Early Gallifrey: The Formation of the Time Lords

Early Gallifrey: The Formation of the Time Lords

Hi all, Ric here, the recent series of Doctor
Who dropped a hint that Time Lord society may in fact have more going on than even the
Doctor is aware of. No spoilers here for series 12, but I thought I’d take a look at early
Gallifreyan history as loosely established in the old canon.
So one fact about the Timelords that is common knowledge is their homeworld of Gallifrey
but since the series’ revival, we’ve never gotten hard answers as to how the Time Lord
society formed, just a few hints to ancient lore. Much like the classic series to be honest,
but let’s try to piece together the history of Gallifrey, before the Timelords existed.
Another thing to bear in mind is that a lot of this lore predates the revival of the series
in 2005 and takes place before the Time War shook things up so it may not be the current
status quo. Time Lords as a species are old. Very old.
So let’s go back to the very beginning of the universe and work from there.
But even before the big bang and the formation of the N-Space (the designation for normal
space-time) there was another universe, the Dvapara Yuga. In this pre universe, lived
a myriad of beings, some of which still existed into its replacement, the current.
Such claimed inhabitants include the Beast and his son, Abaddon which were sealed on
Krop Tor by the Disciples of Light before the formation of the time, space or matter,
Before N-space in other words. The Syriath too was from this time as well as the Guardians
of Time, the Elder Gods, the Toymakers. The Solitract was a conscious energy field
that kept the N-Space universe from forming and was eventually removed and contained within
a separate plane. Once there, creation could begin anew. In the same fashion, the Dark
was void energy that was sentient and had existed before the universe.
Other beings, not strong enough to survive the coming big bang became beings of faith,
myth and folded themselves into the fabric of the new universe’s inhabitants stories,
as gods. As that universe ended, it was also the beginning. Event One, the first fixed
point, known to the Beast as the Cataclysm and humanity as the Big Bang.
In these times the survivors of Event One adopted their new roles as guardians, myths,
prisoners or exiles. For several billions of years galaxies formed, stars, planets,
but as there was no one alive yet to witness it (except time travellers), it was all very
dull so let’s skip that. The first race to evolve into sentience wiped itself out
in biological warfare. Others soon evolved to followed and species such as the Carrionites,
Rachnoss and the Nestene evolved. On Gallifrey, a race of people were evolving into humanoid
form, known as the shadow people in their native tongue, they were the earliest Gallifreyans.
As this was in an time before the Morphogenic field was created, an abient field that increased
the likelihood of the humanoid form naturally evolving, many of these species around this
time were weird and wonderful. In this era, called the Dark Times, the forces
of magic were still prevalent as the unpredictable and loose nature of the fabric of reality
gave itself easily to manipulation. Gallifrey evolved as a matriarchal society, under the
rule of the Pythians. The Pythia had strong psychic powers such as precognition and used
their abilities to rule over the lower classes and cement their place among the other fledgling
empires. They engaged in the use of ritualistic magicks
to weave powerful spells while their less magically inclined followers turned to science
to bolster their abilities. For eons, the Gallifreyan Empire expanded and conquered
other worlds, established colonies and diplomatic ties with the worlds it could not seize. This
was a very violent time for these people and they did not resemble the Time Lords in any
true sense. During this era, they clashed with their oldest enemy, not Daleks, the Great
Vampires called the Yssgaroth. During this war, where the giant energy devouring beasts
were felled with Bow-ships characters like Omega, Rassilon and the Other established
themselves as Gallifreyan heroes. Soon, Rassilon’s Neo Technologist movement,
a political and military following of science minded Gallifreyans rose to challenge the
rule of Pythia and overthrew the sisterhood driving them from Gallifrey. They fled to
one of the colony worlds, Khan where remnants of the Pythian society became the Sisterhood
of Khan which explains their continual ties to Gallifrey in the Time War and beyond, they
are basically the exiled ruling class that became its own culture with time. Sort of
Cousins to the Time Lords. Rassilon began to reshape the Gallifreyan
society to include the Great Houses, introduced regeneration, established the Academy and
basically made Time Lords as we known them. Following Omega’s experiments, the Gallifreyan
society established themselves as the Lord of Time and chose to bring order to the chaotic
nature of the universe. This gets a little meta here as up until the Dark Age of Gallifrey
the universal laws were similar, but not quite the same as they are now. They are consistently
described as chaotic which is not to say that Time for example, didn’t exist as a concept
but it was just different. A hard thing to process, I just have to sort of accept it
and move on, the universal rules were sort of in a Beta stage, the pre-release build
of reality if you like. So this is when the Time Lords chose to instigate
their Spiral Politic. This began with the founding of the Protocols of Linearity, a
set of literal and metaphysical laws that regulated time travel. Some of these threads
were quite literally new laws of physics, or maybe refinements to existing ones, effectively
weaving a Web of Time across the fabric of the universe to make it consistent and bring
it under the Time Lords control. It’s not like the The Anchoring of Time,
as it was known was done immediately, this process probably took eons and many calculations
but was established by finding numerous anchor points, these are eras and events that cannot
be changed or time becomes unwound. Fixed points. Huge changes to time can be wrought
around these key events and actions, but certain, very specific things must always happen or
risk the universal structure of space-time unravelling. We saw this happen at Like Silencio
when River Song failed to kill the Doctor and all of time began to overlap. This may
be closer to sort of how the universe originally operated before the Web of Time.
During the implementation of to these laws, Rassilon eradicated several species from history
while Gallifrey was removed from the full effects of the Web of Time making it a point
from which the Timelords could survey over all of time to maintain it. One big side effect
was that magic was all but eradicated, including much of the Pythain powers. The refined and
reinforced laws of the universe were far more rigid and only magic that closely followed
the new status quo could even stand a chance of continuing. Some examples include many
forms of psychic power as it had rules and biology behind it as well as the Carrionites
use of word based mathematics. So aside from a few exceptions, Magick was now dead and
the universe as we know it now was truly established with the Time Lords assuming the mantle of
protecting time now it was brought into order. Much like our own Dark Ages, the Gallifreyan
Dark Times were called such because records from this time are incomplete. This can be
attributed to several things, the numerous wars Gallfirey was involved with, the reshaping
of how time functions so events may literally have been rewritten and the fact that Rassilon
got to decide what to record and what not. As the very nature of the universe was brought
into order for the purpose of stable Time Travel, the Dark Ages may never be able to
be revisited as they too would have been restructured to adhere to the Web of Time.
So honestly, this makes the most accurate recollection of these times in the shared
tales of the sisterhood of Khan. Unless there’s another source out there that could be stumbled
upon. Like I said before though, much of this may be rewritten with extensive time travel,
the Time War and so on. It could also be an entire fabrication from the Scrolls of Rassilon
who selectively rewrote history to his advantage. Were they really instrumental in the taming
of the universe? Maybe over the course of this new series, we’ll get answers as to
what exactly happened in those Dark Times near the beginning of everything and what
role the Time Lords played in the harnessing of Time Travel, maybe if any at all.
Thanks for watching this video on a very confusing and vague topic, but that’s also why I kind
of like it. All this mystery around abstract concepts such as different laws of the universe
and that actual rule breaking magic was a thing. I love it all and hate how naff at
explaining it I can be, even to myself so I hope some of this made sense and if it didn’t
then I think that’s the point? I don’t know any more.
Doctor who content has been a bit light on my channel for a while but honestly, the last
series kind of bored me then went on hiatus but this new one has me hooked so I’m looking
forwards to it. Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next time, goodbye!

