Christian Video | The Lord Jesus Is My Shepherd and My Strength | “Break the Shackles and Run”

Christian Video | The Lord Jesus Is My Shepherd and My Strength | “Break the Shackles and Run”

Yongjoon, come see this. Grandpa, who is that? Ah. That man is your great grandfather, and the young one is me. Oh … That year, your great grandfather became quite sick. But an American missionary preached the Lord’s gospel to him, and so, he then began to believe in the Lord Jesus. With the Lord’s grace, he recovered completely. Wow! This Bible here is the very same the missionary gave your great grandfather. Wow! Grandpa, this is really precious. Yes. Grandpa, can you tell me about the Bible? Yes. The Bible is a very precious book, a holy book. All the words inside are the words from God Himself. And those who read the words well will receive eternal life. (Yeah!) Your great grandfather understood the Bible well. For decades, he preached and worked for the Lord. And he also suffered for all his dedication. He really was a great preacher you see. Oh! Ever since our family has firmly believed in the Lord for three whole generations, Yongjoon, you should pray to the Lord and read the Bible more. Yeah. You, too, I hope can be a preacher someday. Yes. I’ll read the Bible more, so when I grow up, I can work for the Lord like you. Yes. To be a preacher you must first understand the Bible. The Bible has deep truths and a lot of mystery. Even though I’ve been reading the Bible for decades, there’s still much I don’t understand. Ah … If you pray and if you put real effort in the Bible, then you will understand. And God’s words will become clear to you, and then you’ll be able to work for the Lord. Oh. Let’s give him a hand! Come forward to receive your prize! Wonderful! Great! Congratulations! And now, time for the next question. 2 Timothy 3:16-17, who knows what it is? Three, two, one! Me! … I do! … Team 1 was the fastest! Here! Right here! Okay! Deaconess Hong. That’s correct! Amen! Let’s hear it for her! Please come receive your prize. Okay. Now for the next question. And that is … Ready? John 5:39. Who’s got it? Let’s hear it! Me! … Right here! … And let’s hear it from Team 4 this time! Very good! Yeah! Deaconess Yu. Well done! Correct! Please come to the stage and claim your prize. Well, so many of you’ve memorized the verses. Well done! All glory to God! I hope everyone will prepare just as well for the next Bible knowledge competition. Today’s competition will wrap up here. Now, our pastor will give his final remarks. Deacon Gang and Deacon Kim, thank you so much for your work today. Let’s give them a hand! First, of course, all glory be to God. (Amen.) Well done today everyone! I saw you all actively answering questions, and so many right answers. That is fantastic! The purpose of these competitions is this: To make sure everyone pays close attention to the Bible, and to deepen our knowledge and understanding. But please always remember this: Scripture comes from the inspiration of God. All the words in here are God’s very own words! (Amen.) It is said that the Bible represents God. Amen! The Bible is the very foundation of our faith. To depart from the Bible is to depart from the word of God and is to betray God. Amen. If we depart from God’s word, then our lives will dry up. We will lose God’s blessing and His salvation. Today, many believers lack faith because they don’t read the Bible enough. And without God’s words in our hearts, we don’t have His protection. We become susceptible to the temptation and evil of the world, and to deception of false Christs and prophets in these final days. And so, we should read the Bible, be faithful to it, and keep the Lord’s name. Amen. That way, when the Lord comes, we will be taken into the kingdom of heaven! Amen! Hey, do you think these Bible knowledge competitions are truly effective at helping the faith of believers? I wonder. Everybody seems, you know, excited during the event, (Hm.) but when it’s done, those who are passive are still passive, and those who are weak are still very weak. (Hm.) That just seems this might not be the best way of reviving the church. (Yeah.) But even if these contests aren’t really effective, at least it’s inspiring some believers to be more interested in reading the Bible. Right? But we can’t change anything for now. Or else, the believers will just become even weaker. I guess so. These last few years, we’ve tried everything to make believers read their Bibles more. We’ve had Bible study, Bible reading groups, Bible quizzes at meetings, and even competitions. But in the end, what’s the result? Even though these seem to work and appear to have the work of the Holy Spirit, the reality is there’s no real change, and their lives remain the same. You know, believers aside, even the pastors have no work of the Holy Spirit. There’s no inspiration behind their words, just biblical knowledge and empty theories. If the preachers themselves are like this, how can the believers not be weak too? I think so too. I’m ashamed to say, but even I don’t feel inspired by the Bible. My prayers don’t feel like they have the Lord’s presence, and I feel dark inside. It almost feels like I’ve been abandoned by the Lord. I too understand what you mean. Lately I’ve been thinking about it. It seems it’s not just one or two churches. This desolation is spread across all denominations. This may be a sign that the Lord is coming. The prophecies have basically been fulfilled for the Lord’s return. Could this mean that the Lord has returned but we didn’t know? Have we fallen into darkness because the Lord abandoned us? I don’t think we should continue on the same path that we walk. I think we should look for a new church, one that truly has the work of the Holy Spirit, and seek God’s appearance and work. We should seek God’s appearance and work? Yes. Where will we find it? Elder Im, God’s words and work are right in the Bible. To depart from it is to betray the Lord. If we truly want to seek the truth, we should put more effort into the Bible. I don’t see how God’s words can exist outside of it. We must always be faithful to the Bible. Then, when the Lord returns, we’ll be brought to the kingdom of heaven. Oh, sorry. Oh, Jiseok, long time no see. Hey, how have you been? Not bad, you? Let’s catch up some time. Sounds good. Yeah. Yeah. Let’s do that! God’s sheep hear His voice. These are the words of Almighty God right here in the paper. Here, have a look. The words expressed by Almighty God— the returned Lord Jesus in the Age of Kingdom? You know, I’ve been fellowshiping with you for so long on seeking God’s work. How do you really feel about it? Those who look forward to the return of Lord Jesus should actively search for the true way if hearing the Lord has come. Have you looked into the work of Almighty God in the last days? Have you? If you don’t look into and examine it, how can you expect to hear God’s voice? It seems from your attitude on the coming of the Lord, you don’t truly crave or hunger for the Lord’s appearance. That’s how the hypocritical Pharisees acted toward the Lord Jesus. Now, you’ve believed in the Lord for so long, and your faith has been sincere. So you shouldn’t treat the Lord’s return this way. The Lord might abandon you. Don’t you realize? Please stop this. Your words are quite hurtful. My faith is based on the Bible. It can be said faith in the Bible is the same as faith in the Lord. All God’s work is in the Bible. Departing from the Bible means departing from the Lord. Don’t you see? Can you understand? No matter who testifies to the Lord’s arrival, their words must be from the Bible to make me believe. I can’t accept anything not from it. If we don’t seek and examine, you said we can’t hear God’s voice. So let me say, I don’t need to hear His voice. God’s voice is all in the Bible. So the Bible is enough for me. My Lord is the Bible, my God is the Bible. That’s how I feel about the Bible and about the Lord’s return. My pastors say this as well. Only God is the source of life. Only God can express the truth to save man and to bestow life on man. Yet you say belief in the Bible and belief in the Lord are interchangeable and the exact same thing. What’s the basis for this though? Does the Bible say this? Was it ever said by the Lord Jesus? In the end, do you believe in the Bible or the Lord Jesus? It just seems your belief in the Lord has many obstacles. Your feet have been shackled by the Bible and religious leaders. So how can you still follow God? How can you see God’s appearance? Chungmin, your ways of belief are foolish. The Lord is not first in your heart, and you don’t even fear the Lord as you should. Don’t you think so? Please leave it alone. I’ve got urgent business at the church. I’d better get going. I hope you didn’t wait long. Pastor, is it true this meeting is about the Eastern Lightning? (Yeah.) Many people are looking into Almighty God’s work. After reading His words, many are accepting the Eastern Lightning. Yeah, I’ve heard this too. I think the Eastern Lightning is growing too fast. It probably has spread all over the world now. Major Korean newspapers, New York Times, and other sources have all published words from Almighty God. Yeah, it really is becoming a big deal. You know, these words from Almighty God, along with their videos, various gospel movies have all been posted online. More and more people around the world are seeking the Eastern Lightning. If all this goes on, all our believers will end up turning toward them. And our church might close if that happens. The Christian Council has already let us know, reminding us to defend our church against the Eastern Lightning. Personally, I think anyone who accepts the Eastern Lightning should be expelled. Elder Lee, I think at the meeting, you should make a statement against the Eastern Lightning. The council’s decision is probably the right one. And after all, pastors in our council are ones who all know and serve God. So if they say to beware the Eastern Lightning, then we should obey that. (Mm.) But, I do believe in freedom of religion, and that anyone should be free to investigate on their own. The church should not expel