End Times Vatican & Wormwood Prophecies | Tom Horn | Something More

End Times Vatican & Wormwood Prophecies | Tom Horn | Something More

[Music] BD: Welcome to “Something More.” I’m your host, Bob Duvall. And I’m here with Tom Horn. Now Tom has been a guest
on “It’s Supernatural!” many times, and Tom is
a best-selling author, publisher, CEO
of SkyWatchTV. He’s a radio-TV personality. God’s using you, Tom, in
so many different ways. But I want to go back to
when you were in your 20s. You were a new
believer, and you died? TH: Yeah. BD: Tell me about that. TH: Yeah, so, you know, very,
very hungry, young Christian, just very passionate,
praying every possible hour of the day. And
basically, begging God to please let me be
involved in the ministry full-time, that’s
all I wanted to do. Like the Bible says,
“The zeal of the Lord hath eaten me up,” right? And so, I came home
from work one day, prayed before I went to bed, for
probably several hours. BD: Wow. TH: And then
went to sleep. BD: So, you were hungry. TH: Yeah. BD: You were — TH: Very much so. BD: Okay. Wow. TH: But went to sleep,
and the next thing I know, I am standing in front of a
very, very brilliant light. And it’s actually
impossible to put into words exactly what it
was that I was seeing. There was a brilliance
of rainbow-type colors, so this was more
than three dimensional, this was 10-dimensional
or 20-dimensional, or something. BD: Now, it was, like,
instantaneous? You weren’t going through, like, a
tunnel, or any — TH: No. BD: Okay. TH: No, it wasn’t your standard,
like, near-death experience. BD: Yeah. TH: Or maybe it
was, I don’t know. But anyway, I’m in front
of a brilliant light. Now, somehow, I knew that
I was standing before God. I also somehow knew
that He had told me some things, and He had
shown me some things. And in fact, part of
what I never get into is, I also knew that a scroll
had rolled out in front of me, and things were
playing out on this, like I was
seeing the future. BD: Okay. TH: But then
all of a sudden, He tells me, “You
have to go back now, and you’re not going
to remember.” So — BD: That’s crazy, though.
It’s, like, He brings you up there, He shows
you all these things, and then He said, “You’re
going to forget,” you’re not going to
remember this stuff? TH: Yeah. Right. BD: Why? TH: Well, I didn’t
know until later, I learned later why
that was the case. But the last thing I
recall is me saying, “Please, don’t
let me forget. Don’t let me forget,
it’s too wonderful. Don’t let me forget.” But He had told me I
was going to forget. So, I started
falling backward. It was just as if somebody
had pushed me out of an airplane, and my back
is towards the earth. I could literally hear
the wind going around me, it was so vivid. And this light is moving
away from me very quickly. Moments later, I literally
saw the roof of my house go around me, right? And I landed on the bed
with what felt like a thud, right, and I sat up in
bed. Took in this deep breath [gasps] like that. And now I was no longer
in this dream state, but I was literally
physically awake now and sitting on the bed. BD: Well now,
I’ve got to ask you, Tom, how do you
know you really died? I mean, it could have
just been a weird dream. TH: Right. Except for the fact
that I hear weeping. And I turn and I
look, and my beautiful, young wife is
sitting up on the bed, her head is down
inside of her hands, and she’s been
crying for a while. BD: Hmm-mm. TH: And I said, “Babe,
what’s the matter? What’s the matter?”
And when she’s able to collect herself, she explains
how she had woken up in the middle of the
night, and I was dead. No breath, no
heartbeat, no pulse, no anything. BD: Wow. TH: And she had literally
spent quite a bit of time, something like
maybe 15 minutes, trying to resuscitate
me, trying to blow into my mouth, beating on my
chest, trying to get me to respond at all. BD: So, you were dead-dead. TH: I was dead-dead. BD: I mean, it wasn’t
a like a minute, a 15-minute period. TH: A long period of time. And so, you know, I’m
trying to take all of this in, and still wondering
what had just happened to me; where was I, what was
it that I saw, why was I told I
would not remember? BD: Right. TH: You know, I probably
shouldn’t tell you this, but the next day, I went and
found my pastor, right? And I tell him what
happened to me. And his response,
you know, was pretty much, “Well, you
probably ate too many chili beans before
you went to bed.” BD: Ah. TH: He thought maybe I
had even been poisoned somehow, right? But
the idea of something supernatural just
wasn’t in his bailiwick. So, I learned really
