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Announcer: A long time ago, a team of six
Bible Agents set out on a mission to teach everyone, everywhere, what the Bible says.
But then, on a trip to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, Bible Agent 4 disappeared. The other
Bible Agents needed Agent 4, and the world needed the other Bible Agents. So, there was
only one solution. It was time for a new Bible Agent. Bible Agent 7. Delve: Intruder alert. Intruder alert Agent 7: Everyone’s here. Close the doors. Agent 7: All right, everyone okay? Spark? Spark: Yep. Agent 7: Nose? Nose: All good here. Agent 7: Well, at least nobody inside is in
trouble. That’s good. Okay, now what tripped the alarm? Nose: I sounded the alarm Bible Agent 7. I
saw someone looking suspicious outside on the beach. Agent 7: You saw someone outside and sounded
the intruder alarm. Nose: Well, he smelled suspicious. It’s our
first week in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Bible Agent 4 is missing, and we can’t be
too careful. Agent 7: Well, I appreciate your attention
to detail Nose, but it looks like everyone’s okay. Is that right, Delve? Delve: Accurate. Everyone is safe. Nose: It’s him, he’s trying to get in. I’ll
save you Bible Agent 7. Agent 7: Easy their Nose, let’s see what our
visitor wants. Delve, can we get a visual? Delve: Certainly, Bible Agent 7. Cpt. Flotsam: Yoohoo, anybody home in there? Agent 7: Greetings friend. I’m Bible Agent
7, and this is my Bible lab. How can I help you today? Cpt. Flotsam: Yarr, matey. I just be trying
to see if you’re got yourself a kitchen in there. Agent 7: Sure, we have a kitchen. Cpt. Flotsam: And in that kitchen, do ye have
a bottle opener, per chance? Agent 7: I’m sure we do. Why? Cpt. Flotsam: Well, because I found this here
message in a bottle, of course. I got to open it up. Should be there’s a treasure map inside. Agent 7: Oh, okay. Delve, would you send out
our bottle opener to… what’s your name? Cpt. Flotsam: Yarr. You don’t recognize me.
I’m Captain Flotsam, the world’s most terrible pirate in the whole Bermuda Triangle. Agent 7: Oh. Nose: You see, Bible Agent 7, I knew he was
suspicious. Agent 7: Well, I don’t think we’re in any
trouble Nose. Delve, let’s let the Captain borrow our bottle opener. Delve: Of course, Bible Agent 7. Cpt. Flotsam: Who, who, who, ya. Let’s see
what’s inside here. Cpt. Flotsam: Why, I can’t read this jargon.
What in the world be this? It’s written in some kind of weirdo language. Spark: Weirdo language. Maybe I can scan that. Agent 7: Good idea Spark. Captain Flotsam,
come on in, let’s see if we can read it. Delve: Opening doors. Cpt. Flotsam: Shiver me stitches. Why? Why?
How do ye? Where am I? Agent 7: Easy Captain Flotsam. You’re in the
Bible lab. This is where we do our research. Cpt. Flotsam: But… I can’t… so much. Agent 7: I’ll explain in a minute. Here, Spark,
how about seeing if you can translate this? Spark: Scanning. Scanning. Ah, it’s an encoded
message from Bible Agent 4. Agent 4: Bible Agent 7, I just picked up your
signal. I need your help. I need to keep my location a secret, but I made a few bird friends
on this Island who will help you. They’re the…, 10 of them. Each of them has a clue
that only a Bible Agent can solve. I chose them because in the Bible… bread and meat.
Plus, they’re smart. If you can find all of these clues, you’ll know how to find me. Agent 7: Okay. This is good. We have our first
clue. Spark, Bible Agent 4 cut out a few times, can we fix those parts of the message? Spark: No. I tried, but the message was damaged
when it was floating in that bottle. Agent 7: That’s okay. The message said that
Bible Agent 4 has hidden clues for us with some of his bird friends. Birds from the Bible.
