Bible Prophecy Update – January 19th, 2020

Bible Prophecy Update – January 19th, 2020

(sermon wasn’t a) prophecy update but anyway I guess
it could have been so I kind of need to give you a quick backstory for today’s update it
was at the beginning of December of last year a couple months ago now I started
asking myself this open-ended question concerning everything that is happening
in the world today and the open-ended question was these two simple words of
what if what if then I inquired of the Lord seeking to fill in the blanks as it
were with the wide array of geopolitical uncertainties today of which there are
many and I think you would agree that’s what I want to talk about today it’s my
belief that the undecided unsettled what-if questions are the likes of which
we haven’t seen in recent memory would you agree so much is and no pun
intended when I say it like this so much is up in the air so much is there are so
many critical issues on the world stage that are in this state of uncertainty
I think of Israel’s third election do you know that on March 2nd they’re going
to have a third election never happened before unprecedented and this because of
the unprecedented inability to form a government so now they’re going
into a third election if you’re reading the same news feeds I am you’re keenly
aware of what they’re suggesting and even predicting is that this third
election is not going to solve anything and in fact could very well lead to an
unprecedented fourth election and we’ve talked about that as well I also think
of the upcoming Senate impeachment trial this is so on Tuesday have a nice week
this is now going to blanket all of our screens and fill our news feeds and it’s
going to go to trial and it’s going to be interesting and it will lead up to
the u.s. presidential election which do you realize is in about ten months now I also think about I don’t know if you
heard about this this is very interesting it was this development last
week where Vladimir Putin virtually cemented what many see as his permanent
rule in Russia with the resigning of the the president of not the President
Medvedev however you pronounce his name then there’s the escalating tension with
and in Iran which I believe has the regime’s back up against the wall
especially in light of the ongoing protests which I’m sure many of you are
aware of as well we’ve been talking about that then if this weren’t enough
word on the street is that President Trump is finally going to unveil his
long-awaited peace plan dubbed the deal of the century
we been hearing this for the better part of two years going on three
years now that he has this peace plan the deal of the century and he was going
to unveil it then didn’t unveil it and now he’s going to unveil it and many
believe it’ll be prior to the March 2nd elections in Israel to favor a Netanyahu
as Prime Minister it seems that I’m not the only one asking the what-if
questions according to The Jerusalem Post I’m in pretty good company with a
countryman fellow Arab Jordan’s King Abdullah who is asking the same what-if
questions but for different reasons here’s the quote what if the world gives
up on the two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Abdullah
answered his own question by stating that no less than world peace depends on
the outcome of this conflict I will say it again
and again a more peaceful world is not possible without a stable Middle East
and a stable Middle East is not possible without peace between the Palestinians
and Israelis Abdullah said to loud applause he goes on quote what if
Jerusalem a city that is close to my heart personally and of great historic
significance remains disputed can we afford to rob Christians and Muslims
alike of the spirituality peace and coexistence that this
city symbolizes and instead allow it to descend into political conflict
he spoke just as speculation is high that US President Donald Trump will
finally release his long-awaited peace plan known as the deal of the century
and then they say this listen very carefully it is presumed that the plan
will not include the traditional presumption of a two-state solution at
the pre-1967 line thats the issue not for them I mean not for us for them see I’m all in favor of
pre-1967 lines because I want to go back to Genesis those lines in the book of
Genesis pre-1967 both Abdullah and the EU embrace a resolution based on the
pre-1967 lines he said quoting again what if next time
neither side speaking of Iran and the u.s. steps away from the brink dragging
us all toward untold chaos and all-out war jeopardizes the stability of the
entire region do you see a common thread here
common denominator peace and stability peace and security once more it risks
massive disruptions of the entire global economy including markets and threatens
a resurgence of terrorism across the world still quoting what if
we see a reemergence of Isis and Syria becomes a staging ground for attacks against the
rest of the world you can’t make this up Syria may be out of the headlines but
the crisis is far from over and he is absolutely right about that what if what
if well if you’ll kindly indulge me I want to answer these aforementioned
what-if questions and I want to do so from the Word of God specifically from
the pages of Bible prophecy which answer for us all of the above if you will when
it comes to what if God has told us what is going to happen it’s not what if it
happens no we’re told what is going to happen at the time of the end
Isaiah 17:1 tells us about Syria Ezekiel 38 tells us about this Russia Iran and
Turkey Alliance of Nations that invades Israel Zechariah 12 tells us that the
world will have this intoxicating obsession with dividing Jerusalem and as
we just talked about in our Thessalonians study there will be this
global insatiable quest for peace and security and that is exactly what is
happening today stay with me please so what if what if something weird happens and
Trump is somehow removed from office or something happens to President Trump
what if March coming up our prophecy update after the March 2nd election has