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  1. as long as the new Kelvin timeline does not go all revisionist SJW and WOKE by seeding elements in the past that negate all events moving forward….i'm willing to give it a chance…within reason(ish)

  2. In the dark times did they not use a time scoop device to bring others to galifry to take part in a game ..
    Reference the peter Davis episode the 5 doctors ?

  3. From the books and Audio Dramas. and comics, which unlike other fandoms, are cannon in Dr. Who. Omega and Rastilon were both scientists. Galifreians had developed a problem, they could no longer reproduce. Omega invented a machine (think a glass tube the body stands in) that would reconfigure the DNA of the recently deceased and produce a new body. Only this early process we today would recognize as regeneration, this early process required machines, could take place long after the person died, and did not retain the memory of the previous person. Rastilon came up with the Matrix, the computer core, which uses the minds of the dead as a sort of living computer. But Rastilon wanted more. Galifreians were long lived, typically 2,000 years but some lived to 12,000. Rastilon eventually came up with a virus that would allow Galifrians to regenerate, without machines, and keep their memories. The 1st version allowed for infinite regenerations. But the cost was it only convert 1/3 of the people. 2/3rds would die. Again his pal Omega stepped in and fixed the problem. He found a way to alter the virus, that would not kill 2/3rds those not converted would still live. But those who were compatible would have 12 regenerations. Thus the 1st Time lords were created. Rastilon had however already used the virus on himself. As such he is immortal. He ruled as a tyrant for 1.5 million years, was overthrown and kept in a tomb. There was some way to halt his next regeneration, but not stop it. Rastilon was brought back during the Time War, in hopes he could save them, yet again. the History of Rastilon and Omega is very similar to the doctor and Master. (Omega was destroyed creating the Eye of Harmony. like big Bang 2 except Big Bang 1 there was no red haired girl to cry him back into our universe. only the tyrant Rastilon. .

