Bible Prophecy Update – March 8th, 2020

Bible Prophecy Update – March 8th, 2020

okay so before we get to today’s update I
want to let you know I’m going to be gone for a couple of weeks and it’s not because
of the coronavirus I want you to know that and especially for our online church it’s
not because of the rapture which if it were the rapture you wouldn’t be here either right
you better not be I’ll come back down no I won’t going to take a couple weeks off to
just be with my family so pastor Mac and Leitu are going to fill in for me and looking forward
to what the Lord has put on their heart to share what I want to talk with you today about
is how that everything we see happening in the world today is in a state of ambiguity
and by ambiguity I mean all that’s taking place on a global scale seems to be riddled
with this uncertainty as to how it’s all going to end up you might say the jury is out on
how it’s all going to play out and one need look no further than to the growing fears
over the spread of even the origination of the coronavirus which only creates more uncertainty
and I know I shared this last week but to me it’s the fear that’s spreading about this
coronavirus that I think is doing more damage than the virus itself and if you look at the
numbers the numbers bear it out it’s the fear but as Christians God has not given us a spirit
of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind so I was at Hardware Hawaii again
I go there a lot because we have I’m almost buying toilet parts I don’t know what that
means but so I had to get this part for one of our toilets and so I was so thankful to
the guy that was helping me and I wanted to move him closer to Jesus and you know just
you know said I was so blessed and how are you doing and then after he got done helping
me get the right part because they have like 800 different parts for one you know specific
toilet again I don’t want to share with you my problems I have toilet problems but anyway
so I went to shake his hand and and he’s you know like you know you know (sniffles) come
on ma he’s like we’re not supposed to do that so he puts his fist out I’m like okay so I
gave him a fist bump I wanted to give him a hug you know it’s interesting I got a email
I didn’t respond it was kind of short notice anyway from a news publication on the East
Coast they wanted to interview me about what we were doing as a congregation apparently
they had seen the YouTube video where I talked about you know in our Bible prophecy update
the coronavirus so she wanted to interview me for their news you know broadcast about
what we were doing as a congregation I knew what she was after she wanted to hear something
like this we’re staying three feet away we’re telling congregants your congregants we’re
telling congregants that they should not you know come to church we’ll just do a live stream
you know don’t hug anybody don’t shake anybody don’t go to church because isn’t that what
the the message is don’t go to church oh that isn’t that special don’t go to church really
man apparently that is an issue for me I need to maybe take this to the Lord it’s the fear
it’s the fear factor and the fear is spreading more than the virus is and look what it’s
doing it’s it’s doing more damage than the virus is the fear is that’s just one I got
plenty more it gets worse so bear with me add to this the current election year here
in the US and with it the third election in Israel last Monday you’ve been following this
the third election in Israel still inconclusive while Netanyahu got more seats he still fell
short and as of today is unable to form a government and for the first time in Israel’s
history they are now looking at you ready for it wait for a fourth election unprecedented
the third election was unprecedented the second election a fourth election if this isn’t bad
enough the world’s financial markets are on a roller coaster ride and that’s kind of an
understatement you’ve been watching the the stock market this last week oh my goodness
points I have a screenshot and it shows a thousand one hundred point drop on the Dow
and I anyway it’s an indication of just how fearful investors are and it’s all based on
uncertainty future uncertainty and then to make matters even worse the tensions in the
Middle East specifically concerning Syria are escalating seemingly with each passing
day and sadly it’s eclipsed by the news now concerning the coronaviruses just this morning
before I came as I was getting ready I was listening to a news broadcast about what’s
happening in Italy did you hear about this Milan the main economic center in Italy is
completely shut down the Pope is not delivering his Sunday Mass I mean the whole country has
come to a standstill in Italy and it’s not much better in Iran although they’re not going
to let us know especially here in America how bad it is there it’s all the fear all
the uncertainty okay how’re you doing everybody okay nobody left yet right should we bow our
heads close our eyes you can slip out and I want to pose a question and it’s one for
which I myself have been pondering and I want you to think it through with me the question
is this could the world today be on the cusp of a change so drastic that it’s the likes
of which we’ve never seen before our lives as we know it will change in such a drastic
way it will be the likes of which we’ve never seen before the truth of the matter is some
are suggesting that intentional or not the fears over this coronavirus will utterly and
totally collapse the global economy that’s what experts are suggesting so on Thursday
as I’m yelling at my TV’s this Fox news report caught my attention get this the World Health
