If we open this door in front of us, there is another long moni… …corridor There are practice rooms. So let’s take a look at them. By the way, I’ve never been to the left, so let’s go and see. There are very serious teams. The first one is Astralis. Magisk, are you okay? Look, there is HellRaisers. They are watching something. What’s going on there? I’m shocked. This is woxic. Hello, bro. I thought it was woxic, what a fool. But who is he? He is ISSAA, damn right, he’s a great player as well. ISSAA, please, forgive me. They are so alike. There is complexity. They look so determined. Hello, guys. There is fnatics but the door is closed. There is Cloud9. Liquid. Here is mibr. BIG. They have a rack here. Hello, guys. Vega Squadron. Guys, may I come in? Hello. How many majors have you attended? The second one. I had played qualifications before. The first one was with you. In 2013. Yes, we played major together. Dreamhack actually but it was like major. I played two qualifications in America with TeamSpirit. But we always had a stand-in so no good results. How did you manage to get here? Nobody believed that kibaken [tonyblack] would be there. What did you do to get there? Changed my nickname. Yeah, we noticed that. So now you are tonyblack? Why did you change kibaken to tonyblack? I just didn’t like it. What was the reason for these changes? You performed well. You had a strong line-up. People got too much used to each other and couldn’t compromise. It happens to everyone who plays together for a long time. Everyone just buried the main line-up. It was really unexpected. You changed the line-up and now show good game. I wish you good luck and let’s move on. Do you remember our talk? You asked me how much you wanted to get to that team. Did you expect to get there so fast and then go to major with chances to be at top-8. Can’t say I expected it but I believed. The most important is to believe. -Now it’s overpass.
-Are you ready? -We’re picking now, right? Unexpected. Overpass. Okay, confirm. No, no, no, mirage. Overpass. Overpass. Fuck, I forgot about that map. We have a lot of tactics. But we don’t know what they have prepared. Anyway let’s try to guess what they are doing. We are the team and we do our best. Let’s go. I see the goal – don’t see obstacles. I have a flash. I throw it. Nice. Squeaky. Minus one. I have a flash. Go, go, go, guys. Stuck A. Let’s wait. Plant and water. Throwing smoke in plant. Water one more. Nice. Simple, you are the best. I’m throwing a flash. They are throwing grenades on A. A long. He came out. -Why didn’t you come out earlier?
-I didn’t hear. Low hp in lower park. They are aiming. Nice. Suck it. I read them. Don’t give them any chances, just win the game. Banana, one more. It was tough but we won. You were a bit too cautious. The game was difficult, they pressed us. But we didn’t give up and won. Now we have 1-1. We play tomorrow and now let’s talk to some players about their feelings. What did you feel when we lost pistol round to faze? What did you feel? Pressure? Dissatisfaction. We seemed to play good. But anyway we lost some silly rounds. But when we won force I believed once again. Everyone believed, yes. We got worked up and run them down. Today I was playing more professionally. Yesterday not. Why? Due to the state of mind. Today I was determined to win. Yesterday I played just because I had to.
Due to the state of mind. Today I was determined to win. Yesterday I played just because I had to. I wasn’t in appropriate state. We practiced inferno and train to play with them. And we didn’t think that they would decide to take a risk and play overpass. At first I was happy, but we didn’t practice bombs enough. Smoke doesn’t get to heaven on t side. Flash doesn’t reach its mark. Molotov flies too far. Someone doesn’t cover his teammate. So it happened like that. But we didn’t give up, got 5 rounds and just had to do our best. I liked our fast reaction and decisions on map information on CT side and our moves. What are the differences between this major and the last one? There is no major atmosphere, I think esl tournaments are greater. In Cologne you are sure to have nice staff and computers. Here it’s so so. We are in the hotel added to the stadium of British national rugby team. It makes