  4. i doubt you'll get that as the writers are shit and lack imagination but your explanation was brilliant. really made me think about beings that existed before our universe began. you could imagine our universe beginning in time like someone taking a lap time around a track. you start running and thats the only time you know its the only time that matters but there is more behind it like walking upto that start position.

  5. You know, I am with Rassilon on this one, at keast at the beginning of his movement. It hardly seems fair that the universe has no fixed laws and everyone who is lucky enough to be born with bullshit magic gets priviliges, while everyone else get fucked over. Call me what you want, but having actual, factual constants is actually comforting, to know that even the biggest megalomaniacal douchebag will be restrained in some way and measure. And even after Big Daddy Rass got mad with power, the fact that there were constants made it so that others could manage to restrain him, because there was a systenm greater then his authority. It is why I like about nature in general: No matter what bully or monster in human skin you may find, you know that there is something greater that can easily prove how hilariously useless their supposed ”power” actually is. Sorry for being long winded, just…. had to get it off my chest. Long standing issues, really. But I will manage, so long as I can vent. I really love your lore videos, and may I ask: Could it be possible to do a piece about the actual mechanics behind any scifi technology? Like, as an example (you can choose not to do this one), ”Dune”-Frank Herbert: How their Spacefolding works. Truly fascinating.

  6. captain Jainway had the best rules when it came to understanding time traveling out of any show I've seen

    Just …. don't even try

  7. What if The Doctor is revealed as The Other?, and the love-hate relationship The Master has for The Doctor drove them to 'destroy' Gallifrey

  8. So basically time was like the 3rd Dimension and u could freely move through it before the Timelords wrote the laws of physics?

  9. The rival series itself changed many of the laws of the universe and history itself, so other than specific fixed points in space and time there is no history, but the moment you are in.

  10. It should be noted that Rassilon is a total douche bag–and has caused Time Lords a lot of issues with his arrogant nonsense.

    The regeneration ability was invented because Time Lords were made unable to reproduce children for some time. Time Lords did gain the ability to reproduce without using the Loom–which IIRC it was The Master/Mistress that brought that ability with his general attempts to destroy the Loom. Regeneration was mostly to bring genetic information back to Galifrey.

    As per magic… eh, The Faction Paradox is one of those "Separate Canons" that might be worth looking into for that.

  11. I'm fine with a real female doctor (I have One) but a female time load ? How is she always be late if she has a time ship ?

  12. "Time Lord history has more going on than the Doctor is aware of"- Considering the Doctor is the Time Lord equivalent of Courtney Woods… no shit!

  13. The Untempered Schism is a rift in spacetime local to Gallifrey which dumps loads of Artron energy and information about the universe as seen from a higher dimension. When the Gallifreyans evolved sensitivity to and absorption of Artron energy, it followed that they gained certain abilities, but while the Sisterhood of Karn eschews technological exploitation of the resources but takes a spiritual path to do so, and the Shobogans reject everything beyond a Neolithic-level existence, Rassilon and the scientific Gallifreyans created the technology to examine the rift and therefore learn not only the secrets of dimensional engineering and time travel, but could view the entire universe, top to bottom, start to finish, at whatever level they chose (the Time Scanner, which led to the Time Scoop and eventually transport capsules), and that let them fix events to their own specification. Because by observing events from a higher dimension, where they could see and choose from the possible outcomes, they collapsed the uncertainty waveform to create the outcomes they wanted. The fixed points they chose were nailed into place by the Time Lords, who jealously guarded the secrets which made them unbelievably powerful, just as Rassilon betrayed and abandoned Omega, who engineered the dimensional engine that powered their civilization, because he wouldn't share power.

    All that was in the show, but The Other, and some of the details you provided were from books, and are non-canonical.

  14. In other words : They are a guild of beta players who used an early exploit to upload a mod to the server preserving their leet status? Sounds about right. Though I'd have expected other guilds to have attacked said fixed points to take control of the server.

  15. I like the abandoned plot thread that Peter cushings Dr Who travelled to galafrey in the dark times. He gave them time travel technology and was the being know as the Other.

  16. I'm still confused regarding something about River. So she is fully human, but with Time Lord DNA due to exposure to the Temporal Vortex inside the TARDIS. Does this mean that the Time Lords were just another humanoid species until a Temporal Vortex just appeared near Gallifrey and made them what they are? Has this ever been discussed at all?

  17. Funny… so the new series is rewriting show history to claim the Timelords rewrote history, to push a woke sexist agenda…? Why am I not one bit surprised?

  18. Can you answer this question, as far as I remember the Time Lords started their eternal war with the Daleks and so earned their everlasting hatred. Why did the Time Lords attack the Daleks in the first place, and so set off this "forever" war going on throughout time and space?

