Conscious Judaism EP 2 By Yakov Kirsh: Positive and negative inner forces.

[Applause] So we left off last week we spoke about
the shechina. The Shechina being the life
force within all of us – the life force
within the entire universe everything that is alive,
everything that exists – it’s because Hakadosh Baruch Hu had a will there was a will somewhere within the wisdom
that creates – to create this specific detail, to create the specific reality
and that’s the reality we’re interacting with on a daily basis – inside of us and
outside of us -, so he’s saying that this
force, this Chelek Aloka is השוכן בקרב כליות ולב נפשות ישראל
והוא דנקרא שכינה בכל מקום. כמ”ש במגילה (כ”ט.) גלו לבבל
שכינה עמהם כו’ Klal yisroel goes to galus , in bavel the
shechina comes with why does the shechina come with? because its
galus within them. and it comes along ‘. ובסנהדרין (מ”ו.) שכינה
מה אומרת קלני מֵרֹאשִׁי, קַלַּנִי מִזְּרוֹעִי
why does the shechina feel our pain? because if
we have pain, the life force within us is in pain, and therefore it feels all our
pain- like it says in the pasuk – תהלים פרק צא פסוק טו “עִמּֽוֹ־אָנֹכִ֥י
בְצָרָ֑ה” . לפי שהוא התגלות ד’ השוכן
בתוך בני ישראל ובקרבם לעולם. ומעולם לא זזה שכינה מכותל
מערבי (שמות רבה פ”ב). היא הכותל ששם שקיעת האור so he’s
saying that the Shekinah never moved away from Kosel Hamaaravi-
from the western wall and this wall resembles the wall resembles the שקיעת האור
שקיעת האור means when there is darkness in the world
where klal yisroel doesn’t perceive life in the way that
they should. when the mind is
in Galus, when perception is in Galus, so then the Shechina still doesn’t move
from them because it’s still giving them life even though the life force that
it’s giving them is not necessarily in its full force it’s still keeping them
alive he
is explaining that רצה לומר בכותל שסמוך לשקיעה והוא לפנות
ערב ועת חושך השכינה לא זזה even at the time of shkia, shkia resembles when
darkness is coming when a person is
losing his touch he is
losing his insight he’s losing his
intuitive power still the shechina is
never removed from klal yisroel כמ”ש (יומא נ”ז.) השוכן אתם
בתוך טומאותם גם כן that Hakadosh Baruch Hu is שוכן בתוך
בני ישראל(dwells)- even when there is tumah in bnei yisroel
and tumah always means טמטום הלב that a person can’t
be משיג (attain) the way that he should כי נפשות כל ישראל אחוזים
וקשורים כבשלשלת כידוע מה שכתוב יעקב חבל נחלתו the nefashos of all klal yisroel are tied
up to each other like in a chain and they all affect each other. and then it goes from there and it
effects the goyim ,it affects the entire human race, and it goes from there and
affects the animals it affects all the other species. It affects the plants
and it affects even the inanimate objects because the
vibration of man is of the highest quality \ and therefore it
will permeate all the other versions of life
עד כדי כך that we know that when Moshiach is going to come
the animals are going to behave Differently like the pasuk says
וְגָר זְאֵב עִם כֶּבֶשׂ” וְנָמֵר עִם גְּדִי יִרְבָּץ
וְעֵגֶל וּכְפִיר וּמְרִיא יַחְדָּו וְנַעַר קָטֹן
נֹהֵג בָּם.” ישעיהו יא ו the animals that are currently torfim (predators)
that- currently have the nature of eating
other animals -will lose that will lose that nature – and they will find a way to
coexist. but it all starts in man
man is the leader man is the driver
of the consciousness of the universe and everything follows man so
the words that he’s saying using here יעקב חבל נחלתו
Yaakov is the rope of his נחלה so in
order to understand that we have to get into a little bit how the עולמות (worlds)
work some of you probably have heard the
term אבי”ע which stands for אצילות בריאה יצירה
ועשיה these are different levels
of spiritual life many people make the
mistake of thinking that עשיה the lowest level of life
the lowest level of the worlds of the עולמות (worlds)
is the actual physical reality but the four worlds are four spiritual
Realms they’re not physical. none of them. the body, the physical body that we
inhabit, serves all the worlds so for example if a person’s spirit is in
עשיה so then his spirit is in עשיה but his
body is still the גוף (body) if he is in בריאה
now the body is the same גוף (body) but
his perception his reality now went up a level now
hes is perceiving from בריאה and
the same thing any other any of the other worlds the גוף (body)always remains the
same now the location where we are is
not even in עשיה because עשיה is the
real creation עשיה
is the world that Hakadosh Boruch Hu actually made and it’s
an accurate representation (the spiritual accurately represents the physical). מה שאין כן (that which is not necessarily
true) where we are – which is worlds
that are lower than עשיה because they go
into the world of the קליפות the
worlds of the קליפות means that your spiritual reality is not an accurate
reflection of the physical reality meaning you don’t fully understand
what’s actually happening and therefore you’re not living in a world –
You’re living in עולם הטוהו it’s called an עולם הטוהו means a world that
doesn’t have any any rationale it doesn’t fully come together it doesn’t
make sense and as a
person evolves spiritually he goes into עשיה and עשיה means that the words
that he uses to describe reality and the
concepts in his mind are real they
actually reflect what’s happening he
doesn’t live in an imagined state, in an imagined place, but he
doesn’t necessarily have access to the deeper levels that are causing reality
to be the way that it is because those
are the higher realms so for example
יצירה is the place of the emotions
it’s the place where the רוח Ruach is in charge and when somebody gains a full
understanding of the emotional reality and how that works and how he interacts
with other people emotionally and he
knows how to bring himself back into emotional balance immediately if he’s
taken out of balance so then we would say
that he’s that he’s living in יצירה when a person goes beyond that and he
understand his beliefs, he understands
his intellectual reality, and understands
how that’s causing his experience and how that’s affecting him and other
people around him then we would say that he’s entering בריאה and when a person goes even beyond
that and you understand the source desires that are causing his beliefs and
the source desires that are causing him to manifest the way that he’s
manifesting so then we would say that
he’s living in אצילות now we
shouldn’t underestimate the distance between these worlds and how far they
are to climb it might seem simple to us
because we can talk about the intellect we can talk about emotions
we can talk about desire but that’s not what we’re
talking about here it’s not simply
having a discussion about something and therefore you enter that reality when
you enter a reality it means that you fully understand it meaning that’s the
world you live and that’s your base from
there you’re operating from there you’re
looking not that simply you’re looking into there you can look into the
worlds you can look at יצירה you can
look at your emotions but you’re not
living in there you don’t have enough
clarity to live in יצירה and if you
want to understand how deep this goes nobody entered אצילות since Adam Harishon including Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses) Moshe Rabbeinu’s (Moses)
נבואה (prophecy)is considered to be standing in
בריאה standing in the place of the
intellect where all the different
beliefs all of the different understandings
of life made sense him and he
understood how the מחשבה works and how it actually manifests but he didn’t
enter the world of desire he looked into it he looked into it like the torah tells us