quick, you know, and the New Testament says
not to give that which is holy onto dogs, or — BD: Mm-hmm? TH: You know, pigs will
turn in random under feed, and so, I’m not saying
my pastor was a pig. BD: Right, yeah, yeah. TH: Nice AG guy, but
he just didn’t get it. And but what
then happened was, that caused me to really
withdraw into myself and not to talk about
any of this publicly. But it was praying,
every single day praying. You know, why
did this happen? Why would You — it didn’t
make any sense to me. Why would You
tell me things –? BD: Mm-hmm? TH: But then say, “You’re
not going to remember.” BD: Of course. TH: That just didn’t
make any sense at all. BD: Yeah. TH: But I also happened
to be reading through the Bible for the
first time in my life, book by book
through the Bible. And a few weeks
after that event, still praying
about it every day, I’m in the Book of Job,
Chapter 33. And you know what the
charismatics talk about, the Logos and Rhema? BD: Right. TH: The difference
between the printed word, and then when the
word comes alive, right? BD: Mm-hmm. TH: And I was
literally reading through, and here’s what my eyes
fell upon in Chapter 33 of Job, Verse 14,
“For God speaks once, yea twice, yet man
perceives it not.” Now that’s the first clue
that there’s something hidden here, right? BD: Mm-hmm. Right. TH: Verse 15, “In a dream,
in a vision of the night, when deep sleep
falleth upon men, in slumberings
upon the bed, then He opens the ears
of men and seals their instructions that He
may withdraw man from His purpose, and hide
pride from man.” And there, for
the first time, was the answer
to my prayer, really in great detail. He even explains why
you’re not going to remember. He says,
this to withdraw man from His purpose. I
totally understood that even as a young
preacher, that if I had then saw the fact that
someday I’d be sitting here with a guy like Bob
doing television, and you know, on the
Sid Roth program, BD: Mm-hmm? TH: And if I would
have seen all of this, being a publisher, being
a best-selling author, speaking at conferences,
you know, what would I have done? I would
have aimed at it, and I would have done
everything I could do to go directly there
and make it happen. BD: Right. TH: That would
have been my purpose. He wouldn’t let me
remember why because He had a different path that
it was important for me to walk through,
both the good, the bad, the struggles,
everything that I would have to learn that could
season me and qualify me, that later on be
able to do what I do. But He also says to
hide pride from man. BD: Mm-hmm. TH: As much as I’d like
to think that as a young preacher, if I had seen
doing all of this stuff that I would not have been
lifted up with pride, it’s very possible, right? BD: [Laughs]
Yeah. TH: Because
again, not seasoned, not experienced.
So, there was a methodology behind it.
And so, BD: Okay. So now God,
though, did have a purpose, and He did unfold to you
later on some of those things that you
received in Heaven, but you didn’t remember. And when we come back,
Tom is going to talk about one of those things that God
showed him. [Music] It’s an amazing prediction about the pope that came true. Come back and join
us in just a moment. [Music] BD: Welcome back to “Something More.” I’m here with Tom Horn,
and before we get to your prophecy about the pope,
one of the things that God revealed to you was
something that was happening, or going
to happen, in the religious institution
you were part of. So, what happened
with that thing? TH: Yeah, so I don’t talk
about that one very much publicly, because there
are elements of it that are embarrassing to some
of the executive members. I was, I went on to
pastor, by the way, for 25 years in the
Assemblies of God, or right at 25 years. I was an executive in
the Oregon district of the Assemblies of God
for about eight years. And right when I
retired, and by the way, I’ve never been so
busy, being retired, in my whole life. But right when I retired
from the Assemblies of God, I had a vivid dream. And when I woke up, I
wrote down almost a whole series of, like, 12 points
of things that were going to happen, one of them
even included the death of a young man,
before it unfolded. BD: Mm-hmm-mm?
Right. TH: And I sealed this
and sent it to the state superintendent of
the Assemblies of God, gave my son a copy of
the letter. And not long ago, my son recovered that
letter. And he came back to me, and he was
just ashen white. He said, “Dad,” he said,
“This is spooky. It’s scary.” BD: Mmm? TH: He said, “Every single
