CS:GO – Zeus taser put to the test

If the enemy is 183 units or closer to you
then it’s an instant kill. Between 184 and 230 it does damage but won’t kill, and above
that, it doesn’t do anything. The 184 unit insta-kill cut-off distance is
2 and 3 quarter crate distances away, or in real terms, if you’re aiming at their head
then your thumb on the Zeus is higher or equal to their feet. Ideally you should aim for
their body which gives you the best chance of hitting them, meaning that the top of the
Zeus is level with their feet or above. ALTERNATIVELY, you simply run towards them a bit more just
to be sure. And now for the boring but far more practical
graph format. I honestly didn’t expect it to look like this- at 230 units the damage
suddenly plummets from 66 damage to 0. If you see their head jerk after being shot with
the Zeus, assume they’re on low health. Armour doesn’t appear to make a difference-
and this time I tested it myself. However, shooting somebody from behind rather than
in front caused slightly less damage. I found these tests difficult to replicate so I’ll
put these changes down to where I aimed and the varying hitbox positions when facing and
looking away from me. How about shooting through glass. I swear
I’ve managed it before, but I just couldn’t manage it today. See? And how about against
real people. Did that hit you, JFCC? Okay, how about now? Thank you. Glass stops the
Zeus and I DARE you to say otherwise. And finally, noise. Is it stealthy? Short
answer: NOOOOOO. Long answer: (Various distances and zapping sounds). Compared with the knife,
it’s loud. It’s meant to be an insulting, embarrassing death. It’s not for ninjas or
anybody who ultimately wants to win against good players.
In conclusion, the Zeus is a stupid weapon. It’s a last resort that’s seldom needed, yet
costs a huge amount and can only be used once. It’s great for embarrassing people, but even
in that regard, a knife is better. For only $200 dollars more, you can get a shotgun which
is far more useful in 99% of situations. *sighs*

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