people for that, or keep them from doing their own seeking. I think the Lord’s word never said we should do that thing. You’re all early! Hello. Hi! How are you? Good to see you. Good evening. Hi, how are you? Welcome. Hello. So good to see you. Thank you for coming. Please sit here. What are you all so captivated by? Ah, some videos from the Church of Almighty God. From the Church of Almighty God? Ah, is that so? The songs are really fascinating. Here, let’s look. (Hmm. OK. Sure.) Wow! This song is amazing! We should watch another one! Yeah, it’s beautiful. The Church of Almighty God’s website has lots of other songs. Yes, let’s hear another. (Yeah, let’s do that.) Wow! These videos are really amazing! I know. And aren’t the songs wonderful? The visuals are so relaxing, and the words, such fresh lyrics. Tell me, who wrote such practical words? It’s really an inspiring video. It says the appearance of God is for God become flesh to save mankind. It’s so new to me. Isn’t this the same as the appearance and work of Lord Jesus? It’s not how we always thought the Lord would appear to us, riding upon the clouds. God’s appearance is mysterious, and we should seek the truth. It’s worthy of our time! You know, this is pretty different. Could God have come to perform His work again? (Seems so.) I won’t hide this anymore. Yes, this past year, I’ve been reading a great deal about the words of Almighty God online. I’ve been studying Almighty God’s work. The more I read of these words, the more enlightened I become. This is the true way I know it in my heart. (The true way?) I should look this up online too. Sounds good. You should all watch the videos of the Church of Almighty God and listen to His words. Don’t isolate yourself or risk being abandoned by the Lord for not listening. Yes, I see. All these years we’ve relied on our own imagination, thinking the Lord would return with clouds. So we keep waiting and waiting. But all these years, we’ve never seen the Lord Jesus arrive upon the clouds. Yet we never dared imagine that the Lord would return as the Son of man and in China. China? He came to China to express the truth to mankind, and to cleanse and save us all. He came to perform His work of judgment beginning with the house of God, and open up the mysteries of God’s management plan, and show us the truth. All truth we need, the truth we seek to understand are found in the words of Almighty God. My eyes have been opened. It fulfills what Lord Jesus promised, These words from Almighty God are the very same words the Holy Spirit said to the churches in the Book of Revelation. Now the words of Almighty God and testimonies from God’s chosen people can all be found online free to be researched by anyone. Almighty God’s words truly do carry authority, power, and are truths. No one dares to deny the words and expression of Almighty God. Many people who have examined this online have accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days. Many people in the religious world are awakening. This truly shows to me Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus. His work of judgment is for sure the work of God in the last days. This deserves our seeking, deserves our investigation. Yes. Amen. He is right. This is really surprising. We’ve been waiting for the Lord’s arrival for so long. I should hurry and look into this. Elder Lee, what he said makes a lot of sense to me. Elder Im, seems this new way is worth looking into. But you say Almighty God is the return of Lord Jesus, and that He has spoken much truth to do the work of God’s judgment. But I don’t know. The Bible does not say it this way. (Amen.) All of God’s words and work can be found in the Bible. God’s salvation work is completed. (Amen.) When the Lord returns, we will be taken into the kingdom of heaven. How can there be more words and work of God outside of the Bible? (Amen.) It’s not possible. Convince me, or I won’t be able to fully accept it. Elder Im, for so many years you’ve worked and preached with us here. All of God’s word is in the Bible. You should know there can be no word of God outside the Bible. Our preaching must be based in the Bible. Our faith is with the Bible. (Amen.) So why are you leading others to instead read Almighty God’s word on the Internet? Is this not moving away from the word of the Lord? Why shouldn’t he share this with us? One second. Please let me finish my thought. Brothers and sisters, listen. All of God’s words are found in the Bible. Our faith in the Lord must be based on the words in the Bible alone. (Amen.) Departing from the Bible is resisting, betraying the Lord. (Amen.) Amen! You should confess, repent and ask for forgiveness. Amen! The Lord’s words are all right in the Bible. To depart from the Bible is to betray the Lord. (Amen.) Elder Im, the prophecies for the Lord’s return have been fulfilled. The day of the Lord’s coming has arrived. At any time, the Lord could come back to receive us. It’s our job to lead believers to read and to hold onto the Bible. What will satisfy the Lord is watching for His return. (Amen.) Then we won’t be abandoned when He comes. So why would you follow a way outside of what the Bible tells us is the way? You may think the Lord’s word is all in the Bible, and that there’s no way the Lord would say anything outside of there. Well, I have a question for you. If the Lord Jesus returned to earth, could what He said be recorded in the Bible? How would you clarify that? The Bible was compiled by man. Remember, the New Testament wasn’t done till about 300 years after Lord Jesus ascended. This is a fact you should know. So would the words of the returned Lord Jesus automatically appear in the Bible? Have you considered this before? That does seem to make sense. It’s something I’ve never really thought much about before. I too once accepted the false traditions of the religious world, thinking all God’s words were in the Bible, and that there would be no more of the Lord’s word when He returns to earth. But then, after studying the Bible, I realized that the Lord wouldn’t possibly just be silent when He returns. The Lord performs His work through His word. If He says nothing, how can He perform the work of the last days? How will this promise be fulfilled? Therefore, it is undeniable when the Lord returns that He will definitely speak to us. But how could these new words He speaks automatically appear in the pages of the Bible? When God did His work in the Age of Law, and the Lord Jesus did His work in the Age of Grace, His words did not appear in the Bible automatically. It was years after God completed His work that the people used by God wrote them in the Bible. Don’t people realize this? If man is this foolish, then they are beyond saving. When Lord Jesus did His work, He knew corrupt mankind had never seen God’s appearance, and that when they first truly came to see God in the flesh, they would not be able to truly know God. So Lord Jesus said to men, The Lord Jesus clearly told man there are many things He hasn’t said. Because at that time He knew man could not bear them. So Lord Jesus prophesied that He would come again in the last days, and tell mankind all the truths and things to come. If all of God’s words are already in the Bible, how could these words of Lord Jesus come true? The Book of Revelation also says, as well as “the hidden manna,” the Lamb opening the book, and others. Now we can be sure: When the Lord returns, He would certainly express truth and perform the work of judgment beginning at the house of God. He spoke of the parables of the kingdom of heaven, and of separating wheat and tares, sheep and goats and good and evil servants. These prophecies are proof that God still has work for the last days. He still must speak and do His work. The judgment work of Almighty God completely fulfills the prophecy of the return of the Lord. This is undeniable fact. If people think God’s words and work are only in the Bible, and there’s no way God’s words and work can exist outside of the Bible, this is just heretical. It disrupts God’s work and deceives people. Just an obstacle preventing people from accepting God’s new work. Don’t you understand yet? God’s words and work are not just found in the Bible then. (Yeah.) This must be true. Elder Im, your fellowship makes me feel ashamed. The Bible has many parts that say at the Lord’s return, He will surely speak more of His word. Though we know the Bible so well, why would we ignore these passages? We’ve been arrogant, judging with our imagination, thinking all God’s words and work are in the Bible, and that there’s no God’s word or work outside the Bible. If that were true, these prophecies could never come true. We really are foolish and ignorant. Elder Im, your fellowship today has brought out the light. So you have accepted Almighty God long ago. Why didn’t you say anything to us then about investigating this work? That’s right! Oh, yeah. Right. Now you know more than the rest of us. Why’d you leave us behind? (Yeah.) Yeah, is that appropriate? After this fellowship today, it seems the way of Almighty God is the true way. Yes, it is. You understand more of the truth than we do. We have kept the return of the Lord in our imaginations. What’s worse is we’ve defined God in the Bible, thinking God’s work is only found there, and that there’s no way God could ever possibly come to perform His new work. Now this view seems like a mistake in our thinking. How could the word and work of the returned Lord Jesus in the last days be recorded in the Bible? We have been too foolish and ignorant not to realize this sooner. Yes, yes. I need to read more of Almighty God’s word to learn and to understand more of the truth, and keep up with God’s work. (Yeah.) Yes. What Elder Im is saying accords with the truth, and we should listen carefully. Pastors often say that God’s words and work are all recorded in the Bible, and that our faith in God must be in the Bible alone. But this is surely a fallacy. How have we not seen this before? What is the problem? When Elder Im tells us of Almighty God’s word, we’re able to understand it and see past religious errors. This shows for certain that