that Moshe Rabbeinu looked into Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) Hakadosh Baruch Hu allowed him to
see Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) before he entered
and Moshe Rabbeinu asked אעברה נא meaning I want to enter that level I
want to be there I want to live there I
want to see life from there and once he
would do that he would go into a completely different place where the
מלאכים (angels) would have no power over him and then he would be able to do things
that he wasn’t able to do from בריאה and
he’d be able to bring the גאולה שלימה so when we’re talking about אצילות
it’s not something that’s easy for us to comprehend even עשיה is difficult for
us to comprehend but the reason we’re
talking about the structure is because
there is a mini structure in each world Meaning- in עשיה there is the
lowest-level which correlates to עשיה there is a deeper
level which correlates to יצירה there’s a deeper level correlating to
בריאה and deeper level correlating to אצילות that’s all in עשיה and even in
the fake worlds – in the virtual realities that we’ve devolved into – which are not
real – even there there is still a taste of a
עשיה, a taste of יצירה , a taste of בריאה and a
taste of a אצילות And that is so we can
talk about these things and relate to them even though we don’t fully
understand what it means to live in one of those realities because if somebody
lives there it means that he has full
control and to him it’s basic knowledge just like we have basic
knowledge of how to operate our bodies a person in that state in that
level has basic knowledge of how to operate a speech or how to operate his emotions
or how to operate his intellect and his beliefs and his
desires so it’s a very very deep סולם
it’s a very deep ladder that a person
could climb and like I said for
thousands of years nobody has managed to go into אצילות the prophets after Moshe Rabbeinu
which couldn’t enter which I think none of them entered Bria either
they were all standing in יצירה and looking into בריאה so they stood in יצירה
meaning they had gained full control over their emotions they were
completely in charge and they had the
wisdom of understanding how beliefs and how the intellect affects those emotions
and affects speech and affects the the practical level of the physical however
they didn’t live in the world of בריאה they couldn’t enter there and therefore
Moshe Rabbeinu is considered to be the highest Navi (prophet) we’ve ever had nobody,
nobody went beyond his level now in all
these worlds there are מלאכים (angels) And מלאכים (angels) simply mean forces
of nature How are
these מלאכים (angels)created ? so as soon as the
child is born and he starts picking up information through his senses he starts
creating מלאכים (angels) every thought that a
person has every memory is Malach it’s
not a static memory that’s just giving you data – saying “on this and this date
you did that – you ate pizza, you did whatever it was” but it’s also alive because it’s becoming
part of your personality soon as it
happens and now it’s going to decide for
you what your future is going to hold so all these מלאכים (angels) that you’ve
created throughout from birth all the
way till now they’re all part of your personality and they’re causing you to
be who you are the מלאכים (angels) are having a discussion
and they’re saying “you know what? this is
your next move. this is what you should think now. this is what you should do now.” the same thing when you learn you create מלאכים (angels) of understanding so for example,
I start learning Reb Tzadok I’m starting
to create מלאכים (angels) – his interpretations, his perception, or at
least my understanding of his of his interpretation, these are all מלאכים
(angels) when there are enough מלאכים (angels)
I start getting deeper understanding right? these מלאכים (angels) were all
talking to each other and creating a deeper
understanding creating a big Malach Eventually – there’s so many of them that
they’re sitting here with me and talking to you they’re telling you what I’ve
concluded about what Reb Tzadok thinks all this is because in my spirit all
these מלאכים (angels) are gathering together
and giving me all this information so that I can give it over to you so these מלאכים (angels) are in all
these different worlds and they’re creating
your reality so you have מלאכים (angels) that
are affecting your emotions you have מלאכים (angels) that are affecting
your beliefs you
have מלאכים (angels) affecting your desires
you have מלאכים (angels) they’re affecting your
practical way of living these מלאכים (angels)
are not always friendly. Right? Many times people tell us things or we think of
things that are not friendly they’re not
friendly to us or they’re not friendly to the people around us so they’re not
friendly to anybody within humanity or reality so if I think bad about another
person I’ve created a bad מלאך and
it’s not just in that moment that I’ve created a bad מלאך – that bad מלאך
becomes part of my personality and one
day he might say something bad about me because that’s his nature he says bad
things about people because the Spirit does not
differentiate between yourself and other human beings that differentiation is in
your imagination you think well I – I’m a
good guy but everybody else they got problems that is something yourimagination can conclude your spirit doesn’t buy into that if you believe everybody
has problems, well guess what, you’re a human being too- you got problems also it runs
deeper than simply how you decide to look at it – because 99.99 (I don’t
know how many 9s we got to put there) percent of you is identical to the next
guy there is only a tiny sliver of
difference which is in your conscious mind – how you decided to manifest your
particular personality – so the structure –
the hardware as well as most of the software is identical as soon as you
tell your spirit that human beings are bad – it means you’re bad (to a certain
degree) and that’s that’s because the
spirit is always looking at everything like it’s a mirror the spirit comes into
this world and doesn’t know itself the only way it’s going to figure out
who it is is by looking around and other people and things and animals and trees
and life in general (stars, planets, whatever it is) that the person
is looking at and it’s going to see
itself as a mirror saying I am something related to all these things and that’s that’s how we see life – that’s
the lens through which we see life so when a
child’s growing up – if a lot of the information coming in is negative – it
creates negative מלאכים (angels) it creates
negative energy. eventually these
מלאכים (angels) become so powerful that they
can derail the life of the child they
can cause the child to feel feelings that are not good for him, not good for
the people around them, and eventually it can become a bitter angry adult we can find those quite easily I think and even
inside of each one of us there’s a bitter angry adult that we have to deal
with because we have created and people created for us a lot of bad מלאכים (angels)
because we weren’t conscious now these
bad these bad מלאכים (angels) are called ש-ד ש-ד is a מזיק (destructor) it’s a
כח (power) it’s a spiritual כח (power) that has been
recorded within your personality that when it acts out it’s causing damage to
the people around you and to yourself but
sש-ד are not necessarily always negative ש-ד could also
be your friends – for example if you learn how to ride a bike – the one
that’s riding the bike for you after you’ve learned how to ride the bike is a
ש-ד what is it it’s a mental