    PS. One of the last enjoyable Dr Who I remember is when the Doctor, with the help of the Master, had to lock Gallifrey away outside of time and space because the Gallifreans went mad and wanted to use their planet to replace earth's position in the solar system.

  19. He didn't mention The Eternals that clashed with the Galifreyans before they became timelords. The Eternals were also there during the Dark Times and the War with the Racnoss.

  20. Something like this needs to be explored in the form of a Dr.Who/Time Lord origin story in the form of the Pythian Empire and its fall to Rassilon's Rebellion.

  21. Every era changes the rules somehow, it's all good and btw, once shown on tv it becomes canon…here we go again 😉

  22. I have always assumed but never had it confirmed for me till now that the Sisterhood of Karn were Gallifrayan. Does this make them the first females of that species to be seen in Dr Who? Did we only see male Timelords before the Brain of Morbius? I think so. This gets me wondering whether the show-runners of Dr Who briefly considered a sex-segregated society in which all the women were magic-users and all the men technologists. It's an interest notion, but not really a sustainable one for long-term audience-friendly story-telling, and I'm happy we pretty quickly got the likes of Romana thrown into the mix.

    Edit: How could I forget Susan! I guess the difference there is we never knew what the Doctor and his grand-daughter were at that time in the the development of the series.

  23. I'm disregarding the current Dr, just like I'm disregarding current Trek,Ocean's8,Terminator,Charlie's Angels,Bond,MCU,DCU ect. The world has gone mad with SJW BS. I've had it with once great productions gone full woketard.

  24. Yeah – you can throw all this out the window now Chibnall is here to destroy the lore and retcon his twisted ideology all over it like a massive turd.

  25. What about the recent(?) mention of "The Other" along with Rassilon and Omega, as an early Gallifreyan Time Lord (or a being or force) ? — What do we know about how Time Lords / Gallifreyans grow up? There's something about an Academy that both the Doctor and the Master attended, but what else do we know? (I began seriously watching with the 2005 reboot, and had seen reruns of Classic Doctor Who, mostly the Tom Baker era, in reruns while in college. So my knowledge of Whovian lore is not nearly complete.)

  26. I didn’t like the twist of the time lords are dead again because it pretty much made the 50th completely pointless and the end of Matt Smith’s run as the doctor I mean why they better re write it soon

  27. Hey can you make something about " THE LAST STARFIGHTER " Lore ? I really feel that it needs some love on youtube in some form.

  28. I could warm so much more to modern Who's condescending moralising, if he/she would only start every lecture with the phrase 'we were the original colonising, imperialist, cast system imposing, hipercritical, self-righteous, power mad, discriminising, elitist bastards… but you could learn so much from our mistakes', rather than 'we're big, you're small. We're right, you're wrong' crap that we're subjected to these days. What is the point in being the oldest if you cannot hand down your lessons with humility and compassion, which, I would've thought, would be the first and best qualities worth demonstrating?

  29. can we write time so that the past year of doctor who Never happened and the current writer and "star" of the show died as children ?/ PLEASE??

  30. Dr. WDF (Watt-De Forque), here…
    Dr who, you ask? No, no, no…
    He does Time, I do tiNes…
    I'm a TiNe Lord…

  31. Dont hold your breath for any enlightening episodes about Timelord history from this current run. Shes too busy preaching to us about current politics to be bothered to explore some proper escapist fiction…unless it somehow ties back to current politics.

  32. Doctor Who hasn't been must see TV since Capaldi era. It's been downhill ever since IMO. Rotten Tomatoes website audience score was so bad recently they had to scrap it.

  33. I remember the talk on the vampires and bow-ships that defeated them in the original series. You didn't however mention the Eye of Harmony or the Matrix.

  34. Technically they were called Time Lord after they built the time vortex and dimensional engineering

  35. I do like Dr Who, but using time travel as a plot device is just lazy writing.
    Don't like something that's happened? – Go back in time far enough and stop or change whatever was the cause of it. And then some other being somewhere else in the universe has the same problem, they go back in time and do the same thing. Then some other being, etc.
    Having time travel is the most selfish and useless machine ever thought up.

  36. I always viewed the Web of Time as something akin to the DC timeline with fixed points as things say the Wayne Family going to Crime Alley; 3 Waynes go in but all three can't come out

  37. So the episode on Sunday just gone showed post mankind that has to tie in with what the master said about the lie timelines had said. So they came from something else and that will be the secret the master discovered. If I'm making sence. I reckon the weeping angels were or are time Lord's.
    Just remembering the line Raslon said in the end of time. "We will become angels of old"

  38. This new season won't answer those questions I think. It will just tell you whamen are always right and to eat less meat, don't drive, and turn the heat down to change the weather. Bigot.

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