Hayley Kiyoko Talks ‘Lesbian Jesus,’ New Album & More on Soul Sisters | Billboard

Hayley Kiyoko Talks ‘Lesbian Jesus,’ New Album & More on Soul Sisters | Billboard

– Hi Hayley. – Hey girls. – I’m glad you’re on this show. – I’m so glad. I’m glad. – I’m running ragged and I have no filter, so all I’m gonna say today is
– (laughs) Ha ha, I love it. – I’m a huge fucking fan
of yours and I’m so glad we’re doing this
– Oh thank you. – So let’s just fan out for a few minutes, – I’m ready. – And chat about how awesome you are. ♪ Did you take him to the
pier in Santa Monica? ♪ ♪ Forget to bring a jacket, ♪ ♪ wrap up in him cause you wanted to? ♪ ♪ I’m just curious, is it serious? ♪ ♪ I’m just curious, is it serious? ♪ Where do I wanna start?
(laughs) – First of all, you’re like one of my favorite directors now. – Thank you. – I wanna talk about how
important your videos are, how well shot they are. It was funny watching
my colleague direct you in another video you did
for us right before this ’cause I’m like, oh he’s
directing a director. (laughs) – [Jessie] This is a tricky thing, like she knows how this works – I know how to take
direction ’cause I’ve– – [Jessie] Yeah that’s true, You’ve been on both sides.
– I was an actor first. – Right, you’re a boss. (laughs) – Because being a musician and having your own music projects is one thing, and you’re a boss to a certain extent, but being a director of
your own music videos is next level boss shit. You know? Seriously.
– Thanks girl. Thank you. – What was the first
video that you directed? – Well, “Girls Like Girls” I co directed, and then that was- – Wait by the way, so you were supposed to come do this show a couple weeks ago and then you got sick at the last minute. – Oh my god I was so sick. – So I remember checking the numbers on that video on Youtube that morning that you were coming in and I
think it was like 83 million and now two weeks later it’s
already up to 85 million. – Yeah, it’s nuts. – Like a million a week.
– It’s nuts, that video has not stopped climbing, it’s weird. – [Darah] It’s insane. – But it also totally makes sense, of course people are craving
that video, need to see a video like that because you can’t
find that, I mean still. – Yeah, I mean that was the
whole point of doing the video is growing up, there was just no content that was hopeful, you know. It was like, every video
or movie that I watched that involved any kind of romantic story between two women, – Ended in suicide.
– It was tragic. Right. – Yeah. – Or made me feel terrible
about liking girls. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – And so I was like,
I need to do something that ended in a positive note because there is hope, and I need to spread that.
– And is upbeat and poppy the whole time. – Yeah. – My girlfriend loves to
quiz me on my gay roots, she always likes to know
what were the early things. – This is what I was looking for. – I remembered the other
day, we were talking about it I was like, you know when
“Boys Don’t Cry” came out when I was in high school,
my friend and I watched that movie like several
times in the theater, we were like strangely obsessed
with a really depressing, tough movie.
– How many times did you watch it? – We really love Chloe Sevigny, never really explored why, but there was nothing else, you know? – Yeah. – Right, it was hard,
– That was such a dark film – Tough, emo.
– To dwell in, but we were obsessed with it like it was a superhero
movie or something. – Yeah, you’re holding
on to what you can find. – Exactly. – And so that was the whole point when I did “Girls Like Girls”, and then all of a sudden I realized that people wanted to watch it. And then the views started
climbing I was like, Oh I can tell more stories about my life. And then “Cliff’s Edge” was
the music video after that that I directed myself,
and that was terrifying. I was like, I don’t know if I can do this and my friend was like, you’ve been directing your whole life. This is what you do, you
tell people what to do and (laughs) like, your color palettes, you know this is what you do. ’cause I would always do music videos and I’d get an edit and I would be like, this is all wrong, this is what I want. And this is what I’ve done so, and then that just kind of
started this whole thing. And also I was self funded too, so that kind of put me in
the directorial position of needing to direct my own videos ’cause I couldn’t afford the level of… quality of directors that I wanted. I feel like that’s how
most people get into what they end up doing,
it’s like if you can’t get the person that you want
you end up doing it yourself or, actors if you can’t
get the job you want you become a writer and
you write the script and then you do it yourself and so, I mean that’s how I became a director, it’s like, okay well I’m
just gonna direct it myself. And then so, I’ve directed
every music video since then. – And it’s working. – But how deliberate, or
how much foresight was there for the ideas behind
putting out these videos with this content, and the music, I mean the music had to
come first, I imagine. Like, you wrote the
songs and then you said here’s a video that will go along with it. But were you planning to put forth these messages in this way, deliberately, or did it just come out and you said, oh great, this is the artist
