Bible Prophecy Has Come True | “How Exactly Does the Lord Come” (Crosstalk) | Christian Variety Show

Bible Prophecy Has Come True | “How Exactly Does the Lord Come” (Crosstalk) | Christian Variety Show

Well, Brother Xun Guang! Yes? You seem to be in good spirits. Is something good going on in your life? Huh! You are correct. I happen to have some very exciting
news to share with everyone! Well, then let’s hear it! I’ve heard testimony that the Lord’s incarnated in flesh,
and descended in secret! Incarnated in flesh? Yeah! Descended in secret? That’s right! But how could that be? The Bible has prophesied that when the Lord does return,
it will be among the clouds, and all eyes will be able to see Him. The scene will be one of lightning and thunder with roiling clouds and marching armies, shaking the earth and heavens. The mood will be one of jubilation,
excitement, exultation, and joyous ebullience. That feeling will be … (Hey, hey …) You look intoxicated! (Oh yes!) You know just part of the story,
not the whole thing. Huh? Just where do you get that idea from? What does it say in Revelation 1 verse 7? Hey, you just said that when the Lord comes with clouds,
people will become excited, people will be jubilant. (That’s right!) Then why does it say here, “all kindreds of the earth
shall wail because of him”? Huh? (Yeah!) Huh? (Yeah!) When people see Him come among clouds,
why would they ever wail? Ah. If you would like to understand that, we must look at other
prophecies of the Lord’s return. Other prophecies? There are many prophecies in the Bible
on the Lord’s return. (Oh?) Among clouds is not the only
way the Lord will return, no, not by a long shot. So let me get this straight. You’re saying the Lord will come in other ways too? Yup. That’s correct. What’s in Revelation 16 verse 15? Matthew 25 verse 6? Revelation 3 verse 20? And if that’s not enough, just consider Luke 17—(Hey hey, wait, wait.) You holding a Bible study meeting? I’m just talking about the ways the Lord will return. Do these passages in the Bible prove that the Lord will come in other ways then? You couldn’t tell? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah? And are you not getting anything from all this? And so … (You’re getting it?) I’m getting quite confused. You should explain it. If the only way the Lord returns
is by coming among the clouds, then just how will the prophecy
of “I come as a thief” be fulfilled? Yeah, you’re right! If He comes among the clouds,
and all eyes behold Him, who need to shout “the bridegroom comes; go you out to meet him,” and would the Lord need to
“stand at the door, and knock”? It seems, among the clouds couldn’t possibly
be the only way He’ll come! (Yeah.) Keep explaining. As per His prophecies, He’ll first descend in secret, then appear publicly. “At midnight there was a cry made,” “stand at the door, and knock,” and “as a thief” refer to the Lord secretly arriving. “Behold, he comes with clouds” refers to the Lord’s public appearance. That’s how His prophecies will all be fulfilled. Oh, so the Lord will return
by at first coming in secret, then appearing publicly. (Yes.) ‘Kay. But why does He first come in secret? Coming in secret refers to God becoming flesh, and therefore coming to earth as the Son of man. That’s “becoming flesh”? And then did you say “Son of man”? Is it based in prophecy? Of course it’s based in prophecy. The Lord Jesus prophesied, He’d return “as the Son of man,” He would “appear” and “come as the Son of man.” For instance, in Luke 17 verses 24 through 25, what does it say? It is based in prophecy. (Yeah!) But, what does “the Son of man” refer to? Well, the “Son of man” means someone born of man and with normal humanity. If it’s a spirit, then clearly
we can’t call it a Son of man. That’s right. That’s why the prophecies of appearing and coming as the Son of man both refer to the return
of the Lord as incarnate flesh. If God is not incarnate flesh, He couldn’t be called Son of man, just like Jehovah God, as a Spirit, can’t be referred to as the Son of man. Oh! “Coming as the Son of man”
refers to God as incarnate flesh then. Right. This is such a big mystery! Lord Jesus also prophesied: And that’s even more proof that the Lord will indeed return as incarnate flesh. Now if the only way that the Lord
returns was with clouds, then I ask, how would that prophecy be fulfilled? That’s right. If the Lord only returned among the clouds, then who would ever dare
resist or reject Him? (There!) Now he understands. I do indeed understand, but why does God come as
incarnate flesh in the last days? (Hey!) Now that’s a real good question! (What do you mean?) God comes as incarnate flesh in the last days mainly to do judgment work. You mean the work of judgment? God comes as incarnate flesh to express the truth and to do the work of judgment. And that fulfills the Lord Jesus’ prophecies. (Oh?) Which ones then? So God comes as incarnate flesh
in the last days to express the truth. It’s all in the Bible. Right. Hey, but why doesn’t God do the
work of judgment as the Spirit? Think about it. If God expressed the truth
and did His judgment work as the Spirit, would it be easy for people
to understand and accept? Hey, that reminds me, in the Bible it says, What does this passage in the Bible tell us? If God speaks to us by thundering in the heavens, we won’t understand or dare approach it. Does that sound right? That indeed sounds right. Jehovah God proclaimed to Moses, That explains why God has to come as incarnate flesh to perform the work of judgment. At last! Now I understand! Both corrupt mankind and the work
of His management plan require that God come as incarnate flesh. (Yes.) This is very profound! The significance of God coming as incarnate flesh to do His work goes further still! (Oh?) There’s more? The Bible says, when the Lord returns, He’ll separate the good servant
from the wicked ones, goats from the sheep, and the wise virgins from the foolish virgins, correct? (Correct.) But what’s that got to do with God
coming as incarnate flesh? Here is a not very accurate example. (Alright.) If the emperor cares about public opinion and wants to root out traitors, what should he do? Investigate, but in plain clothes. Yeah, right. If the emperor rode in his chariot,
in all his splendor, and was surrounded by the royal guard, the officials would drop to their knees, and make a point of welcoming him, none would dare slip up. (Right.) Then how to sort who’s a traitor, who’s loyal, there would be no way to tell. Yes, that’s right! God comes as incarnate flesh
to work and to … (Hey! I get it!) You’re saying God’s incarnation
is more conducive to revealing people! That’s right. If God directly came among the clouds, and proclaimed her to be a goat,
and him to be an evil servant, or proclaimed that you were a foolish virgin, would you be convinced? Without facts to prove it,
of course I wouldn’t believe it! When God comes as incarnate flesh to work, that is why it reveals all people. Those who seek the truth and listen for God’s voice, they are the wise virgins. They see the appearance of God in the
words and work of Almighty God and so they welcome His return with open hearts. And God’s sheep will all hear His voice. While the foolish virgins, because God incarnate appears to
be ordinary and quite normal, carelessly judge, condemn and even resist Him, and that reveals the evil people. My goodness. God working as incarnate flesh really does sort people by their kind. God is ever so wise! God comes as incarnate flesh
in the last days to express truth, perform judgment work, purify man and make overcomers before the great disaster. Later, after God brings disaster and
grants rewards and punishments, He will reveal Himself to all nations on earth. At last, I now grasp the steps of the work of God! Those that accept Almighty God’s
work in the last days, undergo chastisement in God’s words,
and so become purified will be brought into God’s kingdom
and will enjoy God’s promises and blessings. It seems that key to welcoming the Lord’s return is listening for His voice, and to accept the work of God incarnate
in secret within the last days. Yes, that’s right! And Almighty God’s words are all too clear. If people foolishly wait for Lord Jesus
to publicly appear with clouds, and then they reject the Lord Jesus’ work
when He comes in secret, the results are utterly frightening! It’s true. If you wait for God to come publicly
among clouds to accept Him, you’re patching a leak once you’re out to sea. By then it’s far too late! OK, I have to go now! Hey! Hey! Where are you going? To seek Almighty God’s work in the last days! He really does understand!

