FUE Hair Transplant Results 2020 | Majestic Hair And Skin Clinic – Delhi

FUE Hair Transplant Results 2020 | Majestic Hair And Skin Clinic – Delhi

Hello! My name is Kanhaiya. I live in Delhi I am 26 years old I have had a problem with hair loss for 2 years and I have also taken many treatments for it. I took homeopathic treatment and also used different types of shampoos but these did not cure my hair loss problem. The front to crown portion of my head was completely bald. You must be seeing in my photo here too. Then I came to know about Majestic Hair & Skin Clinic and I consulted the doctor about hair transplant. I also asked the doctor if there are any side effects after getting a hair transplant, but I have not had any such problems. And I had my hair transplant done in October. It’s March now and it’s been 5 months so far. Now let me show you the results of my 5 months hair transplant today. This is my transplanted area where my hair was transplanted. And these are the side portions of my head. And this is the donor area from where my hair was extracted. There are no scars in the donor area from where the hair was extracted. I also had a lot of doubts in my mind Before getting a hair transplant, I used to hear from people that hair transplant may cause problems like swelling and headache etc. But these are all myths and I haven’t had any such problems. My hair transplant result is very good. My hair transplant surgery was done in 2 days and from the fourth day onwards, I started going to my work. On the sixth day When I got my first head wash at the clinic all the red marks on the head were completely removed. It looked as if my hair are trimmed. I was very happy because it seemed like my hair had grown. But as I was told that the first 3 months period is the shedding face. In which the roots remain inside and the hair shed off from above. And then in the fourth and fifth months, the hair starts growing again. As you start taking the PRP treatment, the hair starts getting thicker. And I got very good hair growth in the fourth and fifth months. You can see My experience so far has been good with Majestic Derma Clinic. Here doctors also consult very well. I am very well guided. They follow up with me by themselves to ask about my hair growth and if I have to make any changes in medicine, they tell me by themselves that I need to change my medicine at this time. So I’m very much satisfied. I would recommend you that anyone who wants to have a hair transplant must come to the Majestic Hair Clinic and consult once. The hair consultation is so good that it will clear almost 95% of your debts. The outcome of the consultation is very satisfactory. The staff here is also very professional. And the doctors here are also very experienced, which can be seen by the way they do their job. Hygiene is also very well taken care of here. You are very well guided for what to do and what not to do after getting a hair transplant. Combining all these things, my experience has been very good and you should also come and consult once in the Majestic Hair and Skin Clinic I recommend Majestic Hair and Skin Clinic to everyone as this is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi.

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  2. Impressive hair transplant results in 5 months. I want to book a hair consultation for my brother. He also has the same condition. One of my friend also told me about Majestic clinic as his results are also amazing. Please tell me the complete address. Is clinic open on Sunday?

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