thing you put on here happened exactly
as you detailed it, including the death
of this young man.” BD: Mm-hmm? TH: So that was one of
the times. But again, there’s a lot of elements
to that that could be embarrassing to some
members of the organization, BD: Right. TH: So, I don’t talk
about it often. BD: But the fact was, you
heard it in a dream ahead of time. So that’s
sort of the pattern, then. TH: Yes. BD: God unpacking,
unfolding these things to you at the
appropriate time, like in a dream. You’ll wake up and you’ll
have a knowing, TH: Mm-hmm. BD: That this
is going to happen, and then you
documented that. So, let’s fast forward
then, a little bit, to the whole
thing about the pope. Now this goes back
just a few years to, let’s say, 2011. And
you and a researcher you were working
with, Chris Putnam, TH: Right. BD: Were looking into a 900-year-old prophecy
by St. Malachy. TH: Mm-hmm. BD: About the popes. And what was that about? TH: Yeah, so allegedly,
Malachy O’Morgair, he was an Irish bishop,
and in the 1100s, he was summoned to Rome
by Pope Celestine II, to give a report
on his diocese. So, there’s a
big long story, we talk about
it in the book, Petrus Romanus, he’s
traveling across Europe. BD: Mm-hmm? TH: He’s saying the
conditions of the average person — and
he was really a people’s individual, he
cared about people and their suffering. And he’s seeing all this
terrible plight across Europe, then he
winds up in Rome, and it’s just the opposite,
the opulence, right? All the regality and
the gowns and the fine wines and
money and power, BD: Yeah. TH: That the
popes were enjoying, and the cardinals
around the pope. And he was really
put off by it. So, he gives this report,
now he’s leaving Rome, and as he’s coming
over the top of the seven hills, according
to the story, he suddenly receives a vision. And
the vision’s actually a judgment against
the papacy. He sees that God is only
going to allow this to go on so long. And so, he writes down
a series of 112 lines, each one of them
representing each pope that would arrive in
succession. BD: Wow. TH: From Pope Celestine
to the final pope, who he calls
Petrus Romanus, Peter the Roman, right? And this would be the pope
that would be sitting on the throne of
Peter in Rome, when the earth enters
into the great tribulation period, and the false
prophet arrives, and the personage of this pope,
pope number 112. BD: Okay, but
that — but that’s, like, centuries ago. TH: Right. BD: So, let’s fast
forward a little bit. There is this Belgian
Jesuit priest named Thibault, Rene Thibault, TH: Mm- hmm? BD: Rene Thibault,
who studied this Malachy prophecy.
And based on that, he decided, or he
predicted that a pope would resign in, like, 2012. I mean, that was 60
years in advance. TH: Right. BD: And your
associate, Chris, translated, studied
what Thibault had to say. And you all came to
the conclusion that yes, this was going to happen.
And you had a dream in connection with
this as well. TH: Well, so here’s
what, yeah, so this is what’s interesting.
Thibault never said that a pope would resign. BD: Okay. TH: He only said that pope
number 112 would arrive based on his predictions. BD: Ah. TH: Which some of it
was just based on just simple mathematics, the
average span of a pope, you know, formulating
that forward. BD: Mm-hmm. TH: He also got into
some mystical stuff, you know, the stars and
the moon and alignments, and just a bunch of stuff. But he predicted about
65 years now ago that the 112th pope, would
arrive, he thought, sometime around
April of 2012. Now here’s what’s very
strange about what happens with me is, I
will see something, I will write it down
ahead of the event, ahead of the discovery,
and share it with people. And the one about the
Pope Benedict resigning in 2012, I spoke
everywhere about that. BD: You went
out on a limb. TH: I really did. Two
thousand and ten, I go to bed — and by
the way, I don’t know the significance of this. BD: Right. TH: Maybe somebody
watching this show can tell me. It’s always
right at around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. BD: Hmm-mm. TH: When I fall
into this place, and I’m back
there now again, and the scroll is
unfolded again. And I see this stuff in
very vivid depictions. And this time it
was really simple. All I saw were very dark
clouds rising up over the Vatican, and I woke up.
And the minute I woke up, I started to write it down.
There wasn’t a lot of detail, but then
I started writing that Pope Benedict XVI
is going to resign. And I even put a date
and a time on it in April of 2012. So, came on Sid Roth’s
