Corona Virus, “Civil Commotion”; Jesus Says, Be Not Troubled!

Thank you for joining us here I
fellowship in a world where we study the Word of God from a practical application
let’s begin with prayer definitely father we ask that you a bless your word
today that your word Lord God Almighty will enlightened the eyes of our heart
and we would come to a better understanding I thank you for allowing
me to share your word with the listeners and those who hear Lord would only be
blessed they would be blessed Lord God Almighty because they will receive that
what you would have them to hear we thank you for your word now in Jesus
name Amen Matthew chapter 24 verses 4 through 8
and jesus answered and said unto them take heed that no man deceive you for
many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and shall deceive many and you
shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you not be troubled for all
these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation shall rise
against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and there shall be famines and
pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places all of these are the beginning of
Sorrows the coronavirus has captivated the world’s attention and brought about
mass panic now I’m not an apocalyptic preacher I
don’t concern myself with premillennialism post millennialism
posts or pre-tribulation the main reason why is because what my Lord told his
disciples which I am one and I hope you are one as well and that is what he said
in verse 6 see that you be not troubled for these things must come to pass but
the end is not yet as I was preparing this sermon I took a brief break and I
saw on the news where they were interviewing religious leaders from the
Muslim religion Judaism and Christianity and the heading
a Corvette 19 or the coronavirus up ends religious life throughout the world and
I pause and I was like black and each of these leaders spoke of how the corona
virus has affected the worship of God how the Christian Sunday services have
been counseled throughout the world Muslim mosque have been shut down and
the Judea temple worship has been suspended indefinitely until further
notice so this implies that God Himself is affected by the corona virus epidemic
nonsense and I mean nonsense now Jesus spoke of future catastrophic events that
would come that we cannot prepare for and he gave us permission of a general
expectation of these things but with these premonitions he also gave us
ammunition saying to us see that you be not troubled now he gave us these
warnings and told us that these things will come to pass but he says be not
troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet now the
translation of the phrase be not trouble is a word so ISA and that word means
disturbed agitated alarmed unsettled be thrown into confusion or getting an
emotional uproar so Jesus tells us that when we see these type of things we are
not to be emotionally let away that we shouldn’t be so agitated or alarmed that
were thrown into confusion see over the centuries there have always been unusual
appearances of peculiar events such as Wars pestilence natural catastrophes and
other extraordinary event that have raised the attention of
mankind and in modern recent times we see these events happening more
frequently and they’re closely related to what we know is the coming of the
expected end however we must keep it bond that Jesus told us but the end is
not yet now as I said I’m not an apocalyptic preacher or teacher I’ll
leave that to others what I’m here to do is share with you the practical
application of warning and coming to know the Lord and I believe and know
that each event is for the purpose of fixing man’s attention to the short time
that we have here before the expected end and that each event should serve as
a revival if you will to turn man and his attention back to his creator
because as because the end is short and it’s coming and the Lord we have all be
saved however what I see instead of provoking a revival we see Christian
folk finding some prophetic allusion for every war catastrophe of social
disturbance and go into a panic with the rest of the world and start proclaiming
the end of the world and their eyes are fixed on the world and not on God this
is precisely that Cinda this this right here is precisely the tendency that our
Lord warned us about in telling us see that you be not troubled for these
things must come to pass but the end is not yet
Jesus is telling us not to let our imaginations run wild on the in or under
the impulses of every bit of civil commotion there will be a good deal of
that sort of thing among some believers but the end is not yet he says our Lord
tells his disciples to warning from passing events so that we
might secure our personal safety but he intimated to us admonishes us that we
would be wise to leave the world’s future in God’s hands because our fear
and worry will not change the outcome of the events our Lord commended us to
observe the signs of the times before us as believers as Christians civil
commotion is a warning it’s an education to help us decide our conduct to develop