Let’s start by running a search for all the birds in the Bible. Nose: All the birds in the Bible, Spark. Every
last one. Agent 7: Delve, you can analyze the bottle
that message came in to see if there’s anything else we should know about it. Nose: We need every, Delve. Everything. Delve: Of course, Bible Agent 7. Agent 7: Nose, I need you to sniff around
outside and see if there’s been any birds nearby lately. Nose: We need to know if so much as a single
feather has been anywhere near this facility. On the double. Agent 7: Nose, that’s a job for you. Nose: Oh. Oh. Of course. Right away. Cpt. Flotsam: Would somebody, please, tell
me what’s going on? I am all being flabbergasted over here. Agent 7: That man you saw up there on the
screen, that’s Bible Agent 4. He went missing weeks ago, and this is the first clue we have
about where he is. Cpt. Flotsam: Ya say you’re looking for this
barnacle? Agent 7: Yes. Bible Agent 4 was a hero of
mine, and nobody knows why he disappeared. My team and I are here to find him and make
sure he’s all right. That’s why we need to find a way to interpret this clue. You’ve
helped us so much. Cpt. Flotsam: Yarr. Now, wait a minute. You
say you’re trying to find someone [ay 00:00:19:46]? By the seaweed in me toenails, that’s a strange
coincidence. Agent 7: Really. Cpt. Flotsam: Aye. Here I be in search of
me ship and me crew. We seems to have misplaced each other recently. But maybe you can use
this highly rigged cabin equipment to help me find them too. Agent 7: Well, there may be some ways we can
help, but right now we need to focus on finding Bible Agent 4. He could be in trouble. Spark.
How are we coming with that list? Spark: Looking for birds in the Bible… search
complete. Agent 7: Wow. The Bible mentions birds 300
times. That’s a lot of bird talk. I wonder if we can pull out anything that will help
us figure out who Bible Agent 4s friends are. Spark, let’s narrow this down to a list of
every bird the Bible mentions. Spark: Sure. Ooh, can I read the list? I really
like birds. Agent 7: Sure. Spark: Initializing. The birds in the Bible
are Herons, Eagles, Doves, Roosters, Owls, Hobos. Cpt. Flotsam: Hobos? Agent 7: Spark, I think you mean Hoopoes. Spark: Oh, right. Hoopoes, Pigeons, Sparrows,
Swallows, Seagulls, Ravens, Ostriches, Quails, Vultures… [Inaudible 00:08:11]. Agent 7: Oh no, Spark. You’re processing too
much data too fast. Cpt. Flotsam: I say, your parrot be going
berserk. Is he going to be okay? Agent 7: Don’t worry, he does that from time
to time. I still haven’t worked out all the bugs. Spark: Cranes. What happened? What I miss,
Ostrich? Agent 7: It’s okay, Spark. Maybe we should
start with something a little simpler than naming every bird in the Bible. Like this.
Did you know that in the Bible God puts all of those birds into two groups? God said there
were two basic kinds of birds, clean birds and unclean birds. Cpt. Flotsam: Well, that’d be weird. Why didn’t
the unclean birds just take themselves a bath? Agent 7: Well, it’s not really that kind of
clean that God is talking about. You see, a long time ago, there was a group of people
called the Hebrews. They were slaves in the land of Egypt. Cpt. Flotsam: The ones with the triangley
pyramids, right? Agent 7: Right. The people of Egypt got to
boss the Hebrews around all the time, and they weren’t very nice about it. So, God saved
the Hebrew people from Egypt. He brought them out of Egypt, and then did something very
important. God made the Hebrew people his own special nation, called Israel. These Hebrews,
also called the Israelites, were going to be different from all the other nations of
the world because God chose them. But, being God’s special nation meant that Israel had
to follow some special rules, and some of those rules involved animals. Some animals,
including birds, were considered clean, and others were unclean. Cpt. Flotsam: So the clean animals were good
and the unclean ones were bad. Agent 7: Well, not exactly. See, God is Holy.
