Church Membership – Bible Questions with Michael Pearl – Episode 033

Church Membership – Bible Questions with Michael Pearl – Episode 033

Bible Questions with Michael Pearl – Episode
033 [music] Michael Pearl: All right. If you haven’t tuned
in before to our Bible questions, this is Mike Pearl. During the wintertime
we sit indoors and answer your questions. But during the summertime,
Jarod’s going to have to chase me around with a camera because I’m
going to be out in the gardens, and out fishing, and different things
like that. So you’ll get to see a little bit of what
we do here in Tennessee as we answer your Bible questions. Now, Jarod
has been receiving questions from you from the computer and from
the mail. So he’s going to read some of them, and I’m going
to answer them. I have no idea what questions he’s going to ask. So
Jarod, what have you got today? Jarod: Is there any Scriptural support for
church membership? Michael: Yup, there’s absolute Scriptural
support for church membership. But what I mean by that answer and what you meant
by the question are two different things. In the Bible, we find
in the Book of Acts it says, “And there was added unto the church
daily such as should be saved.” Now who was it that was adding them
to the church? It was the Lord Jesus Christ.
And what is the church? That’s the question. Now if by the church
you mean an institution like something that’s got a 501(c)(3)
designation, and is organized into a business format or there’s
property held in common through a board, then yeah. You join it
because you control the property. You’re a property owner. But if you’re talking about by the church,
the body of Christ, which in the Bible is an organism not an organization.
What do you mean by an organism? In other words, it’s
a living body made up of fingers, the Bible says, and eyes and ears.
He said, “In the body there’s many different members, but there’s
one body.” In another place He gives an illustration.
He said, “We’re all one bread.” In other words, each of us is a grain
of wheat ground into one loaf of bread. According to the Scriptures,
in each city there was just one church. When Paul wrote to the Romans, you’ll read
in the last chapter of Romans, he said, “Greet those who are in Pricilla’s
household.” Then he named a half a dozen different homes
there, and they were meeting in those homes having their church
services. Now, God didn’t recognize multiple churches inside
of a city. He only recognized the church in that city. For instance, to the church which is at Ephesus,
to the church which is at Thyatira — Revelations Chapter
Two and Three–to the church which is at Smyrna, to the Thessalonicans,
to the Corinthians. In other words, in Thessalonica
the city, there was only one church. That was Christ’s body. It was an organism.
It was a living group of people bound together by the Holy Spirit,
baptized by the Spirit of God into Christ’s body becoming a member
of his bone and of his flesh — Ephesians, Chapter Five. Here in
our community where we live, from a human standpoint you’d say there’s
a dozen churches. But from God’s standpoint, there’s only one
church. Now there’s some buildings that I’ve never
been to, and I don’t go there because they wouldn’t want me there.
I don’t go there because they have a different doctrinal slant on some
things, and they don’t come to my church building. But you know, when I meet those people in
work or out in the community I treat them just as much as a member
of my church as anybody anywhere. I love them as part of the
body of Christ, and I cherish them. If they have a hospital bill,
I help them with it, if I can. If they have a garden needs plowing,
I plow their garden. When I greet them, I greet them warmly as
I do any Christian anywhere because they are members of Christ’s
body, of his church, just as I am. So I love those people just
as much as I do the people that I meet with on a daily basis. So our little group we call The Church at
Cane Creek. You notice the name on that? The Church at Cane Creek?
That’s because our little gathering represents the church, which
is located at Cane Creek. Now that’s a biblical definition for
a church, like the Church in Memphis, the Church in Nashville. So according to God, there’s only one church
in Nashville, one church in Memphis, but probably divided into
400 or 500 different denominational groups. Now I’m not for an
ecumenical endeavor to bring all the people together into one group.
That would be great, but the only thing that will cause that to
happen is persecution. If the church is ever persecuted, then we
won’t care whether somebody is pre-tribulational, mid-tribulational,
or post- tribulational. We won’t care whether they
believe in sprinkling or immersion for a water baptism, or what kind
of church headship they believe in — whether it’s a pastor, elders,
a presbytery, or an apostle, or whatever they want to call it. We’ll all come and function together as one,
ministering to each other and caring for one another as we should
be all along. So can you join the church? If you recognize it as
a human institution that you want to be part of the ownership
of the property and have a say-so in the affairs, yeah. But don’t think
that’s Christ’s church. Now it’s part of his church. His church is
there in that organization, but that’s not His church. You
joined His church when you believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and
got saved. So there’s a difference between man’s church
and God’s church. A Baptist church, a Methodist church, the Presbyterian
church, the Lutheran church, the Roman Catholic church,
all those are man’s churches. They’re man’s designations. Even
the Church of Christ or Christ’s Church, that’s man’s church when
they give it that name. But there’s one body, one fellowship, one
calling, one Lord, one baptism. And all of us who believe on the
Lord Jesus Christ are part of that by the Spirit of God, not by
some name appearing on a church role. Jarod: If you would like to ask a Bible question,
email us at [email protected] Or call at
931-805-4820. [music] Transcription by CastingWords

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  1. this really clarified some things that I had already knew but it just made it nice to hear that I had already become a member when I gave my life to the Lord wholly And Daily…. Thanks for this video..

  2. Churches these days are more concerned with entertaininment, bake sales, loud music, and sports, than they are about salvation and conversion. You won't hear many preach Repentance, Holy Living, and Obedience to Christ.

  3. Excellent. I'm very much enjoying revisiting all of the videos on your channel. I hope you'll continue to make similar videos in the future. God bless you guys.

  4. Hello bro, so far I like what you've been saying about Gods Word, and wanted you to know that! I like too, all that God givin manure you seem to have an abundance of pertaining to politics! You make me laff, and that aint easy coming from where I live-California! Next time I’m Tennessee I’d like to partake with y’all.. You got alotta Salt in you teacher! Praise God youre spreadin’ it around where it counts! 🤺

  5. Loved it and totally agree. It’s not real popular where I live, but it is the word of our Father.. good one, thank you

  6. Before you join a church make sure you read their confession of faith, doctrines, catechisms etc. or you may find yourself bound physically & spiritually to some serious problems…oaths very serious and should take years before you even consider joining…better to join Jesus and stay unshackled!!!

  7. I'm coming to borrow my 🚜 Amen Brother 👊. ✝️.
    Love you. Humble yourself in the presents of
    Lord God Almighty
    go take care of the
    Orphan the widow and the fatherless.
    The homeless the poor and the downtrodden of society. Amen.!
    Don't worry about music 😁

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