– You mean in the songwriting or the videos? ‘Cause I wanna
ask about both of those. – Yeah well I was gonna take
it to the songwriting first because that is the first step. And so the way that you
described “Girls Like Girls” is that, oh it was sort
of a happy accident that people enjoyed this kind of thing as opposed to you saying,
I have this to share and I’m gonna do it in
this deliberate way. What was the process of that? – I mean, just as a songwriter
and from where I am now, I wasn’t like, okay this is my plan and these are the songs I’m gonna write. I mean, I wrote “Girls Like
Girls” as the first song I wrote about a girl
and that was terrifying, and then once I broke
that barrier for myself I was free, and I was like okay, now I can write more about my life. And then– – Can I ask how out you were
when you wrote that song? Like were you out in your personal life and professional life? – I wasn’t, I’m a very closed off person, I’m very private, so not that, I like to keep my life private so, not because I’m ashamed but just because that’s just how I am. But yeah so, you know, and then also as an artist, I didn’t
go into it being like I want to be, lesbian Jesus or what they call me. Like I wasn’t being like
this is gonna be my name. I don’t like labels
– That’s sort of why I was asking. – Like I really don’t, like
I just wanted to be an artist and then I realized through this process. I was like, there is no gay pop star there never has been that
woman that just owned it and was just like, this is who I am and I’m gonna make out with girls and I’m gonna own this shit, you know. And I was like, fuck, this has to be me. And I was kind of like, okay and I just kind of assumed
position, you know? – But how long was that
period of deciding, okay it’s gonna be me? Were you wrestling with that for a while? – No, it just was a gradual thing where I was like- – ‘Cause if I’m not a very,
if I’m a private person this is the opposite of that in a way. – Yeah it’s been a very,
kind of like I don’t really and it’s just been a slow
getting comfortable with, okay this is important, this
is important for me to do and I love girls, I love myself, and eventually I just want to be an artist and for people to be like,
oh yeah I love Haley Kiyoko. I love her music, I love
her stories, you know. – Is that as exciting as
it is as when someone says it inspires me, it helps
me, it comforts me, as when they’re just like,
I fucking love your music. – Yeah. – Like they’re both-
– Yeah. – Fulfilling.
– But if I need to tack on labels at the beginning for people to get to that point, that’s
just the world that we live in and if that’s what I have to
do, that’s what I have to do. So that’s, and you know. – I think that sometimes we overplay the negative side of a label, ’cause it can also be a wonderful way for someone to identify with other human beings
– And I’m trying to change that, totally.
And I agree with you. And that’s the thing too, it’s like growing up there was such
a negative connotation with these labels and that’s why I was so uncomfortable with who I was and like, I want to be, being
this and that is great, and looking like this is great and I’m trying to change
those words and that feeling, and being like, oh I idolize this, I don’t want to be like this
and this is a positive feeling. And so I’m trying to change
that through my music and through my art, and
then with the music videos what you were asking, just like, have you been planning out the
messages within each video. I haven’t you know, I write
the song and I look at the song and I go, okay what does
this song mean to me and by the time I get to
the music video I’m like, where am I at with this, do I
want to have the music video be about what the song was
about when I originally wrote it or do I want to recreate it
and tell a different story like “One Bad Night’s” a great example, that song was sexy when I wrote it, it was about a hookup and blah blah blah and I was like, no I want to tell this completely different story about this kid saving this
person’s life, you know. And how do I reimagine these lyrics, and that’s what I love about directing is challenging myself to kind of reinvent those lyrics and taking
it in another direction and being like, oh you
can really interpret it something different, and so yeah. So then within every
video you’re just kind of discovering a new message and story and it’s starting to tell it’s
own story within each video but I don’t preplan like, oh this is gonna affect this
because I don’t really know, I’m not doing anything,
trying to affect people I’m just, I’m doing it for myself, being like, okay for
that video specifically I get emotional if someone
touches my shoulder and I’m having a really bad day. Or like, the other day
I went to a taco shop and it was a really stressful day and the lady gave me a free horchata. It was a dollar and she
was like, no it’s yours, you can have it for free,
and I was like gonna cry. I was like, oh my god thank you so much. But it was like the human compassion and so that “One Bad Night” music video was about human compassion and so like, I do music videos about those feelings that I feel and that I go through in life that help me get through life and so I try to capture those pockets of emotions in each video you know. “Sleepover” I tried to capture
