know click on it hold shift, and you’ll get another one, and then you can have that too so you’re welcome for that cute little tip a very simple thing to do and It’s just not very well known I get asked that question all the time like a viola How do you rotate these things like how do you even how do you even well? You just hold on alt very very simple you’re welcome another thing to raise objects up in the air like for example this How am I doing [this] [it’s] a floating plant, whoa You’re pretty you’re just going to press cTRl 9 or cTRl 0 to move back down Very very easy and look at this I’m pressing 0 oh I’m pressing 9 o 0 and then you can just you know escape without didn’t then it’s back But it works I [say] feel like shelf thinks you want to go ahead, and press like make a shelf like for example [Er], and press like [this] button, you’ll go give it a second and you go to services And then you grab a shelf and like some objects won’t go onto this shelf, so I move it So we’re still going to do this and you’re gonna grab like maybe this you want to put up you know this This fruit basket on the on the shelf it won’t go up there on its own press CTRL + 9 you can just raise it up. Oh Give it a hold on well. Maybe you can’t press cTRl + 9 to raise it up And then you see I can place it on the shelf and then now it’s not up there It’s kind of hanging off the edge a bit, but it is on the shelf [you] Can do it now otherwise you [will] put out there like you can put like not this thing But you can put this thing up there. Oh, you can’t put that either. What can un put up there? This is an outrage like dis will go up there by itself But the other things won’t and you can spray some of yourself And now they can so you’re welcome for [that] other cool thing you can do is size objects up Which is kind of a cool thing that never had before? So if I want to like make a really really big fruit basket like over here I press click on it, and you hold cTRL and then the bracket keys. Oh, yes you Back down is the left bracket if I kind of move it over so the table so it’s kind of not snapping properly But then right bracket is you make it bigger? So oh dear? We’ll keep it real big and a super sneaky trick You can do for example move this TV. If I grab like a cheap little TV. Here’s something like this tiny TV right here I’m going to control [9] to move it up right so it’s all in this mantle, and then I’m going to go control bracket Right bracket and now it’s a big TV. But I paid like no money for it so sneaky sneak peek That’s how you get cheap TVs. You’re welcome I mean, they don’t get much fun from these like better ones But at least it looks like a big to you right because these little ones like this TV is so It’s like a weenie, but when you make it bigger It’s less weenie likely you can make it you know look at that nice TV The quality is not so good on the screen, but it’s it’s a big TV. So you’re welcome Another cool thing you can do is go ahead and press control-shift, CBB ignore Gameplay unlocks and title and Title don’t Spell it wrong entitlement and then you can Unlock and take anything that usually comes like a lot from career events and stuff like this thing usually couldn’t get it comes with like An event but I got it now this thing’s from the wake a wedding event I can get it now before it unlocked But now I can do whatever I want [it’s] kind of looks like what else is kind of cool like I think there’s like desk chairs and computers You can’t usually get but once you let shetan able to whatever you want like these super cool computer. I’ve got now and stuff Usually locked, but you see you can tell by the like Swirly thing behind it the sunburst thing whatever that’s called. I don’t know but you can get them now So you’re welcome for that another cool thing is the BBC show hidden objects sheet which is [this] like [debug] [in] [the] [sims] 3 you go ahead and search here [for] debug and all caps and Look at all this madness that comes up You’ve got all these things like things that their [sims] will use like for example these like cool drink bottles and stuff You keep some for more like clutter objects You’ve got like this potato chip single potato chip it goes on forever so many foods, and you’ve got like a blt I don’t even know why [you’d] want that just like a random [stuff] you got like urns and Tombstones you can use for decoration You’ve got like packages [you’ve] there’s so many got all the fish and all that like all these sculptures Arsons can make oh I haven’t used it before that’s cool Actually like we got a new teapot, but you’re sends you sleeping craft these things sort of find them like collectibles But you can just buy them from the spider ladybug catalog like for like books She needs like these like essences [of] various things you’ve got just everything everything you can think of us here like these cupcakes I you know give you an empty plate But you can still get them other than like just random [quilt] like this [ring] is the [dolls] head But I have so and you can size [it] up Make a really big doll head, you’re welcome. Oh I’ve got so many questions. Okay, but like a look at this fire extinguisher Just [cool] things you wouldn’t usually have [but] you cannot like access in here There’s tons of stuff to scroll through it goes on for [like] forever But you can get into it like these things from like to retreat Can’t access these otherwise But you could put like an outhouse thing on your lot if you wanted to or you Could grab this like a fishing pond you can grab and stuff like that You can’t as we have but you can’t with this and here’s just like a secret trick. I’ve noticed for you You know how the fridges usually don’t fit properly underneath cabinets with the short wall heights like this is the only one that fits for Example a regular fridge a cheaper fridge you put it in here. Let’s go for like I don’t know the second cheapest one [too] tall doesn’t [fit] in the cabinets and but when you put like a shorter cabinet on top of it you get like this And that looks absolutely terrible and this look it clips with this altima do all of them clip Every single fridge except for this one fridge like this one clips this one clips weight clips This one it clips they all clip but this fridge nope It’s magical does not clip it fits perfectly as you [can] see you’re welcome You’ve been blessed with a properly fitting fridge. Sorry about [that] it just wouldn’t be one of my videos with a [French] rant You know this I rant about fridges a lot, but I hope [into] the video you guys It’s kind of a weird different thing for me No Speed build today because I was you know doing build tutorials instead are there’s gonna be coming every other week for the next few weeks I’m gonna do like three or four of them. Maybe five comment down below what you want to see I’m gonna do like a landscaping and roofing one for sure But there’s anything else you want late some tips on let me know in the comments I can always use some advice, uh, because I’m trying to help you So what do you need help on? Basically let me know Make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe And do all those fun YouTube things, and in case you guys didn’t know I post videos every single day and so I will See you all tomorrow. Bye everybody! Look at this. Look at this glorious steamboat being, you know, sized up very large It wouldn’t be a video of my need of a steamboat, and you know what here you go?

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