recording – it’s a spiritual recording of certain nerve movements and muscle
movements – and a certain way of keeping your balance so that you can
stay on the bike . every time you ride the
bike, you activate that force and you tell them – ride the bike for me in the
meantime you’re thinking about whatever you’re thinking about you’re not
necessarily focused on driving the bike because there’s already a spiritual
recording that knows how to ride the bike and it’s riding the bike for you and the same goes for almost everything
we do if we eat the same breakfast every
morning – we’ve created a ritual – we’ve created a מלאך – we’ve created a
recording of how this how this procedure works, how this ritual is going to go
down. And we keep replaying it- we just
hit the play button and now it’s gonna do whatever it needs to do we only think
when we hit a spot where we’re like “okay what do I do now? this I haven’t recorded
before?” and then the intelligence comes
in and says you know what at this point this is what you need to do so we have
we have these spiritual forces in all the worlds from the top to the bottom and the reason we’re in such a low world,
the reason we’ve devolved into such a low reality, is because when there’s pain
– when something is broken – the spirit has
to go down all the way to where the problem is in order to fix it if it’s
going to stay up top and the problem is
inside of the being at a lower level than the spiritual level where the
spirit resides, then the damage is not
healable, the spirit is not looking at that place for example like if you have
a leak in your house and the plumber has to come in and open the sheetrock and
open the wall and open all kinds of different things that have nothing to do
with plumbing but that’s the only way
you’re going to get to the plumbing and be able to resolve your issues so you
always have to open up all the way to the area of the problem
7 so Adam Harishon was in אצילות but after
the Sin things changed and now there was a problem in עשיה so now society
has to devolve in all the way down to עשיה and we have to find ways to coexist at
the level of עשיה when we can all
coexist at the level of עשיה we can all proceed to the level of יצירה if we
can coexist there people can look out for each other emotionally if we can
know the right things to say to help each other emotionally so then we evolve
to בריאה and we can really start
understanding what life means and how to go about it and why it was created and
how what’s the best way to manifest the potential of life if we learn to coexist
in בריאה we can move on to אצילות which is
called Gan Eden which is a place where
people actually know how to look out for each other on all the spiritual levels so there’s never any any frustration,
there’s never any arguments, or wars, or craziness all the individuals are
running the same software and trying to help each other to achieve their
potential and that is going to be the
perfect society that we’re all looking forward to so a big part of this job is
cleaning out all these ghosts all these ש-דs that were created over the
over time that are that are basically causing us to act the way that we act but there’s two ways of doing Teshuva (repentance)
with these מלאכים (angels) one way of doing Teshuva (repentance)
with these Teshuva מלאכים (angels) is what’s
called killing them – eliminating them – meaning your intelligence now knows that
this thought, this belief, this emotion is no good and therefore as soon as it
starts coming into your system it gets eliminated eventually it will stop
coming- because every spiritual force every spiritual entity needs food in
order to exist and the food of existence
is manifestation and that’s why it’s
always trying to manifest it’s trying to come in and come out in words or in
action because that’s going to give it life that’s going to refresh your
relationship with it if you don’t let
that happen, eventually, it dies because it doesn’t have food, you’re not feeding
it, and then it gets forgotten from your consciousness and it stops
bothering you the other way is called –
turning it over להפכם – which means that you actually can use these forces
for your benefit and that takes a tremendous
amount of wisdom. That was the wisdom that King Solomon was into when he was
working with Ashmodai. there’s all these different stories
because Ashmodai is the king of ש-דs – the king of the ש-דs is
the imagination the imagination creates
them and that’s why Ashmodai stands for אש דמי – the fire within my blood and
Ashmodai – the word actually means I will annihilate myself (yeah) which means that
there is a recording within that person that’s not it’s not his friend – it’s not
good for him and there was a there’s
actually a point while King Solomon was trying to overcome Ashmodai Where Ashmodai
was King Solomon! He kicked him off his throne
and the imagination took over and some
funny things happened so – King Solomon’s goal was to take over
the imagination – to take over the the כח of
the of the שדים and to use them for good
purposes – which he did but he never actually completed the job we’re still
waiting for somebody to go in there and do that and finalize it and actually the
Torah – the purpose of the Torah is to allow our imagination to be in charge of
the שדים that’s that’s the goal
because once that happens then the שכל (intellect)
can talk to us as long as that doesn’t
happen the שדים are standing in the way of us perceiving שכל (intellect)
– of us perceiving what what’s really going on because we have all these different
recordings that are not really serving us and they’re just confusing us and so
we even when we learn, even when we daven (pray)
and everything we do – sometimes we’re
feeding the wrong side – because sometimes
the thing that’s causing us to do whatever it is we’re doing is not our
friend – is not there to help us – and when
you’re acting that out you’re manifesting him – you’re giving him power-
you’re giving him food so that’s why it
takes a certain certain דעת (Daas) to be מבדיל (seperate) בין אור לחושך (between light and
dark) to
know what’s really within your best interest and what’s not but what we need
to be more careful with – what’s done is done –
is going forward every time we speak
we’re creating spiritual entities speech is extremely powerful we cannot
underestimate – this is a power that creates our entire
spiritual being and even though words
are weak in their own sense – because words themselves don’t really represent
reality, (right?) we speak about water- we
speak about human beings- it’s not! when we
say the word water there’s no water there – it’s just bringing up a concept in
our mind and therefore words can be
tricky when it comes to the spiritual
reality – words sometimes you can say statements that seem opposite – just by
looking at the words but if you
understand the inner dimension they’re pointing to you’ll see that both of the
statements that actually makes sense because words are tricky like that and
they have different meanings in different context and the whole Torah
is written like that with משלים and
allegories of the of what the real meaning is- obviously the Torah is not
just telling us history- and not just telling us stories there is a deeper
meaning to everything that’s written in the Torah and that’s through the
interpretation of words and understanding how language work so that
we can understand that the whole world not just the words in the Torah –
everything that exists is a משל is
telling us something – the fact that there’s trees the fact that we eat fruit
from the trees the fact that there are
animals the fact that we eat children of
