glass bangles design | ashta lakshmi | navadurga | varamahalakshmi | gowri by eNarada mamatha

glass bangles design | ashta lakshmi | navadurga | varamahalakshmi | gowri by eNarada mamatha

Welcome to E-Narada videos Generally people use saree
to make deity of Goddess (Devi)… …now I shall demonstrate
making deity with bangles Take 3-4 glossy magazine sheets;
roll to make a slender tubular stick Keep it thin in size Firmly stick the free edge of
the paper with adhesive tape Once it’s ready… Take a ribbon; roll once horizontally
at one end, roll spirally all over Cut the ribbon and fix
the end with adhesive tape Take the red ribbon;
roll several rounds at each end Fix them with adhesive tape Fasten the string at the end tightly to
make the bangles form into a perfect circle Push the extra thread-lengths
between the bangle gaps Form a circle Form a circle with 17 dozen red bangles;
tie the string tightly at the end Fill the centre with crumpled paper
balls to settle bangles firmly Place it in the centre;
tie the string-ends Cylindrically roll some
magazine papers… …stuff them in the centre Knot string-ends tightly Fasten together the top two layers of bangles-green and
red, at each side, by glitter wire to prevent slipping Similarly, fasten together the lowest
and the middle layers of bangles Attach a smaller paper stick along the bigger stick
at its centre using glitter wire;
attach the other to the opposite side; fasten all firmly Place the paper-stick-assembly on the bangles-pile
at the center and fasten using glitter wire Place the bangles-set in the centre
to form the neck of the deity Fasten the neck at either end with
the paper stick, using glitter wire Take more bangles; string them together using
ribbon, each partially overlapping the other Fix the other end with glitter wire Place one end of the bangle on the paper stick and let
the rest of the bangles cascade like a pallu of a saree Now I’ll show how to place Devi’s
face on the bangles set up Using glitter wire, fasten from behind
the deity’s face firmly to the neck Place bangles on either side of the paper stick.
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  1. Mam..I m very first to the festivals doing..after marriage first time…with the help of ur vedio only I did saree drapping for varamahalakshmi..
    now.devi with bangles can be used for gowri n varamahalakshmi pooja also..

  2. I followed your video and decorated varalakshmi ammavaari sari for this pooja… looked so beautiful😍😍 thank you mam

  3. I am going to try clay ganapathy for this Ganesh chathurthy. I want to show mine to u. Where I have to post my pictures.

  4. Nice maam your creativity Assam nice Namage wall hanging and balcony decorations and other creative design thorsi maam nimma video nodi nanu maneyalli thumba change madkoltha edini thnq maam

  5. Hi Ma'am, every video of yours is a treat to watch. I am loving it. very recently when i visited my home town i have seen similar decoration in the temple during navratri. i felt oh my god its too difficult to decorate this way. but seriously maam after seeing the video i am planning to use this idea during varalakshmi festival 2019.

  6. Can you pls give me the bangle count in each layer of the bangle bundle? I am to make ammavaru in this procedure for the pooja at home on may 18th 2019

  7. I tried ammavaru in this way and came out very well. Thank you for sjaring your ideas with us. I want to share the pics with you. Where can i send you the pics?? And also pls show us how to make ammavaru with blouse pcs also

  8. Very creative, madam. Unique idea.
    We can use mult coloured glass bangles to give us a variety of shades of colour. Also we can use two or three different sizes so that we can distribute them to different ladies after the festival.

  9. Very very nice explaining… just loved all your videos… if possible kindly make Ashtalakshmi face similar to u made Durga maa… like dhanya Laxmi with grains in hand … thanks 🙏

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