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  1. The debating is really interesting and reasonable.🤔😀👍👍
    I have never noticed that, there are two kinds of prophecies in the holy bible. One kind of prophecy is Jesus will come back in secret as a son of man, to separate the sheep from goats. The other kind of prophecy is Jesus will return with glorify on the clouds, to punish the evildoers.
    God's wisdom is beyond compare. Amen and Amen.

  2. I also thought the Lord would come back on a cloud according to some Bible prophecies. But this video says the Lord will come in another way. The Revelation says, “Behold, he comes with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.” (Rev 1:7). Indeed, if it’s just as I thought that the Lord would directly descend on a cloud, then people should be happy, how could they wail? How to explain it? And like Rev 16:15, Mat 25:6, Rev 3:20, how will these prophecies fulfill? If everyone sees Him, there’s no need for people to shout, and the Lord won’t need to knock at the door. I haven’t thought about these matters. It seems that I should seriously think about how to welcome the Lord. Otherwise I’ll become a foolish virgin and can never meet Him.

  3. I might have to refresh myself here but I'm pretty sure it says in the Bible that God will come back like a thief in the night

  4. People I guide you to logic and reasoning, I too was indoctrinated into Christianity by my parents and their parents indoctrinate them, indoctrination is such a hard task to break as, indoctrination breaks and remoulds the persons believe system, re learn tools such as logical and critical thinking, going to bible course will only indoctrinate you more as it doesn’t really answer questions but gives explanations that you better accept or else. To begin study the origin of the bible in a none bias institution or gather the information yourself, the church will only feed you what they want not all the truth behind the existence of the bible the origin of Judaism, the church loves to pick and choose what they want to accept, and what’s accepted may or not be accepted in the future because it’s all about interpretation and not fact, 1+1=2 anywhere in the world but religion and god is different in every culture of every continent to each individual, interpretation has only divided religious sects further from catholic to a the great schism.
    No one blames you for being indoctrinated and no one blames your family it’s something that’s happened from so long ago that it has staggered to the 21st century moulding and evolving to the changes, it’s why the church doesn’t preach slavery anymore or the killing of homosexuals even though it’s all still in the bible for you to read, in fact the bible has laws for your Jewish slaves and your none Jewish slaves, how black and Latinos be Christians when figuring this out is beyond me as black people were slaved yet follows the same bible the south used to condone slavery… read and inform yourself in none bias organisations such as the church…

  5. What about the first coming of jesus?? There where jesus called son of man.. No need for Jesus to come again in flesh so that he could be called Son Of Man

  6. I've been looking foward to the Lord Jesus' return, praise the Lord, the King of the universe forever and forever! AMEN!

  7. Amen,God must come first in flesh to do the work of judgement and chastisement and to express the truth to all those who will accept in and welcome Him,then coming with the clouds will be after He has made a group of overcomers.

  8. Incarnate God Has come long ago,I only regret for welcoming Him very late,but I still have a chance to satisfy God,may He have mercy on me

  9. Can you please make a hindi version off it . I want people of my church to also hear and understamd these things and prepare for GOD'S return. Really they newd to understand these things .!!!! And Thanks be to GOD !!!!

  10. You guys are missing many scriptures on the coming of the Lord.

    The old testament speaks even more of the coming of the Lord than the new testament.

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