“It’s Supernatural,” I’m on all these
different programs. BD: Right? TH: All kinds of media. BD: Yeah. TH: My own program
as well, by then. And I’m saying, I predict
that Pope Benedict is going to resign,
he’s going to do it in April 2012. Well,
I’m saying this in 2011, right? BD: Yeah, but Tom, we get
all the way through 2012, and nothing happened. TH: Yeah, that’s what
it appeared, right? BD: Yeah. TH: In fact, by the way,
because I had gone so far out on a limb — and I
knew that this was going to happen, no doubt
whatsoever. I had seen it. BD: Right. TH: None of
these quickenings, revelations, so far have
ever failed to come true exactly as I’ve seen them. So, this really
had me bewildered. Now I was back
to God again, now wait a minute,
what’s going on here? I don’t get it. BD: Right. TH: So, we go all
the way through 2012, but then what happens
is, February of 2013, the Vatican announces
Pope Benedict XVI has resigned, he
is stepping down. BD: Okay. TH: Right? But that same day, and people can Google
and read this for themselves, the L’Osservatore Romano, which is the Vatican’s
media outlet, printed an article,
but they also gave an interview to a New
York Times journalist. BD: Mm-hmm. TH: And in that interview,
they admitted that Pope Benedict actually
officially, secretly, resigned before
the Roman Curia when he returned from a
trip in March of 2012, and they accepted it
in April. So, it involved both March and April.
He did it in March, they accepted it in April
2012, just exactly as I had predicted that
it would happen. And by the way, if
you read the article, it says it was kept
in a strict reserve, a for your eyes only, top
secret security clearance required, right? But
even for cardinals. Most of the cardinals
were surprised, they had no idea
that this had happened. BD: Wow. Did you get that? So, God showed
this to him, he knew it, he
knew it was true. And even though he
went through 2012, didn’t see evidence, but
when they got to 2013, it turned out, yes,
it really happened. Okay. I want to get to a more
current prediction in the next segment.
[Music] And this is something
that’s going to be coming up, and it’s earth,
literally, earth-shattering. You don’t want to miss
this, come right back. [Music] [Music] BD: Welcome back to “Something More.” I’m here with Tom Horn. It’s been a fascinating
discussion. And Tom has so many
different books on different subjects, and
it’s — we could sit here and talk all day, but
we don’t have all day. But before the break,
I talked about a more current prophecy, or more
current prediction God has shown you that’s
going to come to pass. About a year ago,
you had a dream. TH: Mm-hmm. BD: Tell me what
that one was about. TH: Yeah, this was
the most frightening, the most terrifying.
And it kind of stands at odds with the fact
that I’m a positive person and I like
to speak positively; I don’t like talking
about things that are fearful. But
this literally shook me to the bone.
And we don’t have time in this interview to
go into the details. At first, I thought I was
looking at a giant dragon that was way up
in the heavens, moving, undulating,
serpent-like, towards earth. But
then I was pulled up above it, and
looking down on it, I saw that it was actually
a giant space rock. And the way it
was turning is, it was moving
through space, and the light of the
sun was shining on it. It gave it the impression
of being a great dragon that was moving
through the heavens. Now, fast
forward in that story, what I saw terrified me. I saw it impact the earth. It was catastrophic when
it did. And when I woke up, I almost
literally fell out of bed. This had more detail
than any vision I had seen before; a lot of
it is in the book, The Wormwood Prophecy. BD: Mm-hmm? TH: But when I woke
up, I sat up in bed, I started to start writing
down what I had seen. And it was as if a
voice spoke in the room, and it said a
single word, it said, “Apophis.” Now, I knew that there was
an ancient Egyptian chaos dragon named, Apophis,
the enemy of light. BD: Mm-hmm? TH: I didn’t know
a lot about it. I also knew that NASA
had named an asteroid “Apophis,” and I didn’t
know anything about that. BD: Okay. TH: And so my
first mission, as soon as I
got out of bed, went to my
computer, turned it on, as I started doing
research into the Apophis asteroid, and all of
the details around it, and what NASA
first said about it, what they’re now
today saying about it, and the potential for it
to strike the earth in just a bit over nine years
from right now — of all dates, by the way,
Friday the 13th, April, BD: In 2029. TH: In 2029. Yeah. BD: Okay. Wow. So that’s kind of scary, Tom.
