Diehard Kanye Fans React To ‘JESUS IS KING’ | Genius News

Diehard Kanye Fans React To ‘JESUS IS KING’ | Genius News

Speaker 1: Kanye West finally released his
oft delayed, but highly anticipated album, ‘Jesus is King.’ It’s a gospel spin, so we wanted to see what
his biggest fans thought of it. So we decided to hit the streets of New York
City to check it out. Let’s go. Do you think the album is good? Speaker 2: Yes, I do. It’s different. It’s different Kanye. Speaker 3: I like the mix of Kanye and the
gospel. It’s not too much gospel, not too much Kanye. Speaker: Out of all his albums, it’s
nowhere near the top five. Speaker 5: I do think it’s good. I don’t think it’s his best project, though. I still think ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’
is the best. Speaker 6: It’s not as bad as ‘Ye.’ Speaker 3: Good is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t forget. Speaker 7: I’ll say mid. It’s all right. Speaker 3: It’s good in a certain vibe. I’m not going to play it on my speaker and
mosh to it. Speaker 2: We got used to the rowdy, ratchet
Kanye, but now he bringing it back home. Speaker 7: It got worked too hard for something
I thought was going to be bigger than what it was. Speaker 3: But when I’m chilling on a late
night, and I want to feel… Or early morning, matter of fact, because
church-type time. Speaker 8: It’s super Sunday morning… Speaker 3: I would listen to it and empower
myself. Speaker 7: I feel like he just made it at
a point in his life when he’s thinking differently about music. The whole album to me felt like every song
was like “Jesus Walks” part two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Speaker 1: Where does the album rank amongst
his others? Speaker 2: I’m going to say top three, just
because I like the message behind it. Speaker 7: Probably the bottom out of all
of his albums. Speaker 8: Bottom. Why bottom? Speaker 8: Have you heard ‘My Beautiful Dark
Twisted Fantasy?’ Speaker 5: I say it’s better than ‘Ye.’ I think Ye’s his worst project. Speaker 6: It has that ‘Kids See Ghosts-‘type
vibe. I’d say second and last probably, yeah. Second to last. But definitely not top. Speaker 1: With ‘Ye’ being the last? Speaker 5: Yeah. Speaker 3: Aight, imma keep it a buck. At the bottom. But that’s just comparing the best to good,
but it is a very good album nonetheless. Speaker 2: You know, this is what he was all
about. He was all about Jesus Christ. To see him loop and come back around to that,
that’s fire. I don’t know what everything in between was,
but I mean, I appreciate all of Kanye’s music, if we’re going to be completely honest. Speaker 1: What is your favorite song off
the album? Speaker 7: It got to be the second one, “Selah.” I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing that
right, but that’s probably the only song that’s I’ve listened to more than once. Speaker 2: “Selah,” so far. Speaker 7: It had the beat, the track, the
bars, everything I like. Everything came together perfect. Speaker: “On God.” It kind of spoke to me. Speaker 5: On God, produced by Pierre Bourne,
my man from Queens. Speaker: For him to let Pierre keep his
tag, that was pretty nice, because Kanye don’t let a lot of people keep his tag. Speaker 5: He lives like, 15 minutes from me. So just having someone in the area of where
from where I grew up just making a fucking beat for Kanye, it was just so fire. And what Kanye was saying, that shit was just,
it was crazy. Speaker 1: What do you think about “Closed
on Sunday?” Kanye West: (singing)
Speaker 8: I’m vegetarian. Speaker 2: That’s fire. That’s a mood, though. I’m from Atlanta, so all we eat is Chick-Fil-A,
and every Sunday we’d be salty. I’d wake up and I’d just want to go to Chick-Fil-A
Sunday and I can’t have it. Speaker 5: I was at the listening party and
he played that, it was fire. I’m not even lie, everybody was going crazy. That song is hard, in my opinion. Speaker 7: I’m not a big fan of Chick-Fil-A.
I guess he added that just to add a little bit of modern entertainment to it. Speaker 6: Lowkey, it was kind of funny,
because I mean, Kanye is a serious artist, but he said that, so I was just like, “Really,
Kanye? That’s what you’re doing now?” Speaker 3: I just like the fact that he talks
about Chick-fil-A. I like chicken. I like Kanye. I like music. Nothing to complain about. Speaker 1: ‘Jesus is King’ wasn’t anyone’s favorite
Kanye project, but the love was there. Let us know what you think in the comments. I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace.