animals we eat eggs we eat chickens all
these different things and the nature of
these animals and what they do and what
they don’t do and how they act all this
is a language that King Solomon understood and that’s what gave him
insight into the ultimate goal of the human purpose because all
these different energies – all these different forces are included within man so everything you see outside of
yourself there’s a reason you see it as a mirror – because it is it’s telling you
something about you – but you need to understand the context of what it’s
saying you need to understand it in a
way that doesn’t hurt you and many many
people who practice religion they end up eating religion in a way that it could
become a סם המות (poison) like it says
וצדקים ילכו בם ופשעים יכשלו בם
הושע יד י Tzaddikim create מלאכים (angels) with
this text פשעים יכשלו בם they’re going to
create שדים with the same thing and that’s because of how they’re set up
and whether they’re looking for the truth and whether they’re kind And The Torah tests you on many different
levels before it reveals the truth to you but these energies – these forces –
specifically the negative ones – as they become more powerful – if a person feeds a
certain energy over and over and over again this can be the beginning this can
be the source of all kinds of spiritual illness and when I say spiritual illness
I said I’m simply including emotional illness – like for example OCD is a very
common manifestation Like Chazal call it כאילו כפאו שד
(like he was forced by a ש-ד) right? somebody’s
is forced by a spiritual force to do something that makes no sense. He’s
closing the door multiple times even though he knows it’s closed already and
it’s locked and everything’s fine but
something inside of him is driving him and all these come from these negative
entities inside of us that are not our friends so as soon as we believe
something that’s not good for us that
belief can creating start (now) emotional emotional turbulence – emotional negative
forces – that can gang up on the person and cause him all kinds of distress so
emotional disease – intellectual disease – intellectual disease is usually not so
toxic to theperson carrying although it locks them out of
understanding life and it locks them out from the truth but maybe his body feels
fine but it’s extremely dangerous for
the people around him because the things
he says and the way he goes about life is going to create negativity in the
people around him because he’s obviously
not on the right path so all these all these different
diseases – we can include in spiritual disease because it’s all diseases in
what’s motivating us and what’s driving us in our understanding – in our
perception all these diseases can be
healed through the Torah by understanding what the truth is because
disease is built on a lie Even
physical disease – I think today science
is arriving to that conclusion more and more that there is a connection between
the spirit and physical disease so if a person is irritating a certain
part of his body by believing something that he shouldn’t believe and thinking
something you shouldn’t think or feeling something you shouldn’t feel all these
things that are toxic to the individual eventually that body part that
correlates to that belief – that area that’s been in that’s been hit by
this continuous stream of negative energy – of negative spiritual energy – becomes physically impaired – becomes
physically sick and it doesn’t do its function anymore that’s because everything goes back to
the mind and every every particle in our body was created by us – Was created by
the body itself – by the intelligence inside the body and it was created based
on the energy that the body is vibrating and the thoughts that the body is having and therefore that particle has a
specific nature it has the nature of the
person that’s creating it so when we
speak – it takes a very very deep
commitment to make sure that you don’t create negative forces within the people
around you it doesn’t matter how bad you
feel and what you mood is that day or what’s going on in your life – and you say
logically I’m justified to be angry logically I’m doing nothing wrong this
makes sense everybody does it like that – all that is
irrelevant the reality is that if you if
you scream at that child if you make
that statement that you shouldn’t make If you call somebody a loser or you call
them any different name that that has a negative connotation you are creating an
enemy a מלאך that hates you and hates that person within that person unless
that person is of extreme spiritual awareness and he knows how to protect
himself from from the effect of what you’re saying all the forces – all the
words – all the actions that cause
spiritual development within another person is called כישוף (sorcery) so כישוף (sorcery) is the avoda (work)
is the work of creating שדים so if we want to
manipulate somebody – if you want to control somebody if you
want to dominate somebody you use your
words to create entities within that person that are going to force them to
do your will and that’s כישוף (sorcery) that’s a
type of mind control and we all do it we
all do it – we’re just not aware of what we’re doing so it doesn’t matter what
the relationship is between you and that person whether it’s a family member –
it’s an associate at work it’s an employee
it’s a boss it’s a wife it’s a child when we speak and we try to dominate
somebody else – we try to take away their ability to control their own destiny by
giving them ideas, beliefs, feelings, compliments or the other way around all
this is creating spiritual forces that are going to drive that person from that
day forward because it’s gonna – whatever
it is that you said is going to become part of their personality – part of their
experience – part of their spirit and
going forward, unbeknownst to them, their thoughts are not gonna originate with a
discussion with all these negative forces and sometimes these negative
forces can get deeply involved in the child’s life and they can completely
derail whatever success that child is trying to achieve because suddenly he
feels like he can’t do it there’s no
confidence – he feels inferior he feels like
he’s never going to make it and these
seeds were planted by another human being usually somebody said that
somebody made that statement somebody made that child feel that way and then when when life plays out – these
entities – these forces – have have a big effect but the biggest effect (maybe)
maybe even bigger than what than the effect that we have in this world from these
entities is the effect that comes
after this world because in this world,
while we are alive – we get to define these spiritual entities – we get to
create them – we get to say what we say – we
get to think what we think and we’re
defining spiritual entities as we go as
soon as we’ll leave the body the relationship changes suddenly you don’t
define these spiritual entities they define you you’ve lost your power you don’t
the ability to manifest but whatever you
already did all these מלאכים (angels) that
you’ve created all these experiences
that happen to you now become extremely relevant because this is all you got this is you! this is what you’re a blank
disc you’re an open spirit you’re born
clean and you accumulate it
and you’re accumulating
and you accumulate it day
after day – every day it goes in – close the file that’s the day – person sleeps – the
mind defragments – reprograms and makes sure that all the information is
available for the morning the morning –
you wake up fresh yesterday’s day is
very part of your spirit you don’t even