[Laughs] So, you know,
especially believers, hearing that. What
should they do? I mean, you know, we don’t
want to live in fear. TH: We don’t want
to live in fear. But of course, this
is part of prophecy. The entire eighth chapter
of the Book of Revelation deals with what
astronomers, now, I learned this after the
fact, actually believed is detailing the four
elements of an asteroid impact on the earth, from
each of the first four trumpets. It literally
caused me to start reading the scripture
differently. But when you say, you
know, what should Christians do about it? BD: Right. TH: I read Luke 21,
starting at 25 now, differently than I ever
did 25 years as a pastor, but check out
what it says. It says, “There will be
signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars”
And the Greek word, there, stars, is asteron,
asteroids. BD: Really? TH: Uh- hum. And, uh,
“Upon the earth, distress of nations.” That’s exactly
what I saw, “perplexity,” that’s exactly what I saw!
“The sea and the waves roaring” That’s
exactly what I saw! “Men’s hearts failing them
for fear for looking after those things that are
coming upon the earth.” That’s exactly what I saw. “For the powers of
Heaven shall be shaken.” That’s exactly what I saw. But then note
how this ends. “But then shall they see
the Son of Man coming in the cloud with
power and great glory. And when these things
begin to come to pass, look up and lift
up your heads, for your redemption
draweth nigh.” All of the ancients
believed that asteroids were messengers of
the gods, and in the Bible it’s a messenger
of God Himself. And the message is,
lift up your head. Look up. Your redemption is drawing
nigh. Preaching the eminency of the second
coming of Jesus Christ is something that’s
been missing in the church for the last few decades. But I actually
believe that by 2025, people are going to be
able to take a telescope at their home, look up
into Heaven and they’re going to see Apophis
racing towards the earth. BD: Mm-hmm? TH: Twenty-four months
later they’ll be able to see it with the naked eye. BD: Right. TH: And what I saw was
everybody on the planet on their face begging God
to deliver them from this menace that was coming. So, I think this could
actually initiate the next great awakening;
a final revival, if you will, that will
help to usher in literally millions and millions of
people around the world. And then there’s one
other element about this, and there’s a precedent
for it in scripture, and that is that the
judgment could be averted. If enough people pray, if
enough people turn to God and rend their
heart, it says, instead of their garments,
it could be averted. There’s a pattern for that
all through the scripture. BD: Absolutely. TH: The book of Joel,
“If you will turn to me, I will send you a blessing
instead of a cursing.” The story of Jonah being
sent into Nineveh, up and down the streets, you’re
going to be destroyed in 40 days. BD: Yeah. So, there is,
there is good news. Tom, thank you for
being my guest on “Something More.” And thank you for
watching us and visiting with us today. You know, there
is good news. There is good news
of revival coming, of people seeing the
threat and turning to God. If you know Him already,
follow Tom’s example. Be hungry, be
desperate for God. Be open to
hearing from Him. And if you
don’t know Him yet, today is the day
of your salvation. Turn to Him. Where there’s hope,
where’s there’s, there’s excitement in
living the life that God has laid out for you to live. God put in Tom
instructions and things for his life, but God has
a plan for you as well. Thank you again
for joining us on “Something More.” Come back next time.>>Thomas Horn is the
author of the best-selling books Petrus Romanus: The
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  8. Signs and Wonders if you look at my profile picture you'll see reflections around my head. This started in 2017 on a pier in Florida. It followed me up and down from side to side on the water. I have video on YouTube under my name August Bradshaw I don't make anything on views just want to share. It's the 3 video's on the blue water. One I'm taking off my hat and sunglasses to see if they are causing it. Another I walk away from my girlfriend and her daughter and you can see it follow me. The other is a collage of still pictures and you can see my guardian angel in the first 2 pictures. Now I know Jesus is my lord and savior so I don't need this to believe it's for you all to see. God Bless you all. Remember the Anti Christ comes first

