Basics of Biblical Evangelism PART 1 of 2 – How NOT to share your faith

Basics of Biblical Evangelism PART 1 of 2 – How NOT to share your faith

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  1. I've heard people talk about this before, but never as good as this! The way it's expressed in this presentation is way better than anything I've heard! Well done!

  2. I hope someone can help me!

    I am convinced that this kind of preaching is the right way to go, but I have a problem!

    My Brother in Christ, who happens to be Nigerian (not sure if that makes a difference though perhaps it explains) whilst I am English, is very vexed (in fact he says preaching using the law is heresy!) at my approach when I evangelize like it's done here. How can I possibly get through to him. He certainly wouldn't watch this, but perhaps I could use scriptures, to save me scouring the bible, does anyone know of any decent scriptures I could use to prove this is a more biblical way of evangelism?

  3. Hello! Please have a look about evangelism in Belarus, where one cannot openly spread the gospel:

  4. It is shocking how little preachers know about Christianity and the Bible. They follow a brain dead script that can only convert the most gullible.

  5. This is a great video! Our church watched it Friday night at Bible Study. My pastor and I would like to download a copy and put it on DVD to share with the rest of the congregation and visitors to our church. Problem: it is illegal to download YouTube videos, and I can't find this video at Way Of The Master or anywhere. Could you please send me a download link?May God bless you as you seek to serve him,James


  7. A 10:00 what kind of god (or person) tells others if you believe in me I will torture you. It would be like your parents threaten you with punishment mentally or physically simply for not loving them.

  8. How disgusting your "God", who would send people to eternal damnation. Keep your Celestial dictatorship away from MY children

  9. 'GO' is not a commandment. ' make disciples' is the commandment. Please study your bible before making wrong statements.

  10. it would be nice if I could get a copy of the power point used in this video. Is that a possibility? BTW great job John thank you.

  11. Dear Living Waters Europe, is there anyway I could get a video copy of the roughly 30 hours of training that John Harris condensed into these 2 hour session? He mentions the training at about 1:25 in to the video.

  12. I used to be a big fan of his and bought tons of his materials and handed out a lot of his tracts, but upon further examination, I discovered he is a OSAS (Once saved always saved) or eternal security proponent– he claims that once a person is saved, he will remain saved and sin will not bring him to his spiritual death in contradiction of Ezekial ch 33 that states if a righteous man does evil, he will die for it– and a ton of other Scriptures– Lk 8:13– "they believe for a while , but in time of testing, fall away." Comfort's theology is a that person is either once saved always saved or never saved to begin with; He leaves out the very real and common occurrence of once saved, but falling away from grace through sin, (of course one can come back – prodigal Lk 15:24, Rm 11:19-23, James 5:19-21etc..) Anyway, I am posting the link of an article that goes into more detail and with Scripture on why supporting Comfort could snare souls by leading them to believe that eternal security of the believer is true. 1 Corinthians 15:2 – By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain.. Anyway, please check it out. I know Ray Comfort is popular and has a pleasant likeable way about him , but his teaching is laced with spiritual poison.

  13. Brother John thanks so much for this. Is there any way that I can download these two parts? I want to keep it on my hard drive if ever YouTube no longer exists or this video is no longer available. It is very encouraging and is a very thorough treatment of the subject that has blessed my wife and I.

  14. Its wrong to focus on attending church service.
    Its right…according to Jesus….to be out and about as disciples.
    And youre not doing disciples work while your backside is warming up a pew.
    Church is for religious people, and being religious wont get you on the right hand of Jesus for eternity.

    Live for God doing the great commission that we are ALL instructed to do…if you read your bible, you will see that you should be out there, healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing lepers etc…..once you have been born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, which is your gift from God as He promised.
    Be obedient, and live your life, as in the Book of Acts.
    And remember to pray for people to go out and harvest in Jesus name 🙂
    God bless you.

  15. Converts are leaving the faith because to be a Christian one must suspend rational thought processes. If one was to simply study the Christian bible with an open mind one is faced with a huge problem. We are supposed to follow a fellow named Jesus, how do you do such a thing? If I was to guess I would think we are to read everything he said and then act upon those words.

    I would also think that if any other person told us to ignore every word this Jesus fellow ever taught us that won we should ignore just like he witnessed us to do in John 5:43 I have come in my Father's name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.
    Now I would think that statement is important we are not to listen to anyone who tells us anything that is contrary to that taught be the Word of God (Towrah) made flesh.

    Kind of sad Christians teach to do the opposite, they teach this word of God (Towrah) somehow was annulled on the cross when this fellow Jesus died. If this were so the Ma'aseyah (Messiah) would've had to been a liar. If the Ma'aseyah was a liar then we are all doomed, and no one was saved by his actions.

    The Ma'aseyah Yahowsha (errantly called Jesus by Christians) must believe he is in fact a liar because of Matthew 5:17 Do not think that I have come to abolish the Towrah or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. 18For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Towrah until everything is accomplished.

