That was unexpected! [intro music] Hey, guys! MasakoX here. Now, this is going to be a relatively quick video, but I couldn’t pass this up. Also, you might be noticing: “Masako, two discussions in one day? What’s going on, man?” But today, we got a big drop thanks to the Dragon Ball Park monthly magazine, As well as YonkouProductions– check his Twitter out in the link below. The twelve Gods of Destruction, who up until now had been mostly nameless, save for Beerus and Champa, and more recently Shidora, or ‘Sidra’, from Universe Nine, we actually now have all their names! So now we can guess which types of alcohol represent each person’s moniker! Thank you, YonkouProductions, for this leak, and thank you Gaijin Goomba, for the assistance with translation. Check out his channel, by the way! If you want to learn more about Japanese culture, he’s your man. Also, he’s just a nice bloke. So: YonkouProductions, Gaijin Goomba, and myself can now present to you our approximations of the Twelve Gods of Destruction for all the existing universes in Dragon Ball Super. Please note that these are approximations, so a couple of these might be a little bit inaccurate, but we’ll find those out in the fullness of time. But I think I’ve got a good idea about what these could be, but do let me know if I’m wrong in the comments. I am more than happy to be informed properly, if that’s the case. Also go check out Herms (Herms98) because… he’s Herms. Also note: there are spoilers here! They are very small spoilers, I’ll give you that, but just be sure that, if you don’t want to know about the names of these Gods of Destruction, then just give this video a couple of weeks or a couple of months, whatever floats your boat, and then come watch it. But for everyone else, sit back and enjoy! First off, we have the God of Destruction from Universe One. “Iwan”. This fluffball’s name is most likely based on “wine”. Pretty simple. The God of Destruction for Universe Two’s name is Helles, or ‘Heresu’. Now, Herms spotted this one, that it’s based off the German pale ale Helles. It’s a type of lager which is very popular in Southern Germany, particularly in Munich. A full-bodied, sweet beer which is not overly that bitter. I wonder if those characteristics of said beer will be reflected in the character? Based on what Toei said, she’s quite beauty-conscious and quite quick-tempered, so that might be a bit of confusion there. That, or they had a really bad hangover when they tried some Hellas. Universe Three’s god’s name is ‘Mosuko’, most likely derived from Moscow Mule. A Moscow Mule is typically served in a copper mug, and it contains vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice. This might actually explain why Universe Three’s god of destruction is a robot, because a Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug, metal, robots are usually made of metal? Universe Four’s god is where it gets kind of tricky. “Kitera”. I spent a long time trying to figure out what this is. But then Gaijin Goomba came to the rescue, and proposed that it could be ‘Kitron’. “Kitron?” you say, “What’s that, then?” Well, Kitron is a type of Greek liqueur, which is derived from Citron leaves. They’re very similar to lemons, but they have a stronger flavor and a slightly different taste. So this might explain why this mouse is yellow, because citrus, lemons? Yeah? Number Five is “Araku”, which is potentially Alcohol. Not a very interesting name, but it kinda keeps to the trend, so, I guess we got that. Universe Six and Seven, we’ve got Champa and Beerus. Champagne, beer, pretty self-explanatory, you already know that, moving on. Universe Eight’s God of Destruction, which is that fox guy, who I thought was Tails, is named “Rikiiru”. Now, this could be one of two things. It could be just based off the Japanese word for ‘liquor’, or it could be something rather different. ‘Rakiya’. Rakiya is type of fruit brandy, which is very popular in eastern Europe. Very fruity, I must say. I believe I actually tried some one time in a very exotic restaurant in London. I remember it being quite good? I need to try some more in the future. Universe Nine’s God of Destruction, which looks a bit like Gimli if he were sick, is named ‘Shidora’. Named after ‘cider’, obviously. That was revealed last week. And oh yeah, we’re getting to the interesting Gods here, because we got the elephant god, who everybody wanted to be called Ganesh, I’m sorry, but Ganesh is not named after an alcohol, and also that’s kind of disrespectful to Hinduism. His name is Ramushi. Which is most likely based off of ‘rum’. But that rum connection carries on to Universe Eleven’s God of Destruction. You guessed it: the clown man! He has a name now, and it’s not wacky, like ‘Bonzo’ or ‘Stephen King’, or ‘It’ or whatever. His name is Berumoddo, which could be based off of Bermuda. “Bermuda, Masako? That’s an island! That’s not a type of alcohol.” Wait one there, cooler. Bermuda is actually very famous for its rum. In particular, its national drink is known as a rum swizzle. So, ‘Bermuda rum’. Lastly, Universe Twelve’s God of Destruction is named Jiin. Easy one, this one! Gin! So there we have it! All twelve Gods of Destruction have a name now. Their attendants, though, still remain nameless, but I’m sure that their names will come to light in the fullness of time. Trust me, we’ve got over a hundred new characters coming in the Universe Survival arc, so we’re going to have a very fun time translating and researching their names. Yay… oh, God. So what do you guys think? Do you like these translated names? Do you feel that they could be improved upon somewhat? Leave a comment below, and let’s get this discussion going. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video. Until the next one, be sure to like and subscribe! ‘Til then, catch you later.