Organization W H O is warning that handling cash spreads the coronavirus so here’s what
I’d like to do I’d like for all of you to give me your cash you know I’m just kidding
right okay well isn’t that convenient it’s but isn’t that convenient cash now could spread
the coronavirus we need to get rid of cash perfect the Bible calls it a cashless system
which is what we’re told will happen during the seven-year tribulation it’s in Revelation
chapter 13 can I read verses 16 through 18 what are you going to say no I’m going to
read them he’s speaking of the Antichrist causes or forces all both small and great
rich and poor free and slave pretty much covers all to receive a mark on their right hand
or on their foreheads some translations render it and it’s actually more accurate in the
original language of the Greek new testament in and verse 17 that no one may buy or sell
except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name here is
wisdom verse 18 let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for it is
the number of a man his number is 6 6 6 now I’m not going to get into all of this there
is much about this especially as it relates to the technology that exists today digitally
the amount of information that can be stored on a very very small size of a grain of rice
chip I mean back in the 80s my very first computer it was a IBM PC clone and it didn’t
even have a hard drive it had those two big floppy disks to operate the system and some
of you young people we’ll get back to you this does not apply to you you have no idea
what we’re talking about here it was back in the day when we had eight tracks and cassette
tapes they were plastic cartridges with but anyway that’s and then records we had oh records
are making a comeback now did you know this yeah they’re making a comeback now and they’re
really expensive by the way for you young people a record vinyl it’s a big black CD
or which are obsolete now by the way I digress I think you get the point the technology is
such I’ll never forget when I first got my first hard drive 20 megabytes I’m like I’ll
never fill this up 20 megabytes you know you could get a micro SD card that’s like a terabyte
now you know what a terabyte is again I don’t want to digress too much but the technology
today is such and it is increasing and this is a prophecy in the Book of Daniel as well
that at the time of the end technology would increase knowledge would increase I am of
the belief that the Daniel prophecy about knowledge increasing in the last days is not
just technology but it’s also the knowledge of Bible prophecy you know I was thinking
about this just last week I did a radio interview with Jan Markell for her radio broadcast and
I’m always reminded about how we first started doing these prophecy updates in the year 2006
so 14 years ago we started doing these weekly Bible prophecy updates and they started off
just a quick 10 minute thing and they’ve you know as time has gone by and and there’s been
so many developments prophetically they’ve become what they are today but when I started
doing prophecy updates there was virtually nobody talking about Bible prophecy I mean
it was the the well known that Hal Lyndsey’s and and at that time Tim LaHaye was still
alive and doctor Ed Ed Heinsohn and Dr. Thomas Ice and Mark Hitchcock and others Joel Rosenberg
but there was hardly anybody doing prophecy updates you know today you go online a lot
of pastors now are talking about Bible prophecy as we near now I believe the end there is
more knowledge about Bible prophecy which is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy that there
will be more knowledge about Bible prophecy at the time of the end how cool is that I
love God’s Word I love Bible prophecy you didn’t know that did you I know that comes
as a surprise so I ah don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here but it’s my belief
that it’s never really been a matter of if this will happen I mean we’ve always known
that it would one day happen it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when and perhaps more
importantly how soon and as you see the swiftness with which everything is happening it’s really
an indicator of just how soon it will happen we I mentioned this I think almost on a weekly
basis now foreseeing things that we’re told will ultimately be fulfilled during the seven-year
tribulation happening now beginning to happen now and the rapture has to be before the seven-year
tribulation and it does then how close are we if we’re already seeing I love the illustration
of being in the shopping mall during the holidays and you see all the signs up for Christmas
and they get earlier earlier every year I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing men
in July this year but you know it all the Christmas decorations are up and it should
get us very excited for Thanksgiving why because Thanksgiving comes before Christmas and when
you see all of the decorations all the signs are up for Christmas and Thanksgiving comes
before Christmas that means Thanksgiving is very close because Thanksgiving is before
Christmas and so too is the rapture before all that we’re seeing happen today we’re close
it’s soon it’s very soon let me get a little more specific here with what I believe is
soon to happen it’s that of a new world order and to me it’s a textbook case of out with
the old and in with the new I mean how are you going to bring in a new one world economy
well you first have to crash the global economy you have to get out with the old before you
can bring in the new how are you going to bring in a one-world government oh you have
to get out with the old going to in with the new I’ll tell you and I’m not dogmatic about
it but this situation in Israel is really interesting and intriguing to me Israel right