    The above statement made at the Sermon on the Mount in fact teaches the Towrah is eternal never to pass away until the heavens and earth do so also. I my humble home the heavens and earth are still in place.

    The first part of this statement is also very clear, Yahowsha has come to fulfill the Towrah, and the Prophets. Another perfect example of why the Towrah must still be in place; All has not been fulfilled if all was fulfilled why would Yahowsha need to return?

    Finally Yahowsha was temped in the desert by Satan, he was offered bread, but refused and stated: Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of Yahowah (God).

    No remember this is the son telling satan man is to 'live' by 'every word' that comes from the mouth of Yahowah.

    Tell me one Christian that teaches so, or lives by any word that comes from the mouth of Yahowah?

  16. Great video and fully agree. I live in a non-Christian country in Asia where everybody has no knowledge of Christianity, the Law and the Bible. How can I use this method or adapt it? Any idea?

  17. Here is a small Jix
    The Gospel must be preached Matthew 10
    Share your faith is a requirement or command Matthew 28;18-20

    Do you want to Worship God? the Journey starts from understanding Gods desire to have a Relationship with You
    Do you love God then are you Obeying his Will to Walk as Jesus Did? 1 John 2;1-6
    Do you know what Jesus teaches for you to obey? Jesus taught his Life as Gods will for us to follow.
    Jesus wants to give you his ministry while your living on earth to worship God?
    Jesus wants to make a Covenant with you of Love because he made an Atonement sacrifice of Sin for you. Through this love he wants your help in the ministry of Reconciliation to help others to have a deep relationship with God

    There is good and Bad in following Jesus, just keeping it real?

    Good part is If you understand why God wants a relationship with you through Jesus death burial and resurrection then he is asking you to repent and be baptized in Him through your faith in that promise.

    Why baptism? Because its God Grace to participate in Jesus death burial and resurrection through your faith. At this point Jesus our great Doctor will perform circumcision of your soul of the sinful nature to receive Gods cleansing and forgiveness. Colossians 2;9-15 , Acts 2;38-41 and Romans 6;1-8

    Why Baptism? Jesus wants to make you Holy; a Temple for God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit to live inside you. Galatians 3;25-26
    All he ask is to keep this Temple clean from the Sinful Nature.
    Yes One more important thing He will write your name in the book of life so as to save you from Gods wrath and judgement.
    You see we worship in the Heavenly Tabernacle call the Church body of Christ through the Spirit of God. Hebrew 31-6; Hebrew 10;19-23 Hebrew 12;22-24.

    You see there is One Lord One Faith and One Baptism into the Body of Jesus. Ephesians 4;5-6

    All this is a heavenly blessing. This is salvation for your soul not wanting any man to perish.

    THEN Here is the bad part . Temptation will increase triple fold from the devil to win you back to him. Yes and not everyone will like your change to worship God and walk like Jesus,They will persecute you, mock you, put you in jail and probably kill you because you evangelize to them and live in the truth just like Jesus Did. John 15;18-25

    Do you know Jesus and the Apostles never taught Christianity? Acts 11;26
    Thats why I am not asking you to become a Christian

    Do you know that Jesus was calling Men to follow him or Walk as he did so that they could be call Sons and Priest to Serve God? Galatians 4;4-7 and Revelation 5;9-10

    Remember work out your salvation with fear and trembling as you walk as Jesus Did, so not to fall away from this Grace that God is given you today.

    If you have counted the Cost to follow Jesus and carry the cross of truth then we could go by the YMCA or any Water and baptize you just like the Ethiopian Man Acts 8

    Thats right I am with you in spirit So you can ask any person of faith to baptize you because of this Gospel

    If any one ask let them read Acts 19;1-7 Just say Jesus and Apostles ask you to do this.

    Do you know that this one scripture rebuke a lot of church doctrine called man made traditions. Did you know if the thief on the cross didnt die he would be Baptize too. But that was a promise from Jesus to him not for Us.

  18. Christian's after the have learned CHRIST they are called by assignment,new born Christian's excited about telling people about YESHUA(Jesus )will get out any where and start witnessing about CHRIST everything we do is lead and commanded. Notice the disciples earlier on listened and watched the MASTER when they were ready to be sent out two by two,after the resurrection HE SAID GO INTO ALL THE WORLD……… And that's where people get to be where they shouldn't be without GODS direction GOD is well able through us to get a job done. The movie (the end of the spear )a assignment they gave them selves that assignment it became deadly but GOD years later brought about the seed they died for, but they could have been here to see there labor of love . LET CHRIST LEAD YOU ALL THE WAY-. Witnessing. We are not our own we are bought with a price. I was lead to be on my utube earlier to see some foolishness.

  19. Believe and Know aren't the same thing.

    Believe in me, means trust me, follow me…The devil does not follow him….He knows GOD exists ofc, but he does NOT believe "IN" him. He doesn't care, not anymore anyway, now he was rejected and he knows where he's going.