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  1. An alternative interpretation to the Universe 11 God Berumoddo (as supposed by KenXyro and +Geekdom101) could be Vermouth, a type of fortified wine. It's also a key ingredient in such cocktails as Martinis and Manhattans.
    Also Universe 4's God, Kitera, could be based on Tequila. Thank you, OctopusHermit for the tip! 🙂
    Universe 5's Araku could also be based on a drink named Arak.

  2. Isn't it kind of disturbing that Akira Toriyama seems to know a lot about alcohol?

    Plus how he seems to associate alcohol with destruction?

  3. I don't know if it's in the comments but Araku is Arak or Arrack. In either case, it's an alcohol but Arak is Middle-Eastern while Arrack is Southern or Southeastern Asia. Heles is probably Jeres which is the spanish word for Sherry wine.

  4. Berumoddo might be more likely based on Belmoth or Vermouth, just like the Vermouth character in Detective Conan. And I'll stop the link with Detective Conan there, since all the bad guys of the organisation have an alcohol codenames. ^^

  5. rakiya XD on my native language (BiH) it's pronounced "Rakija" XD and it's something like a Whisky XD

  6. Time for a drinking game
    Each time of the gods speaks then you have to drink that drink ( if it's legal for you that is)

  7. I got a DB discussion for u MasakoX. How come Mr. Satan never asked any of the Z-Fighters for any training so he can be stronger than he was before so he can keep his charade, I mean title, about being the world's strongest?

  8. @MasakoX Is there any confirmation that Berumoddo and his respective angel attendant, are a culture reference to The Joker and Harley? I know Toriyama references in western cinema in DB before, and to me, it seems to fit. Ponytailed girl with clown, pink and blue (harley's eye shadow colours) appear on berumoddo's neck piece. Just a thought.

  9. one more, anyone else noticed that the universe 10 god is a PINK ELEPHANT, a reference to hallucinations induced by alchool and the mascot of a beer called delirium tremens (another reference to alchool intoxication), this could hint that he is the strongest

  10. I was going to comment on how silly people would have to be to be offended by the elephant headed god being named Ganesh, but then I remembered the SMITE Kali debacle. And now my comment feels pointless.

  11. hey masako X i have been watching your videos lately, and i have come to a conclusion that you just low-key hate dragon ball super

  12. eewwwwwww this guy is disgusting cringe for a db YouTuber. where the fuck are all the DB YouTuber coming from, they are fucking cluttering YouTube. I'll just stick to geekdom101 and Qaaman.

  13. to be honest, I think Liquir should have been named Naruto, because in Naruto they have a tailed beast named Son Gokū who has Four Tails and is a Monkey and his jinchūriki is name  Rōshi. so it would make sense that dragon ball would name him Naruto, he is a fox, he has orange fur and he has multiple tails even know he has 3.

  14. Soooo all the gods of destruction are named after booze and Goku's running around making bad decisions, Definitely a booze arc if you ask me!

  15. i just had a serious thought.
    so we all noticed how Beerus and champa are the only gods of destruction related to each-other
    and they are brothers, so it makes you wonder just how far their lineage goes back.
    then i thought about how Beerus in particular thinks of zen-oh. i know they all fear him and this is all just hypothesis that cant be proven yet and can be argued, but heres my thought

    what if one of the gods from Universes 13 – 18 were also related to them. what if one of those universes were Beerus and champa's father or mother's (or even another brother!) universe. the fact that Champa and Beerus live in two seperate universes proves a god's family line isnt restricted to one universe. what if spare gods get assigned when one universe looses a god.

    so yea…. what if Zen-oh doesnt just frighten Beerus because he is so powerfull, what if Beerus is a little closer to the subject. i mean it could just be because we only gotten to realy see his sides of the zen-oh discussions in the anime and that all the gods fear zen-oh that much. but still. its saddening to think maybe the cat brothers of destruction might have more of a reason to feel personal fear and even resentment of Zen-oh

    for all we know those 5 universes could have rebelled against the childish horror that is Zen-oh, and thats why they were destroyed, and thats why Beerus takes being careful of Zen-oh so personal (if it is just him)

  16. If Ramushi got his elephant head after Zeno cut his head and a guy went to their Earth and the first animal he say was a elephant. That would be bad because that is the story of Ganesha.

