Entrance In VASTU & Effects – Saarthi Sahil jain

Entrance In VASTU & Effects – Saarthi Sahil jain

The 32 energy fields which are formed on the outer periphery of shree Chakra. These 32 energy fields are 32 entrances of your home. Your 5 senses of your body are the entrance of your body. Seeing, listening, smelling, tasting
and feeling, these are your body’s entrances. If you will eat good then you will be stay
healthy, if you will see good then you will feel good, if you will listen good words then
good thoughts will come, if you will take smell good then you will feel good. if anyone have good feelings for hug,
then you will stay blissful. If someone hit you and you remember that, then you will always feel depressed, you will always feel low, so from these 5 senses you can control the
universe. In Bhagwad Gita, while Arjun giving preaching at the time of kurukshetra. Krishna holds 5 horses and those horses were the 5 senses
of Arjuna. 5 senses From the 5 senses you perceive the whole universe. Who is good? Who is wrong? Who is bad? All these happen due to 5 senses and nothing and you built whole universe inside yourself. Right in the way, the 32 entrances is there in your home, these are your home’s energy points from where energies can come in your home and at
entrance where actual entrance of your home or window of your home comes. Then the energy field of that particular energy get active. These are 32 energy fields, from 32 energy fields, 8 energy fields are main, which are good i.e, N3, N4, E3, E4, S3, S4, W3, W4. These 8 energy fields are good for everyone. N5 entrance is good for religious places, whichever
is religious place. N5 is good for religious place. N8 entrance is good for institute or place like trade or those who gives loan to someone or for banks. Generally N8 entrance is good for you as well. After this S2 entrance is good as well, W5 entrance is also good, this gives you perfectionist’s attitude, this gives you the spirit to do work in a perfect
way. So, depending on the situation, what is the situation of others, if on these energy field except these or expect 8 energy fields. Other
energy fields comes then it become actives whether that is your entrance because your entrance has active, now automatically that energy field gets active, now that entrance does not only means the entrance from where you enter in the home or take exit. From that particular point energy flow starts and these works do your windows in your home as well, why window need to be constructed? What is the purpose behind this? Whenever there is need of ventilation, whenever
you need to connect with outer environment, whenever there is a need of fresh oxygen or
the time you feel suffocated, then windows need to open so that suffocation go out, and you make connect with the outer world. So windows and main doors have a similar role
in the home. Second thing is about balcony, because people go in the balcony to make their self refresh or balcony connects the outer environment with the inner environment so these 3 things whether, main entrance, or balconies or windows, these works as a entrance in the home, so whenever you need to grid anyone’s home, if a person is say. Do not see only entrance, you have to take windows in your consideration as well. If a person is talking about unpredictable behavior, then is there any window in N7? may be the door will not there but window would be there, so
you have to be careful.

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  1. Respected Sir.. if a Window is in E2 & negative effect is coming. how to treat/block the negative effect of the zone.? Please suggest 🙏

  2. Sir mera makan Triangular plot me hai, aur maximum room Triangular v ban gaye hai. Sir dosh kaise dur Kare. Kripaya kaar k upay bataye, Thank you

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