    That's why he is trying to get as many to Hell as possible, to prove to GOD that we weren't worthy of his grace from the start. The devil is throwing a tantrum because he is irredeemable. So to piss GOD off, he is going to try and prove him wrong by converting everyone he can to Atheism, which leads to Hell.

    It's that simple….

  20. But why did JESUS say He is not good.
    He says I AM the Good Shepherd.
    Jesus is God. If He was not Good and God he could not have paid for our sin. Jesus Emanuel God with us.

  21. The typical is, God has a plan for your life. And he does, now go read the book of martyrs and see the true plan!!!! Now tell me if you'd like to be my disciple?

  22. Hello, is there a way to get a full teaching on this subject? You mentioned that the full teaching is around 30 hours.

  23. In Africa we already have all these. Trials, tribulations, torments, hardships, fear of being killed. So how do you share the gospel in such area. A woman was stabbed to death in my area for sharing the gospel.

  24. Great tools. Thanks AND let's not forget that we ARE equip. For the Holy Spirit living in us is our most powerful tool.

  25. All I can say now is that my conclusion is I am more terrified by the state of salvation of not only the world but the church too including myself. I don't mean this as criticism as your work and teachings of Jesus and his grace are the light this world needs but just HOW FAR 98% of the Christians are is so worrying. Yet the Bible says not to fear but this is frightening.

  26. Make them understand that they are not good persons but sinners broken gods law, show them that there good works can not save them, use best threats verses to warn them about Hell, judgement day and lake of fire, everlasting torment. Give them the Gospel Romans 3:21-28

  27. I just walking up to people at the Gas station while they are pumping gas…since that takes at least 5 minutes, and I say: "Hi, my name is Jillian, what's your name? I'm just out today/tonight talking with people to find out if I can pray for them for, or maybe someone you know is struggling with health, finances, relationships, or whatever?" I pray, and then ask: "Do you go to church yourself?" They usually admit that it's been a while… I'll say, "For most of my life I used to think that God wanted me to Burn in Hell for all the things that I'd done….I pull out a FOLDED business card from my pocket and ask: "If you have just ONE MINUTE, I can quickly read you my story that's printed on this LITTLE business card…?" OK Sure. It says:
    "I was suicidal for most of my life, because from age of 6 to 50 I constantly hear Demonic voices in my head, that reminded me of how worthless and unlovable I was, and that I should just kill myself! My father was a violent alcoholic, my mother killed my twin sisters, 3 siblings died of a drug overdose. I later became a drug addict myself, because my life was filled with so much guilt and shame. We were homeless for 2 years and ate of trash cans. I was bullied because of my Dyslexia. I was molested by all the men my parents took me too. I was kidnapped for 14 months and use for sex trafficking, and my parents didn't report me missing. When I was rescued my mother forced me to have an abortion that went terribly wrong and I had to have 4 follow up surgeries and I suffered with chronic pain for 16 years."
    That's just the front of the card….so then I ask if they have just ONE more minute for me to read the back of the card! They always say yes.
    "I didn't know why God kept saving my life, so I bought a gun for my next attempt, but then I heard 1 Timothy 1:15-16…about how Paul was the Worst of Sinners and God Radically changed his life and he went on to write most of the NT, and was willing to suffer greatly in order to share the good news of Jesus Christ. I found healing and finally had hope and found healing from my past, so that the Holy Spirit could heal my mind, body, soul and spirit. I forgave everyone and now I share my story in prison ministries, so regardless of anything you've done, know that God can forgive you because He loves you and is willing to radically transform your life if you'll repent and trust alone in Jesus Christ for your eternal salvation. Then I share the Gospel by taking them through the Living Waters example used by Ray Comfort.
    So, you might want to print up your own testimony listing some juicy bits, as an example to others of God's grace. My website is:

  28. Don't put evangelicalism over the Bible: Romans 10:17 says "the word of Christ or word of God" not "the Good News about Christ." Faith comes by hearing the Old Testament and the oral revelations of Christ. Hearing several creedal statements about Christ does not produce genuine faith, rather fake faith.

  29. Learn to look down on.ppl, learn to be superior to others around you. Learn to push your Buybull bullshit down others throats, learn to damn others, learn to beg for money and piss on others. Understood?

  30. I love this!
    I am coming to do the training in Lincoln in September! Looking forward to getting some serious equipment 🙂

  31. Charles Finney is "approved" by Living Waters? Finney's "new measures" were based on his belief that regeneration was not a spiritual miracle but something that could be manipulated by music, presentations, etc. Revivialism is responsible for a large amount of false converts.

  32. Social media a lot of people know the gospel as its discussed on many mainstream sites be it football fitness. They all have a general forum which has discussed Christianity many times.

  33. maybe this idea of hey we have a Church is wrong….maybe one should go to them, where they are….and not expect them to come to you….

  34. is this admonition to sell all….for this individual, only, or to everyone, akin to Jn 3.16…you must be born again….

  35. This is such an amazing eye opener for me. Holy Spirit please continue to keep me in your classroom. Keep us all I pray in Yahweh's amen. Thanks so much for sharing this. May God continue to bless you and your ministry ?

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