Coronavirus Crisis and Bible Prophecy

[Music] hi i’m steve wahlberg with white horse media and we’re here to talk about what everybody’s talking about the whole world is talking about the coronavirus crisis and yet we’re gonna go beyond what you will hear on CNN or fox news or ABC or any network we’re gonna talk about this book the Holy Bible and Biblical prophecy and what the future holds so thank you for joining us I’m here with Tim Saxton who is my associate at white horse media Tim we’ve got so much to talk about it seems like just about every day something is changing when you check the news if I look at it on my phone or turn on the television set there’s some new development so why don’t you just give us just a quick overview of what’s going on right now well truly coronavirus is a pandemic it is not only a pandemic as a virus or disease but it is a pandemic of fear and the fear is more what is driving things in the world than the actual virus itself so we have countries closing borders we have schools closing and all for good reason but you’re seeing a lot of reactions a lot of fear and people people you know rushing out to the stores to stock up on food or supplies and of course we said Travel being curtailed this is unprecedented in our history as a nation yeah and I in the world I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime I mean it’s only just been a few months since this whole thing broke and now you know things are changing all around us I’ve got a flight that I’m supposed to be taking in a few days and you know I just wonder what’s gonna happen during that trip and some people are saying I shouldn’t go because maybe I would get infected and then come back and infect others and so you know I’m wrestling with these issues as a lot of people are and it’s like like you said it’s just it’s unprecedented you know whole country’s on lockdown the president addressing the nation again and again you know you just you just don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow and as you’ve mentioned you know we are in a pandemic stage this corona virus is growing rapidly around the world it’s spreading in the United States people are scared schools are closing they’re moving to online instruction and you know things are just developing very rapidly and I’ve never seen anything like this and you haven’t either so what let’s set let’s go to the book let’s go to the Bible thankfully we have something solid in the midst of this uncertain fearful you know confused world we have a book that’s the world’s best-selling book it’s been translated in more languages than any other book in the history of this planet more sales of this book than any other book it’s the best seller on the planet of all time and embedded firmly within this book are what we call prophecies biblical prophecies and I’d like to just start with Matthew or maybe you can go to Matthew in just a minute and I’ll go to start out with first Peter now second Peter 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse 19 this is what God’s Word says we have also a more sure word of prophecy were unto you do well that you take heed as to a light that shines in a dark place until the day dawn and the day star arise in your hearts so God tells us that he’s given us something solid something sure which is Biblical prophecy and Tim as you know Matthew chapter 24 has a lot to say that’s one of Jesus most well known you could call it a sermon where he outlines different events that would be taking place before he returns before his second coming so just now share a little bit with us Jesus says in Matthew chapter 24 and verse 7 for a nation shall rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places or various places right and one of those signs being pestilences which is disease and of course we see with a pandemic a pandemic is definitely a pestilence in fact it is probably the what the most significant pestilence we’ve seen in any of our lifetimes that’s right and in the next verse Jesus says all these are the beginning of Sorrows right and as I’ve thought about this we know a big crisis is coming we know there’ll be a final Christ before Jesus comes that is predicted in the book of Revelation but we don’t know we’re not prophets and we don’t know whether this could be the beginning of that crisis like jesus said these are the beginning of Sorrows so are we at the early stages of Earth’s final crisis that will lead to the final mark of the beast which we’ll talk about in a little bit before Jesus comes back or is this something that will blow over we don’t know but we do know that we have a sure word of prophecy we do know that Jesus did predicted did predict that things like this would be happening there would be earthquakes there would be famines and there would be pestilences and we do know that Sorrows are here and sorrows are coming and we need we need help this whole whole world needs help in the midst of the sorrows that we are encountering now and thank God that we do have a source of help and it’s up there it’s the Lord that can bring us through whatever comes that’s so true Steve you know so so many people are panicking and they’re giving in to their fears right now and later in our discussion we’re going to be talking about how to allow those fears how to put them away how the Bible and how Christ can give us that strength of heart so they don’t have to be afraid when these trials and these tests and these pestilences come to us right that’s right exactly God doesn’t want us to be fearful there’s a verse in first John that says perfect love casts out fear that’s right and another verse in Isaiah 41 verse 10 and says if you’re not for I am with you so God does not want us to live in fear but he doesn’t want us to know what’s coming and what’s happening and what’s taking place around us so why don’t we turn to Revelation chapter 13 because this is really where we want to go our focus is the coronavirus crisis and Bible prophecy and one of the biggest prophecies if not the biggest to be fulfilled right before Jesus comes has to do with what the Bible calls the mark of the beast it’s in Revelation chapter 13 verses 16 and 17 Tim why don’t you read those verses and he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead that no man might buy or sell save the he’d that had the mark the name of the beast or the number of his name right now as we just look at these verses without identifying what the mark of the beast is what can we learn and just by looking at verses 16 and 17 well if we look at this something has to