Guys, I have 191k followers on Instagram and I want 200k. Make me this gift and subscribe. Everyday I post some stories from my and my team’s life. I can’t show everything on my youtube channel. Subscribe. Here’s my instagram. I’ll be very happy. Let’s follow my and the team’s life together. Every match is important. If we win three matches, we go on from group stage for sure. If two, there’s still a slight chance. We play with strong teams. Our first match is with Astralis. Yesterday we played badly. I hope today everything will be different. NIP played without bothering. I don’t know why. We take molotov and throw two flashes. One molotov on bank. Electronic and I throw smokes. I throw it into cab. Don’t get emotional. It’s better to take time-out. We play semifinals with Astralis. You see everything yourself. It’s insane. It’s very cool, a completely new format. In Denmark cs go is like football, box or any other sports. I don’t know how we’ll show ourselves here but we’ll beat Astralis on principle. It was calm and confident. They must have been too nervous. It was an important game. The first match with audience. We played well but they let us win without a fight. Don’t relax, guys. -Were you in the second row?
-Yes, with Danish fans. -How is it?
-Very cool. The stage is a bomb, right in the middle. And guys gifted us a victory. Were Astralis fans dissapointed? It was silent. At first they sang and danced but then they just ate popcorn. Did you feel the mouse well? -No, but the team… Show Astralis fans’ behaviour. Disgusting to look at. No respect. Just played a match and have to play another one. No time even to wash my face and use the toilet. Instead of playing three matches in the first day and two matches and the final in the second one. We play two in the first and three and the final in the second day. If rounds count by head-to-head battles then we are in the final. But in the final we can suck as usually. But if by rounds, we have a big chance to beat Astralis. So rounds will be counted by Astralis match. Danya, you beat NIP. It was so important. Everything depended on it. We have the first place in the group stage. It’s enough for us. -Danya, win the final.
-We’ll do our best. We were joking with Astralis. And they asked if we go on to the final. We said we didn’t know but if they beat cloud9 then yes. And glave said, “Guys, don’t worry, we’ll do everything.” It’s cool. We respect each other. We’re in the final. We defeated nip, though. Astralis, well done. They know they won’t go further but they play for respect. No, they play for the third place. But still it’s important for them. How did you feel on stage today? It was okay. But I felt a bit tired and I don’t like it because we are to play bo3. I drink water, eat a bit, not heavy food and breath right. Astralis win 16-14. Take middle and then enter A. So we stay 2-2. When they play on middle, we rotate. If you win in the final, what would you do? Let’s give away a T-shirt. Okay, guys, we’ll give it away on zeus and natus vincere channels. We’ll leave a link to your channel, and you to my. Subscribe to our channel and win. We just need to win now. Dreams come true. You must go and believe till the end. Yes, we lost major and epicenter finals but we didn’t give up. We did our job and went on. You were supporting us, you were with us. And today we’re Blast champions. It’s cool. I’m very happy. Hope it’s a beginning of a big road. Hugs and kisses. Great. I was out of energy at the end. I wanted to make a serious gift to flamie long ago but I couldn’t. We won the tournament and I think it’s time to do it. -Here you go.
-Thanks. It’s not only from me. Wow. Thanks a lot. It was Blast. You just have to understand that the recipe exists. You just need to want something very much. And then everything is real. As ceh9 said two days would pass and everybody would forget about this tournament. Next tournaments will start. -Now we feel…
-Euphoria? Don’t know how to say. Satisfaction? Don’t stop, guys. We move further with you. This guys are from pro100. Twenty years later. Musketeers. Our captain. Did you have a chant? We cried “The best” and hit the table every won round. Calm down. You got worked up. -You’re old. Look, you turned red and your pressure is up.
-I’m old. That’s all, can’t scream so anymore. Capillaries are busted. Calm down, you’re a good coach. We fly to Chicago. Danya [cameraman] goes with us and we’re going to film vlogs. Let’s see what’s going on there. Thumbs us for our victory.

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