Daud Kim speaks in front of hundreds Muslims | Allah always help us

Daud Kim speaks in front of hundreds Muslims | Allah always help us

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  1. bro,Daud,When I see ur vedios, my heart beams with joy.The belief of Allah is going strong to see u, mashallah. May Allah helps u to do these good work.Fi amanillah.

  2. Beautiful Quran Recitation by a Blind Man from Gaza, Palestine.

    354,065 views•Jul 26, 2016






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    Beautiful #Quran Recitation by a #Blind Man from #Gaza, #Palestine.

    Subhan'Allah yet another example that just because Allah has taken one blessing away, it doesn't mean He has done us wrong, rather there may be another blessing given which others don't have.

    Recite the book of Allah beautifully.






    تلاوة تهتز لها القلوب و سكينة وراحة ﻻ توصفّ 1

    viva alger

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  3. MashAllah you are a great speaker. I love how clearly you said that the purpose of a Muslim’s life is to obey Allah and show Him thanks.

  4. Brother stay away from Minhaj Al Quran, they're Shiittes. They're disrespectful towards some of the companions of Rasool Allah especially Syedna Amir Muawiya (R.A)

  5. May Allah aid you brother I am also a revert from colombia and I come from a community where not many people are Muslim. I ask allah to allow you to see this comment and allow you to benefit from it. Akhi i advise you to go over seas seek knowledge learn this deen properly and to return to your land and call your people to Islam. Please akhi you could be the one who call your people to tawheed and be the means to your people reverting to Islam. May Allah keep you firm and guide you to what pleases him the most.

  6. The right thing to do.. Just like Abu bakr rah. after he embraced islam, he asked prophet muhammad pbuh, what should i do? Prophet Muhammad pbuh replied, you should do what i do, which is Dakwah,.. That is how you strengthen your iman and amal, by doing dakwah,.. The basic foundation of islam..

  7. That is the typical thing that happens with new muslims.. they get to do a speech in front of countless people.. they marry in their first year.. they are getting elected in their mosque to be the head.. that's kinda toxic.

    Stay back.. otherwise soon you are going to do the stuff only for the people to see it and not for allah.. that's what my imam said.. he advised to at least wait a year before doing stuff like that

  8. Masha allah
    Allah with u dawd. 🌹🌺💕
    And all moslims in koria must show the soul of islam to guide pll

  9. You are fake Muslim
    Bro there will be so so much of bullies that will hurt you don't get hurt bro be possible every time and welcome to peace welcome to Islam

  10. bismillah (47:1) Those who disbelieve and avert [people] from the way of Allah – He will waste their deeds. (47:2) And those who believe and do righteous deeds and believe in what has been sent down upon Muhammad – and it is the truth from their Lord – He will remove from them their misdeeds and amend their condition.

  11. Brother Daud Kim as brother Osman said remember that every child born on earth is a Muslim, it's parents later change it according to their religion.May Allah bless you.

  12. Wonderful Journey, inspiring and touching, glad you've found the answer that you have been waiting for so long, Welcome to Islam, DAUD. Salam from Indonesia.

  13. Mashallah daud, Im so happy for you but be carrful with gatherings, Alhamdulilah this gathering was good but at the same time be careful and only follow whats in the quraan, sunah and hadeeth. I love you Daud. May aAllah bless you ❤ from the UK

  14. OMG! Daud don't let these ignorants corrupt you, they're a bunch of suffi vultures, trying to corrupt your aqeedah, they're a bunch of polytheists whom pray to Graves and stuff like that, please stick to Quran and Hadith , and don't allow anybody dictate his ideologies on you, Muslim countries are in a bad shape because of the corruption of their faith so Allah has put disgrace on them, you're gonna look around and see so many Muslims, but only a few have the right aqeedah and truthfull understanding of Islam! They're using your platfrom to spread their ignorance to people! Islam is knowledge and knowledge is your faith, so be aware where you get your knowledge from! May Allah preserve you from evil of devil's and the people! Ameen

  15. i love when u said abt signs.. u really believe in that.. signs of the creator is everywhere.. but its only Allah's right to give Hidayah to the one that He wants.. and u are one of the chosen one.. Alhamdulillah.. ❤️

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