now does not have a functioning government they have a prime minister they do not have
a functioning government I wonder and then here we are this year in an election year
who knows what’s going to happen I mean I that’s when I yell at my TV the most is when
I look at the political landscape and I think to myself oh Jesus come quickly please so
it has to be out with the old in order for it to be in with the new and what’s coming
seems to have this unstoppable momentum towards that which we’re told in the Bible will happen
at the time of the end when I say unstoppable momentum I mean that I do not see a scenario
where it’s all of a sudden going to just kind of dissipate the momentum that has already
been created geopolitically especially I do not see a situation where it just begins to
slow down in fact I believe the opposite is true it’s actually speeding up revving up
I use that word for a reason Jesus in Revelation says behold I come quickly He uses the word
in the Greek where we get our English word for tachometer it’s a measurement of time
rpms revolutions per minute what Jesus is saying is I come at a time when things are
revved up when there’s going to be this momentum and things are moving very fast very fast
consider just eight such prophecies in the Bible that are quickly beginning to come to
pass that have this unstoppable momentum number one Daniel 2 verses 40 through 44 tells us
that in addition to the aforementioned global economy there will also be a global government
so one world government one world economy and one world religion number two Revelation
6 verse 8 describes deadly diseases and viruses that will wipe out a large population of the
earth number 3 in Matthew 24 Jesus himself said there will be an increase in deception
wars threats of wars rumors of wars uprisings nation rising up against nation Kingdom against
Kingdom ethnic group against ethnic group in the original famines pestilences and earthquakes
and He likens them talk about revving up and speeding up He likens them to birth pains
which increase in frequency and intensity certainly just earthquakes alone if you were
to go back and look at the increase of large earthquakes just in the last 20 years it’s
off the charts exactly as Jesus said it would be number four Zechariah 12 verses one through
three is a detailed prophecy about how dividing Jerusalem will become the intoxicating obsession
of all the nations of the world and certainly today we are witnessing in real time at breakneck
speed this insatiable quest to solve the Jerusalem problem the peace between the so called Palestinians
and Jews living side by side in peace and security number five Daniel 9:27 is a very
specific prophecy about the Antichrist confirming making greater in the original language of
the Hebrew it’s the same as my Arab language the same word kabeir it means greater superior
spectacular so the Antichrist we’re told in Daniel 9:27 is going to make Gg seven-year
peace agreement and there’s every indication that part of that peace deal will include
the rebuilding of the Jewish temple the third temple because at the midpoint and we’re going
to see that Lord willing in a couple of weeks when we are in Second Thessalonians chapter
2 where the Antichrist will set himself up in the newly rebuilt temple as Daniel prophesies
here in chapter 9 verse 27 and he will demand to be worshipped as God at the midpoint the
three and a half year mark of the seven-year tribulation which would indicate that the
temple will be part of the deal and rebuilt at the very beginning of the seven year tribulation
because the temple has to be there in order for the Antichrist to demand to be worshipped
he’ll commit the abomination that causes desolation many believe it will be the sacrificing of
an unclean animal and here’s the thing this is when the Jews will realize this is not
our Messiah and they will flee many believe to Petra in modern-day Jordan where for the
last three and a half years God will protect Israel and the whole house of Israel will
be saved and by the way that’s the purpose of the seven-year tribulation is for the salvation
of the Jewish nation number six Isaiah 17:1 another very specific prophecy about how Damascus
Syria will become a ruinous heap of rubble and as such it will be a city that will be
uninhabitable number seven and it sort of ties in to the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy it’s Ezekiel
38 and it’s about Russia Iran and Turkey leading this alliance of nations to invade Israel
from the north there in the Golan on the border with Syria many believe present company included
subsequent to the destruction of Damascus Syria Iran Russia Turkey et al all of these
nations that are listed by their ancient names in Ezekiel 38 will advance from the north
from Syria into Israel to take a spoil and number eight lastly and certainly not least
and this is why I am placing it as number eight it’s in Second Peter chapter 3 verses
three and four we’re told that in the end in the last days what will mark the last days
the last moments of world history as we know it will be that Christians who believe in
and watch for and I’ll add talk about the Lord’s return will be increasingly mocked
and ridiculed where’s this coming that he promised everybody thought that the Lord was
going to come in their lifetime my parents my grandparents my great-great-great great-great-great
great-great-great great-great grandparents thought it was in their lifetime well that
was by God’s design even the Apostle Paul we who are alive and remain he thought it
was going to be in his lifetime by God’s design the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ
