Halloween News: How strong is Zeus? – Guns of Boom News #7

So how strong is Zeus? Today, on the Halloween News. Psst. Giveaway at the end of the video. Hi, Stanis here! Community Manager for Guns of Boom And welcome to the seventh edition of Guns of Boom News The most bombastic and relevant news outlet yet Today we’re talking about: The Halloween event New machine gun – Zeus And some Community news Let’s Break it down Halloween is finally here again! Appearing in all it’s horror in the game The first map you can play on is Europe: Halloween But there will be more as the Fairs unlock This time, Europe Halloween is played in the Zone Control mode Which completely reinvents the gameplay on this map As you have to capture Points appearing all over the map Making you stay on your toes and keep looking for better angles and flank opportunities There are three scary costumes this Halloween that you can assemble Witchfinder, Dust Bunny and Dr. Frankenboom. The horrifying masks will keep you up at night With creepy weapon skins and Insignias at their side This Halloween is one you cannot miss! So grab that gun and go into battle, if you’re not scared And to help you we have a new machine gun Zeus is an incredibly powerful weapon Unleashing the might of God of Lightning on your enemies With its perk Chain Lightning it can damage multiple opponents at once Sprouting electricity charges from your main target Zeus is perfect for group fights Just find a spot to defend and take everyone out at once If you really land your shots well It can cut down enemies even faster than the strongest assault rifles And the electricity animation on the gun itself is simply beautiful I will never get tired of it Thank you to the artists! Now, on to the community news First of all, thanks to your reports, we were able to fix some problems with the Hero machine gun And also touched up Hans and Matador recoil and Liquidator hip-fire aiming Thanks for your help guys! Stay awesome Now, here are some scary Halloween
videos to look out for in the night! Let’s start with Julez, trying out Zeus for himself Somebody… Actually, 320 damage – not too bad I thought it was worse. We’re also having no… no proper sniper users here. 500 damage actually! Where are you going my friend Okay 🙁 And the second video is: Gunrag Singh. Showing off one of our Easter Eggs in the lobby …behind me is some possessed car, and a ghost passing by and you can see the full machine and the bats passing by and Halloween pumpkins also. And you can see on the top there is a guy with a guitar Yea, you just have to click it So, these are the basic things about why garage looking amazing You can see it’s on fire like a possessed car And yea, these are the things that are good! Full videos up here In the ether Now, let’s move on to the Giveaway! Answer the question in the pinned comment below, Add your ID to the answer, and the best three will get 10,000 Battle Career experience As a prize Now, go to our Discord to join the discussion Like this video, Subscribe And ring the notification bell, As there is more news coming to our news station I am your newscaster, Stanis out!

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