ENG [LIT Action] Drake – God’s Plan (Asian Reaction){korean guys}

hello~ hello boiru~ lol I don’t know what you saying this is the way saying hi of a Korean best youtuber is it? lol boiru~ so today we back again with a hot MV this guy.. umm… it’d be ridiculous if you’re not reacting to this guy’s song this guy is…. Drake I’ve lived in Toronto I worked there for a year Drake is from there is he Canadian? yes he is. there are maybe 4 or 5 small cities in Toronto he’s from Scarborough which is one of the cities I’ve heard like that so he usually put Toronto in his lyrics we haven’t watched his new MVs for a while i’ve always been saying he gon show up when his money’s running out I think he’s just come to kill everybody with this MV maybe he spent lot of money the guy Drake, always on the top of Billboard chart we gon react to Drake’s new MV ‘God’s Plan’ God’s Plan(in Korean) we’re here to do this well, let’s start right now say ‘LIT action’ it seems the number of money 990,….. he spent 990,000$ for this? don’t tell the label? The drama ‘Dokkebi’ was popular in Korea ‘It seems like God’s plan or not’ was that kinda story? I haven’t watched that someone got so pissed off now this looks like woman the good life that’s it! flexing, flexing on em oh he shows up he’s jogging no he’s dancing now oh that grandfa is so flexable he saying ‘they wishing on me’ so unique he also dance so well his dance was so popular he’s a dancer oh it’s a supermarket looks like he saying ‘buy everything and i’ll pay’ he’s hugging this woman nice fan service oh he just gave scholarship money umm.. in this MV, is Drake god??? I think he is like he’s blessing everybody with his money? or like he’s giving everything to everybody and that’s the god’s plan it could be damn he got the sauce how is the song? the song is awesome no doubt as usual? I almost slipped because this song is so tender It’s no doubt of his groove, flow, tone and everything in the world his tone is like honey oh what is that? did you just see that? the bills? he’s grabbing a brick in his hand like that see that he’s a charity businessman now for real It’s the MV that sharing and giving everything we should learn that attitude in the cruel world we should’ve been there when he’s shooting this we didn’t even have money to go there we also need god’s blessing god blessing ‘like and subscribe’ you guys are our god there doesn’t seems like Toronto I don’t know who is this guy. he keep showing up from the start maybe a bodybuilder? the world that rich people sharing theirs Noblesse Oblige for real wow looks so cool she just screamed after she saw Drake he’s just giving money even it’s surprise to see him he just giving money oh it’s ‘Triple S’ did he get it from Drake as well? he’s become real god with his big money must be so happy tho I’m just enjoying this song without saying nothing cuz it’s so hype i’m getting happy tho oh it’s Drake’s signature move now he’s in fire station and donate his money he’s really nice he’s going around he said ‘i will buy every toys’ to every kids out there he’s giving everything to people why wasn’t he doing this event when i was in Toronto wassup baby girl~ what a fan service actually the song is so long it’s almost 6 mins it is the song sounds over but the donating scenes keep showing oh seems he just gave a car as a gift he said ‘it’s a good life’ this guy is definitely… lol he’s saying ‘this is what the US president is supposed to look like’ lmao there is a credit at the back ‘25,000 $ donation for school’ he donated? i just got goosebumps he said ‘we’re nothing without our mother’ umm well, I think I’m not sure if it’s right or not It seems he donated more to black people that was so fun aight we’ve reacted to ‘God’s Plan’ by Drake just in this video, Drake was god god and how can we be the god in this capitalism world? we must have big money money is god and that big money he donated and he became the god this seems so hiphop lol yes and I think this is actually the attitude that the rich people should learn for real in this modern society with many social issues I hope you guys doing whatever you wanna do as the god’s plan lol ‘It seems the god’s plan or not’ anyway, for us, the god is you so please put like and subscribe once with your holy finger Drake showed how he spend his money in this swagged out video I think this video is so cool i think you guys also you guys also felt many thing while watching this video and the song is great tho respect Drake once again so cool this is actually Justice over swag Justice not Justhis, but Justice Justhis is a Korean Rapper we’ve react to Drake MV today Drizzy well, next… lol drizzy , remind me the past days lol well , we gon keep uploading LIT LIVE videos while we doing LIT action video please always stay tuned everyone if you enjoyed it, plz like thjs and subscribe our channel well we’ll be back soon let’s say ‘LIT action’

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