needs nothing to happen by way of a fulfillment of Bible prophecy the Lord’s return can be
at any time at any time the imminent return of Jesus Christ for His church now the Second
Coming many prophecies have to come to pass prior to the second coming but not the rapture
so here’s Christians talking about the rapture pastors teaching Bible prophecy Christians
sharing on social media about the Lord’s return oh My I get I get well I get so many emails
but emails and comments posted so you know I assured one of your prophecy updates on
Facebook and I lost like three hundred and fifty five friends I did so thank you very
much never doing that again nobody wants to hear it you’re you’re a nutcase you’re a wackjob
you’re a fruitcake I mean I can keep going if you want but you can fill in the blanks
for the Lords return I want to close with a question and again I would just
kindly ask you to think about this think through this here’s the question does it seem to you
that the unstoppable momentum with everything that’s happening has now passed the proverbial
point of no return in other words can you imagine a scenario where you’ll wake up one
morning and go through your newsfeed and read that Russia has left Syria returned to Russia
Iran has left Syria returned to Iran Turkey has left Idlib in Syria and returned to Turkey
did do you do you see a scenario in which the pause button could be pushed on all that
is happening today or do you see it the other way that instead of the pause button it’s
the fast-forward is being pushed on everything collectively collective that’s the one thing
if you were to ask me what has been the most exciting thing for me as a teacher of Bible
prophecy since we started doing these prophecy updates 14 years ago now my answer would be
that it’s the convergence of all the prophecies simultaneously one in concert with the other
see when I first started doing this I would get up and talk about Ezekiel 38 future tense
now I’m talking about a present tense at the ready today Iran Russia Turkey are in Syria
exactly as we were told they would be 14 years ago we were talking about Ezekiel 38 and the
prosperity the oil the natural gas it wasn’t until just a few years ago that they found
this I mean natural gas and oil which is the hook I believe that Ezekiel 38 describes in
the jaw of Gog bringing them against His people Israel and very interesting is verse 13 of
Ezekiel 38 which we talk about often it wasn’t until just a couple actually two years ago
that we could talk about the relationship that now Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has with
Israel and this is verse 13 of Ezekiel 38 where we’re told that Shepherd and Dedan which
is the modern day nation of Saudi Arabia would protest this invasion have you come to take
booty have you come to take a spoil the implication is is that at the time of the Ezekiel 38 attack
Saudi Arabia and Israel are going to be chummy we were in Israel a couple years ago we had
the former who’s become a good friend of mine not a believer Ron Prosor the former United
Nations ambassador for Israel come to speak to our group and we opened it up for questions
and answers and he made this comment about the Arab nations that are now friendly with
Israel how they had to keep it you know under the radar and whenever the the leaders from
Saudi Arabia would come they would come in through the backdoor he says now it’s all
out in the open and we’re not hiding it anymore we have a great relationship with Saudi Arabia
and the Persian Gulf and it’s Ezekiel 38 three years ago I couldn’t have talked about that
like I can today everything is coming together exactly as we were told it would how about
Damascus Syria just in the last two three years this situation in Syria and again you
take everything and now what we see happening in this election year in this country you
know the number one question I did say I was going to close right I will just a moment
this will be the last last thing okay I don’t want to sound sensational my wife says that’s
just who you are you’re so dramatic you know you talk with your hands and everything it’s
a custom in my country we we talk with our hands and we eat with our hands that’s my
story and I’m sticking with it but I mean just in the last I would say six months to
a year one of the things that is really striking to me is how everything is perfectly fitting
into place prophetically you talk about these puzzle pieces these Bible prophecy puzzle
pieces everything is fitting together perfectly and exactly as we were told they would what
are you saying pastor I’m saying that the Lord’s return is so close so much so that
it’s closer than any of us could ever imagine that’s why we do these updates you know we’re
sounding the alarm we’re we’re Watchmen on the wall and sounding the alarm what’s coming
Ezekiel says if you don’t warn people what’s coming their blood’s on your hands that’s
serious and so as a watchman as a teacher as a pastor I see what’s coming I have to
warned you I have to sound the alarm it’s coming and it’s not it’s coming it’s who’s
coming Jesus is coming everything that we were told would happen at the time of the
end is happening and that’s why we end each prophecy update with the gospel of salvation
in the person of Jesus Christ and the childlike simple explanation of salvation by way of
the ABCs of salvation and what’s the gospel the gospel simply means good news your debt
has been paid you’re free to go that’s what the word gospel means it’s good news well
what’s the good news oh the good news is is that you have a sin debt and a penalty for
your sin and that penalty is the death penalty that’s the bad news the good news Jesus came
He was crucified He went to His death in your stead for you instead of you He was buried