take place in our world that causes people to follow the governments of the world implementing a mark or a a test that is contrary to God’s Way in God’s will so we have the world enlarged in mass by its government’s going against the will of God doing something that’s contrary to God’s will and most of the world coming and joining in on that and for that to happen there must be a crisis that brings us about that’s right there must be a big enough crisis so that that all both small and great rich and poor free and slave would be receptive enough to allowing themselves to be forced into the mark of the beast so it just it’s implied that there’s going to be a big crisis people are going to be scared and the mark of the beast is going to be presented as a solution to the crisis and people are going to go along with it because they’re desperate desperate the the the earth has reached a state of desperation and you know it’s really to see it’s really easy to see with this coronavirus as it’s escalating it’s it’s easy to see how something like this could happen because you know we’re we’re rapidly reaching a tipping point and if you if you add a few more crisis’s to the mix not just the virus but if you add a few big earthquakes you know one in Los Angeles one in New York if you have some other major disasters you have any you know huge weather-related catastrophe you know there’s a whole host of things that could happen and they could happen quickly just like this just like September 11 in 2001 happened quickly and now this coronavirus crisis has really happened things could happen fast and and we could we could be moving toward that that final tipping point right now we don’t know we’re not profits we don’t know whether the world will recover from this crisis or whether a few more you know knockout blows will will hit the planet and the global economy and then it’ll it’ll really go into a tailspin tailspin and then we’ll be right on the edge of this prophecy but we want to talk about these issues because we want to help people to understand what the big issues are as we move farther into Revelation chapter 14 and go deeper into the mark of the beast because this is really what we need to know and we need to be we need to be prepared you know and Jesus many times tried to prepare his disciples for what was going to happen to him for guest cemani and for the cross and for you know his arrest and his trials and that he was going to die and over and over again he told his disciples this is what’s coming this is what’s gonna happen but when when it finally hit they they didn’t understand they really didn’t get it they didn’t get what he was trying to tell them and you know Judas betrayed him Peter denied him the disciples ran away when the Roman mob in connection with the temple mob came to arrest Jesus that night in Gethsemane the disciples didn’t understand and we need to learn a lesson prevent we need to learn a lesson one of the reasons why they didn’t understand was because they had false ideas in their heads about what was supposed to happen they thought that the Messiah was going to come and and conquer the Romans and that wasn’t really in the word in the scriptures the prophecies about the Messiah so they they messed up and it sure seems to me that there’s a lot of similar misunderstandings about what’s supposed to happen in the end times people you know the Jews we’re looking in one direction and Jesus came in in a different way and people today are looking for certain things to happen even those that are studying prophecy have their minds fixed on certain interpretations and conclusions and you know a lot of them are wrong they’re really not what the scripture says so we’re repeating history aren’t we we truly are Steve because when we look at revelation 13 and we look at the mark that the description about the mark of the beast time we find that that this is a false worship that is being imposed upon society so it’s an issue of worship but false worship all right religious law but a false religious law now let’s look at China for just a minute it’s interesting to note that just prior to the corona virus outbreak China had come forth with a new law and it was a religious law but it was a false religious law it was a law that mandated that religious groups in China submit to the government and if there is what that meant is that meant that your religious writings and materials and beliefs must be submitted to the government and the government would tell you what you could believe so if you were a Christian and you had a Bible the government would have the right to rewrite the Bible the way they wanted to and you would follow the government’s version not the real Christian Bible so this comes to China and it was supposed to go into effect the law of February 1st 2020 and just before it goes into effect boom you have this coronavirus come now just prior the couple of years prior to this we we had seen in China a vast amount of increased persecution of Christians churches being closed down children not being allowed to go to church citizens being required to take to pledge allegiance to the government over their church all of these things happening in China this intense persecution then this religious law and then BOOM judgment hits and the remarkable thing about this is the sequence of events of what happened in China is the same sequence of events that prophecy tells us happens at the end of time so there’s gonna be a as we’ll get into a religious law in America that’s going to be and around the world that is going to be restricting people’s freedom that’s going to be enforcing the mark of the beast and we expect that when that time comes judgments will fall now whether the coronavirus is a judgment on China the because of its religious restriction of God’s people and his book you know we we don’t know we can’t say that but it certainly is worth looking at and we do know that in the book of Revelation as soon as the mark of the beast is enforced and people have a chance to make that final decision there’ll be a time period where people have a chance to choose then we know from Revelation 16 that judgments will fall that’s right which are the seven last plagues that fall on those who get the mark right those who choose to receive the mark that’s right they you receive the wrath of God that’s right and so let’s uh let’s go to Revelation 14 because Revelation 14 is the chapter that really gives us more information about the mark of the beast the mark of the beast beast is mentioned eight times in the book of Revelation