Almighty God’s word is definitely the truth. Only the truth makes us distinguish and understand clearly. Amen. Now we need to seek the truth, not worship pastors. We can’t blindly trust their biblical knowledge. We should go learn more about the words of Almighty God online, so that we all have hope of being raptured. (Amen!) We should take a look at the website together. I think so too. If only we’d studied Almighty God’s word earlier, we could have seen through the fallacies long ago. That’s true. So it is. We shouldn’t waste time, don’t you think? We should hurry and read up on it right away. Elder Im, none of us knew you’d been studying Almighty God’s word all this past year. It’s surprising. I can see your fellowship today is full of light and in line with the truth. So it seems the Eastern Lightning really does have the truth. I’m not opposed to that. But I just don’t understand why so many pastors resist and condemn Almighty God, and stop believers from seeking out the truth and learning about Almighty God’s work. If you really think about it, pastors are serving God and knowing the Bible well, they should have some knowledge of God. So if this is the truth, and the Eastern Lightning is the true way, then why would they condemn and resist them? This problem troubles me. I’d like to hear your thoughts. Yes, please tell us! Elder Im, you found the courage on your own to seek God’s work online and not be held down by religious pastors, which isn’t easy. Your faith and courage inspire us all. (Yes.) Tell us, how did you first seek the work of Almighty God? Oh, yes, please. Please tell us. When I saw many pastors were condemning them, I truly think this didn’t feel like it was the Lord’s will. I saw their arrogance, condemning the Eastern Lightning and growing more rampant every day in their criticism. They had no basis, no facts to back up their exaggerations and stories. Many also quoted the Bible but out of context. I just felt this wasn’t from the Holy Spirit at all. Everyone saying these types of things seemed to have malice, ulterior motives. I felt there was something wrong with them, and that the Eastern Lightning might be the true way after all. Otherwise, why on earth would it attract so much condemnation from vicious people? I read online that even though pastors and the CCP were all furiously resisting and condemning Almighty God, more sincere believers were joining from other sects every day and turning to Almighty God. This reminded me: When Lord Jesus appeared to perform His work, was He not also subjected to persecution of the Roman government and Jews? And yet, no matter how hard they tried to resist the work of Lord Jesus, the gospel still spread among the people. “Since ancient times, the true way has faced persecution.” But that which is from God will not be held down. (Amen.) So I thought Almighty God could very well be the second coming of the Lord Jesus. Because only the appearance of the true God could make the atheist CCP and religious world be so cruel in their condemnation and persecution. Where the true God appears, there will be persecution. Yeah, it’s true. You know, the persecution of the Eastern Lightning by the CCP is really extreme and cruel. It’s true. I’ve heard the same thing. And so, I went to the Church of Almighty God website. And then, I was shocked by what I saw: Almighty God’s word—The Word Appears in the Flesh, and more movies, musicals, music videos, everything. It was amazing. Enough to watch for months. These truths could never be appreciated in religious circles. The people of the Church of Almighty God really are following the Lamb to the feast. The truth expressed by Almighty God is rich and bountiful. Not only does it show the mysteries of God’s 6000-year plan, but also tells how Satan corrupted mankind, the origin and extent of man’s corruption, why man resists God and how God saves man, and how God truly completes man, why God has become flesh in the last days to perform judgment, what its purpose and meaning is, how man’s ending is divided, which people will receive salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven, which people will be eliminated, and what man’s true destination is, how God will ultimately end the age, how the kingdom of Christ will be realized, and so forth. Everything is very clearly described in Almighty God’s word. The work of Almighty God in the last days completely accomplishes all of the prophecies from Lord Jesus. The word of Almighty God is the truth. It conquers men’s hearts and convinces them completely. Anyone with spirit and heart who reads the word of Almighty God knows for sure that this is God’s voice and will be raptured before God’s throne. It seems so amazing to me. Almighty God’s word is bountiful. (Yes.) We should look into it. All of this has made me see clearly now: So many religious pastors are closing the doors of their churches, and as regards Almighty God’s work of judgment, they aren’t seeking or studying. They just condemn and believe the lies spread on the internet by the atheist CCP government, stopping believers from following the work of Almighty God in the last days. Satan’s evil intentions and plots are behind this. They are afraid that people will hear the words of Almighty God and know that they are the truth, and end up turning toward Almighty God in the end. After that, no one will be left to listen to their stale doctrines and obsolete Bible knowledge. Their careers and livelihood will be at risk when people turn to Almighty God. This is why they furiously condemn and oppose Almighty God. Aside from that, there’s no basis whatsoever. The pastors only care about their jobs and reputation. God’s work in the last days is far too revelatory for people. It has revealed both the true believers and even those false believers. Those who accept the work of Almighty God in the last days are wise virgins. They will all be raptured before God’s throne, enjoying the supply of the river of life and receiving God’s personal salvation and perfection. These people are overcomers made by God in the last days. But those who reject the work of God in the last days will be abandoned by God. Then if they still don’t seek the true way, when the great disasters happen, they will be left weeping and gnashing their teeth. We can’t waste any more time. So this is how God exposes each kind of people. You’re right. This is different than what we thought. God truly has the wisdom. Elder Im’s fellowship is so insightful. If Almighty God hadn’t expressed so many truths, how could Elder Im’s fellowship have been so clear and so illuminating? It seems Almighty God’s way really is worth looking into. How was I so foolish before? He’s gained much for seeking the true way for over a year, but I had no idea. I really have been ignorant. Could Almighty God be the return of Lord Jesus? If it wasn’t for God’s word, he wouldn’t have been able to learn so much in such a short time. I’m so far behind. No, I must catch up to him. Otherwise, I really will be abandoned by the Lord. Elder Im, listening to your fellowship has filled me with excitement. Almighty God has expressed so many truths. So many have heard God’s voice and returned to God’s throne. How did I have no idea? In the past, I too saw the CCP and religious world furiously condemning Almighty God, using lies and rumors trying to frame, and using other methods to smear the Church of Almighty God. How did I not realize before that this might have been God’s appearance? Since ancient times, the true way has been persecuted. Wherever God appears, there will be opposition of satanic forces and the persecution of God’s chosen ones. I’ve been so numb and blind. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before. For years we’ve listened to pastors, never listening to or contacting the way of the Eastern Lightning, or giving them a chance. Being controlled by our religious leaders is just the result of our foolishness and ignorance. We just can’t keep hiding behind closed doors anymore. We must seek the way of Almighty God as soon as possible. Amen! Yes, as soon as possible! Well said, Elder Yang. In the past, we all blindly followed pastors, controlled by them, and thought that faith must be based on the Bible, and that God’s word was only ever recorded in the Bible. But now this seems just problematic, incomplete. If Lord Jesus came to speak His word, would that be recorded in the Bible? If the Spirit of truth starts to speak words, they wouldn’t automatically appear in the Bible. I used to be foolish and ignorant. Some of the pastors’ views are quite problematic. We can no longer be controlled by these wrong views. He’s right. Yes. We cannot deny God’s actual words. But aren’t all the Bible God’s words as well? Is it so wrong for faith to be based on the Bible? On this subject, we’d love to know more. (Yes, I’d like to know too.) Elder Lee, I have only been reading Almighty God’s words for a little over a year now. So my understanding is still shallow. There’re many things I can’t fellowship clearly. I think it’s best if we head to the Church of Almighty God, and let the witnesses there fellowship to us in more detail. Ah, great! That sounds wonderful! Yes, that’d be great. To be honest, I have a friend who believes in Almighty God. Ah, really? He once tried to tell me about Almighty God’s work, but I didn’t listen. I really regret ignoring him then. Elder Lee, you’ve heard it before? We wish you had told us earlier. We could have looked into it long ago. Yeah, what a shame! I’m ashamed to admit it. If I started then, wouldn’t I be further by now? (Yes.) But hearing you commune about the word of Almighty God today, I finally realize that His word is the truth. I must seek it and not wait any longer. That’s good! Let’s all go to the Church of Almighty God tomorrow! (Oh, yes. Praise the Lord.) Hello. So good of you to come. Jiseok, great to see you. (Good to see you.) Hi. This is Elder Im. (Hi.) Hi! This is Elder Yang. (Nice to meet you. Hello.) I’m Jeong Jiseok. And Deacon Gang. Nice to meet you. (Hello.) Shall we? (After you.) I never thought you would come. I decided to after hearing Elder Im’s fellowship on