that intense feeling of yearning someone and that it just feels like you’re just being swallowed by it and the simplicity of
just that one emotion and just trying to capture them. – Yeah. – And then how would you
describe the feeling in Curious? – That’s a fun video. – It’s so fucking funny. – I really wanted to
have fun with that one. – It’s like a nice smug
little revenge tale, you know. – There’s someone,
– It’s a little petty I love it. – I’m not gonna lie to you,
there’s some revenge in that. For sure, I was like,
– I could feel it. – So that video,
– So a little sass. – Let’s just tell, just
share that video’s about an ex girlfriend with now a boyfriend, is that how you would describe it? – Why don’t we let Hayley describe. – I mean it’s based off of a true story. It wasn’t a girlfriend it was just like, a girl that I was hanging out with. And it’s, so basically
the broad scope is like, I date a lot of women that are into it, but with society’s pressure
they are uncomfortable with liking girls, even though they do. And I’m like girl, you gay. I don’t care what you have to say. – What do you think it is about you that you’re so into those types of girls? – That’s a whole ‘nother podcast. (laughs) That’s a whole ‘nother thing. – Come back for it ’cause I’d like to have that podcast.
– But anyway. But anyways, but then they
wrap me up in their emotions and they start playing games and then, so it was like then she was sleeping with a guy
while she was texting me and it’s like, girl
please don’t, this is not, I’m not trying to get my feelings hurt, like I’m just curious is it serious? That’s a line in the song, it’s like what’s going on and please,
you’re an older woman you should be mature enough to figure it out
– Figure your shit out. and it’s fine if people
don’t know what their, who they are and whatever because everyone’s figuring themselves out but please don’t involve me in that chaos. And please have respect,
I need to have enough self respect to know when to walk away when things are getting a little cray cray and so that was the whole
point of the music video where it was like, the game’s
were getting way too much and it was like, I was being,
it was borderline lied to and so I was just like,
I need to respect myself and get out of these games and walk away and it’s important
– Which is hard to do. – And games are fun, we
love games, you know. – I guess.
– Games, yeah. – But you gotta walk away at some point when you’re sacrificing yourself. – Yes. – You know, your needs are– – Are you good at the walk away? Have you mastered that art? – I’m sensitive, so I get my
feelings hurt immediately. And I need communication. I’m upfront and I scare people with that I’ll be like, this is how
I feel, blah blah blah, are you in or not, like what is up? – So you’re not a game player. – No. No. – You might be involved
in someone else’s game but you’re not running the game. – I can’t do games, correct. People like to involve me in the games, – You don’t have time for
games, you’re doing too much. – Yeah, no I don’t have time,
I don’t have the energy. – What I love about the, one of the things I love about this video is, it’s so on the surface it’s
just a relationship video, feelings and wanting this
girl and asking is it serious, are you into this guy,
and it’s super just pop and light hearted and all that. But what you guys just described is a more complex kind of
dynamic that I as someone, I was like oh so it’s about an
ex girlfriend and a boyfriend it’s so much more complicated than that and I just love that
it’s sort of tackling– – I feel like you’re not
relating to it so much ’cause it’s a thing
– I had the question – that feels specific to two women. – I almost do, I had the question, like is that dynamic of– – Oh this is getting deep, I like this. – Is the dynamic of an ex hookup
or an ex significant other different for two women… Because of that added element of, oh you know, I hadn’t thought about she might be not really
owning up to true feelings and just the levels
that that goes into that are addressed in such a
fun way in that video. – But that’s what’s
fun about music videos, so yeah I have all of,
if you were to ask me I could talk about hours
and then could go super deep but then I also can be surface level but that’s what’s fun about music videos. Everyone can interpret them differently and so I want everyone,
no matter who you like, to be able to watch the video
and be like, I can relate, guy, girl, it doesn’t
– Right, it doesn’t have to be about all this stuff. – Yeah and for women that like women, if they watch the video they’re like, oh girl, I been there, this is complicated and if you don’t like girls,
you like guys or whoever, you’re like, oh my god
– I totally feel that. – I feel that too, people
playing games, blah blah blah. And that’s the whole point. – There’s not this sort of more emo… tragic, vibe to it. – Right, it’s fun. – Yeah I know it’s fun
– Super fun. – Because everyone and that’s my point with my music as well like, yes it’s great I have this connection
and I found my people and group of fans but
also I want to be able to connect and relate to everyone too because everyone, music… Everyone can relate to music and also everyone can
just relate to feelings and everyone can relate
to people playing games and everyone’s had that