have to think about it twice everything
that happened yesterday is already affecting you today and tomorrow so this
is how life works now the accumulation of all these files
let’s say you have 30 days in the month now we put all those 30 days into a nice
booklet and that’s that month ,that year
it gets gets tagged it’s got your name
on it that’s you then we got 12 of those we got a year then we got 70 80 90 of those –
we got a lifetime and that’s you that’s
what you manifested in this life that’s
what you did -that’s what you created and
to that you’re gonna have infinity of figuring out what that did to the people
around you what the people around you
did with that and how that continues to
affect life for eternity because it
never stops so chas vishalom (G-d forbid) a person says
a bad word to another person he got him you
know he said the right words there was a good emotional reaction – exactly as he
was trying to do and now that person is
pissed perfect! success! now we got this
negative energy spinning – what’s gonna happen? he goes home dinner
is not ready -boom! now his wife is
getting it okay – we got it done now the
Kids – they’re not gonna go to sleep in the same fashion they usually do there’s
gonna be some commotion – it’s gonna be drama – now you ruined this kid’s life also now – the kids gonna go to
school the next day – didn’t sleep enough –
didn’t sleep good -arguing with his friends all that for that one word that you said Wow
beautiful what a wonderful achievement so it’s something that we really need to
be aware of because it might not seem as
real to us as taking a knife and sticking it into somebody’s gut but the
reality is – it’s more real it’s worse
It lives much longer a knife in the body
will heal within a few weeks- a month hopefully you don’t ruin one of his
organs but the person will recover – he’ll
be fine the spiritual damage that can be
done with one word can reverberate and reverberate and reverberate and
reverberate for eternity and that’s the power of the Spirit that’s the power of speaking that’s why King David says
in Tehillim(Psalms) מִי-הָאִישׁ, הֶחָפֵץ חַיִּים;
אֹהֵב יָמִים, לִרְאוֹת טוֹב You want life? You want good?
. נְצֹר לְשׁוֹנְךָ מֵרָע;
Watch your tongue from saying evil because
you’re creating ,in the spiritual, you’re creating something that is going to be
you you’re defining yourself and it’s
going to be within you and it’s gonna be outside of you it has a life of its own the best thing to do in a bad mood is
just to be quiet just to be quiet unless
you have a friend that can help you get out of it just hold it all in it might
not feel good, might not feel right but
when you release that anger you’re feeding somebody you shouldn’t be
feeding and you’re creating within the
people you love the enemy that might wound their lives and their children’s
and their grandchildren’s and who knows
how far it goes this is the ultimate war the spiritual war
that were fighting this is the war that Avraham Avinu (Abraham)fought this is the reason why people
before Dor Hamabul (generation of the flood) became so evil because they were creating evil within
each other just trying to fulfill (their
own) their own desires they were creating
evil within each other until eventually Hakadosh Baruch Hu says that He regrets
creating man why he says וְכָל יֵצֶר מַחְשְׁבֹת
לִבּוֹ רַק רַע כָּל הַיּוֹם All day the yetzer is creating רע (evil) the yetzer of the מחשבות (thoughts)
of the heart. How does that happen? so we know we have יצר טוב and the יצר
הרע The לשון of יצר comes from a לשון
of ציור (the word yetzer comes from the word drawing) somebody in there is
drawing images. right? the imagination is creating pictures there is a force within you which
contains all the מלאכים (angels) – all the ones
who love you and care about you- that were created kindly that were created by loving parents that were created by
people who gave you emotional support and cared about you all these Angels
want to create a good life for you so how do they do that? by being your יצר טוב
by being מציור good images in your mind that you can
manifest that you can create
in order for your life to be good the יצר הרע is the exact opposite
his pictures are always bad everything is no good it’s
never good enough every problem is
bigger than it seems everything has drama and that’s the power of the יצר הרע so what happened at the time of the מבול
(flood) was that people were
so nasty to each other that the whole
day the only images they could create in their mind was evil and that’s why Hakadosh Baruch Hu says I’m
going to erase man right? with the flood I’m going to erase
man how does how does the erasing man
help if his heart is evil, right? he’s
still gonna be born still gonna have an
evil heart and he’s going to continue
doing evil but no, the evil was created
by those people so if will erase the
people will erase those habits will
erase those recordings those beliefs
those ways of living then man has a
Chance then he can start over then he
has the ability to create יצרים טובים to create better
images his imagination could work on a
deeper level [audience] There’s still some leftovers – [YK] well there’s plenty – yeah
because it exists it exists in the physical level also meaning when you
breathe out you’re breathing out in there is a lot of information that has an
effect on the people that are going to be that air in and this is a this is
called הבלים right? Koheles speaks of the of havalim -so
he speaks about הכל הבל because there’s there’s
different types of our הבל and these הבלים got created by man man is like
a converter of energy – he breathes in a
certain type of energy and he breathes out
a certain type of energy a good man is
always converting energy to good so
whatever is coming in – whether it’s good
or bad – and this is part of the concept
of the Tikun Haneshamos (Rectification of the Souls)
That the Baal Shem Tov was working with and the Tzadikim of his generation that
whatever comes up in your mind is a spiritual force is a spiritual entity and it’s your job to guide it to the
truth to guide it to something good and that’s how you’re מתקן נשמות so
the whole the whole challenge that we have today
is that we’re so steeped in the lie we’re so steeped in what’s fake we’re so steeped in the imagination that
we don’t know where to start we don’t
know how to climb out we don’t have the
basic principles of how the truth works and what’s real and what’s not real so
we can differentiate sometimes we can’t
differentiate between a ש-ד and a מלאך something somebody wants to help
you and somebody wants to hurt you but
that’s ultimately ultimately that’s the job of man in the Sefer Yetzirah it says says
the three amos – the three main letters are א מ ש Alef Mem Shin and there’s different
interpretations of it – the simple explanation is
that it’s relative like the Sefer Yetzirah
says it’s the three different elements it’s the water
it’s the fire and it’s
the air but another way of reading it is
the mem stands for מלאך The Aleph stands
for Adam and the Shin stands for ש-ד so the Adam (man) is in the middle
choosing between the מלאך and ש-ד that’s his job to מברר (sift and choose)
right? the בירורים is
וכולם בחכמה אתברירו Everything gets sorted according to Chochma
meaning when the person has wisdom – the person has Chochma
– now his mind has the tools to be
מברר בירורים that’s why we we say אתה חוננתנו
by אתה חונן is the (makom) place -that we daven (pray)
for Daas, Bina and Haskel because that’s what
gives us the power to be מבדיל בן קודש לחול if we don’t have Daas, Chazal say הבדלה
מניין. How are you going to make Havdala if you don’t