  17. Well twelve is a usual number when it comes to alcohol. Twelve universes, twelve shots of booze. No wonder Zeno thinks there are too many universes… he's not a strong drinker.

  18. This may have already been brought up in the comments, but Rumoosh [Destruction God of Universe #10] has an additional alcohol reference in his design; he's a literal pink elephant…"Seeing pink elephants" is a euphemism for drunken hallucination caused by alcoholic hallucinosis or delirium tremens (and everyone remembers the infamous "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence from Disney's Dumbo)

  19. Helles is based on Jerez (he-reth), as in Brandy de Jerez
    Quitela is based on Tequila
    Arak is based on Arrack
    Liquir is based on Liquieur
    Vermoud is based on Vermouth

  20. Kefka looking God of 11 is name is gonna me
    Beremudoo=vermouth=virmewth…..bunch of Muricans are thinking its pronounced VurMoud….and it is physically hurting my ears

  21. i thought since the univereses were mirrored of each other they'd have some similarities. but only 6 and 7 seem to truly be mirrored

  22. Am I the only one who wonders why Beerus and Champa look the same but none of the other universe pairs are like that?

  23. 4:21 – How? Seriously, how would it be offensive if this god was named Ganesh? I'm almost certain that he's an elephant for no other reason than Ganesh. Seriously – you look around the congregation of Destroyer Gods, and I guarantee that with enough research, each one of them is a reference to some sort of godly-being from all types of fiction.

    Like universe 9 for example – I think with Shidura's appearance and Roh's vanity and rage – and all around unpleasant attitude – and with the pair being a poor-excuse for deities who don't care about raising mortals, and who are quick to treachery and deceit – they are actually a reference to the Abrahamic/Christian God – Yahweh.

    Berumoddo – on the other hand, is a clear reference to Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's it. And no, not just cause he's a clown – but because his make-up and hair are specifically lifted from Pennywise's design. And since Pennywise is a multi-dimensional being who exists outside of reality and is rivals with the being who created the universe, I'm pretty sure it's safe to call him, "a God."

    I'm pretty sure Jiin and Araku are probably meant to be a representation of Dagon, or one of the other "Old Ones" from H.P. Lovecraft's line-up.

    And I'm pretty sure Mosuko is meant to be a joke about what people think an Atheist God would be – a Robot.

    I could go on…I just don't want to.

  24. I think all god of destruction has a human counterpart.
    Beerus and champs has beerus
    Quitela has the universe 6 guy
    The robot has magetta
    I wonder if goku has a god of destruction counterpart
    Or of piccolo or majin buu has one.

  25. maybe I need to rewatch this but I did not hear Helles and what her name means…or I could need my eyes checked

  26. Universe 4's god is spelled „quitela“ in german (at least i didn't hear anybody spell it different) and just switch a few letters of quitela and you get tequila

  27. Gaijin Goomba might be useful and a nice guy in person. Yet when you watch many of his blogs? He comes off very much so as someone who wishes he was Japanese. Everything in the world is some how based on an Asian culture thing. Heck, sometimes on game theory in a few of his videos you know what it was really based on and he connects it to something Asian… again… It was one thing to respect another culture but another to go as far as he does sometimes.

  28. Well, the dub put out the official names for the various Gods of Destruction now, so here we go:
    U1 = Iwne (Wine)
    U2 = Jerez (Sherry)
    U3 = Mosco (Moscow Mule)
    U4 = Quitela (Tequila)
    U5 = Arack (Araq)
    U6 = Champa (Champagne)
    U7 = Beerus (Beer)
    U8 = Liquiir (Liqueur)
    U9 = Sidra (Cider)
    U10 = Rumush (Rum)
    U11 = Vermoud (Vermouth)
    U12 = Geene (Gin)

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