person playing games and they get caught or whatever it is. Or it’s like listen, and you have to walk away and respect yourself. So … That’s something that we can all relate to and be like, yeah I been there. Yeah girl, I been there. – I will tell you, the
game that can be played non verbally between two women in a room is different I think
– Different? – I think it’s another level
– I believe that. I wonder that and I believe that. – Yeah, as you can imagine. – And, yeah.
– Yeah? – No that’s just fascinating to see. – I mean, I don’t know, I don’t know. – You wouldn’t say that? – I don’t know ’cause I
don’t know what the game is between a woman and a man so I don’t know. – Is it because it’s more
– I think women can fuck with each other especially well, having had both experiences.
Anyway, let’s move on. I want to talk about the
choreography in that video. – Okay. – It’s sick, who did that? – How do I say his last name? What? No, Anze. Skrube. Anze Skrube. He is amazing and he’s like,
I’m so glad I found him ’cause he’s so, I’m very
intense and he is very intense and we just like– – I feel like that could go badly though. – It could go badly and when I met him I was like, oh god, and I
was like this is perfect. We just clicked and yeah so
he did all the choreography– – Are you dancer? – I used to be.
– Is it something that you – I’m not gonna say I’m a dancer, I used to be a dancer growing up. – You’re a dancer in that video. – Thank you so much. – And on a lot of videos, I
mean dance is a huge thing that also communicates the story. – I love dancing, I grew up dancing and I’ve always wanted to find a way to incorporate dancing in my music and I haven’t… I’ve been trying to create music that I could be able to dance to and I finally made that happen. So this was the moment, so I’m trying to incorporate dance more, ’cause I used to hip hop
dance whole thing, whatever. So I was like okay this is my moment, let’s get that back in there a little bit. But it was so fun and you know, I used to love watching Janet
Jackson and Britney Spears just killing it and doing
those classic moves, and so I really wanted to have
those dance breaks in there. – Am I correct, were you
being serious when you tweeted that your mom did the
choreography in “I, Tonya”? – Oh yeah, my mom’s a boss she has an– – Did you see this?
– No. – So my mom’s an ice skating
choreographer and director. Yeah, she’s a two time
Emmy award winning boss. So she’s like queen of ice skating, she just got inducted to
the World Hall of Fame and so she’s sick as shit.
– So she’s a figure skater? – Yeah well she’s a choreographer, she was a… Yeah, she was a figure skater
but then choreographer. She was in the Ice
Capades and all that stuff so she does all of, anything ice skating. She did “Blades of Glory” and “I, Tonya” she did the opening closing
ceremonies at the Olympics and so anything ice
related, my mom’s done. So she trained Margot for “I, Tonya” and so she’s getting all
these articles and stuff – I think that’s such an amazing
little factoid about you. – And I was like, mom this is so cool. And she’s like, I know. So cute. – Come from a family of boss women. – She’s very intense, it’s… She was like, I’m gonna drop by rehearsal and I was like, can you
just stay home please ’cause I don’t want you
to come to rehearsal. – Why, will she give feedback and like– – Yeah, I’m certain. Both
my manager and I were like we’re not ready yet. We’re not ready for you to watch yet. – Anyway, I’m gonna get
back to you for a sec. How have your figured out how to craft such perfect pop songs? – Thank you. – [Jessie] You really
seem to have it down. – I love melodies. – [Jessie] That’s what does it for you. – As a song writer and that’s why I like well when I was trying to figure out what kind of music I wanted to do I mean I used to think I was gonna be in a band like Arcade Fire. I thought I was gonna be really left. – [Darah] More like rock?
– Yeah. And then I just realized
I’m in love with melodies, I’m in love with catchy melodies. As a songwriter, my biggest
skill and gift is melodies. And yeah, that’s kind of why
I’ve landed in the pop world ’cause I love being able to hear a song and have it stick with you, but also have it have emotion, lyrically. And yeah it just feels so good. – What’s your process, do you write on an instrument, or computer? – No, well I’m technically challenged, I’m that annoying producer
where I’m just singing and I’m like can we do the (sings) and that (beat boxes) I’m so annoying. – I love to hear that from
a director especially. Are you that way with gear
and filmmaking stuff too or is it more just computers? – I’m just more computer
stuff I can’t do that, yeah. I just don’t do the tech stuff. – Okay, so when you hear
a melody what do you do? – Well songwriting process we go in and start with a beat, and then– – Oh, that’s what comes first? – Well yeah, ’cause I really love rhythm and so I love finding melody within space and then I’ll scat the
melody over the beat and then lyrics are
last, ’cause the lyrics, I feel like if you do the lyrics first you’re putting yourself in a box and if you want to… The music tells you the song’s gonna be about something else then you’re stuck, you’ve put yourself in
a box somewhere else and so it’s always beat, melody, and then the lyrics are last. – I guess that makes sense,
