God’s Story: Jesus Gets Lost (wordless)

[Gentle music] [Birds chirp and sheep baaa] [whimsical music]
(pitter-patter of little feet) (parents humming) (sighing)
Uh-huh! (continued footsteps, chirping
and happy music) (sighing, murmuring)
(mumbled) This is my son. (Gasps!) Wooo Ah…
Ha! (chuckling) (mumbled) Let’s go.
(footsteps) (mumbled) Have a nice day!
Hahaaa (like goodbye) Baa
(boing!) Hohoho, hello
Hello (mumbled) Come on (mumbled to son)
Uh-huh Ahh…
Hahahaa Little sheep, uh? (mumbled) Mmm? Mhmm.
Oh… mhmm. Yeah?
Mmm… Ah! (jibberish)
Mhm! (whoosh) (fire crackling and footsteps) Ahhh…Ohh…
(footsteps and faster music) Oh!
Heya, let’s go! (mumbled) Ah! Ahaha! (jibberish) Hmm… (question jibberish to father) Uhh…
Ah! I don’t know. (mumbled) Haha!
(running footsteps) (peaceful music, crickets chirping) (birds chirping, footsteps) Hmm…
(jibberish question) Uh…yeah? Uh
(jibberish for I’ll ask around) Hey, anyone seen him? (mumbled)
(buzzer sound) Huh?! (zoom)
Hey, anybody seen him? (mumbled) (buzz, buzz) Oyy…. (nervously) Ohh…. (worried thinking) Ah! There ya are (mumbled)
Eeeee! (sound while smiling) Doy! (footsteps)
Umm… I lost Jesus (mumbled)
Huh! (gasps) (zoom, zoom, running footsteps)
(chase music, panting, woahs) (old woman grunting with each step) (zoom, zoom!)
(boing, gasp, boing, shout) Meh? Huh! (grumble)
Huh? Ah! Mm. (grunts and growns)
Ah? (confirming ok) (horse neighing and Joseph crying)
(Mary panting and hay whooshing) Hmm… huh?
(bang!) Oh! (panting)
(sad music) Oh… (both sadly) (sad jibberish) (tap, tap, tap) Huh?
Ha! Aww…hehehe Be right back (mumbled) (fun music)
(child reading to crowd) Hm? Oh yeah? Wow! (happy, agreeing jibberish) (Jesus speaking happily) (Jesus concludes his speech jibberish) Oh! Hahaha! Uh… excuse me. (mumbled)
Oh! (jibberish Mhm. Mhm.
Um (clears throat) Uh, (asking jibberish)
Hmm. Oh… (mumbled I don’t know or sorry) Ah! (mumbled it’s alright)
Ahaha! (large sigh and jibberish for let’s go)
(mumbled bye) (happy music) Hm.. mmm. (sighs)
Hey! (jibberish) Mhm! (footsteps and humming) (gasps and sighs with relief)
(chuckling and humming) (jibberish question quickly) (jibberish answer)
Hmm… (both sigh) (footsteps and humming) Yay! (running footsteps) (footsteps)
Heheheheee… Oh… (jibberish) (fun music concludes)

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