to do with the fact that once again the clear winner presumably Netanyahu is
unable to form a government what if what if Iran whose backs are up against the
wall they have to do something the regime is at stake you understand right
the Islamic Republic of Iran not the people of Iran there’s been a I mean
tectonic shift in Iran well what if Iran calls up Russia and says hey we’ve got we’ve
got to move on this because I mean the clock is ticking and strike while the
iron’s hot if you will what if the answer is to every what if question what
if all of the above happens what does that mean that means the Lord’s return
is imminent and the time is at hand let me preface what I’m about to say so I’m
not misunderstood when I say this yes we need to be as ready for the Lord’s
return today as we would be if it were still 10 years from today we always need
to be occupying until He comes however and please don’t misunderstand me
I am personally of the belief that in this year of 2020 God is going to shake
up and wake up many people to the lateness of the hour
and the urgency of the time you want to know why the Apostle Peter tells us why
in his second epistle chapter 3 verse 9 he says the Lord is not slow in keeping
His promise as some understand slowness instead he is patient with you not
wanting anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance in other words God
will do everything and stop at nothing to get everyone’s attention and will use
any means to do it before it’s too late you know what I see
with everything that’s happening everything we’ve talked about and the
many more things that are happening right now that it’s getting people’s
attention this thing with Iran it’s getting people’s attention this is God’s
way of shaking up and waking up the believer in particular who is sleeping
spiritually I am struck by the Apostle Paul in his writing to the church in
Rome in chapter 13 I want to read verses 11 through 14 it’s chilling really
listen to what he says do this understanding the present time the hour
has already come for you to wake up from your slumber you’re sleeping you’re
drowsy sleeping slumbering spiritually wake up because our salvation is nearer
now than when we first believed the night is nearly over the day
is almost here so let us put aside the deeds of darkness and instead put on the
armor of light let us behave decently as in the daytime and he gets kind of
specific here and it’s a little bit uncomfortable and rightfully so he says
not in carousing and drunkenness not in sexual immorality and debauchery not in
dissension and jealousy rather clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ
and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh there’s no time
for that stop playing around it’s time to get serious about the things of God
the day’s at hand it’s time to wake up the hour has come His return is nigh you
know I see these prophecy updates as sort of an alarm clock
we have to sound the alarm every week and this is why we do these prophecy updates
it’s to bring to the forefront the awareness of the lateness of the hour in
which we are living it’s also why we end with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the
simple childlike simple ABCs of salvation
what’s the gospel it means good news the good news is is that Jesus came He was
crucified He was buried and He rose again on the third day and as we just
saw in 1st Thessalonians He’s coming back that’s the gospel that’s the good
news of salvation found in the person of Jesus Christ what if I told you that
this is like the final call I don’t know how many more things need
to happen where God just has to kind of shake up our world to get us to look up
to the next and loosen our grip on this world and the things of this world dare
I say even this great nation the United States of America for which I am so
grateful I mean this is not our home it’s passing away the Lord is coming and
we need to be ready and we need to be watching and what we see happening in
the world has this much-needed effect of getting people’s attention and waking
people up I want to share with you an email that we received from an online
member by the name of Gail Dyry if I’m pronouncing your name right she writes
this I have a friend in Vancouver British Columbia Canada whom I have
known since I was 7 and she was 10 we are now 75 and 78 respectively Wow I
live in the u.s. she still is in Canada I became a Christian in 1974 we have had
numerous visits in person and or by phone where we have talked about the
Lord and how to be saved but to no avail two days ago we were conversing again
and this time listen to this she expressed much fear due to the situation
with Iran oh she had just told me that she didn’t know how to become a
Christian we were cut off right in the middle and I wasn’t able to reach her
after six tries guess what came to my mind Pastor Farag’s
ABCs of salvation by the way these are not my I did not come up with this I
just found this online several years back and started to decided to start
sharing it I went to your website and copied and pasted the ABCs into an email
the next day to my relief she called me told me she read the email and also told
me that she thought she was all in caps a Christian with this in mind I believe
this was her last chance and I have no doubt about her anymore I love the
simplicity yet thorough way you explained salvation thank you I want to
before we do the ABCs just maybe challenge you maybe that’s a
stronger word then I guess for lack of a better word I want to just challenge you
maybe this week the Lord will present an opportunity a divine appointment where
he’ll bring somebody into your path and it might be online on social media you
know when I go on my Twitter feed there is so much fear on the part of so many
people concerning what is happening in the world today when this whole thing
with Iran which is still ongoing by the way when this thing happened there were
so many people that were I mean they used the expletives you know the
foul words but I mean it’s it’s real its raw and they’re expressing I mean this
