Misha, why did we lose the Epicenter final? Look at the camera! Why did you pick dust? -Look at the camera and answer!
-It wasn’t me. -Who chose dust2?
-I consulted the players. It was our map. Everybody believed in us. Why? Why did we take only 3 rounds at T side? Are you coach or moron? We didn’t manage… Next time. What next time? -We made up new secret tactics.
-Who did it? Why are you so nervous? Did you take drugs? -What is our aim on blast?
-Victory. Squeky and water came out. Another new pair of sunglasses. Snatched them, I’m out of money. Now we go on a photoshoot. We have a media day. Tomorrow we play with faze on overpass. Hope we could take revenge after Epicenter. Then we play with cloud9 on mirage. Each match is important. Only two teams out of six go on and they play bo3 final the next day. And all teams play at the same time. Watch blast, it’ll be very cool. Thumbs up. Everything is so serious. Guys had to come back to take their badges. -Do you speak English?
-Yes, I speak English. We began to study it. I understand that I just formulate everything wrongly. I understand everything but can’t speak properly. It feels like New Year. I told him to be more confident, loud and distinct. And then they make quotations of this interview. Soon we are going to give away a knife. Subscribe to the group, link in the description, and win the knife. Chilling out. We are going to play well in good mood. Sad. We lost another final. I wanted my guys to… I begged them to… I asked them to win at least some rounds but they said the can’t. One more lost final. Concentraded. I’m covering you. He comes out, flashes. There’s action. I kill one then another. I throw smoke, cover you. He defuses the bomb and we win the round. Horrendous. I go out and ask “Where are you?” “I’m running”. I tell him, “Wait, I’ll do the job myself.” Kill and knife them. -Name five people.
-The best ones? Among young ones in your opinion. No, no. Young players from CIS. No, inexperienced ones. We had a conference this morning. Blast want to create new series of championships with a professional approach to everything. We were told that we are not allowed to meet fans during the championship. We can’t remove devices after the game. Special slaves will do it for us. Only 50 people from staff saw the cap. Players and other people are not allowed to see it. You can’t post anything until the championship starts. Why did you go outside in sunglasses at 8pm? it was dark already. Bro, it’s my style, don’t you know it? Take them off. He loves vodka. Analyst said okay, pour 50 gramme. He asked you a different question. This guy advised me to interview you. -Was it that bad?
-Well, it will do. They’re professionals, they’ll cut it out. Now we’re in the mall where the biggest market of Copenhagen is. There is everything and we’ll show you prices goods and other. Let’s go. I want to find some tasty sweets. Danya loves sweets. Do you thinks it’s tasty? Let’s try it. I’m sure it’s made in China. Looks like some shit. We need to buy socks. Let’s take some. Tell me how much they cost, my son. 70 krone. It’s more than 10 dollars. It’s for three pairs. What should I do with these sushi? I want to eat so fucking much. -Danya, what are we doing here without the team? They invited me because they respect me. And they say that if not me nothing would have happened. It’s a secret but this photographer made some mistake and everyone had to be photographed once again. It’s almost 11pm. Fans. I see them playing. And I say let’s go, let’s go. He kills and I’m like let’s go. All fans support them. No chances for another team because we all cheered. You should support and love your team. I’m a fan. Poo out. We’re playing the final. We’re pressed down. No chances. It’s the second map, we’re on CT side. We lose 14-3. Thanks a lot for this oscar. I trained hard for it. I’m an actor. Thanks, Danya. What is the most important thing you have ever lost? I’ve lost a lot of things, especially in my childhood. Shoes, sports suit. Once my mum asked me what for I wanted that sports suit. And I told her that I had PE lessons. She said okay, I have an expensive brand suit but don’t lose it. I return home and mum asks me where the suit is. Suit? Ah, I forgot it in the changing room. I ran there but there was no suit already. We should go left. And the most expensive thing? I’ve lost several phones. I was really sad for losing one of them. Once a taxi driver took all my money. About 2000 dollars. He almost killed me then. It’s not a loss it’s more like an attack. When I was in Gambit, we walked around S. Petersburg during bootcamp and I lost a phone there. How much did you lose all in all? -Airpods?
-Everything. Ten thousand dollars? You mean in money? I’ve lost ten thousand dollars for sure. Speaking anout devices, phones, headphones, vallets and so on it’s more than 10 thousand dollars. It was really cool vlog. You should like because no one has ever shown so many things. Thumbs up, comment. We read everything. By the way, we’re going to answer your questions in the next vlog. Support the team though we lost the final but we’re going to move on. We show not only gamer’s life but also how it’s all going. My story about airpods. Maybe not everyone knows it but if you lose one earphone, you can press play and it will beep. And if you lose the box, it can show you on the map where it is. That’s how I found mine. Hope this little life hack will be useful for you.

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