  9. I'm a believer 100 percent but did your wife call the ambulance after a minute of knowing you were dead

  10. Wormwood ??
    Planet x
    Revelation 8:8
    Amos ??
    Joshua painted the door tops with blood in book of exodus
    From the "destroyer "
    "Angel of death"
    In other words
    God drone…..🛬📽🕹💻🎬🌋📊🛀🔥

  11. Around 2 ,4 am is when the occult cast spells etc,I always wake up this time ,I usually get spiritual attacks

  12. I always wake about 2 AM I don't know why. Also when the Lord wakes me, no matter how little sleep I get, I am not tired the next day.

  13. Have u foreseen the antichrist arrival and system we face shortly, before the second coming of Jesus Christ

  14. Remember we live under the heavenly firmiment, surrounded,protected .no space or asteroids,u should know this ,

  15. That's antichrist talk , everyone will come together as one ,in a catastrophic event .
    They will stage the event.

  16. We're probably going home this year.. It's just a matter of time before Rapture/Harpazo happens, leaving millions of Unbelieving, lost n Lukewarm across the world dumbfounded by what happens to the Faithful Believers of JESUS ✝️…
    Keep awake n alert with your Lamps trimmed with HolySpirit always so that we may be found worthy enough to Escape the Upcoming Terror !!
    God bless you all😇🙏
    AMEN 🤗 HalleluYah 🙌✝️

  17. Tom is a modern day prophet. If Apophis is Rev 8 then Rev 6 is happening now. I have been doing video's on the 4 horsemen. Tribulation is beginning now.

  18. Ok but not all people bowing with their face to the earth are praying to our God. Some to Allah and some to (insert favorite diety here).

  19. The world is at a critical point, gross darkness and evil is covering the earth and then there shall be an outpouring of the glory of God like never before. At this moment God is separating the wheat and the tares. The holy people will be covered with the glory of God, and the unbelievers will be filled with blackness of darkness and evil. We are approaching the last day. Glory be to God in the highest heaven, Alleluia Amen olam olam

  20. I have had the same dream about this it hits the sea causing destruction. The lamb comes straight after. I died and was resurrected by Jesus. I received a white stone, new name, hidden manna. Revelation 2:17.

  21. On Dec 6th, 2019 I had a dream a Tsunami was washing out my town. I looked again and there was a huge wall of water and there was no escaping it. I'm on the Pacific Coast. It was so scary. The water was rushing up against the rooftops. I was trying to call my husband and I couldn't remember his number, and I started to dial the number 54, which isn't even close to being his number. In strongs Hebrew the number 54 means: The Great one is Father.

  22. I belive this man because I had also had a dream about this. God will not allow something like this to happen without revealing it first so that people be pepared. I've been waiting for this interview for six months because when I had my dream i started searching the web and found others that had similar dreams like mine and came across him speaking about the book and some of things God has shown him. Lets pray people because we are like in the times of Noah…and if you read the bible you know how that goes. Blessings

  23. God says if a prophet predicts and says and if come to pass that means God has sent him to speak he is true but if he speaks and do not come to pass that means is not true. Thank you for standing in true

  24. I dont understand why Christian are surprice about prophecy and disasters, do you guys truly read the bible sturdy the bible? Look what happens to Sodom and Gomorrah! Come on also all the things God almighty did to Egypt. God is God, and He is all power so why are you Christian doubting what God can do and He will do

  25. I had an open vision while driving in August of 2018. In the vision I saw great sorrow, people all around me wailing unable to be comforted. It lasted for several minutes I started to cry as I watched this unfold. Then as quickly as it started in a flash everyone's crying and wailing and deep sorrow ended. It was all replaced with the most wonderful joy I had ever felt. Nothing could compare on this earth to that joy. Then the vision ended. To see and feel that joy kind of joy gave me hope. I believe things are coming to this earth that is going to cause great great sorrow but the Lord is going to turn that sorrow into joy in the twinkling of an eye.

  26. I also I had a few dreams about the second coming of Jesus..by faith I know Jesus is sending a message about his coming,and I believe that.pliz Lord stay with me until the end of this life,so I can live with you in the next life.i always ask for your forgiveness.frends believe in Jesus and He will make a way..Amen!

  27. Early observations of the asteroid tended to give a significant probability of a collision with Earth on Friday, 13 April 2029. The asteroid was then classified at level 4 on the Turin scale, which was a unique case. However, new observations further clarified its trajectory and ruled out the possibility of a collision with the Earth or the Moon by 2029. Indeed, the asteroid must then pass about 30,000 km from this first.
    But we know that God can do what He wants.

  28. That is when the Lord want to talk with you. Because that time is very quiet. He waked me up around that time as well to pray. That is the time I asked him questions about things for answers.