Almighty God’s word. Hello. (Hi.) Hello. Hi. You’re here already. Hello, everyone. Hello. It’s great to see you. Welcome. Thank you. Good to see you. These words in the Bible are not all God’s words; there’re God’s and also man’s—that I don’t deny. But the religious pastors often tell us God’s work and words are all in the Bible, the Bible is all inspired by God, that all the words in it are God’s words, and that the Bible therefore represents God. This has for so long been my own belief as well. But after your fellowship, I think there might be a problem with that. If we don’t change this point of view, it might directly harm us, keep us from our search and study for God’s appearance and work. You have experienced the work of Almighty God in the last days and understand the truth more. Please fellowship more with us about this truth. (Hm.) What’s wrong with our understanding? Paul said right in 2 Timothy that the Bible is entirely inspired by God, and that all the words in the Bible are God’s own words. That is exactly what Paul said. How can he be wrong? (Amen.) Well, many religious people believe the Bible is inspired by God, believing what Paul says. Yet no one looks into whether Paul had any basis for this statement. People tend to feel this way because they have too much blind faith in Paul’s words and worship him. But have you ever considered whether Paul’s words conform with those of God? Are they supported by Lord Jesus’ words or supported by the Holy Spirit’s words? People use Paul’s words to conclude the Bible is entirely inspired by God. Yet, does this conform with the Lord’s word or with the truth? If this statement from Paul is corroborated by the word of Lord Jesus or of the Holy Spirit, then we can accept and obey that. Then it would be in line with the Lord’s intentions. But we know for a fact that Paul used to oppose Lord Jesus and even resist Him. It is a well-known fact that he was the chief sinner who opposed against Lord Jesus. Even though Lord Jesus chose Paul as an apostle to spread the gospel, Paul is still merely a created man. Therefore, his words are just the words of a man and no more than that. The Lord Jesus is God, while the apostles and disciples are only men. The apostles and disciples of Lord Jesus cannot compare to Lord Jesus Himself. For man’s words, if they are not confirmed by Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit, no matter who says them, we cannot just blindly accept or obey these words. Yes, that’s right. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. If we go back to the time when the Pharisees condemned the Lord Jesus, many people rejected Lord Jesus because they followed the Pharisees. They were eliminated because they condemned Lord Jesus and resisted Him. Haven’t people learned this lesson by now? (Mm.) Yes, they resisted God. Actually in the Bible, only the words from Jehovah or from Lord Jesus, the words of the Holy Spirit, the words conveyed by the prophets from God, and the Book of Revelation are exactly God’s words. The rest, that’s just the records and letters of man, not God. These all count as testimonies of God’s work and of course are important in the Bible. However, we must always remember not to treat the word of man as the word of God. Man’s words are just man’s words, and only God’s words are truly the words of God. If we were to insist the words of man and Satan found in the Bible are also the words of God, that is blasphemous and slanderous to God. Therefore, saying that all the scripture is from God and is also the word of God, this just doesn’t make factual sense. Wow, this fellowship makes sense, and it’s completely backed up by facts. The Bible has the word of God and man’s words, but also Satan’s words. This is true. It’s not made up. The truth is so obvious. How did we not see this before? They’re correct. This view of the Bible is right. We’ve been so foolish and blind. Now let’s read a passage of word from Almighty God. Yes, I’ll be reading. Praise God. Yes. The words of Almighty God are very clear in this passage. The Bible isn’t just God’s word, but also has the words of various men. Knowing they aren’t the same, we should make the distinction and always respect the fact and treat the Bible correctly. Many believers still believe in the Bible blindly, and they worship the Bible, all of it. They trust Paul’s statement that They think that everything in the Bible is God’s word, even the words of man and the words of Satan as well. They think these are God’s words, all of them, but what kind of problem is this? Is this not a form of blasphemy? The words of man are clearly marked in the Bible as the words of man. Why do some insist these are the words of God? Do they really think man’s word becomes God’s as long as it’s in the Bible? What kind of logic is that? Satan’s words, the serpent’s words also appear in there. So, would you dare say these are God’s words as well? Oh, of course not. It can’t be. This shows that those who think everything in the Bible is God’s words are completely absurd. Even if people don’t understand the truth, they should at least respect the facts. They shouldn’t turn the facts upside down. Yes, it’s true. Indeed. You know, we’ve been reading the Bible for so many years. How could we say that man’s words are the same as God’s? It’s definitely the distortion of fact, makes me so ashamed. You’re right. The difference between man’s words and God’s words are marked very clearly, and are right there in the Bible. Yet we insist everything is the word of God. We’ve been so foolish. I think what Paul said has really misguided us. Me too. Yes. We all know it’s true that only God’s word is the truth, the way, and the life. Man’s words that conform with the truth come from their experience and knowledge of God’s word. But even with the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, they are still only man’s words. And man’s words cannot be compared to the word of God. The word of God is the expression of His disposition and all that He has and is. It’s the reality of positive things. It can be our life. Words spoken by man that tally with the truth all come from his experiences and understanding of God’s word and the truth. They represent his stature at that time. But we should always understand: The truth of God’s word can never fully be experienced. No matter how deep their knowledge of God’s word and the truth might be, it can never truly reach the original essence of God’s word and of His truth. What I mean is man’s word may accord with the truth, but they’re never equals. Being able to say words that conform with the truth does not mean man truly possesses the truth, and of course it doesn’t mean that man is the truth. This is because the Holy Spirit bases His work on man’s stature, guiding and enlightening, letting man understand the truth gradually and enter the reality. The words said by men used by God that conform with the truth are their limited experience and understanding of the truth. They’re so different when it comes to the real essence of the truth. These words only give some help. They cannot be man’s life and can’t be compared to God’s word. Let me read another passage of Almighty God’s word. So the words of man and the words of God in the Bible we can see cannot simply be confused. There are so many pastors whose preaching is not even based on the word of God, but on man’s words in the Bible. They treat man’s words as the truth and ask people to comply with them. This makes it easy to create confusion because we know that man’s words cannot be man’s life, and that only God’s words can be man’s life. Pastors tend to treat man’s words in the Bible as truth and make people follow them. Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse? Is this exalting God and bearing witness to God? Furthermore, the words “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” were spoken by Paul. God has never witnessed the Bible this way, and the Holy Spirit has never said such words as these. And no prophets or apostles have said that either. The words “All scripture is given by inspiration of God” as spoken by Paul only represent his personal view. Therefore, for people to think that the Bible is entirely inspired by God, and that the Bible is all God’s word and represents God, this is incredibly wrong. This is how we should treat the Bible, we should see this fact clear as day. This way, God will be satisfied. These pastors blindly follow Paul, and they think that everything in the Bible is God’s words. This point of view is so wrong! Yes, I know. Then teaching the Bible like this to people is deceiving and misleading to them. (I know.) It looks like even pastors don’t understand the Bible. They can’t tell the difference between God’s word and man’s word. They can’t understand even this. Why are they still so boldly interpreting the Bible absurdly? It’s a shock, really. It’s leading to their destruction, the blind leading the blind. That’s right. Those who don’t understand the truth are easily deceived. However, I now understand through the fellowship of Almighty God’s word. Not everything in the Bible is the word of God. In the past, we treated the words of man in the Bible as the word from God. But isn’t this extreme blasphemy? We really have been so ignorant. Mm. Why would we ignore these words but treat Paul’s as if they were the word of God? We’re even worshiping them as the truth. How is this belief in the Lord? It’s belief in the Bible. We’re worshiping Paul as God instead of the Lord. We have been treading down the same path as the Pharisees. If we hadn’t read the word of Almighty God today, we wouldn’t have known we’ve been blinded and have fallen into darkness. That’s true. It’s so dangerous. After your fellowship, I feel enlightened. Paul’s words, his opinions have brought us too much harm. Without knowing the truth, we have no discernment, and so we blindly worship Paul. As a result, we’ve strayed from the Lord’s way without even knowing it. I get it now. To believe in God, we must base everything we do on the word of God. (Amen.) From now on, no matter how high a person’s rank might be, if their words are against truth, not