and many of those times it just talks about the mark like with revelation 13 what’s gonna happen when the mark of the beast is in force that nobody can buy or sell unless they go along with the mark but in Revelation chapter 14 verses 6 to 12 we have messages represented by angels three angels flying in the midst of the sky giving messages and the third message has to do with the mark of the beast and there’s enough detail in those chapters that when you really are in those in those verses when you read those verses there are clues and there there’s information you might call it intelligence information that God hasn’t given us that help us to put the pieces together so we can know what the mark of the beast really is all about and what the big issues are and we want to talk about those big issues because that’s where we’re heading the whole planet is heading toward the final crisis and we need to know what God says about the big issues they’re gonna that are gonna surface before Jesus comes so why don’t we go to chapter 14 and we don’t have time right now to go into every every detail about these three angels which start in verse six there’s one angel that gives a message about the good news of Jesus Christ the gospel to go to all the world and then in verse seven he talks about the importance of fearing God and giving glory to him because we’re in a judgement time and then verse seven ends with worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters so there’s a call to worship the Creator the second angel briefly if you want to just read that text talks about the fall of Babylon and there followed another angel saying Babylon has fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication all right so this tells us whatever Babylon is and we don’t really have time to go into all the details about this we have other white horse media programs and material that deals with this but we do know from that verse six describes the gospel the good news of Jesus going out to the whole world and then verse eight says that Babylon has fallen and made all the nations drink of her wine which is her false teachings and so we know that at the time that truth is is going out it’s going out into a world that is largely misled it says that all the nations have drunk the wine so all the nations are confused all the nations are mixed up and they need to be enlightened to the truth so that they don’t face the consequences that are described in the next couple verses well Steve you you bring up the word Babylon actually comes from the word Babel you know from the Tower of Babel and Babel means confusion so we’re finding a world in confusion right it’s just like back in the days of Jesus they even the disciples were confused about what was supposed to happen at the end of Jesus life the Pharisees were confused and it seems like almost everybody was confused except for Christ he knew exactly what was going to happen he had he told them what was gonna happen and Tim he’s done the same thing for us in prophecy he’s told us that the good news is to go to all the world that we’re in a judgement time he’s told us that we need to worship our maker he’s told us that Babylon has fallen that the whole world is drinking the wine of Babylon which is the false doctrines of Babylon and like wine makes people confused their judgment you know is is impaired so and then we get to the third angel we get into the real the real nitty-gritty of what is going to happen in the future and I’ll just I’ll just read these verses verse 9 says the third angel followed them so that’s what we know there’s three angels because the third angel comes along following the other two and he says with a loud voice now what it what impresses you about that phrase loud voice well he’s bringing out the loud voices because it’s a message of that is of importance thus it’s a loud voice it’s trying to get people’s attention you know when you have a child and they’re in danger sometimes the parent will cry out with a loud voice don’t don’t touch the stove right it’s hot or don’t go out in the street right a loud voice it indicates an emphatic miss and emphasis right and and I I think I know that our our maker that God as he looks at the world and looks at what’s coming he’s very concerned about human beings that he loves and that he created and that Jesus died for and he speaks with a loud voice because he’s he’s like a loving parent who’s very concerned about his children and so you know God’s not not concerned about being politically correct he’s concerned about saving people and he’ll do what he has to do in order to save those that he loves and so he sends a message with a loud voice and the loud voice says if any man which applies to any human being worships the Beast and His image and receives his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the Holy Angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascends up forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the Beast and His image and whoever receives the mark of his name this is a very very serious prophecy you can read from from Genesis to Revelation and you will never find a more serious set of verses that are just more emphatic than what we just read I mean God is pulling out all the stops and it may sound at first glance you know that he’s mean but that’s not the case he’s like again like a parent who’s concerned about a child don’t touch the stove don’t walk in the street and then above all he pleads do you not get the mark of the beast because the consequences are horrific true their eternal their eternal consequences that’s right they are eternal end in order for us to understand the mark of the beast first of all we need to know who the Beast is and that’s a that’s a big topic white horse media has many resources we have books on this we have we have a lot of literature and I’ll just share a few of these things well we have one little book called fabulous health made simple which is not about the beast but it’s about the importance of building up your body and building up your health which is something that we really need to be doing in the time in a Korona world right in a time of coronavirus we have another little book little book called the United States and Bible prophecy that deals with the book of Revelation chapter 13 and the role of America the most powerful nation on earth in endtime events so that’s there then we have God’s warning the three angels messages that deals with the first angel the second angel the third angel and it goes into detail about the Beast who