and He rose again on the third day and He’s coming back again one day that’s good news
in a world full of nothing but bad news that’s the good news Jesus is coming to take us out
of this world that’s the gospel now what’s our response well that’s where the ABCs come
in and please know that whenever we do the ABCs of salvation it’s never with the intention
of insulting anybody’s intelligence it’s just a childlike simple explanation Jesus said
unless you become like a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and listen
if I can do this you can do this believe me if I can do the ABC’s and equip you to do
the ABC’s that’s something it’s a template that you can use if God should bring somebody
into your path that is asking you to answer them with the hope that you have we’re to
give to everyone an answer of that hope that we have what is our hope our hope is in Christ
it better be it shouldn’t be in this world or in this president dare I say well that’s
going to give me some emails but whatever that’s that our hope is not in this world
it’s not in the stock market this would not be a good time to put your hope in the stock
market now our hope is in Christ our hope is in salvation in Jesus Christ so here’s
a simple way to share with somebody the A is for admit or acknowledge that you’ve sinned
and that you’re in need of a savior Romans 3:10 says there is no one righteous not even
one I mean you might think you’re a good person you’ll never be good enough and Romans 3:23
tells us why it’s because all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God interesting
in the original language of the Greek New Testament this word for sin is an archery
term it carries with it the idea of missing the bull’s eye missing the mark so if you
shoot an arrow and you missed the bull’s eye they would say you’ve sinned you sinner you
missed the mark you fell short that’s what it means and we’ve all fallen short of God’s
perfect standard of righteousness we’ve all transgressed we’ve all sinned now comes the
sentencing phase and that’s Romans 6:23 so here you are you’re in the courtroom of eternity
standing before the judge of the universe and how do you plea guilty I I’m guilty I
have broken God’s law I’ve sinned I’ve fallen short of the glory of God and then the judge
looks at you and then he says to you now I’m going to sentence you and I sentence you to
death because the wages of sin is death and then just as about they’re ready to take you
out of that courtroom to carry out the death sentence in walks a man no ordinary man it’s
the god man Jesus the Christ and He says to the judge of the universe stop hold off I
will go to his death her death in their stead and the judge looks at you and he says to
you dude well he wouldn’t say dude but man good news you’re free to go that’s what Romans
6:23 says the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus
our Lord that’s the A here’s the B the B is for believe in your heart that Jesus Christ
is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead this is Romans 10:9 and 10 it says if you
believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will be saved it’s not you
might you could you should you hope no you will it’s definite the verdict is in the jury
is no longer out you will be saved and then lastly the C it’s for call upon the name of
the Lord or as Romans 10:9 and 10 also says if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord
and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved and here’s
why for it is with your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth
that you confess and are saved and then lastly this is what seals the deal Romans 10:13 all
because all have sinned all who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved it’s that
simple and aren’t you glad aren’t you glad it’s not complicated I heard one pastor many
years ago say aren’t you glad that in order to be saved you don’t have to know quantum
physics shoot me now probably shouldn’t say that these days but I mean I have oh I should
have probably ended when it’s over but I have no hope I have to know quantum physics to
be saved well there’s there’s no hope for me I barely made it through Algebra one that
was a struggle for me forget calculus how about trigonometry am i bringing back some
memories here quantum physic I have to know that to be saved now all you have to do is
call upon the name of the Lord believing in your heart confessing with your mouth trusting
in Him for the forgiveness of sin it’s that simple Why don’t you all stand and we’ll pray
Father in heaven how is it that we could ever this side of heaven thank You enough for the
good news of salvation the gift of eternal life Lord how can we even thank You enough
for Bible prophecy because it’s a gauge for us it’s a way for us to discern the signs
of the times so that we can be ready for Your soon return I think about what Dr. Ed Heinsohn
said once that Bible prophecy is not to scare us it’s to prepare us I think that is so apropos
Lord there’s a lot of fear in the world today but You’ve not given us a spirit of fear however
there might be some for whom that which I’ve shared today is absolutely terrifying and
if it is it’s probably a good indication that they’re not right with You which is why they’re
not ready for You so Lord that could be a good thing if there’s anybody here in this
church that I’m so privileged to pastor or watching online somewhere in the world perhaps
even in quarantine right now that has never called upon You believing in You turning to
You Lord I pray that today would be the day of their salvation and Lord lastly Maranatha
come quickly Lord Jesus in Jesus’ name we pray Amen