a big impression because there is no such things on other tournaments. There is no sense of major. Where does it reveal itself? Staff seems to know nothing and understand nothing about cs. I slapped you on the shoulder, said nice work to cheer you up and the administrator told me not to speak. It was rather funny. Eleague does the best majors concerning organization and computers. The computers were top quality. And there were no delays. All in all it’s cool because everyone is together. At least something. Misha, do you see that our computers lag? Today we play overpass where there is the highest fps. We come out to B and everything is in smoke and lags. They lag and the game would be more beautiful without this lags. It’s disadvantage for viewers not players first of all. The computers are very bad. May be the components are weak. Here are the worst computers but I don’t really care about it. Don’t you think that you can play worse due to the computer? Well, may be but I didn’t have these thoughts. On the stage if you play aim fps is 480 but if you play 5×5 it drops to 200. There can be soldering as well. Everyone is on equal terms but some are used to it and don’t care and others play 1920 for example. Guardian has 700*600. He doesn’t care, he has been playing with the same settings for 10 years. Some are used to play with high resolution and there are a lot of lags. So he has to play with different resolution, it’s not equal terms. You play with high dimension, for example. Guys complain of bad spray and lags. But I didn’t notice it. In the practice room computers are worse but still you can play. Advertise your group in vk. I don’t have a rise of subscribers in my group for some reason. I want to advertise it, I can’t reach even 20 thousands. I have 19 thousand subscribers now. Guys, let’s make it to 20k at least. We won Faze all the same. I’ll write a post to you there. A post, yeah. Thanks, Misha, let’s move on. My dear friends, I wanted to say that we had a trip give-away. We have a winner. We chose him on Ceh9’s stream. Hi everyone. I’m Anton. I’m from Tomsk, Russia. I go to Tomsk State University. I’m 21. I follow esports. I play cs and couldn’t miss a chance to go on a trip with navi to one tournament. You had to subscribe pro100 instagram. 40 thousand people took part in it. And I won. And he’ll fly with us to a tournament. There’ll be another cool give-aways so take part in them. We are filming vlogs, go on. May be it’s some hint but NaVi room is in the end opposite to the bathroom. It’s a bathroom. I don’t understand it. But it’s unexpected. Here’s our room. There’s nobody except edward. You ordered some Indian food, didn’t you? Edward likes Indian cuisine. We saw the stadium in daylight and let’s have another look at it. We’ll keep showing the stadium in vlogs. We don’t have anything but the stadium. Because we’re not in London. It’s the second vlog and tomorrow we have a new day. Thumbs up, let’s go on. Write in the comments what you want to see. Maybe you want to see some English speaking players. Write and we’ll talk to them. No problems. What should we ask to Russian speaking gamers. Or write what you want to see. We’re in London. We have everything to make videos for you. Hugs and kisses, thanks for support. Move on, In the next episode.


  1. Спроси stewie2k чем же сложно играть против команды Na'VI, что в в Na'Vi ему нравиться больше всего. Данил, такой вопрос как устранить конфликты в команде например (что-то не правильно сделал, или не перестрелял). Я капитан команды и буду рад услышать пару советов 🙂

  2. Можешь сделать интервью с mibr pls и другой любой иностранной командой

  3. Практик рум нави находится возле туалета, что бы мусор легче выносить было…

  4. Бля говорите лучше ВИЖУ ЦЕЛЬ, НЕ ВИЖУ ПРЕГРАД, ваше преПЯТСТВИЙ не звучит ваще)

  5. Привет. Я знаю что вы сейчас находитесь в Лондоне,я там буду в субботу, и мне надо передать писмо для всей вашей команды. Как мы можем это сделать? С уважением Виталик…

  6. Хаххааххаха, фпс просидает, с 400 до 200 ))) у меня 50-70 фпс . Вроде норм. А разница между 200 и 400 не видно глазу))))

  7. Никому не советую заходить на ггбет, сайт отвратительный, тех. поддержка тупая, микрофризы повсюду
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