that Beast is very careful careful analysis and then we have another book on the mark of the beast called decoding the mark of the beast these are all just little pocket books available from Whitehorse media and this little book brings out that when it we talk about the Beast it’s it’s not politically correct to say this but if you go back into history to the time of the Protestant Reformation in the 1500s with people like Martin Luther who started the Lutheran Church and John Calvin reformed Presbyterian famous Presbyterian minister teacher in Europe and then you go to John Wesley who founded the Methodist Church and Charles Spurgeon later on down the line the great Baptist pastor famous Baptist pastor in London and the translators of the King James Bible and the list just goes on and on and on it’s a fact of history that all of these men and Protestant leaders for hundreds of years from the time of the Reformation they believed that the the Beast the symbol of a beast in Revelation chapter 13 1 2 10 and chapter 14 9 through 11 that that symbol was a symbol of the Roman Catholic Church system they all believed this you can google this it’s very easy to find we have the information in our book we also have another DVD series called startling prophecies for America that deals with these same issues from Revelation 13 and 14 and I don’t believe Tim that when when those men concluded that the beast was a symbol of the Roman Catholic Church system that they were referring to individual Catholic people they were referring to the system centered in the Vatican which has brought into Christianity a massive amount of traditions that really when you really look at the Word of God carefully they just don’t line up with Scripture you know one of those traditions in in first Timothy chapter 2 verse 5 it says that there is only one mediator between God and men and that one mediator is the man Jesus Christ and so Paul is very clear on this in 1st Timothy 2:5 Jesus is very clear on this in in John chapter 14 verse 6 where he said I am the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to the father being the Heavenly Father except through me through me me me he’s the way to the Father and yet in the Roman Church there’s a lot of emphasis on going to Jesus through Mary and the Saints and you know the list just goes on and on things like purgatory there’s just a lot of a lot of teachings that we don’t really have time to go into right now but we do want to stress that we’re not you know we’re not referring to individual Catholic people who are a whole host of them are going to be in the kingdom of God because God is a fair just merciful God and He loves everybody and he judges people based on the life of behalf but it’s a fact of history it’s just a fact of history that the whole Protestant and the word Protestant means protest Reformation was a reform movement within the church that what really eventually drove them out of Catholicism to become Protestant churches like the Lutheran and the Baptist’s and the Methodists the Presbyterians they became Protestant churches because they recognized that the Roman Church the dominant Church in Europe had strayed away from Scripture and they recognized as they studied prophecy that the the system of Catholicism was represented by the beast in the book of Revelation and that was part of the power of the Reformation and that’s why they came out that’s why they established other churches and so we’re just we just want to share this information with you because this is history and this is really what the Bible is telling us that there is a global system out there and it’s the fact that the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church in spite of its you know all these sex scandals and other things that it is still the most powerful and the largest Christian Church in the world and so when we get back to the Bible and back to Revelation it tells us that there is a beast and that eventually that beast has a mark and that this mark is going to be enforced by law at the end of time in the context of a global crisis and that’s what we see so if we go back to the text we see verse 11 concluding with the the warning of the consequences of worshipping the Beast and then it says and whosoever receives the mark of his name so the Beast is mentioned and then the mark is warned about now why don’t you read the very next verse which is verse 12 here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus that’s right so as we as we look at these verses there’s a number of points that just rise out of the text in verse 7 at the end of verse 7 it says worship Him that made heaven and earth to see in the fountains of waters so there’s an appeal to worship the Creator and then in verse 9 the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the Beast so there’s a there’s a line drawn and a contrast made between the worshipers of the creator and the worshipers of the Beast that’s very clear just from the text and then when you go down to the end of verse 11 the Bible warns about getting the mark of the beast and then verse 12 describes a people who are called Saints who don’t get the mark it says here is the patience of the saints here are they that do two things and what are those two things the commandments of God and they have the faith of Jesus right they keep God’s commandments in the faith of Jesus so if you just put these pieces together it’s kind of like a jigsaw puzzle when I was a kid I used to enjoy putting together all these these puzzles and we have a puzzle piece worship the Creator don’t worship the beast and then we have a puzzle piece keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus the faith of Jesus ultimately points us to Jesus Christ following Jesus as our Savior which goes back to the first angel which talks about the everlasting gospel the good news to go to all the world so when you put the pieces together on the one side is the beast and the mark and on the other side are people who worship the Creator who keep the commandments of God and who follow Jesus Christ to have faith in Jesus Christ the faith of Jesus they trust Jesus as their Savior so if we want to know what the big issues are and we want to stand up for God when the final crisis hits and whether this coronavirus leads to the final crisis or not time will tell maybe it will but we do know that the big issues in the context of prophecy and the the final movements and the book of Revelation the sure word of prophecy the issue has to do with not following the Beast but worshiping the creator and