Oh, waterfallz Balblna What famous people support you? Aleksandr Golovin (famous Russian football player) supports us. Oleksandr Zubkov (Russian football player, FC Shakhtar Donetsk) just wrote us. Viktor Kovalenko (FC Shakhtar Donetsk). Yevhen Konoplyanka (Ukrainian footballer who plays for German club Schalke 04). Fyodor Smolov (Russian footballer who plays for Lokomotiv Moscow) Georgi Shchennikov (Russian footballer who plays for PFC CSKA Moscow) These football players are really great. I was so shocked. They talk to you so freely and always wish you good luck. It’s nice that famous people… It’s twice as pleasant for me because I’m a football fan and it’s nice to get congratulations from them. We send them our regards, thanks for supporting us and thanks to all our fans. Big respect to you. Thanks, flamie. Wish you good luck, bro. I see the goal – don’t see obstacles. Sandwich. I got a bomb. Plant, guys. CT connector, He’s still on Plant. Nice. Nice. Good job. Down ladder came out. Ivy. Ivy, simple. Bomb is on A. Sandwich one. I control CT heaven. Nice flashes, guys. Electronic, good job. Down ladder one. Edward, how? Bomb, B. Low hp went down. One came out to Ivy. One kill. He run away. I need help. I need help. Do you have a flash? One on A3. Ivy came out. One on Ivy cubby controlling you. I took B stairs. Da fuck? Beyond blue train. Nice. Good job. Come on. Nice. Simple, I took awp. Edward, I have it. Flamie has the bomb. I killed one on lines. He’s stamping on E-mox. Plant, he’s on the left. On the left. I’m planting the bomb, cover me. Yes. Good job. Be careful! Fuck. We spilled it. We won to Nip with confidence. We understood what the map it would be. We knew that they were in good shape. We were ready to play both train and mirage. We had a better map pool so to say. Each guy did his best and showed great game. We had a good communication from the very beginning. And everything is good. Now we have good chances to be through to playoffs. It’s our minimal goal. Each team should have this goal because group stage isn’t so easy. There are many random things. Just one map. Everyone understands it. We won two pistol rounds and it had a great impact. We would like to play with fnatic, with Swedish guys. We don’t want to play against CSI teams. I worried more than with Faze or Astralis. But then I calmed down. We knew our plan but we were a bit unfortunate on CT side in the beginning. It was good that we won a pistol round on the T side. I killed a defusing guy, I don’t remember for sure. May be it wasn’t me. Then we took awp and that’s all. It was their usual mistake to buy two awps. They lost them immediately. We took the second one and I told flamie to play with one awp not to give them a chance to take these awps back. Everything was working out and I’m really happy. Now we have 2-1. Nip, Astralis, Faze. Two months ago Astralis and Faze could be called favorites to win. Well, you can still say so. I wish good luck to Faze and mousesports. It will be a hard and important game for both of them. Thanks to all our fans. Subscribe to this channel, to Navi’s channel, support each player and we’ll try our best to bring new victories. -Did you crash too?
-No, of course. -Are you skidding?
-No, I’m not. Fucking buck, go away! What the hell, it is still disturbing me. What is the reason for your not very good individual play? What can you say about it? My individual skills are getting worse. It’s really so. It’s connected to negative destructive thoughts in my mind. Due to them I’m not very confident in my actions. I’m afraid of making a mistake. And due to this all my individual skills are not at the right level. But I’m working on it. I know what to do but I can’t fix it in no time. Who helps you? Ugin helps me. He’s our psychologist, manager and coach. All in one. What advice does he give you? It’s all individual. So you can’t name them. I don’t tell them because it doesn’t work for everyone. Psychologists work with people to understand their nature because we’re all different and similar at the same time. What are you doing besides working with psychologist? What else do you do to improve your individual skills? I think that you can improve your skills just practicing. The best way is to play 5×5 mix, fpl, faceit. I don’t see any other ways. Of course I watch demos. But in my case it’s just my game style. I get more from practice than from demos. -I prefer practice.
-Are you satisfied with your game today? No, I’m not. And talking about the team… The team played good both yesterday and today. What can you say to our fans, to your fans who support and believe in us. Love cs go and follow cs go. It’s an amazing game. That’s all. What should they do when things don’t work out? They love and play but still. What would you advise? To be useful to the team in any case, to understand that it’s not your top game at the moment but you always have a choice. To give way to bad thoughts and to worry because of that or to be useful in other moments. If you can’t kill, can’t throw flashes, can’t enter first, can’t place a bomb… you need to gice information, to be a part of the team, don’t give up. Cs is a team game. If you’re not good at killing there are many other useful things. Which isn’t shown at statistics. So it’s vey important, guys. Okay, thanks, Edward. Let’s move on. In the next episode. He has already lost. You just looked at him and he’s a piece of shit. That’s all.

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