that’s almost as close to a description for a formula for good songwriting as I’ve heard. – So that’s nice, it sounds like you know what the process is, it’s not like how is this going to
come, this next thing. – Yeah, waiting for the muse to land. – Well because most of the time the melody if you’re singing (sings) or whatever and the melody will tell
you what the word’s gonna be if you hear ah or ee,
ee is gonna be like nee. It tells you what the word is going to be and it’s almost like the
melody is telling you what the song’s gonna be about, kind of. – Yeah yeah yeah, that’s awesome. – That’s just how I’ve always done it. – I’m so happy that you’re
making the kind of music that you’re making ’cause it’s such a good vehicle to
get all this important messaging and representation in, you know? – Thanks. – It’s very accessible, exciting music that anyone can grasp. ‘Cause that’s part of trying
to mainstream representation is to put it into genres
that cuts a wide swath. – Do you feel completely
comfortable being that role model? Or are there ways where you’re like, oh man now everyone’s
gonna be looking at me and I can’t do this or I can’t do that. – [Jessie] Can’t fuck up anymore. – I’m a bad kid. – Right, it seems like that
wouldn’t really be an issue. But do you have to be more
conscious of that in a way? – I don’t feel confined, I feel excited. If anything I feel freer. – I was gonna say, you’re a role model for being yourself and
being open about who you are so that should feel freeing. – Yeah, I feel more supported… The fact that people are listening and are discovering me,
I feel freer to be myself because it’s like, oh
people like who I am. That’s cool.
– Is there a limit you could even go further that you’re
not yet comfortable with or are you just like,
I’m there. Do you feel– – I feel like we all can grow. I’m just scratching the surface and getting my bearings and entering this new chapter of my dreams. So we’ll see where that takes me. But it’s exciting so I don’t feel confined and like, oh god now I can’t pick my nose in public or whatever ’cause I’m always gonna do that. – Lesbian Jesus can
pick her nose in public. – I’m always gonna change
– That is so funny. Who said that, who wrote that?
– My clothes in my car and it’s just always gonna happen. – Lesbian Jesus is the best– – It was fan. – I don’t know who made that up but it’s weird that it caught. You should see the Photoshop. My fans are so talented,
I’m like, who is doing this? Can I hire you do my ads? – You’re like, am I
Jesus, that looks very– – What is this, this is great.
I’m like, you’re so talented. – [Jessie] I know. – And they’ll be like, it’s
not Curious it’s Queerious. They’ll think of all of these cute– – [Darah] It’s a whole lexicon for you. – I’m like, you guys are so
smart, you’re hired, all of you. – Do you have a name for your fans? – They’re called the Kiyokians.
They named themselves. – The fan army. – Back in 2013. – Awesome. – Beautiful. – You know, ripe age,
the ripe year of 2013. – The good old days. – The good old days. – They were the good old days. Sigh. Alright so March 30th is
the album release, right? – Yeah, “Expectations”. It’s
really, I just got nervous, I get nervous every time
someone says the date. – ‘Cause does that feel really
soon? That is really soon. – I guess. I just get
nervous ’cause I’m just like, Oh god.
– For what? – I don’t know.
– Yeah, what part of it? – I don’t know, it’s nerve racking. It’s like, I’m constantly approving things and looking through the lyrics. I was telling someone else, it’s like a school project on crack and it never ends. You’re proofing everything
and making sure, and it feels like it’s done but it’s never done until it’s like… So I guess what my nerves are coming from, once it’s in my hand it’s like I’m gonna probably just cry
– You relax. – I’ll be like, (breathes deeply) – A good cry I hope. – Yeah. – A healthy cry. – But I’m excited, it’s… – We’re excited.
– It’s exciting. – Do you have any more videos in the can? – Yeah, girl. – Okay. – You know. Last year was crazy, it was like music video one after, I was trying to rank them
and because I knew this year was all gonna be, I’m going on tour and I’m just gonna be
touring this whole year. And I was like, I’m
not gonna have any time to shoot music videos. So it was like “Feelings”,
and “Curious”, and– – Man that one take,
“Feelings” was the one take. Was it actually one take. – Yeah, one take.
– One take. – Everyone was like, it’s not
one take there’s fake cuts I’m like, okay. (laughs) It’s one take. – Man, way to challenge yourself, damn – How many takes did you shoot? – We did eight. And then the one
– That’s impressive. – that we released is the eighth take. – Oh yeah? – You know, the last shot,
man, is always the one. – It’s usually the best. – Or the first, normally the first or the last is normally the best. – But you know it when you
have it and then you stop. – But yeah I have a new
music video coming out. I think it’s gonna come out
around when the album comes out but that one, they don’t even know. – Yeah? – I’m really excited about that one, that one’s gonna be really awesome. – Awesome. – So yeah it’s fun. – Cool, we’re so excited. – Yeah, can’t wait. Alright Hayley thanks
for coming on the show. – Thank you. – Girls it’s been a pleasure. – Likewise.
– Thank you so much.