in us to test our character as Christians civil commotion affords us
the chance of the opportunity of showing our faith in God and to be influencers
on the rest of the world and how we ought to turn our attention back unto
our Creator we can have those influences on the world instead I see many allowing
the world to influence them the fact that the fear and panic of the world
have caused Christian organizations from worshiping God is nonsense
my brother who attends a Apostolic Church frequently talks to me about the
end times and how we’re in the end times and I agree with him however I always
tell him fret not for these things are to come to pass Jesus tells us so let me
ask you if the end comes tomorrow can you change it can you somehow avoid it
will you really be prepared for it the answer to these simple questions is no
then why worry why go into a panic Jesus says why did you let yourself fret over
these be troubled over them it tells us in Philippians 4:6 do not be anxious
about anything but in every situation by prayer
a petition with Thanksgiving present your requests unto God yes I know we all
heard this a million times don’t worry about it be prayerful about it but
Philippians 4:6 is one of my favorite passages and it has kept me when life
was crumbling around me and like many of you I’ve been through some things but to
me when I read Philippians 4:6 it reads like a command and not a suggestion
the Amplified Bible translates be anxious for nothing else do not fret in
other translations it says never worry and then goes on to say about anything
or nothing and that word youth for nothing or anything is a Greek word made
ice and that word made ice means no woman none nothing
it literally means not even one so clearly God doesn’t want one thing
left on my worry list nothing must make me anxious or worried now I know that’s
easy said and that is easily done for us not to worry or to be anxious however
it’s actually practical see the opposite of worrier anxiety is that peace or
peace of mind but the opposite of worry is the flow of emotion that enables us
to acknowledge whatever we are feeling to express those feelings when necessary
to take action if possible look it up look up the opposite of worry and
anxiety you’ll find this definition this Express definition of what it is to be
opposite of worry and you’ll see that it takes action if possible to express
those feelings were necessary so the Lord actually gives us a practical
application of what to do with our worries with our anxiety or concerns
that we are to actively do something with those and he has given us the
method he’s given us the what and that is to pray to petition him the word
prayer used in Philippians six is a word pursue K which means it’s your active
prayer not just talking but also listening if you can find one minute to
pray take another minute to wait for the Lord’s response just one minute then the
next word we see is petition and that word petitioners I attainment which
means seeking asking beseeching to put it simply ask and pray God says rather
than fretting and fussing and worrying over something shit your worries and to
asking seeking and procedure God’s mostly Grace help in your time of need
now here’s the hidden key it says what Thanksgiving so whatever got you worried
God wants to hear about it no matter how small or trivial it may be or whatever
is the biggest concern you have in your life right now that you thing that’s
pressing on your heart God says not to worry about it come to him and prayer
about it with Thanksgiving that’s the key even why we’re asking seeking
petitioning be bequeathing those things from God in our prayer
we should be thankful thanking him for listening and answering our prayers we
also should be thanking him for all he has done all he will do and all that
he’s doing now and the things they’ll do for us in the
future so if you’re worried about the corona fires guess what Jehovah Rapha
the Lord God who heals if you’re worried about what you need in this coming a
panic Jehovah Jireh the Lord my provider if you’re worried about what’s going on
out there Jehovah Rapha the Lord my shepherd
worried about troubles Jehovah Salone the Lord our peace as I mentioned
earlier as Christians civil commotion affords us the chance to demonstrate our
faith and influence the world and not let the world influence us it is times
like this we either succumb to the world’s leading a narrative or the
Lord’s and Jesus said to me and I hope he’s also spoken it to your heart
see that ye be not troubled or don’t be anxious about anything but in every
situation by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to
God me myself I will follow the Lord that’s all I have for you today in the
name of Jesus that’s what he put on my heart to share with you why are you
panicking trust him if you’re worried pray if you could sign pray if you
travel pray but make your prayer a request of seeking and have a
Thanksgiving that you know he’s answered your prayer listen to him follow him be
guided I hope you’ve been blessed and the eyes of your heart enlightened may
the Lord keep you and bless you in Jesus name Amen

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