have daas? if
you don’t understand what what’s bad for you if you don’t
understand the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined how are you
gonna be able to tell the difference between a מלאך and ש-ד? how are you
gonna be able to know what you’re allowed to manifest and which ones you
should keep in there? so now that we know
all this we can relate a little bit to this concept of יעקב חבל נחלתו all these worlds – all these realities are
in the shape of a man the shape of a body so the physial body –
וּמִבְּשָׂרִי אֶחֱזֶה אֱלוֹהַּ – represents these different worlds
of these different realities we spoke
about this a little bit last week that
the mind represents the highest level within man that’s where the neshamah has
its intelligence the heart represents
the one that chooses – it’s in a constant War- and in this in this instance we can
say that the mind represents the מלאכים (angels) -right? the heart represents the
Adam that’s choosing and the כבד (liver) represents the שדים because
that’s the area we have the least understanding and that’s where the
impulses come from and anger comes from
and different different instincts that are not necessarily good for us come out
of the liver and it has as a whole group over
there helping it out טחול and the מרה e and all these different things
if somebody is interested there’s a long
רעיא מהימנא in פרשת פנחס if
you have a Zohar you can look it up it
speaks a lot about some of the things that spoke last week about and
some of the things we mentioned this week it could be interesting just to see
the לשון (words) inside It’s just אותיות מחכימות so יעקב חבל נחלתו means
that from אצילות all the way down to עשיה is in the shape of a body but
it’s not a physical body – it’s a
conceptual body it’s a spiritual body and
from this conceptual body from this spiritual body come Neshamos so a
neshama comes from עשיה he is a worker he’s a
physical guy he’s the guy that is
practical he understands things the way
that the way that they are in the physical world as soon as you start
talking him about emotions – about intellect he falls asleep it’s not his
if he doesn’t have that in his שורש (soul root) – it doesn’t
belong to him the same goes for יצירה
emotional people their neshama comes from there the בריאה –
intellectual people and אצילות
the people of pure רצון (will or desire) and the people that
have that have God’s grace in them and
no matter what happens to them or what
situation they’re in they have a
different way about life they’re
floating above it they’re not really they’re not really involved in it so if
a neshama is is from somewhere doesn’t mean that that person resides there like
we said before even Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t
go into אצילות so how can we say
that neshama come from אצילות? because
a neshama, when it comes to somebody that’s your שורש but like we spoke
about last week, just because your שורש
which is at a very high level just
because your intelligence comes from a very deep place
doesn’t mean that the feed that you’re getting is clear and
it’s clean so somebody can be in a
Neshama of Atzilus or Briah or Yetzira or Asiya and then they
could be in a non-existent universe created by the imagination so they’re
not even in Asiya even though they have a
tremendous neshama but because they have
such a high neshama they’re going to feel even more uncomfortable than the
other guy so a guy that’s from Asiya and
he’s living in a reality that’s not real he doesn’t even hardly feels the
difference on a practical level he makes
it work he can find his food
he can do his job
he can build his house He doesn’t see a problem but the guy from
Yetzira he feels a little bit emotionally out of place
something is not right he’s
not feeling the the energy that he needs in order to survive because his Neshama is from Yetzira – he needs
that The guy
from Bria feels even more out of place because the beliefs don’t make any sense to
him there’s no sense in what
he’s doing he doesn’t feel meaning he
doesn’t feel that life has any purpose because he needs that this is part of
his being this is his שורש this is
what his intelligence is all about and
the one from Atzilus is completely lost, right? he belongs in an environment where he’s a
king He deserves to be catered to on the
physical level on the emotional level and on the intellectual level and
instead he’s just in this madhouse where everybody’s doing whatever they
want and there’s no sense – there’s no meaning –
there’s no understanding so neshama of Atzilus can be an extreme
despair but a neshama of Atzilus has a
special protection because it comes from
Atzilus has a special רצון (desire) it has a
special connection tousually life so that even
if it’s in extremely despair it doesn’t get lost it doesn’t allow that to
overtake it it has it has a special
protection from Hakadosh Baruch Hu The Zohar speaks about it in parshas Mishpatim he talks about the
different neshamas, the different gilgulim so it says that that there’s
certain neshamos that come from this high place from Atzilus that Hakadosh Baruch Hu will not allow them
to go into the Galus the way that others are because
they are the purpose of life they’re the reason we’re all here so
we’re not going to let the lower levels kill their experience so to speak
completely so they come down and usually
they come down in groups they come down
to to fix life to help other people to guide them but they’re not involved in
the day-to-day grind the way that most
people are so when we talk about
Klal Yisroel – we’re talking about this entire being the being that includes all
the four levels and this is called
Klal Yisroel or Knesses Yisroel And Knesses Yisroel has what the
Torah calls עיני העדה the eyes of the people
so some people are the eyes
some people are the brain some people are the heart and some
people are the hands
and some people are the legs and that (all together) you have
a society that can serve all the different functions that the human being
needs so that it can be supported
emotionally it can be supported
physically it can be supported
intellectually and it can be supported
so that the desire the רצון אלקי to create life the divine – the
divine desire that He wants in this world could manifest it could come out
and we can live it it so that’s what it
means יַעֲקֹב חֶבֶל נַחֲלָתוֹ like a
rope that all the neshamas are tied to
these neshama in Atzilus and from
there the life comes in so when Hakadosh Baruch Hu sends new life
The neshamos of Atzilus will feel that life first they will communicate to
the neshamas of Briah the neshamos of Briah
will understand what they’re saying and will appreciate the new
intellectual clarity that they received and then from there these beliefs can be
clarified to the people in Yetzira so their emotional well-being is
brought back into balance and
then the people of Yetzira can relate to the
people of Asiya so that the practical
life can be set up in a proper manner so that we can co-exist emotionally and
intellectually and spiritually that’s the חבל(rope) יַעֲקֹב חֶבֶל נַחֲלָתוֹ. He’s saying now כי נפשות כל ישראל אחוזים
וקשורים כבשלשלת כידוע מה שכתוב יעקב חבל נחלתו עד שהתגלות אור אלוק’ בהעלם
והסתר וצמצום גדול אין נעלם מכל לב איש ישראל אף הפחות
שבפחותים יש בו חלק חיים אשר חלק לו ד’ מחלק אלוק’
ממעל. So he says. Even the one, the Neshama that
is from the lowest level in Asia, Because of this chain, because of this relationship
that he has He is part of the Divine Presence
He’s part of the divine light Just like we would say that even in the toe of a man his spirit
still resides in his toe, right? His toe is still alive.