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  7. My gay roots stem back to elementary school. I would look at girls butts and then cry in the bathroom because I didn't know why I did it because I was always told boys boys boys. I am a flaming bisexual and I'm proud

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    But… yeah

  9. my fucking queeN I love her so damn mucH FucK!😂😍😍😍😍💍💍💕💕💌💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😭💕💕

  10. I didn’t even know she was lesbian lmao. I just listened to her album and really liked it. Her and Alesia Cara are my favorite female artists right now. I also really hope Hayley makes a track with Jhene Aiko cause they give me the same vibes for some reasonable

  11. Don't ever feel you have to do anything its all choice.  We love HK music/storys know matt'z and she/you don't have to do anything special true fans will still listen.  I love when you do music videos.  I actually like watching them.  Normally im good with out or good either way but with your music I don't just love the music I love the music video's too!  Your amazing and I am sorry you go through so much.  I don't think talking about candy faves is bad.  Its ok and can be fun to talk about stuff like that because you get to know some things about them that can be useful in the future of a relationship oddly enough and yes small details matter even if it seems silly sometimes.  The small things are important and can be useful in the future.  I do love deeper chatter myself but its not a must and for example Phycology isn't light to most but I personally find it a really fun topic.  I'm sure there are more woman out there who are more easy going and wont judge with the added bonus of genuine and out!  You got this Hayl'z!  Keep going and in time you will get your braud!  Peace!  Sign Dyslexic Rambler 😀

  12. Seemed a nice person, easy to judge the book by its cover, unable to work out out her musical style or images, as I’m from a much older age group, came across her recently online local paper, never knew of her beforehand, thought she confusing with mixed messages, young generation living in a would I know not, but the best of luck to her and her followers, but she’s not for me…

  13. Hopefully the number on Girls Like Girls would send all the directors message that this kind of content do sell. Queer peeps like us would eat it up in a heartbeat if only they would produce it properly

  14. The funny thing is, Haley actually was one of my first female crushes. Her role in lemonade mouth was the start of my realizing I was pansexual. Tbh I didn't even really pay attention much to the movie itself. And now 6 years later and she is my gay icon it's funny how things work huh

  15. 2:15 Hayley is referencing the "Bury Your Gays" trope, lets bring it down forever and create happy endings for LGBTQ+

  16. What that about Lesbian Jesus ? I don't know about Lesbian Jesus .. please answer my question . Thankyu 😊

  17. Just imagine Hayley when she said hey girl you know what if she had edges and laid them down😂😂😂

  18. I find interviews with two interviewers so exhausting. Its too much talking by them! Even though Hayley is the boss.

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