  29. You have lost your mind if you think that we can pray away the destruction and subsequent rebirth of earth and union of heaven and earth. IT IS WRITTEN!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I’d have thought the first thing for his wife to of done would be to call an ambulance if he wasn’t breathing and crying wasn’t going to do any good

  31. Tom Horn is one of my beloved preachers. Like his experience the Lord spoke to me many times and everything came true. Before 3 days I saw in my dream that I and my daughter sit in heaven for the feast. A long glass of wine and a big bread placed before us and I broke a piece of the bread and ate. Then the dream is over. I saw many dreams about rapture but it is different and in it I already reached there. That means I think the rapture is going to happen soon. Soon means within certain months or one or two months.

  32. I had this dream a few years back. I was standing in a park at night with my 2 brothers, we look up to the night sky where the stars were few. The few stars that were left were the most beautiful reds, purples, yellows and greens colours. And also I saw what I knew in my dream was a massive ‘seal’ this was the last seal. This thing was massive and I mean massive. As if it was light years away like a distant galaxy and was illuminated, I would say I took up a third of the sky. The seal was rectangular in shape and gold with engravings I could not decipher. I turn to my brothers and said ‘so this is it then’ as if I was relieved to see an end to something. After all these years I remember this dream like it was yesterday.

  33. At the beginning of february I had 7 nights of dreams and I will say to you what I dreamt one night and the last one from that 7 row. I was in the grandma’s garden (I grew up at my grandmother’s house) and I was standing to the WEST and I couldn t move but just look in that direction and I heard angel trumpets. They were singing and sounded so strange yet so beautiful. I wanted to go in that direction but couldn t move. In the dream I knew something happened with the angels but I couldn’t go take a look. In this time I was surrounded by some people that said to me to not go there and check the sngels because “we can have fun here”. Basically they were trying to make me have fun and party with them instead of me going to those angels to see why they sing. I realised days after, that from the West Jesus will come to redeem the ones who truly loved him. I’m 18 so I guess I’m considered a child and in the bible says that the children and old men will dream prophetic dreams. God bless you!

  34. When I was 16 years old on a boat that suddenly capsized & myself trapped inside I took a deep breath as the water engulfed me & the boat hit bottom my soul rose up into into the sky through space & into a brilliant light Gods consciousness filled me with incredible peace as I watched myself being conceived born & my whole life relived until the moment I got into the boat God warned it wasn't safe but I didn't listen I was sent back because I had a job the Creator wanted me to do over 40 years later I finally did that job biologicalcompass.com

  35. It says very clearly in Revelation in the Bible that a new Babylon is burned off the face of the planet. I had a horrific thought in that moment he was talking about America. Because any mention of our nation seems to be missing from end time scripture.

  36. When you accept The Lord Jesus Christ as a dark man as he is described in the Bible you will be saved. Not the picture of the guy that the Spaniards forced down the NATIVE AMERICANS THROATS ! WAKE UP YOU'RE NOT GOING TO KNOW THE CHILDREN OF ISREAL WHEN THE REAL ONES STAND UP! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT🥺😴

  37. People be careful what you fall for. If there were to be a huge Revival that cancelled the end times judgment as prophesied in the Bible, that would make God a liar. Romans 3 verse 4 , "Certainly not! Indeed, let God be [a]true but every man a liar." This man is a false prophet.

  38. My daughter had a dream 2 months ago; early in the morning, she told me that she saw a big planet descending on the horizon. It was late, around 6.00 p.m. and she saw a mega explosion and the dust that raised the planet run very fast, and she saw me and our kitty very tired and melting our skin like wax. She was in shock but it was a prophetic dream because the Lord shows her future things.


  40. lol what a liar…judgement cannot be averted….that would make the bible a lie if true….like I said Tom Horn went off the deep end.

  41. God knows the beginning to the end..it is written written in the bible what is going to hapoen..praying will not stop what is to come..we are living in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah if God judged those days God eill judge us for we are wicked and only because of Jesus can we escape judgement.m

  42. Correct me if I'm wrong but, he isn't making predictions, he's just interpreting what he is shown. The glory is not his.

  43. Their is one more thing you Must do. Keep the fourth commandment. You must keep the Sabbath on the 7th DAY it is OK to go to church on Sunday but if you keep the 7th that is the seal whithout it you have taken the Mark OF the Beast and you will not be able to enter the Kingdom. This is Truth read it for yourself i am only your Brother I pray somehow you get this

  44. Guys why don't you do a show on the truth about the Antichrist papacy. Maybe include quotes from the Protestant reformers. Stop with the experiential nonsense, visions, fake prophesy etc. Whatever happed to teachingthe word of God. There is plenty of prophesy in the bible and it's real not made up.