keeping the commandments of God and following Jesus Christ that’s where that’s sort of like the safety zone you know yes people think about you know staying home and not traveling yes not going into airports they want to be in a safety zone and the safety zone biblically is trusting Jesus Christ keeping the Ten Commandments and worshiping the maker of heaven and earth yes absolutely true and and Steve as we look back on this the verse 12 here those that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus it it leads us to a very critical point and identifying the mark of the beast that’s right because if you look back in history the beasts power or the Roman Church in history the Catholic Church they seem to have waged a war on the 10 commandments if you look at the 10 commandments that were given by God in Exodus chapter 20 written with his own finger in stone you know which shows their permanent nature that’s right the second commandment forbids image worship bowing down to images and what do we see creep into the church in the dark ages but images worship where people bowed down to the image of the saints this the commandments forbid doing but what if you look in the Catechism the Catechism removes the second commandment and splits the tenth into two so there’s still 10 commandments in the Catholic catechism now I’ve seen that over night the official 1994 catechism has that and another little catechism that I have published in 1946 Peter Garmin’s catechism it entirely leaves out the second commandment about bowing down the statues so you you’re right that’s that’s what they’ve done in history and and the second the next commandment that they went against was the fourth commandment the fourth commandment is the Sabbath commandment remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work but the seventh day is a Sabbath of the LORD thy God this according to the Catechism and and and and the Catholic Church is very open about it this the church changed from Saturday which is the seventh day if you go back and you look at the calendars in history it’s very plain which day is the seventh day it’s Saturday but and the Jews kept the seventh-day Sabbath Saturday all through their history in the New Testament church you know the Apostles kept the seventh-day Sabbath but we find that in the Dark Ages the Roman Church changes it by their own admission and says no we’re going to have Sunday stablish Sunday as the day of rest not from anything noted in the Bible but from the church’s sense of their own authority that’s right White Horse Media has another little book just came out and it’s called the truth about the Sabbath and this subtitle is proof that the seventh day which is Saturday is still God’s holy day and Tim I want to go back a little bit before we read a couple of quotes from this book and talk about about Jesus you know a lot of people believe that because Jesus was resurrected on Sunday that that changes the day from Saturday to Sunday that’s the that’s the argument the main argument that we hear but when you really look at Matthew Mark Luke and John in the New Testament and you really look at the teachings of Jesus Christ you discover something shocking and that is that yes it’s true Matthew Mark Luke and John all state that Jesus rose from the dead on the first day of the week and we can say hallelujah praise God he rose from the dead and but but in Matthew Mark Luke and John when you look at Jesus and his teaching this is just shocking that Jesus Christ himself never not even one time referred to the first day of the week yeah he kept the Sabbath we see that Luke 4:16 it says as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath he taught about the Sabbath on Matthew twelve he said he was the lord of the Sabbath in verse eight he said in verse 12 he said it is lawful to do well on the Sabbath day he taught about the Sabbath that would it would still be in effect far beyond his death in Matthew 24 verse 20 he urged his disciples when the Romans were going to destroy Jerusalem and they were supposed to get out in Matthew chapter 24 in verse 20 he told his disciples to pray that their flight be not in winter neither on the Sabbath in Matthew 28 when Jesus told his disciples after he rezerve was resurrected before he went to heaven he told his disciples to go to all the world to preach the gospel to baptize people in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and then he said and to teach the converts the disciples to obey everything he said that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the world so Jesus told his disciples to teach whatever he had commanded and he never said a word about the first day of the week nothing there’s no teaching from Jesus Christ about that day about that day changing the Sabbath day it’s completely absent from from Scripture and we can you know study the book of Acts it’s very clear Acts chapter 13 talks about the preaching in Antioch and how the Gentiles came together and said we want to hear more about Jesus next sabbath and you just go all throughout the book of Acts the Sabbath is mentioned I believe it’s eleven times and the first day that weeks only mentioned one time which is in chapter 20 and this little book goes into all those different different scriptures this is a very complete book that deals with the Sabbath in the life of Jesus it looks at it in the Old Testament the New Testament it looks at the controversy over the Sabbath between Jesus and the Pharisees which was not a contrib see over what day was the Sabbath but how to keep the Sabbath the Pharisees had all these rules that they’d made up and Jesus didn’t follow all those man-made rules he kept the Sabbath according to to God’s will and God’s mind and then it goes into the Sabbath in the book of Acts and how do we know what day is the Sabbath and reasons why the Sabbath isn’t Jewish so it just goes into all these things and above all you know it’s the fourth commandment we’re dealing with the Ten Commandments and the only commandment that says remember is number four that’s right in an in Scripture Steve the permanence of the set nature of the Sabbath is so very clear because the Sabbath was created before there was any sin it was created in creation with Adam and Eve where God rested on the seventh day in Isaiah 66 the Bible tells us that in the new earth when sin is gone and everybody is living eternally with Christ forever that from one sabbath to another will they come in worship before him now there is a an interesting text in ezekiel chapter 20 and verse 12 the bible