based on God’s word, it should be treated as man’s word and as heresy. (Amen.) Only that is truly believing in God and is after God’s heart. Amen. That’s right. I agree with them. Yes. Yes, you’re right. God’s word is all the truth, and it’s the expression of all that He has and is. The words of man that truly conform to the truth are all the enlightenment from the word of God, only the experience and knowledge of God’s word but are far off from the essence of truth itself. (Amen.) Man’s words and God’s words indeed cannot be compared. All this time, we have failed to distinguish between man’s words and God’s words in the Bible. We’ve treated man’s words as if they had come from God Himself. At meetings, we’ve only preached man’s words and the apostles’ and other words from man, preaching those instead of the word of God. That’s true. We’ve been asking believers to follow those words of man. God’s words have been made hollow, yet we think we’re being loyal to the Lord this way. We’ve been very foolish. Yes, we’ve neglected God’s word. I agree. In the past, I believed Paul’s words, I had never doubted these words before. Doubting the words in the Bible was in my mind the same as actually doubting God. But today, after listening to your fellowship, I finally understand. The Bible is not entirely inspired by God, and the words of the Bible are not all the words of God. What we used to accept was indeed fallacious. Finally, we all now know the truth, like dispelling the clouds and seeing the sun! (Amen!) Thanks to the word of Almighty God, we can understand the truth and have been given release and freedom! (Amen!) Such fellowship is so good. The communion is so enjoyable and so constructive! (Yeah!) After we listen to Almighty God’s words, our hearts are released and are freed. This is all God’s blessing. (Amen!) Let us listen to a song that praises God? OK! That sounds great! And now let’s look at the screen. (Sure! OK!) This song is spectacular! I feel excited! It really is life in Canaan, the good land. (Yes, I know.) I feel so envious of them. They are in God’s presence and enjoying God’s word. They are so happy and joyous! Indeed, it’s so! We believe in God just like them, but why do we feel dark in spirit, unable to sense the Lord’s presence? It seems we can’t keep clinging to the Bible. Otherwise, we’ll miss out on the opportunity to welcome the Lord and attend the marriage supper of the Lamb. Let us continue to communicate. And if anyone has a question, we’ll seek together. Your fellowship does make sense and is all true. I admit not everything in the Bible is the word of God. It also contains the words of man as well as the words of Satan. This is a fact. But I also believe God’s words and work all are recorded in the Bible. I dare say that this is also fact. (Amen!) Therefore, our faith in God needs to be based on the Bible. We can’t believe in or accept anything beyond the Bible. (Amen!) Do you dare to say there are God’s words and work outside of the Bible? We believe all of God’s words and work are inside the Bible. Do you dare deny this point? Please fellowship. Answer my question! Well said! You said that the Bible isn’t just God’s word but includes man’s words. I admit this. But we think all God’s words and work are recorded in the Bible. There is no word and work of God apart from the Bible. (Amen!) Therefore, our faith in God must be based on the Bible. (Amen!) Is that wrong? Many believers in religious circles feel: “All of God’s words and work are recorded in the Bible. There is no word or work of God apart from the Bible.” Does this conform with the facts? Do you dare say that every single piece of work performed by Jehovah in the Age of Law is entirely recorded in the Bible? Can you guarantee that all of the words and work of the Lord Jesus in the Age of Grace are entirely recorded within the Bible? What will be the outcome if indeed this view does not conform with the facts? Would it not make people look down on, delimit and blaspheme God? Isn’t it something that offends the disposition of God? As we all should really know, the Bible is compiled by people who serve God many years after God completed each stage of His work. Thus, it’s inevitable that some content is missed. There are some prophets’ words that are not recorded in the Old Testament, but are instead collated into the Deuterocanonical books. In the New Testament, there aren’t many words of the Lord Jesus recorded in the Four Gospels. In fact, the Lord Jesus had preached and worked for at least three years. The words He uttered exceed what is recorded in the Bible many times over. That is a fact no one can deny. The Bible says, There are also some letters of the apostles not recorded in the Bible. When Lord Jesus returns, He will still have to utter much more words and perform much more work. Could these things all be recorded in the Bible? The Bible has only recorded the prophecy of Lord Jesus’ return and not His word and work following His return. That is to say, the words of God recorded in the Bible are limited. (Indeed.) These words are essentially nothing more than a drop in the sea of God’s life, only a ten-thousandth, perhaps just a trillionth of God’s life. The Bible says that if all Jesus’ words and work were recorded, the world itself could not contain the books. Yet we claim there’s none outside of the Bible. Isn’t that simply a bald-faced lie? That’s for sure. What’s recorded in the Bible is too limited! Yeah. Too limited. Given these facts, how can people still say that God’s words and work are all recorded in the Bible? How could they say that there is no word or work of God apart from the Bible? Such statements are too arbitrary! They don’t conform with the facts. Many people use such statements to conclude that the Bible is the basis of man’s faith in God. This conclusion is not accurate. It is right to rely on the Bible as a basis for faith, but it alone is not enough. What’s most important is to walk the path of belief based on the work of the Holy Spirit. That is how to achieve God’s approval. If the Bible is the only basis with no work of the Holy Spirit, will man be able to understand the truth in the Bible or achieve understanding of God? If man lacks the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment, misunderstands God’s word, like so, doesn’t that make it easy to go astray? These are all real and serious problems. If believers in God lack Holy Spirit’s work, they’ll never be able to gain the truth nor truly know God. Even if they read the Bible and listen to many sermons, they still won’t understand the truth nor enter into reality. This shows that people who believe in God without the work of the Holy Spirit won’t be able to achieve anything. It’s true. Without the work of the Holy Spirit, even if people believe in God and read the Bible, they won’t understand. Yes, it’s true. Many pastors and religious scholars use the human mind to explain the Bible. The result, they all end up as people who resist God. They’re just like the Pharisees who were also familiar with the Bible and observed some of its rules but lacked any knowledge of God. They appeared godly outside but had no reverence for God of any kind. When Lord Jesus appeared to do His work, they actually dared to use the Bible to resist and condemn Him, and so were cursed by God. What kind of problem is this? Can man’s faith in God be solely based on the Bible or not? The bitter lesson of the Pharisees tells us that basing our faith in God on the Bible alone is not enough. What’s important is to base our faith in the Holy Spirit’s work. Without the Holy Spirit’s work, it does not matter how many years people believe in God— they won’t be able to gain life. This is a fact nobody can deny. This shows that the statement, “Faith in God must be based on the Bible, departing from the Bible is not believing in God,” is incorrect, if we think about it, actually an absurd point of view. The word of God within the Bible clearly states, And in Psalms, Both passages are classic lines of the Bible. One could say all believers know these two passages. Can faith in God be solely based on the Bible or not? The answer is clear: The main basis for belief in God is the work of the Holy Spirit as well as the actual words of God. That’s how to gain the truth and the life. Many people do not truly understand the Bible. They think eternal life is in the Bible, and that simply holding on to the Bible will accomplish everything. That’s an extremely absurd point of view. The Lord Jesus has said before, Believers should know in their hearts that God truly is the Lord of all creation. God dominates and is in charge of all, and is the source of life for all. There is infinite wisdom and wonder in God. The Bible is merely a historical record of God’s work, a testimony to the first two stages of God’s work. The Bible is the Bible, of course, and God is God. The Bible and God are two different things and cannot be compared. The Bible cannot represent God and simply cannot save man in God’s stead. It is only God that can save mankind. Mm. If the Bible could save man, then why would the Israelites who have held firm to the Bible and blindly believed and worshiped the Bible for thousands of years still need the Messiah to come and save them? If the Bible could save man, then why did the Pharisees who held fast to it still condemn and resist Lord Jesus and become antichrists in enmity of God? This is sufficient to demonstrate that the Bible cannot save man. The Bible is merely a testimony to God. If man only holds on to the Bible but does not obey God’s work, he won’t be able to receive God’s salvation. Since man believes in God, he should obey God’s work and experience and practice God’s word, so that he may receive the work of the Holy Spirit and gain the truth and life. And so, that is why the Bible is only able to serve as a reference for man’s faith in God and cannot be the sole basis. One’s faith in God should be based on the actual words of God as well as the work of the Holy Spirit. That is the most important principle of believing in God. People are really too foolish and too ignorant if they cannot see