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  1. The fact hes so limited in what he can say and still made it this good is fascinating. Ask drake to not rap about money, drugs, girls. He would have nothing to say.

  2. It’s nice to see 8 people that GENIUS filtered represent how New York feels about Kanye’s album …… lol this perfectly backs up Kanye’s message about getting away from Media and News

  3. I love the album sooo much I love the song God is. I listened to it so many times. The movie was not good so short and didn't have any progroession. The album was amazing though.

  4. I think it's a disgrace to the truth of who Yahusha is and the power of Yahweh. He's comparing Sunday worship to drive through fast food joint. Pathetic. Mocking Christianity. I'm sure chick-fil-a monetarily endorsed him. BTW, Sabbath worship is supposed to be in the 7th day, Saturday; and to keep it holy via ten commandments but the Catholic devils changed it to sunday. This is all very disheartening to people who know the truth but have to see their brother's and sisters being deceived by this nonsense.

  5. Like or dislike this if you agree or disagree. To me, this is one of Kanye best projects. I am amazed by the creativity and Genius in this album. The track “Selah” my goodness that song is on fire……….!!!. He brought choral music that was dying to live. And fans of Kanye please give the song a chance. He did not use any profanity in this album but Jesus is definitely King on the album and that is what is new. This will be the new trend in music, mark my word. Signor Out!!!!

  6. This is hands down the best album of this year and next year's… everyone can take a break because this one needs to win album of the year lolzz.

  7. Jesus is KING – Kayne is the only one in Hollywood with the balls to do what he believes in and preach the word of the Lord! He has always preached but most people didn't notice. Love Kayne.

  8. If you got a problem with Chick-Fil-A it's cause you allowed yourself to get played emotionally by the media. #sheep think for yourself

  9. If you like my beautiful dark twisted fantasy over Jesus is King it just shows where you are in your spirituality…. if you resonate more with “I think I just fell in love with a pornstar” than breaking the chains through salvation in Christ than that’s probably why you’d like that album better. Don’t get me wrong, till this, my beautiful dark twisted fantasy was my fav too… but ever since coming to the truth about God I no longer care for the things he talks about in beautiful dark twisted fantasy, b/c that’s all it is… a fantasy.

  10. It's a gospel album called 'Jesus is King' by Kanye West, and my mans in the beanie is out there talking about ''It's not too much gospel, not too much Kanye.'' Lol. Then, wtf is it, sir?

  11. Wow. Actual fair reviews from people who listened to it honestly. I love this. Much better than Complex Everyday Struggle and others who let their personal vendettas get in the way of a fair review

  12. They looking at the beats and the way it sounds instead of the message behind it lol that's how spiritually and mentally people are out of tune with their spirit man lol

  13. Factz will give you a playlist you would love to play everyday by Kanye new album Jesus is King.
    1. Selah
    2. On God
    3. Everything We Need
    4. Closed on Sunday
    5. Follow God
    6. Hands On
    7. Water
    8. Use This Gospel

  14. Well they didn’t ask me, but this is my favorite Kanye project, hands down. I always said i wish Kanye made gospel music and now it’s happening years later. Praise God and Pray for Kanye

    Best Song on the album: ‘Use This Gospel’ That saxophone ? was life changing then when the beat drops after that!!! ?? In that moment I saw God. ??


  16. I like that one guy that’s just very positive about everything. I love chicken. I love Kanye haha need more people like that

  17. Most of them doesn't even understand why he did this album except that girl in white clothes but she thinks it's just a message. Didn't get that fact that it's another man.
    Being born again is craziness for those who doesn't know Jesus.

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