That means God is so good and powerful that there is nothing and nobody like him. And
because God is different, his special nation had to be different too. One way that Israel
had to be different was by avoiding certain animals. The Bible calls these animals unclean. Spark: Were robot birds clean? I hope robot
birds were clean. Agent 7: Oh, I don’t know if you want that,
Spark. If an animal was clean, that meant it could be eaten. Spark: Then I hope robot birds were unclean.
Were robot burns unclean? Were robot birds eaten in the Bible? Please don’t eat me. Agent 7: I don’t think you need to worry about
that Spark. They didn’t even have robots in the Bible. Spark: Oh. Agent 7: You know, all this talk about eating
birds reminds me of something Bible Agent 4 said in his message. I think he mentioned
food. Spark, can you play that part of the message again? Spark: Sure. Agent 4: I chose them because in the Bible…
bread and meat. Plus, they’re smart. Agent 7: Did you catch that? Bread and meat.
Spark, let’s find every time a bird is mentioned in the Bible with bread and meat. I bet that’ll
get us closer to the answer. Spark: Alright. Ooh, I think I found something.
Birds, bread and meat are all mentioned together in The Book of First Kings. Agent 7: Great spark. Let’s take a look at
that. Cpt. Flotsam: Whoa, wait a minute. The Book
of First Kings. I thought ye was looking for stuff in the Bible. Agent 7: Oh, that’s actually a really good
point Captain Flotsam. The Bible is one big book, but it’s made out of many, many smaller
books. Cpt. Flotsam: You’re kidding me. Why isn’t
it all just one book then? Agent 7: Ooh, that’s a great question. Today,
most books are written by one person, called an author. That person may write a book in
a short time or a long time, but it ends up being one book by one author. The Bible, on
the other hand, wasn’t just written by one person, it was written by about 40 people. Cpt. Flotsam: 40 people? Spark: 40? How did they find a desk big enough
for 40 people? Agent 7: That’s just the thing, Spark. It
wasn’t just 40 people in a room together at the same time. God inspired 40 different authors
over more than a thousand years. And they weren’t all writing one book. Some of them
were writing letters. Some of them were writing down what was happening around them. And some
of them were writing songs. Over time, these pieces came together into sections, which
we call Books of the Bible. And of course, all those Books of the Bible came together
to make one big book, the Bible. Spark: And I found bread, birds and meat in
one of those books, The Book of First Kings. Cpt. Flotsam: Aye, I think I be getting it
now. Agent 7: Spark, I’m looking over what you’ve
found now. I think this is exactly what we’re looking for. This is what Bible Agent 4 was
talking about. Cpt. Flotsam: Just like that? We’ll what did
you find? Agent 7: I think Bible Agent 4s bird helpers
are Ravens. Cpt. Flotsam: Raven. A raven what? A Raven
fan? A raving lunatic? Agent 7: No, no. Raven. It’s a small Blackbird,
kind of like a Crow, and Spark found a story about a time when Ravens helped someone else
in the Bible. Spark: Birds are really helpful. Agent 7: That’s right, Spark. In the Bible
they helped a man named Elijah. You see, Elijah was a Prophet, someone who got special messages
from God for the people of Israel. This was a long time after they left Egypt. And sometimes
the people didn’t like what God had to say and they took it out on prophets like Elijah.
So, God told Elijah to hide by a brook… Dr. Squid: Excuse me, Bible Agent 7. Agent 7: Oh hey, Captain Flotsam, there’s
one other member of the team you need to meet. This is Dr. Squid. Dr. Squid: I say, who have we here? A Captain.
