[In this episode] Nobody even touches me, if you touch me it’s no good for you. We’re an unpredictable team. Dick pushes. Pop dog and dick. It’s too hot here. -Organizers, there’s a problem with air conditioners.
-Can you move back? Yes, I can. I want to get fucking out of here. It’s way too hot. We solved the problem by using a fan. The fan saves us. I’ll work out after the game. By the way we want to go to Black Star Burger and see other cool places. We’ll film more videos. -Ugin, how many mousepads should you sign?
-Thirty. -Thirty?
-Yes. Wow. You managed to get away with it. Where next, bro? Run away from me. Woof-woof. Who are you playing with today? I don’t f… Who are we playing with today? With Faze. But we don’t know yet if we want to play. We don’t wanna play. Don’t watch, don’t watch. Suck, suck. Suck. Good luck to you against Astralis today. -Vanya is Ioann, right?
-Yes. Does he know that he should be called Ioannya? Do you tickle each other? We like tickling each other but you should choose your enemy carefully. You can get a punch from Edward, for example. What part of body do you tickle? It depends on who tickles and on who is tickled. Once I saw someone tickling the top of the head but I personally don’t like tickling it. Which part of body does electronic like to be tickled? He is a young guy, not a common one, his blood is boiling. He likes different parts of body. Once I saw someone tickle his forehead but he got angry. I asked him why, forehead is a nice part to tickle. Simple, zeus told me that you like tickling each other. No, it’s not true, I never tickle anybody. He is the best at tickling to be honest. Nobody even touches me, if you touch me it’s no good for you. We started tickling nipples. He began to behave better. Maybe he likes someone to tickle and twist his nipples. It’s very important to tickle and twist a nipple so that you could play better. We’re an unpredictable team. Simple, is it your new mouse? I’m testing it, don’t know yet. -Which one?
-Logitech 403. I wanted a wireless one but it’s not wireless so I’m testing it. Everything changed when Misha came to the team. Misha tickles very toughly. -I wonder if we could play well in such a good mood?
-Tickle Faze? Guardian is said to be one of the main ticklers. You told me that once he tickled you so that he still can’t get over it. What a pity Guardian doesn’t play with us anymore, I can’t forget his tickle. I asked him if he missed us and he answered that not that much but when he tickled he shot better. We found out that Navi tickled each other. They also spar. We don’t pair each other. Sparring. Left. Right, right, right. Guys, you can make a round. Zero. Are they in time? They’re not defusing, they didn’t see a bomb. Nice, Edward, in time, great job. Should I take ak-47. I have m4. No. It’s time to wake up. I’m burning on plant. Connector and pop dog. Dick pushes. Pop dog and dick. Where is he pushing? There are two of them. Nice, Flamie and electronic. Edward, the best, Flamie good job. I need mp9. One more on Ivy. T connector low hp. T connector low hp and up-down. Sorry, Ivy. T connector low hp and Ivy. I hit him with deagle very close. Someone else hit him as well. I’ve read him. Did you hear me saying “Son of a bitch, went to Ivy”? It must be eco. Look at T connector. T connector went out. Shot him down. He picks. Nice. Buy armor against eco. I didn’t know it was eco. But who knew it? A guy with glock shoots one bullet on Ivy. Just one.
He has no armor, just glock. Bomb train is alive. Bomb train. Nice. He likes to go out in clutches and jump. It’s his feature. Going out. Blue. It was a fight between two teams which didn’t show their best game. We were lucky enough to win. We planned to win and luck was on our side. What is the next map? Overpass. We discussed it yesterday and we’ll see the result. -Whose pick is it?-Faze. [Ads] You can even buy armor if you have a mood for it. Finally. Bro, my mood is always for armor. Long. Double box. Don’t let him plant a bomb. He’s not planting it. Banana, right. You should knife him. I ran away from karrigan. Monster and short go out. I killed short. Monster goes out. They didn’t go because of molotov. Nice. One more but I’m not sure. Maybe I pick. Nice. Take awp. Close, electronic, kill him. One more. A smoke into connector. Don’t bother about connector. Molotov mid. -Is there a flash on playground?
-I throw it. Short maybe. Flamie, I’m with you. They are throwing grenades on B. They are on plant. I’m throwing a flash on dick to the right. Water, water, toxic behind dick. Low hp behind dick. Water. I killed water behind dick. Lit with awp probably. Plant with awp. Nice. Should I take awp? -No. Yes, yes, yes.
-I won’t take it. Awp under dick. Nice. Great job. Sorry, guys. -Did shoot randomly or by reaction?
-Reaction. Car. Fence one more. Where is device? I took m4. Fence. Does anybody has a flash? I killed toilets. I’m sitting on plant. Fence one hp. We improved our game on Overpass. But we didn’t win yet, let’s keep moving. -How can I pass them by? I forgot my phone.
-Go behind? There’s no way around. Just walk through, it’ll be funny. -Do you organize competitions?
-Who is the best at tickling? -No, just some friendly competitions.
-Like fights? -Something like that.
-No, I don’t, but some people in the team do. -Do you go to baths naked together?
-Of course. We hit each other with twigs. I like going to baths with those who are good at tickling. Zeus usually asks us to go with him to baths and hit him with twigs. Usually it is zeus who works with twigs and hit you. Working with twigs is not clicking the mouse button. It’s much harder to work with twigs than play cs. Subscribe, bro!

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