through this commonsense knowledge. (Mm.) Treating the Bible as an idol or using it to replace the Lord is purely resisting God and blaspheming God. If people can blindly believe in and worship the Bible but cannot magnify and obey the Lord, then how could they possibly be true believers? How are they any different to the hypocritical Pharisees? This shows that if believers in God do not know the inner truth of the Bible and its relationship to God, it’ll be easy for them to deviate from the true way and be led astray. This communication is so practical. It’s clear that only God can save man. And so how could the Bible alone save man? In our belief in God, we should obey and magnify God. That’s what God wants! (It is true.) If we only cling to the Bible and use the Bible to measure God’s work, it’ll make us prone to resist God as it did with the Pharisees! It is true. Yes, I agree. And now let’s read more of Almighty God’s words. Almighty God’s word reveals it accurately. And now let’s read another passage. Please look here. Can I read it? (Sure!) Let’s stop here. Yeah. Almighty God has explained the inner truth of the Bible so clearly. God’s Lord of creation, a real and living God. The Bible is a history book that records God’s past work. How could it ever be compared to God? The Bible only records God’s work and word in the first two stages. How could His words and work in the last days automatically appear in the Bible? For years I have believed in the Lord, how could I not see through this? I treated the Lord and Bible as equals, thinking belief in Lord must be based on the Bible. Now I see that this thinking is quite absurd. Until now, my belief in Lord has been utterly confused. Had I not heard Almighty God’s words, I’d never know the relation of the Lord and the Bible. The word of Almighty God is indeed all the truth! Yes. Indeed. Of course. Right. The words of Almighty God have clearly revealed that the Bible is only a testimony to God, a record of the first two stages of the great work of God. The value and preciousness of the Bible lies in the words of God in the first two stages of His work recorded in it. This allows all mankind to see through the word of God in the Bible how God created all things, how He created mankind, how He guided mankind and how He redeemed mankind, helping people achieve some understanding of God. Many have turned to God due to the records that are in the Bible. They not only have accepted that God created all things, but also hunger for God’s word and search for the footsteps of God. This is the edification the Bible has brought to mankind and where the value of the Bible lies. And yet the work of God is always progressing forward. Man’s salvation is not achieved upon completion of just the first two stages of work. God’s management plan includes three stages of work. If man clings to the Bible but rejects God’s work of the last days outside of it, then that would be a great loss. God’s work of cleansing, saving and of perfecting all mankind is mainly achieved through His judgment work of the last days. That’s why all truths expressed by God during the last days are so vital to man’s salvation, purification and entry into the kingdom of heaven. Why did Lord Jesus prophesy that when He returns, every individual who accepts Him will all be able to go to the marriage supper? Everyone is clear that this marriage supper means that God will truly gain man and perfect man, making man be of one mind with Him never to part again. This is why Almighty God of the last days expresses the complete truth for cleansing and also for saving mankind. Those who accept and obey after hearing God’s voice are all indeed wise virgins. They’re raptured before the throne, attend the marriage supper of the Lamb and enjoy the water of life which does flow from God’s throne. Through experiencing God’s judgment and cleansing in the last days, they will escape the bondage of sin to achieve change and be made into overcomers by God. They are the most blessed people as well as the people who will receive eternal life and enter the kingdom of heaven. Oh, yes. God has started a new work. Yes, if people only hold on to the first two stages of God’s work in the Bible and do not accept the work of judgment of Almighty God in the last days, then their lives will consist of sinning in the day and confessing at night. They’ll still resist and rebel against God and won’t be compatible with God. If they can never achieve cleansing and salvation, then how could they enter the kingdom of heaven? Is this not true? Therefore, if believers want to be cleansed and brought into the kingdom of heaven, they must accept Almighty God’s judgment in the last days and walk out from the Bible. Then they can receive the Holy Spirit’s work and obtain the truth, strip away their corrupt disposition and become people who accord with God’s heart, who can enter the kingdom of heaven and attain eternal life. It certainly seems accepting Almighty God’s work of the last days means being brought before God’s throne to attend the marriage supper of the Lamb! Yes, that’s right. What a mystery! (Yeah!) If people only base their belief in God on the Bible and remain stuck in the Bible’s words and rules, stuck in the same spot by only acknowledging the first two stages of God’s work, then that will make it easy for them to be cast off and abandoned by the pace of God’s work, and will lose them the chance to be cleansed, saved and perfected by God in the last days. This will completely sever them from God’s work of salvation. Their efforts will come to naught, and they will all be eliminated by God. In the eyes of God, they are all people who have indeed betrayed Him, and they are all unbelievers who belong with the evildoers. In the end, they are all like the Pharisees of old who were cursed and punished by God for being stubborn and holding onto the Old Testament and resisting and condemning the Lord Jesus. It’s clear: This will be the outcome for those who hold on to the Bible and refuse to accept the work of God in the last days. Before, we thought that as long as we based our faith in God on the Bible, we’d be brought to the kingdom of heaven. It turns out that this view is wrong. (It’s indeed wrong.) Let’s take another look at Almighty God’s word. Please look at the screen. Let’s stop here. I understand much better now that I’ve heard Almighty God’s words and your fellowship: It is possible for believers to depart from the Bible, but they can never depart from God! Departing from God is to wither, wilt and ultimately die! For years I’ve been deceived by pastors that I clung to the Bible and refused to accept Almighty God’s work of the last days. I fell into darkness, unable to feel the Lord’s presence, unable to receive the light while reading the Bible. My spirit grew darker and darker. I could not help but sin and resist God. Meetings were only for complying with rules, partaking in ceremonies, and we failed to keep God’s commandments. When I read the words of Almighty God online, I could finally begin to understand some truths. There was enjoyment in my spirit. I regained the work of the Holy Spirit. My faith and love also grew. Some of the difficulties I had with my faith were resolved too. I couldn’t help but think back to when the Lord Jesus did His work. Those who followed Lord Jesus, although departing from the Old Testament, they still received redemption. On the other hand, the Pharisees who clung to the Old Testament and used it to condemn and resist the Lord Jesus, thought remaining loyal to the Bible was remaining loyal to God. They never expected God would not commend their loyalty to the Bible, nor did they ever expect that because of their crucifixion of Lord Jesus, they’d instead be cursed and punished by God. (Yes. That’s right.) Today’s pastors are like the Pharisees. Their interpretation of the Bible is literal and out of context, thus they condemn and resist Almighty God. And they spread fallacies in order to deceive us, saying, “Believing in God is believing in the Bible, and departing from the Bible is heresy and betraying the Lord,” thus preventing us from seeking and investigating the true way. Isn’t this contending with Almighty God, Christ of the last days? We believers in God should treat the Bible correctly. We should break the bondage and control of the Pharisees, and follow God’s work of the last days to receive the way of eternal life that God bestows. So we can attain the truth, know God and be obedient to Him, and can be qualified to receive God’s promise. (Amen!) It’s wonderful. Yes. Indeed. All these years, we’ve been deceived and controlled by pastors’ false theories that belief in God means belief in the Bible, and departing from the Bible means not believing in God. That’s why we kept denying and refusing Almighty God’s work of the last days. No wonder we were unable to feel the Holy Spirit’s work, and our spirits darkened though we read the Bible daily. We’d lost connection to God’s work of the last days and severed our relationship with God, losing our supply of God’s living water of life. Now I understand: The Bible is nothing more than a record of God’s past work. It can’t represent God nor can it replace God and perform salvation. Believing in God is absolutely not believing in the Bible. We must accept God’s work of the last days, or we’ll be utterly abandoned by the work of God. Yes. That’s true. It’s definitely true. Then we will be but able to weep and gnash our teeth in the darkness. Yes. Indeed. Indeed! Only God is the source of man’s life. Man can depart from the Bible, but if man departs from God, he’ll lose the supply of the life of God, then how can his spirit not be dark and withered? We must accept God’s work of the last days! That’s right! We should closely follow the footsteps of the Lamb, so we can gain God’s approval. (Well said!) Although the Bible can’t represent God or replace the work of God, haven’t people believed in God for thousands of years according to the words of the Bible? As long as we hold firm to the Bible, then we will be brought up into the kingdom of heaven even if we don’t accept Almighty God’s