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  18. Hi Pastor, I pray you have a blessed time with your family. I plead the blood of Jesus over you and your family. Greetings from New Zealand.

  19. All the chip has to contain is your identity number. It doesn't calculate or record any transaction info. It accesses the bank where all the financial info is stored and acted upon. Just like the chip on your smart card does. I've also heard that if the implant is tampered with in any way, it would leak and be detrimental to the host where it resides. They are covered with something that cause it to be attached internally, grow attached to the tissue, supposedly to keep it from migrating away from the injection site.

  20. The medical system (another one of satan's) instills fear by naming the muted flu virus to create more needed money via drugs. The system will now repeat itself by lending money (called 'aid') to the poor countries; thus enslaving them by debt. The natural resources will then be 'bought'; ie; see Greece. The fear (media coverage) of this flu will die down after profits have been signed and stolen. A needless vaccine!!! will be invented, thus calming the masses once again…THANKS to the medical system!!! Another round of the new normal taking place, as the new world order
    establishes it's kingdom…

  21. My ♥️ goes to the viewer who lost 355 Fakebook "friends." How sad that many souls won't even listen to a perspective and actually delete you, basically unwilling to listen they choose the lie. I lost a friend just showing her that the Taylor Swift song is mocking Christians. I had a client very downcast cuz of Corona virus and stock market. I sent him a prophecy video and I wonder if he'll be a client any more. We need to just remember if 1 soul is saved, it's worth it. I wonder how Noah and his family felt cuz I guess when God said, "close the door" there must have been screaming and babies crying and dead bodies floating around…but what was it 120 years he was warning them m. I'm sure God was warning them too. I guess that's why these days are compared to those days. How do we know when to say something or not? Be like Jesus? John the Baptist? Esther?

  22. Thank you, always a blessing. Re cashless system though: Tom Hughes also said this and it's not in the Bible. It could equally well have been a mark which allows cash transactions.

  23. 28:30 convergence of ALL prophecies!!!!! Exactly!!! 🙌 wow the times we live in ✝️🔥🙌♥️

  24. 43:00 were the watchmen on the wall, sounding the alarm….. or else their blood is on our hands!!!! So so true!!!!

  25. This is the best video yet!! I’m so ready to go to Jesus!! Your prophecy updates sooth my nerves—so much push back from people i share prophecy with is difficult to take, but you confirm what I know to be true!!! I’ve studied for many many years and know what God’s word says about the end times. People don’t want to see this truth. Your teaching makes me not doubt myself that its all coming together!!! Thank you so much for helping us to hang in there. I am giddy with the knowledge of Jesus’s coming!! I welcome it!!!! God have mercy on those that resist the very plain and even obvious signs of our Lords coming. God bless you JD!!!

  26. I have no fear! God is large and in charge! We hugged each other at church yesterday. Didn't even think about the virus. To live is Christ to die is gain! .

  27. God use this fear and coronovrus thing to open hearts through an evangelical church touched in Mulhouse east of France they had broadcast to obey to the authority and it was huge and people who never heard a service followed that live stream, and also a lot of atheists glory to God

  28. I guess you got your first case in Oahu……

  29. I think all of this is just a preview of what is to come. I believe The Lord God Almighty is trying to wake people from their slumber

  30. I really believe that the one world government and economy will happen after the Rapture. The Rapture is going to bring about chaos

  31. The church I use to attend, Calvary Baptist Church in Bellflower, was teaching Bible prophecy back in the 70's. That church was such a blessing to me and my family. Christ centered, Biblically grounded and spirit filled.

  32. The mark, in no way, explicitly implies a cashless world. It's an ID, it identifies those who have accepted the antichrist vs those who have not. Example, your 15 and want a beer, you have the cash, you go to the store, but your ID / no sale. Simply put, there may very well be cash, but without the right ID (mark) you can't spend / use it.

  33. Have a relaxing time with family and will look forward to seeing you back J.D. God Bless your ministry till He comes!!!!!