says moreover also I gave them my Sabbath’s to be a sign between me and them that they might know that I am the lord that sanctify them the word sign there comes from the Hebrew word off which means flag or monument or mark the seventh-day Sabbath is the mark of God’s authority in his holy Ten Commandment law but we must also remember for everything God does Satan tries to bring a counterfeit so if there is a Christ there is an antichrist if there is a mark of God’s Authority there is a mark of the beast’ authority good point that’s right and back to Revelation 14 we know as I was we already talked about that the text says that those who worship the creator and those who keep the commandments and those who follow Jesus will not get the mark of the beast and there’s only one commandment about the Creator when you look at the Ten Commandments the first one is that God is to be first no other gods before God the second one forbids idol worship the third one says that don’t take God’s name in vain the fifth one says honor father and mother which Paul quoted in Ephesians chapter six as being still fully in force for Christians long after the cross the sixth one is not to murder the seventh one don’t commit adultery the eighth one don’t steal the ninth one don’t bear false witness and the tenth one is don’t covet but then there’s number four which is the one that says remember remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy it’s the end the seventh day it says it’s the Sabbath of the Lord and Tim it’s the only commandment about the creator verse 11 says for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and he rested on the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and he hallowed it he made it a holy sacred day so revelation 14 says those who don’t worship the beast but worship the creator and keep the commandments and followed Jesus they don’t get the mark and when you look at the commandments the only one about the Creator is number four and when you really study prophecy carefully which is what our books do our whitehorse meaning of videos this Starling prophecies for America series our little book on the mark of the beast that goes into great detail about this topic these books clarify from Scripture that at some point in the future in in response to a global crisis there’s going to be an enforcement of a mark of Rome’s Authority and back to back to Rome we know from the Bible itself and from the teachings of Jesus that he did not change the Sabbath here’s a chapter in this book called Roman Catholics testify and here’s a quote from the Catechism I referred to published in 1946 by Reverend Peter guy ermine called the converts catechism of Catholic doctrine page 50 it says question what day is the Sabbath day answer Saturday is the Sabbath day question why then do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday why do Catholics do this answer we observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity for Saturday to Sunday and there’s there’s a whole host of quotes here here’s another one that says one of the Catholic priests said I have repeatedly offered one thousand dollars to anyone who can prove to me from the Bible alone that I am bound to keep Sunday holy there is no such law in the Bible it is the law of the Holy Catholic Church alone the Bible says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy the Catholic Church says no by my divine power I abolished the Sabbath day and command you to keep holy the first day of the week and lo the entire civilized world boughs down in reverent obedience to the command of the Holy Catholic Church Steve that’s that’s quite an that’s quite a quote that you mentioned there and it goes along with one in Catholic records found September 1 1923 and we’re talking about the world bowing down to a mark of the church’s authority listen to this it says sunday is our mark of authority and notice the words being used there Sunday is our mark of authority the church is above the Bible and this transference of the sabbath observance is proof of that fact and we have a lot of quotes in this book the truth about the sabbath now let’s go back to the coronavirus and prophecy and what what may be on the horizon again we’re not prophets we don’t know the day or the hour we don’t know whether this crisis is going to blow over but even if it does there’ll be another crisis we do know that Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled and we also know that what we’re seeing right now around us has all the earmarks of the kind of thing that revelation is talking about now let’s just imagine to him that things don’t get better that things get worse that the corona virus continues to spread that the global economy continues to suffer that people suffer and and that things you know instead of tipping in the right direction they tip in the wrong direction and if you know and you add into the sequence into the mixture a few other big Christ that hit the planet you know like the the locusts are in in Africa moving into China and then you’ve got earthquakes in different places Italy just had an earthquake not long Porto Rico had some big earthquakes the talvik inna was threatening to go off in the Philippines and let’s say you have a whole sequence of these kind of disasters that really hit and things get really desperate what do most people where do most people turn when things get really bad people turn to God or at least they profess to turn to God that’s right you know they say there’s no atheists in foxholes you know when danger abounds people begin to pray their prayer may or may not be sincere but they turn to prayer and this is where Satan comes in at the end of time and he proposed and he he inspires a solution that appears to be a good solution but it’s just a little bit off that’s right and then it becomes a false worship solution worship the Beast follow the Beast and his mark rather than the law of God right and if the beast is the Roman Catholic Church and if the mark is the mark of the Roman Catholic Church’s authority or supposed to thority to change the law of God then when revelation 13 says the time is going to come during a crisis when the mark is enforced and nobody can buy or sell the global economies if that can nobody can buy or sell unless it goes along with the mark then what that means is that at some point this this this crisis or a further crisis will result in the enforcement of sunday observance it’s exactly right as a as a grand solution to the crisis and when the world turns from the law of God to embrace the