work! (Amen!) Deaconess Hong’s right. If we hold on to the Bible, I believe the returned Lord would not abandon us! Amen! I am utterly bewildered. The truth is put so clearly, so how come you still stubbornly reject it and cling to the Bible? Yes. Exactly. Is the Bible greater or is God greater? Can the Bible save you or is it God who can save you? Do you believe in the Bible or do you believe in God? How do you still not see? Deacon Choi, what is wrong with you? Yes. You should really think about what you are saying. Is the failure of the Pharisees not a vital lesson? They clung to the Old Testament and rejected Lord Jesus’ work. Weren’t they all punished by God? (Mm.) Do you still want to play the role of the Pharisees? Indeed, God is the Lord of the Bible. The Bible is merely a record of the first two stages of God’s work, and yet we treat them both as equals, thinking that the Bible could possibly represent God is blaspheming against God! Mm. Yes. Luckily, I read the words of Almighty God today and realize that since we believe in God we should in fact magnify God and obey the work of God as well as accept Almighty God’s judgment work of the last days without any hesitation or reservation at all, so that we may gain the truth and that we may gain the life. Amen! Otherwise, we’d still be subject to the pastor’s deception, blindly worshiping the Bible. We wouldn’t even realize that we were resisting as well as condemning God. That’s right. Indeed. Yes. Thanks be to Almighty God! For Almighty God has saved us from all of this deception. (Amen!) Yeah. Thanks be to God. All thanks be to the Lord! Today’s fellowship has been great! (That’s right.) Their fellowship is illuminating, so satisfying and really brings release. It really is like that! Everyone, let us all now take a break before we continue communicating. (OK!) How do you feel about the fellowship today? I really think I’ve learned so much. Thanks to your fellowship. Today I have become enlightened! God is the Lord of creation, source of life for all. The Bible is a record of the first two stages of God’s work. It can’t represent God, and it can’t replace God’s work of the last days. We believers should magnify God, should accept God’s work of the last days. Such a person truly obeys God and truly believes in God. (Mm.) I didn’t understand the truth and blindly held on to the Bible. You preached the gospel to me many times, but I rejected it. It makes me ashamed thinking about it now. Thank you for your patience. I understand. I was like you. In fact, when people don’t understand truth, they all do stupid, ignorant, God-resisting things. For you, to be able to now seek the true way and receive truth is due to God’s grace and mercy. Thanks be to God! Indeed. It would be so great if you’d accepted the gospel then. We would then have investigated earlier too. (It’s true.) Yes, I’ve gained so much from coming to listen. I know. Coming today has been great. Indeed. Listening to your fellowship about the word of Almighty God has helped me to understand how to treat the Bible correctly and no longer blindly worship and believe in the Bible. Now we can accept God’s end-time work, come out of the Bible and experience God’s judgment. It’s Almighty God’s mercy. Indeed. This is God’s mercy and salvation! (Mm.) How do you feel after this communication? Almighty God’s word is the truth and can convince people. What would happen if the word of Almighty God should become spread in religious circles? Wouldn’t everyone in religious circles turn to Almighty God? I think that would indeed happen. For years pastors have tried to seal off the church, doing all they can to prevent believers from reading Almighty God’s word. Despite this, so many have still joined the Eastern Lightning. In my view, attempting to prevent people won’t work. Thank the Lord! Thanks be to God! Almighty God’s word can make people see truth and enlighten them. (Indeed.) I still do have a question. Please ask. Do you want to communicate it with everyone? (Ah, okay.) Then let’s go. Well, I still have a question. Pastors all know the Bible, they often interpret and exalt the Bible in churches. We’ve always thought that they should be people who know God. Then why has the work of God incarnate in the last days been resisted by the majority of pastors? Please discuss this question with us. That’s true. Pastors are familiar with and have a rich knowledge of the Bible. They understand it and know God. If the Eastern Lightning is the true way, then why would they condemn and actively resist it? It seems to me what the majority of pastors and leaders condemn can’t possibly be the true way. Deaconess Hong, I don’t agree with that. In investigating whether it’s God’s work, we should not judge by whether the majority of religious leaders accept. Think back to when Lord Jesus appeared to do His work, who were the ones that crucified the Lord Jesus? Wasn’t it the religious leaders who were familiar with and interpreted the Bible? And so, what does this fact tell us? A person who can interpret it doesn’t necessarily know God’s work and certainly cannot be said to know God. Jewish Pharisees and scribes were all familiar with the Bible, and yet it was they who resisted the Lord. They were all antichrists. Is this not a fact? If someone knows the Bible well but can’t see this fact, does that count as understanding the Bible? If you still rely on the views of the majority of religious leaders as the basis to determine if it’s God’s appearance, then isn’t that totally absurd? If you still rely on their views, aren’t you also denying the appearance and work of the Lord Jesus? That makes you just like the Pharisees—someone who in fact resists God. When we seek the true way, we should decide according to whether there’s the Holy Spirit’s work and truth. That’s the basis. Basing it on religious leaders’ views is absolutely resisting God, and you’ll be condemned and eliminated by God. (Yeah! Yes!) Do these words not conform with the facts? Yes, that’s right. I agree with that. I agree too. Exactly. Most believers are of the view that pastors are familiar with the Bible and often explain and exalt the Bible, which means they should be people who know God. However, when God once again becomes flesh to perform His work in the last days, why do these pastors who know the Bible well furiously condemn and resist God’s work of the last days? This is something that puzzles a lot of people. This is actually not hard to figure out. Back then the Pharisees knew the Bible well and would often expound on it in synagogues. But when Lord Jesus came, they furiously resisted, and furthermore, they persecuted Him and nailed the Lord Jesus to the cross alive. This fact is sufficient to prove that those who often interpret and exalt the Bible do not necessarily have true knowledge or understanding of God. All of the Pharisees could interpret the Bible. Though they knew everything expressed by the Lord Jesus was the truth, how could they still resist Him? Since they weren’t able to recognize God’s voice at all, how could they possibly know God’s disposition and essence? Religious pastors are no different from the Pharisees. You see, although they are familiar with the Bible, all that they preach is Bible knowledge and theological theories as well as the characters and historical background of the Bible. They’re unable to communicate any experience or testimony of practicing the Lord’s word, or any true knowledge of God. This is more than enough to show that they are not people who experience God’s work nor do they practice God’s word. How could they possibly be among those who know God? Their view of God is full of notions and imaginations. They simply don’t know God’s disposition and intention of saving mankind whatsoever. And so when God appears in the last days, they use their Bible knowledge and doctrines to define God’s work, and so end up playing the role of the Pharisees who believed in God yet resisted Him. Let’s take a look at a passage of Almighty God’s word. Almighty God makes it abundantly clear. True knowledge of God comes from practically experiencing God’s work and from practicing God’s word, and is achieved through the work of the Holy Spirit. It’s not achieved through being extremely familiar with the Bible. (Indeed.) No one has, in the last thousands of years, achieved true knowledge of God through reading the Bible. Moreover, not one person has been cleansed and received God’s approval because they were familiar with the Bible. He is right. Of all those who received God’s approval throughout history, none achieved knowledge of God through simply reading the Bible. It was while in the process of practicing God’s word and obeying God’s work that ever so gradually they began to gain true knowledge and fear of God. Take Abraham and Job for example, both of them magnified God and revered God in their hearts. It was through their experiences that they were able to know the almightiness and the wisdom of God who dominates over all things. They saw that everything man has is due to God’s blessing and God’s grace, which generated their true faith in God. That is why they could still extol the holy name of God amid trials, created beautiful and resounding testimonies and received God’s blessing as a result. Peter recognized that the Lord Jesus is the Christ, that Lord Jesus is the Son of the living God, not through familiarizing himself with the Old Testament, but through pursuing truth and practically obeying the word and work of the Lord Jesus, through the Holy Spirit’s work, and through gradually getting to know God’s true loveliness and His disposition and all that He has and is. In the end, he managed to achieve an ultimate love for God and obedience unto death, thus creating a beautiful and resounding testimony for God. In addition, during the time the Lord Jesus worked, those who did follow Him all perceived in His utterance the authority and power of His word. They recognized that it was the voice of God and decided to follow Lord Jesus. They also created beautiful and resounding testimonies in spreading the Lord Jesus’ gospel. When God returns to flesh and then appears to work