is freaking me out that I’m seriously scared about
what could happen what about just tweeting replying to that tweet or
Facebook or Instagram or whatever you know the platform is what if you
just said you don’t need to be afraid there is hope there is an answer and
just share with them the hope that you have in Jesus Christ we’re to give to
everyone an answer of that hope that lies within us right maybe that’s what
the Lord wants to do and by doing these ABCs it’s not just for anyone who might
be here who has never called upon the name of the Lord or is unsure about
their relationship with Jesus Christ John said you can know that you have
eternal life the jury’s not out the verdict is in you can know that you’re
saved you can know that the last breath you take here will be and lead to the
next breath you take in eternity up there you can know that with an
assurance I call it you’ll forgive me for the silliness of you know the way I
say this or see this but it’s a it’s a life assurance policy not life insurance
eternal life assurance and guess what the premiums He paid for it no cost I have
a life assurance policy for all eternity and He paid the premiums that’s a good
deal that’s good news the A is for admit or acknowledge that
you’ve sinned and that you need the Savior this is what repentance is it’s a change
of mind and now God can change your heart but you realize that you’ve sinned
against God Romans 3 verse 10 says there is no one righteous not even one you
might be good you’ll never be good enough Romans 3:23 tells us why it’s
because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Romans 6:23 is
really the sentencing phase if I can say it like that where we now stand before
the judge of the universe and He’s going to sentence us because we’ve sinned and
broken God’s law and transgressed against the perfect standard of God’s
righteousness and you know what that sentence is death the wages of sin is
death but here comes the good news the gift of God is eternal life in Christ
Jesus our Lord it’s a gift we receive a gift that He paid for in full and He
offers to us for us to accept He’ll never force it on us He offers it to us He
won’t force it on us that’s the A here’s the B the B is for believe in your heart
that Jesus Christ is Lord and as Romans 10:9 and 10 says if you believe in your
heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved
I like that because it’s pretty definite isn’t it it doesn’t say you should be
saved you could be saved
you might be saved it’s a good chance you might be saved no you will you will be
saved and then the C lastly is for call upon
the name of the Lord or as Romans 10:9 and 10 also says confess with your mouth
if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God
raised Him from the dead you will be saved and here’s why for it is with your
heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you
confess and are saved and I love that word justified because it’s a word that
sounds like what it really means it’s just if I’d never sinned I’m justified
just if I’d never sinned God when He sees us He does not see our sin He
sees His Son because I’m justified because He took that sin all of that and
paid for it in full on the cross and Romans 10:13 it’s so simple it’s a prayer way eternal life the
assurance of salvation is a prayer way all who call upon the name of the Lord
will be saved and I mean no disrespect to those who say repeat after me you
don’t have to pray a certain prayer a certain way to be saved you know if I
could just share just real quick lastly and maybe this is for somebody here or
somebody watching online when I called upon the name of the Lord 38 years ago
this month by the way you know what my prayer was like first of all I was and
I’m not proud of this forgive me but I was very intoxicated and I was very high
on drugs and I went into my room and I was lying on my bed and I just this was
how I called upon the name of the Lord the oh God I don’t want to go to hell yeah
that was my prayer and He heard that prayer because I called upon Him
believing in my heart confessing with my mouth acknowledging my sin I don’t want
to go to hell I want to go to heaven I don’t want to go to hell I want to be
saved and that’s I prayed myself to sleep I slurred my prayer I
slurred the sinner’s prayer about that and i woke up the next morning and i’m a
new creation in Christ I could not start my day without alcohol tobacco and drugs
and I went to reach for those things and the Holy Spirit now indwelling me in
that still small voice said to me you don’t need that anymore and I mean I
had tried quitting in my own strength getting the willpower I’m not going to you
know do drugs anymore I’m not going to smoke anymore I’m not going to drink
anymore and it lasted for four minutes and 38 seconds and I just couldn’t do it
but this time the Holy Spirit was in me empowering me and enabling me sealing me
because now I’m saved and I’m a new creation and old things have passed away
and that desire and I know it’s different for everybody but the desire
for those things were completely taken away he had completely satisfied me all
of my needs and I longed for and wanted nothing more than just Him why don’t you
stand and we’ll pray thank You Lord if there’s somebody watching this online or
maybe even somebody here in this church service that has never called upon You
and today they’ve heard the truth that can set them free and You are that truth
and Lord who You set free is free indeed so Lord I pray that today it would be
the day of their salvation that they would not in any way delay the most
important decision they could ever make in their life for eternal life pray that
they’ll settle it right now think You Lord and Lord for those of us who do know You
have been walking with You and love You and long for Your appearing Lord I pray
for that encouragement that only You can give that peace that only You can give
not as the world gives that You would encourage and strengthen our hearts as
we look up knowing our Redemption draws nigh and Lord
Maranatha come quickly Lord Jesus in Jesus’ name we pray Amen