Even though its just a toe and it
can’t really think much and it can’t
really do much and it doesn’t really influence the life of that organism as
much as some of the other organs but
it’s still part of that life it’s still
part of that being So the same way even
the lowest neshamas of Klal Yisroel of the being a part of the
חלק אלוק’ ממעל ונקרא בכל מקום השכינה בלשון
נקבה כי היא במדרגת אם כנ”ל. The shechina is like the mother- mother is the manifestation the father brings the seed and the mother
manifests the seed the mother creates life so the Shechina (Divine Presence) is
the life the life force within the
manifested reality that creates life that continuously creates life,
creates people, creates the reality that
we live in והיינו כי באמת עצם אור ד’
גדול מאוד ואי אפשר להיות מושג ללב בני אדם כלל
the truth is – that the light of creation just like the wisdom of creation
if we try to perceive the wisdom of creation
In it’s in its original format it’s way
beyond the human the human perception A human being cannot handle it
so the light the life the life force within
that wisdom that makes that wisdom
Manifest is beyond that even and a
person cannot relate to it at all כמ”ש כי לא יראני האדם וחי.
a person cannot be in his physical body and perceive the life
force that’s giving him life it’s a
contradiction וזהו תואר הקב”ה. this unmanifested portion – this
human potential that we can’t really relate to because we don’t know its
structure – because beyond us that’s Called Hakadosh Baruch Hu so the unmanifest
the potential which is there but we
can’t relate to it it gives life to the
Manifest it creates it so when we go to
Hakadosh Baruch Hu we’re going to the Unmanifest and we want to bring in we
want to manifest some new life some new
understanding some new feeling some new
relationship from somewhere from the
potential of man bring it out in into
the realities so we’re bringing from Hakadosh Baruch Hu
to the Shechina we’re
feeding the Shechina and this happens every
time that a person digs into the Unmanifest he digs – he wants to go higher
spiritually he wants to understand more so yesterday he didn’t understand
something it was not manifest for him – it was not it was not part of the Shechina
Yet it didn’t exist and now he brought
it down he brought it out like you’ll
find many times Reb Shimon Bar Yochai says that he wants to say this word he wants
to say that word , that Dvar Torah – because he
wants to be megale (reveal) it to the to the Shechina meaning
he wants to manifest it so that exists it exists in actual life it doesn’t just
exist in potential as long as something
is within our minds it’s in a midway
between potential and reality and the
Torah is very into manifesting all the Way so you say something or do something
with it not just think so the thinking
is how you organize yourself before you’re going to manifest and then when
you’re when you make that commitment you bring it out in words or you bring it
out in action and that actually creates
that gives this reality power. וזהו תואר הקב”ה. הוראת קדושה
בכל מקום הבדלה שהוא נבדל מבני אדם. והיינו אור ד’ הנבדל
מלבות הישראלי. He’s called Hakadosh Baruch Hu
Why do we call him Kadosh? Because hes nivdal (seperated) he’s beyond us he’s above us He’s
something more than we are and therefore
we call him Kodesh we can’t relate but
it’s important to realize that the word Kadosh has a specific meaning today
Kedusha – think a lot of a lot of the interpretations that people have of the
word kedusha originates in other religions not necessarily in ours and a
strong influence is the Christian religion where people think that kedusha
means that you are removed from life you
don’t live here or enjoy life and that
couldn’t be further from the truth because we know that the holiest day
in the week- Shabbos the Torah says the
וקראת לשבת ענג ישעיהו נח יג Right? you
should you should have pleasure on Shabbos because kedusha is related to
two things in the Zohar. Theres kedusha that is called kedusha ila’a
kedusha ila’a is Chochma (wisdom) oSo real kedusha is when when a person knows
how to live then he’s considered a
Kadosh – he doesn’t he doesn’t create challenges within his experience and the
second one is Chesed so a person’s
considered to be a kadosh if he has the mida of chesed and the reason we call a
Hakadosh Baruch Hu a kadosh – one of the
Reasons- is because Hakadosh Baruch Hu Is the midas harachimim that a person can
potentially attain. mean tha tif a person
could potentially attain if a person attains the midas harachamim the way
Hakadosh Baruch Hu intended for us in
our potential then we would say that he
is davuk (conccected) to Hakadosh Baruch Hu that’s
why the 13 midos of ה’ ה’, אֵל רַחוּם וְחַנּוּן – אֶרֶךְ אַפַּיִם,
וְרַב-חֶסֶד וֶאֱמֶת. נֹצֵר חֶסֶד לָאֲלָפִים, נֹשֵׂא
עָוון וָפֶשַׁע וְחַטָּאָה; וְנַקֵּה, לֹא יְנַקֶּה relate to our relationship with
Hashem meaning we want to bring those
Midos into ourselves and then will be
considered to deveykus – meaning with Davuk in Hakadosh Baruch Hu
We’re davuk into a reality of chesed and rachamim and
therefore our lives start taking on a completely different
Meaning and this helps us so that we can
eliminate all these kochos hatumah (forces of impurtity)
from all the different worlds inside of us and the people around us so that
eventually we can unite and we can Zoche to to the geula shleima, speedily in
our days. Amen because right and the reason was that
because I’ll tell us that the three of them went in and they didn’t make it out
in peace and there’ll be a kid and Nick must be Shaolin they ought to be showed
him and that’s the real key because there are all kinds of mala from a
person will find wanted tries to clean up his emotional state right and there’s
a lot of negativity there there’s a lot of powerful forces we can’t even imagine
how powerful they are because we’re in such a low state it’s equivalent of
being connected to a very low voltage line so the higher you go up into the