during the last days, many people who never believed in Lord Jesus and never read the Bible have nonetheless attained the work of the Holy Spirit through accepting and obeying the judgment of Almighty God’s word. They have gradually developed true knowledge of and obedience toward God. Persecuted by the regime of the great red dragon, they’ve created overcoming testimonies. This is a fact that all are able to see. Only those who have experienced God’s work and ultimately created beautiful and resounding testimonies for God are people who truly know God and obey God. Those who only interpret the Bible but have not truly borne witness belong with religious charlatans. Those religious Pharisees and pastors despise and hate the truth. They familiarize themselves with the Bible and explain the Bible not because they pursue the truth and knowledge of God. Rather, it is completely for showing off, deceiving and caging people. When God becomes flesh and appears to do His work, they even view the truth-expressing Christ as enemy and essentially crucify God again. Therefore, they are rejected and cursed by God. This fully exposes their truth-hating, God-opposing, antichrist essence. The work of God incarnate in the last days has revealed all mankind as well as classified people in accordance with their kind. God’s work truly beyond any doubt is almighty and wise! Indeed. Absolutely. It’s true. I totally agree. This has helped me understand that knowledge of God can only be achieved through experiencing God’s word and attaining the work of the Holy Spirit. (Mm.) Yeah. We used to think that these pastors who are familiar with the Bible and can explain the Bible surely must know God. It seems this is very wrong. (Yes. Mm.) The words expressed by Almighty God are all the truth, and are the voice of God. Most pastors not only refuse to acknowledge it, they even outright condemn and resist it. This is quite sufficient to show that they are not people who know God. Well said! Absolutely. Yes, if people who believe in God do not love the truth, and don’t pay attention to practicing the word of God, then they aren’t truly experiencing the work of God. If people only care about equipping themselves with Bible knowledge and theological theories to build up their own prestige so people can worship and follow them, then they’ll naturally become hypocritical Pharisees. (Mm.) Allow me to read a passage of Almighty God’s word. I’ll read next! God’s word is indeed the truth. It’s so good. Such a good thing. Almighty God’s words expose the truth-hating nature and the substance of the religious leaders, pastors and Pharisees. They familiarize themselves with and explain the Bible, all so they can stand out and show off. They use it to deceive and cage people while protecting their own status and livelihoods. It is not at all to communicate the truth and testify to God, nor to bring people before Him. They pretend to be godly on the outside and yet they don’t revere God in their hearts whatsoever. When Almighty God expresses the truth and performs judgment of the last days, to protect their own status and their own livelihoods, they all do everything they can to spread rumors and release fallacies to delimit God and condemn God’s work of the last days. They say things like “God’s words and work are all in the Bible, anything beyond the Bible is heresy,” and “Believing in God is believing in the Bible, the Bible represents God,” and so forth, and spread all sorts of fallacies to prevent people from seeking and investigating the true way. So pastors try to protect their status and that’s why they resist and condemn Almighty God! (Indeed.) It shows that when religious pastors use occasions for explaining the Bible as opportunities to interpret the Bible falsely, delimit God and to oppose God, it is due to their truth-hating and God-resisting satanic nature. Throughout history, the religious world has in fact been ruled by hypocritical Pharisees and antichrists. They worship the Bible and exalt the Bible, all so they can deceive and control God’s chosen people, and consolidate their status and livelihoods. It is not at all to testify to God nor to guide people into the reality of truth, nor is it to bring them before God. Therefore, when Almighty God comes to perform His work of the last days, the truth-hating, God-resisting antichrist nature of religious pastors and leaders is thoroughly exposed. Under the guise of “defending the truth and protecting the flock,” they focus on opposing Almighty God, Christ of the last days, and turning the religious world into a staunch bastion of opposition to God. Do you still fail to see this fact? Your fellowship has benefited me. It has allowed me to see through the truth-hating and God-resisting satanic nature of religious pastors. They interpret the Bible out of context so as to delimit God and condemn God’s work, doing their utmost to make up all sorts of rumors to deceive people, all so they can put people under their control and prevent them from seeking and examining the true way. Their resistance against God is utterly obvious! Yes. That’s right. I agree. I never knew that they could be so malicious! Me neither. For the sake of their status and livelihoods, they have no problem with ruining our lives. Their hearts are truly black! They really are soul-devouring demons! Absolutely true. It’s true. Right. Today, we’ve received discernment. It is Almighty God’s word that has indeed saved us from the bondage of the religious Pharisees! (Amen!) We offer thanks to Almighty God! (Amen!) Amen! So pastors interpret the Bible for the sake of their status and livelihoods. We were unable to discern and blindly believed them. We really were muddle-headed! Yes. They’re afraid to lose their status, so they do their utmost to cage and control us and even prohibit us from seeking Almighty God’s work of the last days. Isn’t this harming and ruining us? (Yes. Indeed. That’s right.) That’s right. These pastors are so malicious! Yes, I agree with you. Their knowledge of the Bible and their theological theories are just their empty rhetoric. (That’s right.) They do not have any true experience of God’s words and work. Yes, I agree. Indeed. How are they exalting God at all? It is completely to make themselves stand out and to exalt themselves! (Mm.) They never lead us to practice the Lord’s word or to experience His work. Well said. Yes. Therefore, we don’t understand any truth after believing in God for years, and we all lack any true knowledge of the Lord. (It’s true.) We believe in the Lord but don’t magnify the Lord. Instead, we blindly believe pastors, listening to and obeying them in everything. How could this receive God’s approval? Pastors have badly cheated us! (Yes. True.) If it weren’t for today’s fellowship about Almighty God’s word, we would still think they are people who know God simply because they’re familiar with the Bible and can explain it. We’d still rely on them to lead us to be brought up into the kingdom of heaven. We are simply too blind and foolish! (Yes.) If it weren’t for today’s fellowship, we would all be still kept in the dark! Yes. Yes. Well said. Almighty God has worked for many years and already He has made a group of overcomers. His work’s almost complete. Yet we continued to be deceived and controlled by the pastors’ fallacies, stubbornly and blindly believing in the Bible, doing all we could to deny God’s work of the last days, still looking to the sky and waiting for our Savior to descend upon white clouds, not knowing we almost missed our chance to be made into overcomers. (It’s true.) If it weren’t for our seeking into Almighty God’s word online, we would still be listening to the lies of religious pastors. We all would probably never be able to hear the Lord’s voice or welcome His appearance. (Yeah. It’s true.) The four blood moons have already taken place. The great disasters have started to fall down already! Yeah! It’s true. If Almighty God hadn’t shown mercy on and also saved us, we’d be weeping and gnashing our teeth in the disasters. Yes. That’s true. It is very dangerous! Let’s give all thanks to Almighty God for saving us all! (Amen!) Let us all thank Almighty God! (Amen!) We have finally received the Lord! (Amen!) Thanks be to God. Never did I think I could receive the Lord in my lifetime. It’s my greatest honor in all my life! (Amen!) I offer thanks to Almighty God! (Amen!) Yeah, we have much to thank Almighty God for! Indeed, we are ever so greatly blessed! Amen! I too thank Almighty God for His saving me! (Amen!) For these many years, I was a believer of God but in name and was actually worshiping man, I was deceived by pastors—the religious Pharisees. I even blindly believed in and worshiped the Bible, always using the Bible to delimit God and to replace God, thinking that belief in God means believing in the Bible, and departing from it means not believing in God. They were like shackles that tightly bound me and fully tied me down, making me unable to follow God’s footsteps and experience God’s work. Blindly worshiping the Bible and looking up to and following the Pharisees became obstacles to my accepting God’s work of the last days and continued to prevent me from looking into and investigating Almighty God’s work. Today, it is the word of Almighty God that has allowed me to discern the antichrist essence of pastors to break out of their cage and their control and to be brought before God’s throne. (Amen!) I am so thankful for Almighty God’s exaltation and grace! (Amen!) Henceforth, I’ll pursue the truth hard, proclaim Almighty God’s work of the last days, so I may bring all before God soon to repay His love and salvation. (Amen!) Let us all thank Almighty God! (Amen!) Praise God. Amen! Here you are. (Thank you.) Hello. Hi! Hello! The books you wanted are ready. Those there? (Yes.) Thank you! Looks like there’re many people accepting the gospel. Yes. It’s all God’s work and His blessing! (Right.) We should get going now. OK, take care! (Thank you. Till later.) Hi! (Hello!) Here let me help you. OK, thank you! Let’s go. Okay. Hello. Okay. Let’s go! (Okay.)

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