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  48. – Acceleration Radio with Bill Salus – Iran Update Jan 17th, 2020 very very interesting of things to come.

  49. Another Wow for today………….Benny Ganz, Netanyahu’s opponent for the past year, met with Nancy Pelosi today. A scary thought went through my mind about the probability of these two running their countries one day…. I pray that the rapture will happen before!

  50. I was stationed at kaneohe marine corps air station in 68, I will always have a good memory of that part of my life….Aloha… God bless you all….

  51. I have a burden for lost people. I live in the so called "Bible Belt" of America, however, there are so many lost around us and those who claim Christianity I'll just say many seem to not be looking for the Lord's return and/or they seem to have no spirituality. Our churches are losing members especially among the young people. Apostasy abounds. But God… Pastor J.D. always says, but God is STILL in control! …..and he still saves the lost. God Bless!

  52. 11 prayers for the Apocalypse. PROPHECIES:

  53. 30 nuclear bombs in USA find them. 30 BOMBES NUCLÉAIRES AUX USA TROUVER LES.

  54. I am in extreme pain. Both emotional and physical. I am on the max dose of Oxycontine and Morphine but I don't like the side effects like constipation. I have been on these for years and don't take more then directed or abuse them. They don't take care of my tooth pain. I have to get all my teeth pulled starting tomorrow. A friend that came into my life gave me some marijuana for my tooth pain.

    I did smoke a small amount and my pain went from 1,000 to 0 in 10 seconds. There is no man made medicine that can do that. This Friday friend gives me some twice a week. But two weeks I did not see her major pain again. Once she came back the pain was gone again. I did not feel convicted in my spirit as this was making me better and in front of my nurse and friends with me very loudly giving God the Glory. Then I hear a guy say the Bible says that I am going to hell, that it is not the Holy Spirit I feel and I am not saved. I cried. I love the Lord very much. I just want the medical benefits from the drug THC in marijuana. Would God throw me out?

  55. Thank you Pastor J. D. I thank the Lord for you and I intercede for you, your family and your church. Much love and MARANATHA!!!!

  56. If you haven’t seen this, very creepy Chuck Schumer appears to be demanding invisible (demon) out of his chair.


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