  34. There is no ambiguity Revelation 18:19 … the cities of the nations collapsed. The most wicked are seeking to sterilize the earth by literally fulfilling biblical prophecy.

  35. My Hindu friend has skewed my telling her of Christ. She says our Christian God is the same as her Hindu God….even though she's seen The Passion and I've read the Roman Road to her mother and given her the Youtube Good o Meter, she doesn't believe in Jesus as Lord. Should I give up? How long do you whip a dead horse? Btw….never beat a horse in my life!

  36. Even non-believers are marveling about how time seems to be speeding up!!! Great chance to witness, but I’m being met with Indifference or, yeah, I know what the Bible says. Still I am going to keep posting my faith on Facebook. Maranatha, Lord 💜✝️🕎✝️💜

  37. Breaking News
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief rival said Monday that he has agreed with a smaller party to work together to form a new government following national elections last week.

    The announcement by Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White Party, dealt a new setback to Netanyahu as he struggles to hold on to power ahead of his upcoming trial on corruption charges.

    Full story…

    Tic… tic… tic…

  38. Not the church I attend now. No mention of the Rapture, endtime events or prophecies being fulfilled. I believe we would see more people come forward to commit to Jesus if people knew the lateness of the hour. It's like there is no urgency. I know God put an urgency on my heart about 4 years ago on the nearness of His return. I went out and spoke to family members, friends and complete strangers. Gave out tracts and left tracts in public places. I wanted to shout it from the mountain tops.

  39. I look so forward to the day when Jesus returns….life is hard and I am disabled and my husband just got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and is not able to work…we are raising our 11 year old grandson….I am praying for a miracle and thought I would ask for prayer and donations….thank you and God bless.

  40. Convergence is happening NOW! …. so much happening in this world, earthquakes, finance, disease, famines, wars etc so do not be blind, time is running our for our unsaved loved ones, friends and neighbours indeed the whole world is racing towards judgement with God ….. our redemption draws nigh!, reach out to all you can when you can, as the spirit directs you!

  41. Our church did cancel services. We live in the area where 20 people have died of the coronavirus. We prayed for wisdom so we have to believe God has given it to us. Acts 8:4 says, "Now those who were scattered went about preaching the word." Proverbs says, "The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it." So as we are scattered we will spread the Word.

  42. No one is reporting on the southern border without the wall. We should ban now all immigration on a temp basis until virus settles and we have facts. California has open border which must be closed now. Where are the cameras even for fox news about those still trying to get in thru Mexico.

  43. Thank you so much for this very profound biblical prophecy update. Thank you always for the great analogies and eloquence. Thank you for helping the church body to connect the dots. Thank you for sounding the alarm. Thank you Jesus for dying in our stead. Thank you Jesus for our pastor Farag. Thank you father God in Jesus mighty name, amen.

  44. The snatching away will happen suddenly right after the , falling away and , the revealling of the lawless one who is the antichrist , The earth will be under intense deception and many will follow the Beast and the beast system [UN] . People won't have food so they will take the mark to get food , and then the fly away takes place !

  45. If you abide in Me I will abide in you.
    He is the Way
    The only Way
    Stay close to the Lord our God
    Abide in Him.

  46. There is a church here in Los Angeles that says because of the Virus they will not be holding.hands and will not be sitting close together..lwhat?

  47. Vaccines were derived from aborted fetal tissue, and they continue to use aborted babies to this day, to further progress with vaccines. Do not take them! They also don’t do anything but harm. Corona virus is also being massively exaggerated to induce fear and take the revolutionists off the streets of China.

  48. The great the falling away.. Not the rapture. The falling away is the non elect. Prepare yourself. God is just.

  49. bad time to be a liberal abortionist, or a homosexual…….they will be cast into a bed lest they repent…..they won't.. maybe some will, maybe.

  50. i owe my love of prophecy to Tim Lahaye…my copy of are we living in the end times is dog eared, full of highlighted lines, its a hot mess, but i cherish it

  51. God said the end would come at the appointed time. The globalists were on their own tack to take control and lo and behold President Trump stopped their timetable. God is in control. God will not be mocked. What the Bible predicts … will come about perfectly.
    So we trust his word, we wait and watch and trust in His perfect peace.
    We pray God enables us to be in His will in faith, love and grace.
    May it be His will on earth as it is in heaven.
    In Jesus name we pray, amen.

  52. The thought popped into my head: Do you suppose Israel might go to 7 elections? What would that completeness indicate?

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