  45. Tom maybe that rock is a government weapon to trick people into believing ole wormwood is real when in fact it's apocalyptic language for the false doctrine you and the people like you are preaching. Water in the bible is the word of God and bitter water is false doctrine.

  46. How could this be averted if the word of god shall not return void!? What the scriptures say will and must come to pass we can’t pray our way out of the time YHWH selected … certain signs and catastrophes and strange weather and ailments wars and rumors of war are all consolidated into a period of time will not and cannot be changed or averted …these signs are to WAKE people up NOW! As the door of Grace is closing and slamming shut


  48. They would never tell us the real expected arrival date. They have let some things leak out through Tom Horn I believe. Like when they told him at the Jesuit telescope on mount Graham, that they were “watching something”. That builds the space and aliens narrative. This I don’t believe though. I think wormwood is an entity. I don’t even think it will be 9 years till the angel wormwood falls to the earth.

  49. I got the same dream the same dream like the way he dreamed and I wrote it down in 2017 I still have it on my Dart

  50. In my dream it was . It was something like a rock came down and just fall on the earth like a broken piece a heavy piece of a rock just fell down on earth and it was like very dusty and it was dark everywhere there was no light and the sun .was not there

  51. I love you brother Tom Horn.
    I have followed you for years.
    You are blessed and anointed by God Himself. You are so humble and encouraging to all
    I love you and pray for you daily. MARANATHA!!!

  52. The sign of Jonah, the only sign given to this wicked generation, is a sign that seems to allow the inevitable destruction to be avoided. Jonah told the people of Nineveh that they were going to die. They were terrified and repented. Destruction was avoided.
    (Jonah was half digested after having been in the belly of a large shark for 72 hours. Then he had a long walk through the wilderness from the beach to Nineveh. He would have been pretty scary to look at, no doubt.)

  53. I do not appreciate people who prophesies and get msg from God, are referring to the predictions. "SO AS I PREDICTED.." where is God un this? ..
    No good..too big of an ego.
    They should recognize that the Lord gave them the msg and he understood its meaning.

  54. I believe new York City is the mystery Babylon spoken of in the book of Revelations,I think it will be destroyed soon,the statue of liberty is a idol of the false goddess (libertaus), Ishtar,issis, semiramis,the goddess of harlots, prostitutes and immigrants. So I believe new York City is mystery Babylon.

  55. Me i have quarrel with lord ,why he treat me like trash ,he is corrupt ,he treat me like filt,harassing me everyday .even sexually .he goes everywhere i go in spirit still and still touching me sexually .it does not please me .it is disgusting.i did not pray to you so that you come to molest me .you disgust me alot .you are corrupt ,i must keep revealing this to everyone .how can u just put ur fingers in my butt u filty being. And i will not hide this .being god does not give u any authorithy to insult me like that .u bring shame to your name.u people must know this and i dont lie .this god is a sinner ,u just dont know it .i dont want to hear people saying that it is a lie because i dont lie ,what for would i lie.this god makes you all look like fools like he does to me because i am alone .if i were to see his angles i would testify to them so that they know what a lier they serve .

  56. I’ve had tsunami dreams since I was a teenager 40 years ago. I didn’t know what a tsunami was. When I was in my twenties 1980s, I had a dream a bad storm and tsunami came and I was high in a tree facing west. Exceedingly happy and shouting that I survived the tribulation and then saying, Jesus is now coming. It was over. Today, I live in a house that is set up the same way with the trees in the front of my house facing west.

  57. I had a horrible end times dream. I was in this park of some sort. Like a national forest state park. There were lots of people just out enjoying the day when suddenly, the Sun started blinking off and on. This caused a tremendous panic and everybody was running and screaming. Then, the Sun went out completely in the middle of the day. I was so distraught, because I knew this was the end.

    The Sun came back on, but had lost half it's light and there were thousands of people just weeping. Then, the clouds started swirling and breaking off into these Angel looking beings. Then, there was these loud booms all in the sky. I was so terrified at what was happening that I thought my heart would fail me. I woke up and the booming was my heart beating out of my chest.

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