So good to meet you Officer. Cpt. Flotsam: No. Hide. Bible Agent 7, it’s
the Cracken. Agent 7: The Cracken? Cpt. Flotsam: Aye. The dark demolisher of
the deep. The 10 tentacle terror of the tides. He’s a Sea Monster. Dr. Squid: Ah, no. You’re thinking of my cousin,
Dubious. I’ve never sunk a single ship in my life. Agent 7: Yeah, Captain Flotsam, Dr. Squid
is one of Bible Agent 4s best friends. He’s trying to help us find him. Dr. Squid: Ah, yes. I miss him terribly. Agent 7: Well, good news Dr. Squid. It looks
like Bible Agent 4 has found some help from Ravens on this Island. We figured that out
from a passage in the Bible about Elijah. Dr. Squid: Ah, yes. Actually, about that,
I believe perhaps I should tell you the story. You see, I know it so well, I often imagine
myself there. Dr. Squid: I can picture it now. From the
cool waters of the brook of Caliph, a little river in the land of Israel. You see, the
King of Israel was a wicked, wicked King named Ahab. God sent Elijah to tell him, “God is
not going to send rain on your lands for the next few years until I say there will be rain.”
This made Ahab angry. And God told Elijah to hide by the brook I was staying in. Soon,
Elijah became hungry. There wasn’t any food in the brook for him. “How ever will he survive?”,
I wondered. Dr. Squid: But as soon as I said that, what
did I see? Yes. A whole unkindness of Ravens carrying a feast for Elijah. Delicious bread
and meat. Oh, it looked wonderful. God had provided food for Elijah, and Ravens were
the delivery service. He had breakfast and dinner flown in by Ravens every day, all summer. Dr. Squid: Do you think he would have saved
some leftovers for me? Ah, delicious. Dr. Squid: Ah yes, Ravens, they’re delightfully
helpful, you know? Agent 7: Wow, Dr. Squid. What a cool story. Dr. Squid: Oh, this story is making me quite
hungry. I’m going to fetch a cheese barnacle at McDolphins. Ta-ta, Bible Agent 7. Toodle-pip. Agent 7: So, we’ve done it, Spark. We know
what kind of bird we’re looking for. Spark: Yay. Agent 7: Delve, let’s call in the Nose. We’ve
made a huge breakthrough. Delve: Calling the Nose. Nose: Bible Agent 7, I’ve been all over this
beach, and you’ll never guess what kind of birds have been here? Bible Agent 7, I think
this beach has been visited by Seagulls. Cpt. Flotsam: Yarr. I could have told you
that lad. Agent 7: Ah, anyway, Nose, we figured out
what kind of bird is helping Bible Agent 4. It’s Ravens. Nose: Oh, of course. Are you sure it’s not
Seagulls? Because, there’s definitely been some Seagulls out here. Spark: No, it’s Ravens. They’re the birds
that brought bread and meat to Elijah in the Bible. It was in Bible Agent 4s message. Nose: Well, obviously it’s Ravens. Why, it’s
just what I suspected all along. What are we doing now, Bible Agent 7? Agent 7: Well, there must be 10 Ravens on
this Island, and each of them has a clue about how to find Bible Agent 4. We need to get
started on finding those Ravens. Spark: Alright. Nose: Alright. Cpt. Flotsam: Alright. Delve: Alright. Nose: I’ll start sniffing around outside for
Ravens. Delve: I will begin scanning the Island for
Ravens. Spark: Bible Agent 7, I’ll help you with the
clues. Cpt. Flotsam: Aye, and I’ll… Wait, Bible
Agent 7, do you think I might be able to join up with your crew for a bit? Could be one
of them Ravens has seen my ship too. Agent 7: Sure Captain, just so long as you’re
careful with the lab equipment. This stuff is a little more delicate than what you’re
probably used to on a pirate ship. Cpt. Flotsam: Thankie, Bible Agent 7, I’ll
do me best. Agent 7: Alright everyone, let’s find Bible
Agent 4. Announcer: Next time on Bible Agent 7. How
did Captain Flotsam lose his ship? Cpt. Flotsam: They pelted me with purple pigmented
and left me marooned. Announcer: Will the Nose ever figure out what
the Ravens smell like? Nose: I found one. Announcer: Why is the Bible split into two
parts? Speaker 13: So they just cut the Bible in
half? Announcer: Will Spark, the robot bird, ever
learn to fly? And most importantly, what happened to Bible Agent 4? Announcer: Maybe we’ll find out the answers
in the next episode of Bible Agent 7.

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