mark of the beast Authority then that’s when we find judgment falling upon the earth listen to this from Jeremiah 619 it says hear o earth behold I will bring evil upon this people even the fruit of their thoughts because they have not hearkened unto my law my words nor to my law but rejected notice in that text it not talking to the Jews he says hear o earth alright a time comes when the earth rejects the law of God and as a result of accepting the mark of the beast judgments were God’s plagues fall upon the earth that’s right and so back to this scenario that if things get really bad people look up and then it just makes perfect sense that that the world would come together in some kind of a cooperative spiritual religious yes endeavor to try to bring everybody back to God like you said it’ll look good but it’ll make a mistake and the mistake is to enforce in a time of desperation the keeping of Sunday as a solution to the crisis and as I look at the text Tim in Revelation 14 and I’ve cited this for many years Revelation 14 is very clear that the choice is given between the mark of the beast being enforced and those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus that’s very very clear right from the text from revelation 14 verses 9 to 12 and I was thinking about this and I was thinking you know it’s it’s a little bit like Ash like being out on the ocean and and you’re in thick fog and you know you’re looking at the ocean loaded with fog and then silhouetted in the background emerging from the fog is a ship and what’s going to happen in the end times is in the midst of this global confusion and crisis and catastrophe and all the fear and all these things people not going to know what to do and and there’s going to be just like with the coronavirus where we’re being appealed to to cooperate together to help to avoid the spreading of this disease you know don’t travel stay away from crowds keep your distance don’t shake hands wash your hands and I think you know these recommendations are good and a lot of what’s going to happen in the final crisis is going to look look good the final solution and just like people are told to come together to solve this problem in the future people are going to be told we all need to come together to solve this problem and the way we need to do it is to come back to God and keep Sunday and and then what’s gonna happen is just like the ship emerged in the fog so something is going to emerge in the midst of this crisis that’s going to command the attention of the world and what’s going to emerge is the 10 commandments the law of God is gonna rise up and people are going to take a close look at that law like they’ve never seen it before and they’re gonna go down 1 2 3 4 and they’re gonna see the word remember don’t forget for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that is in them and rested the seventh day and that I believe that God is going to use and the Bible says God is going to use this mark this crisis and the mark of the beast crisis and the enforcement of Sunday he’s going to use it to bring the big issues up to the whole world so people will then be confronted face to face with the issue of the traditions of men versus the law of God the issue of following sin and the beast or following the creator of heaven and earth who made us and who wants us to be happy and who says my Commandments are what’s best for you it’s good for you to put me first it’s good for you not to bow down to statutes it’s good for you not to take my name in vain to honor your parents not to murder commit adultery it’s good for families not to steal not to lie not to not to covet to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself is the best way and God’s going to allow this whole crisis to bring these issues up so people will have to make a choice which way are they gonna go you’re gonna follow God’s Way God’s law or they’re gonna follow man’s tradition now in Matthew verse chapter 15 verse 9 Jesus says but in vain they do worship Me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men here Jesus identifies vain worship false worship useless worship as following man’s traditions over God’s law that’s right and that’s that is the crisis that comes at the end which we are going to choose our gonna choose to follow the Bible and the Bible alone or you gonna choose to follow the ways of man it’s right and many people many people I’ve heard this before they say well we follow Jesus we’re not Jews so we don’t keep the Sabbath we keep Sunday because Jesus rose on that day but if we really follow Jesus you look at there the real Jesus you know may the real Jesus please stand up and you look at Matthew 15 the real Jesus said like you said like you quoted in vain do they worship Me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men he said you have made the the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition that’s what Jesus Christ said in Matthew chapter 15 so when it comes to tradition versus the commandments of God where does Jesus land he always lands on the commandments that’s right on the commands of God and he does this over and over again in Matthew Mark Luke and John now I want to go back I can see our time is rolling I want to go back to chapter 14 the warning about the mark of the beast at the end of verse 12 it says here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus I’ve been impressed to him that the last word before the period at the end of the third angels message is Jesus amen they keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus and the reality is when you really study the New Testament John chapter 1 verses when the three brings us out verse 10 brings us out Colossians 1:16 teaches this Ephesians 3 verse 9 teaches us that Jesus is more than than our Savior he’s actually the one who made heaven and earth he’s the creator of all life John 1:10 says he was in the world and the world was made by him but the world knew him not and when you put these pieces together and these are deep biblical truths that the worship of the Creator is really the worship of Jesus Christ he is the maker of this planet he’s the one that made the world that six days and rested on the seventh and he’s the one that wrote the law with his own finger on stone and when you really look deep you discover that the finger that wrote the law remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy was on a hand that was eventually nailed to a cross that it’s our maker Jesus Christ who paid the price for us on Calvary for all of our sins for breaking the first