Greek God Program – One Year Transformation

Greek God Program – One Year Transformation

hello hello this is Radu from thinking lifts and in this video I’m going to show you my transformation with the Greek art program so the journey starts at the end of May 2014 when I picked up the program at this point I was actually working out for nine months I made decent gains but it could have been better I did a great job getting lindo and I was in a great starting point for a lean pork okay so let’s fast forward to July 16th I was beginning to gain some size and strength in that video I was 74th kilograms that means 164 pounds you can see that I gained some size in my upper chest my shoulders and back while I maintained pretty good F definition ok let’s move on to September the 1st after a few more weeks I was weighing 76 kilograms in this video that means 169 pounds the difference between the previous video and this one is not that great but I was still gaining size weight and strength ah November at this point I was at the protein share level when I thought I was big but this goes straight to your head you will by no means big but this is the first and only time you think your are big because body dysmorphia as yet the senate in that video I was at 77 kilograms that is 171 pounds I kept on making strength gains and as you can see I did gain some size this was actually after a month of cotton and then February 7th 2015 I actually liked how I look men at this point I was 76 kilograms I think and I was leaner then I was in the video in the first video the one in May 2014 so here we are my first 9 months on the Greek god program I think the transformation is pretty dramatic but I’m biased I’ll show you my pudding condition but I need to get rid first oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa how did it get there okay fine I’ll show it anyway this is my current condition and I am cutting I am now at 79 kilograms that’s 175 pounds and if I had to guess I’d say I gained eight kilos of lean mass since starting the program that’s 18 pounds almost it’s pretty good I’d say this would be the transformation after a little more than one year I’m happy thank you so much for watching and if you have any questions leave the comment below see you next time you

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  1. Salut Radu, tocmai azi am intrat in perioada de bulking si vreau sa o tin timp de 6 saptamani, si am tot incercat sa imi calculez caloriile si macronutrientii dar imi ies numere diferite daca caut pe mai multe site-uri….am 60 kg 1,74-78 15 ani jumatate si stiu ca am calculat odata ajutandu-ma de un articol de al tau in care mi-au iesit ceva de genul 2200 calorii iar pe alte site-uri ceva de genul 2500 …nu stiu ce sa fac…nu vreau sa mananc prea mult ca sa iau masa corect.

  2. Nice one bro looking good, found you through Greg 😀 Subbed 😉
    Out of interest, where are you from? You are a French speaker?

  3. Realistic goals thankyou my friend you have been doing a damn good job. How much more longer are you going to do greek god untill super hero? and Do track everything for your bulk and cut? Or have you gotten to that state of mind where its simple.

  4. Extraordinar progres.
    Abdomenu arata uimitor. Ma chinui sa fac asta de atata timp si nu reusesc… Totusi cum fac un "chest" mai mare?

  5. Hey Radu, not sure if you mentioned it in the video, but which of the training protocols did you use in the GGP? Did you use the regular 2 day split first or did you go straight to the MEGA protocol?

  6. Man, natural muscle looks so much better the roid muscle!
    big difference everywhere, from you shoulders and chest, to your abdominal and lats.

  7. Hey Radu very impressive results. Did you log all your lifts from the start of the program? It would be very interesting to see a video where you discussed your net strength gains in specific exercises and showed this visual comparison to demonstrate how much of a size gain was caused by how much of an increase in each lift.

  8. You made a really nice progress, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! I have a very similar body type and just started this program. My starting point is a bit better than yours since I have been working out for a while (but lol not very effectively), but you've made far better progress in about a year than I did in a longer time!

  9. Hey Radu! Just wondering, what body fat percentage did you start at when you started GGP (in the video at 155 lbs) Thanks! Great channel, keep up the good work!

  10. Hey man great job,you look fantastic. One thing to note-your shoulder posture actually got worse and your left shoulder is especially rolled forward and you need to do some proper back exercises to balance out your physique.

  11. Hey Radu!Awesome transformation congrats, I know how hard it is to put on lean muscle. As I'm not that strong yet( lifts: 120 incline, 105 OHP and 40Ibs weighted chins at a bodyweight of 130) should i follow the strenght and density routine until I built up to a decent strenght level?

  12. Would like to know the progress you made on your lifts. (how much more can you lift 1 year later in each exercise?

  13. This is one of the LEGIT transformations that made me do my own, thank you for the inspiration. And check my transformation if you want, you helped me make it 😀 <3

  14. Damn your mindset is nice compared to mine because i am much bigger than you and everything but everytime i watch in the mirror i dont like myself and i dont think that i look nice because i think i'm too small and i'm fat and everything even if i'm not hahaha its so annoying

  15. Jesus you are fucking pitifully small man. I hope you just have shit genetics and this isn't actually what I will look like after a year of hard work. With that being said, I'm bigger and just as lean as you in your may 21st pic so that gives me hope because you said you've been lifting for 9 months at that point and I look better than you did at that time right now after lifting only 3ish months

  16. This transformation is great and all, but there's no way you were 74kg @ July 2014. You look around 66-68kg. I was far bigger than that when I was at 74kg. Unless you're really tall? Lmao

  17. Do you have big hip bones because in some pictures it looks like you do but other pictures it doesn’t seem to look like it.

  18. Where your physique starts off at is where I want to be at right now. I just have a lot of body fat. Im sure if I lost about 8 percent bodyfat, thats where I would be.

  19. This is probably one of the best and most realistic transformation videos I've seen. Kinobody's programmes focus on muscle density which is why you still look good at a relatively low weight. Maybe you should check out his super hero bulking programme? I haven't myself yet but plan to once I've leaned ddown

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