world as you go from a city is serious serious tabria you’re going into higher
voltage and you shouldn’t go into higher voltage if there’s still negativity if
they still shade them around because if you give them that voltage they become
extremely dangerous and that’s why this needs to be a cleanliness thing is to be
clarity before we can enter into these different realms the higher we go the
more power we give and the the voltage in at sealless is so strong that when
cloudy saw had a glimpse of it by Martin Toyota Park oddish mas and they couldn’t
handle it so when when Roberto was Nick must be shown we have to be shown him it
means that he kept that as it as his guide if this Malik is showing then he’s
my friend and I’ll talk to him if this Malik has not show them
regardless of what he’s trying to tell me he’s out I’m not going and that that
key is what got him through so that they couldn’t throw him off even though even
by motion and also better back Eva we see that the Milan said by Rabbi Akiva
that they wanna they want to kick him they wanna they want to take care of him
basically that he should end up like the other three and I tell his ball for said
and they feel as I can say yeah he has a place here and the reason he has a place
is because he was holding onto Shalom Shalom is the lettuce shame lloyd wright
he has a shame and which shame does he have Shalom is become a tear Shmi Hawaii
and and that’s because Shalom is one of the name
of a shed and hazael tell us limit cycle is bulky
clemontic broccoli Searle Elish Olin and that’s the the ultimate result of
because Cohanim the Cohanim represent the minister has said that through the
minister has said that the Cohanim raise in the world we are zalta to be awesome
across : so that we can all all find peace and then through peace we can we
can rise we can we can attain higher voltage and we can handle it properly so
that we don’t fall out of out of bounds the it’s here that we had nevere many
children these people are not even a vm so it’s actually a hitter’s that they
will meet you but the palace is called it’s here and that’s where that’s the
set melaka bhisma tartar and Umbria and some dolphin immaterial and all these
are different forces and energies that people can relate to and interact with
kedusha at Kadesh alloys Hawkman wisdom so a person living according to the
wisdom of life is called the Kadesh and the lower level of of kedusha is has
said because do you know that it’s a hime the Tree of Life with the cancer of
Mabini with all this fear is going down so the
right hand side the right hand side is Kodesh the left hand side is is guevara
and the middle is the goal the middle is the reality that we’re trying to build
so as we pull towards kedusha as we pull towards the right Marquez’s mahathma the
middle becomes stabilized if we pull towards the left then the whole thing
could lose balance the left side the middle is a
combination of proper balance but the coy dish means means that you’re pulling
everything right the middle is the middle doesn’t really have an existent
the middle is just a point where you find balance between the two sides so
when you’re pulling towards the ax men you’re pulling towards coy dish you’re
pulling towards small you’re pulling – it’s called that’s like as I’ll say that
the toilet could be a sama hi Marissa my mother’s Lee my meaning balsamic I’m
Lamar smelling Bahama mamas so meaning if you pull to the left with your toilet
and you don’t realize that it’s a toy Oscar said like like they we say by your
SS Kyle Pierre pasta Bahama when you when she
opens her mouth with Cosmo the Toyotas Casa de leche ona then the trailer
becomes acid if the balance is right sometimes it’s not sure depends where
the middle is that’s the the Shaolin and Muhammad is the two is the two sides
Muhammad says left the nefesh Camela the Muhammed right the heart is always at
war so the heart is the middle but usually it’s not in Shaolin only if
you’ve gotten to a place of coitus with the hazard and the hokhmah are really
dominating then there is Shalom in the middle voice – olive embroidery our
ceremony the heart is involved very deeply in
thinking even though the cells in the heart don’t think for themselves
necessarily but the balance and the way the heart feels is very much affected by
the emotions and therefore the heart is considered to be the area when it comes
to emotions because it tells you how you feel about it it tells you if you’re
attracted to a reality or your it’s pushing you away or you’re disgusted by
it or whatever it might be so the heart is very deeply involved in thinking it
has a very big place in the brain and how and how the brain functions it’s the
first thing the brain is there to protect me
right so the three things that are like that they’re like Binet Odom is that
they eat and they have carry of the review meaning that they they procreate
they one creates another and they die those are the three things that are like
mini album and it happens to be those are also the three things where Bahama
is like AB another because the the spirit within a Bahama is considered to
be ashamed of it especially if it’s a short Naga which then it’s there’s a
there’s a negative force and magic or neshama in Russia but that’s animating
their animal and it wants it wants to hurt it has anger and that that’s a
that’s a magic that’s a shame dollar that’s not good for him and anybody shot
that’s just doing his job he’s a friendly Shin down it is there’s
all this friendly shame ballads everywhere that’s what makes the world
go round so they eat like we said before they need energy or they expire so if
you’re not going to give them manifestation they’re going to expire
very wary of you means that now that it’s inside of you is going to talk to
the others and create conclusions and they die means that if you don’t feed
them they disappear I’m good

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