the second the third all the way down including the fourth and the tenth and all the Ten Commandments and we want to make it very clear that the Bible teaches that he saves us by His grace we’re not saved by the law we’re saved by the grace of God by a by the grace of our maker who paid the price who suffered for us who agonized for us and who took our sins into his mind and into his heart his holy sinless perfect heart his sensitive heart his loving heart and he paid the price for all sin and the way that we’re saved is through choosing to turn from sin repent of those sins and trust in Jesus as our Savior mystery and it’s His grace that saves us but as his grace saves us he also changes us and then by his love and His grace as a fruit of his transforming power he then transforms us into commandment keepers including the fourth and when the issue comes up at the end of time and the law of God emerges from the mist and from the fog of this world and then people are confronted with the real Ten Commandments the real seventh-day Sabbath they also need to be pointed to their Creator who paid the price on the cross and that’s where that’s where the third angel comes together with the power the grace of God the suffering of Christ and obedience in the context of a global crisis and the enforcement of the mark of the beast yes you Steve it’s so true Jesus not only his hair a creator he’s also our Redeemer that’s her and we are saved by our faith in Him and Jesus not only trenwith transforms us but as he does so he also takes away our fear so whether it’s our fear of the coronavirus or our fear of the mark of the beast or our fear of dying Jesus is the only one who can take away fear perfect love the Bible says cast fierce right excellent and I’m reminded of a story in the Book of Luke when Jesus was in the boat with the disciples and the storm came up and the disciples are terror there they’re terrified for their life you know and they look back and there’s a flash of lightning and they see Jesus back there sound asleep resting perfectly comfortable and they cry to a master’s save us we’re gonna die I’m paraphrasing here and Jesus wakes up and what Jesus sees bothers him it’s not the storm or the wind what he sees is fear in his disciples and he commands the wind and the storm to stop to be still and then he turns us is where is your faith why were you afraid it’s when I’m with you why are you a friend and in the time of coronavirus and mark of the beast and countless other situations that are going to come in our world tragic situations horrific situations terrorizing situations Jesus is there saying to his followers don’t be afraid I’m with you I’m with you all the way through this that’s right he’s gonna bring us through we have a white horse meanie has another little book called secrets of inner peace that talks about that very scene that Tim mentioned where Jesus calmed the storm and said peace peace be still and you know we know we’re in a time of Korona panic and Crona fear and you know we hate to say it but things are gonna get worse before they get better but the good news is that they are gonna get better when Jesus comes that’s right and when he does it’s gonna be fabulous it is it’s going to be worth everything we’ve been through for what we have looking forward to when Jesus comes and the new heavens and the new earth and no more sin pain suffering or death I mean it’s all just gonna be fabulous and so we want to help people to understand in this time of crisis that God’s got it all figured out in his book we have a sure word of prophecy we have predictions that tell us that yes they’ll be pestilences like the coronavirus and there’ll be earthquakes there’ll be famines and they’ll be there’ll be sorrows and and eventually there’ll be a final crisis where the Beast will make its final move and enforce the mark its mark as a parent solution to a global crisis but in the midst of this God’s truth is gonna rise up the ten commandments the cross of Jesus the importance of worshipping the creator and those who choose him will be protected and he’ll bring us through all the way to the second coming amen Steve there’s nothing better than to have the peace of God in your heart to have that peace because those who are who take the mark of the beast it says the Bible says they have no rest day or night that’s all right they don’t have peace in their heart Jesus is the one that gives peace so we have the peace of Jesus when we follow when we keep his Commandments that’s what the Bible says the whole Duty land right weird to be unified with our Savior forever and regardless what happens or that we live or die that doesn’t matter it matters that we have Christ living inside of us and we let him shine through to others that’s right and the word Sabbath means rest SXT read revelation before-mentioned revelation 14:11 says they have no rest day or night who worship the Beast and His image and whoever receives the mark of his name there’s no rest in in disobedience there’s no rest in sin there’s no rest in going to bed at night with a guilty conscience there’s rest in confessing your sins having all of them forgiven through Jesus Christ understanding his love his grace His goodness that he’s with us and in having his power to become obedient to his commandments and this is what revelation says about our preparation for the big day of his return it was it was funny this morning as I was taking a shower I turned off my shower and I was drying myself up before I got out and we have a glass door and there was my cat princess was and she did something she had never done before she was clawing on the door wanting to come into the shower and I thought you know she’s never done that before isn’t that funny and then I thought about that and I thought in the light of this program that we were gonna be doing shortly those in my shower I thought you know Jesus he wants to get into he’s really he’s like he’s knocking he’s not clawing like my cat but he’s knocking on the door of our hearts he wants to come in and change our lives forgive our sins help us to understand what’s happening in this world and he wants us to be ready for his return so why don’t we have a just a quick prayer and ask Jesus to come into our hearts dear Father in Heaven please bless each each person that’s watching this I has watched us and then we asked Jesus to come into our hearts take away our fears forgive our sins and help us to be ready for the future and for his return in Jesus name Amen amen [Music]

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