Corona Virus Update- an Important Message from Jesus – Channeled by Tina Spalding

hello Tina Spaulding trance Channel here I have been guided to do a video for all of you so I’m just going to get right to it you are blessed beings indeed I am that one that you know is Jesus and you have all been chosen let us say to be on this planet at this time this is no accident that there are so many souls incarnated here you are all here because you want to experience the transformation of this planet you want to have the opportunity to give your very best contribution to the changes that are coming about at this time the coronavirus is being used as a device to garner control over many many people there have been far worse epidemics and there are far worse epidemics happening all around the planet at this time if you look at diseases such as malaria or typhoid or HIV or any of these diseases there has never been a response like this to anything before what we want you to ask is the question why why has there been such a strict implementation of controls over the entire planet for such a small number of fatalities this kind of number of fatalities is nothing in the scheme of things when you look at the numbers that are recorded annually on your planet the number the several thousand that are transpiring at this time do not warrant what is happening globally so you must get out of emotion and this is what’s happening with your masks Media systems there is a constant barrage of fear being forced down your throats and the response of a fearful mind is a lowering of intelligence a lowering of wisdom a lowering of the ability to make sound decisions so what’s happening globally is a preparation for what we say catastrophic measures there are going to be measures implemented that give global control of a huge number of people why is this happening it is happening because there are events that will be transpiring in the next few months that are going to cause such a reaction in the average person that the powers that be decided that they wanted to have the control in place first so the mass meetings of sports flights cancelled companies collapsing entire countries in isolation this is being done as a preemptive strike to gain control of the entire world’s population because something big is coming now what is coming is not disastrous what is coming is transformative now we have limits on what we can tell you about what is coming but what is coming is transformative for your entire planet so the powers that be have decided that the information that’s coming is so transformative that the control measures are being placed in preemptively so that there is not chaos so that there is not rioting in the streets you have all become convinced that to gather with others is now life-threatening this is a very very clever strategy and it is not unwise in that sense because you are going to be much more manageable as a population if you believe that going outside and talking to other people is going to kill you you are not going to be challenging the government’s you are not going to be poking around in places that you shouldn’t movements of people are going to be very very clear and clean and easy to control so why are we telling you this well we are telling you this because we want to ease your suffering we want to ease your suffering so that you are making sound decisions making sound decisions with your investments making sound decisions with your purchases making sound decisions with your health making sound decisions listening to the news if you begin to question what is happening even though you may not be able to change what is happening you will be a much in a much more powerful strategic place when these events transpire you will not be fearful you will be prepared you will you may not be able to fly you may not be able to run and hide or travel but you do not need to be quaking in your shoes the whole time so what we want you to do now is to use the restrictions for your benefit this being has had a restriction placed on her trouble because of these circumstances and she is mulling over how to use this time productively lovingly creatively and we would suggest that you all do the same thing instead of wasting these weeks and months in fear and terror we suggest you focus on your health not as a way of avoiding death but as a way of preparing for transformation you are all going to be transformed mentally emotionally and spiritually we do not want you to be in fear that is not how Spirit works we encourage you to expansion we encourage you to love we encourage you to connection if you are fearful of physical connection connect with each other through your phones connect with each other through your face times in your face books commune with those you love and talk to those you love frequently reassuring them and letting them know that there is some fear-mongering going on and they don’t need to be locked in isolation in terror you may be locked in isolation because of the laws of your country you do not need to be locked in terror that is the choice you have freedom of mind you may not have freedom of body but honestly if you don’t have freedom of mind it doesn’t matter if your body is free you are you are a prisoner nonetheless so use this time to free your mind use this time to study wise spiritual teachings that are going to empower you and make you feel good use this time to plant a garden use this time to invest in improving your home invest in making your life more efficient and more beneficial to yourselves and your families these are wonderful times your planet is going through an evolution and this is one of what you will say one of the speed bumps along the highway it’s getting you to slow down so that you are better prepared but do not let the fear-mongering upset you do not they’re fear-mongering caused you to perceive yourselves as weak you are not weak but you must control your mind you must control your decisions you must take the reins of your life into your own hands and not hand them to someone else they have the power to rule over you in physical terms but they do not have the power to rule over your hearts and your minds and your souls I am that one that you know is Jesus and I will speak to you again soon Wow if you enjoyed this video and if it helps you do consider joining our channeling Jesus community you can go to channeling Jesus calm and look under channeling and there you’ll see community subscription if you go to that page you can check out the offerings that we have we have hundreds and hundreds of hours of channeled material that has not yet been seen publicly and we have a beautiful community developing that’s sort of a mixture of YouTube and Facebook we have become the the conversations that Facebook has and posts but you also have my entire archive of recorded channellings and people are finding it very supportive and helpful at this time I want to thank you for joining me today and I will see you again soon bye

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