Honest College Reunion | Ft. Keshav Sadhna & Anushka Sharma | RVCJ

Honest College Reunion | Ft. Keshav Sadhna & Anushka Sharma | RVCJ

Amitabh Bachchan’s voice
singing Holi song “Rang Barse..” Voice over – Oh did it start? Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, We welcome you to our new video. I’m your voice-over and why am I in this video, even Sadhguru cannot tell the reason. Let’s proceed. This is our hero – “The College’s Loser” Oh bro at least set your hair Thanks. Hi College’s Loser Hi College’s Random Person It’s been so many years I don’t remember you at all. I also saw you getting beaten up
outside girl’s toilet last time. Yes Yeah those were wonderful days! So true! Look there, college topper. By the way he must have
earned a lot of money in life. That reminds me, Are you in touch with your college crush? No… I just stalk her on Facebook,
Insta and Tantan App Has she come? If she doesn’t come,
who else will make audience interested? A nice script! No stupid! See there… She will now make an entry in slow motion. What? Are we shooting for horror movie? Don’t you know how to blow air? Sorry sister. I’m writer, didn’t get paid, so doing all of this. Nana Patekar’s voice-over, “It’s good,
a man staring at a woman is good.” Big B: “Why are you speaking
in my voice-over? Get out!” Get out from here. Hi College’s Loser you! Nowadays you are more active
on LinkedIn than on Insta, you are rocking bro! Sir! No matter how successful
college loser becomes, he will always remain
below college topper Yeah that’s right! Bro this video is in honest zone So I won’t tell a lie to you I actually wanted to ask, What you did to become so successful Because I get a little
bonus by buttering boss. See my tongue Yeah show, it seems to have been used a lot See this I was interested in Marketing but I didn’t have ample
time as I was doing 9-5 job So I completed digital marketing’s
certified program on upGrad I also follow their “Raho
Ambitious” series regularly that keeps me up-to-date and sharp But what about placement etc.? You will get complete placement support Personalized mentors and career
coaches will be with you all the time Little bit of integration is left The duration of this
course is just 6.5 months So I will suggest
you to do it too Thanks bro You are good at brand integration too. What’s the use? People will still say in comment, “This was just an advertisement.” No, no! They will say, “It’s the copy of AIB”. “It’s the copy of AIB”. “It’s the copy of AIB”. OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! How are you? College crush of boys, how are you? All good, all good! The most Behenji
(unattractive) girl of college, how did you become so hot? Well I will say I did dieting,
gymming, this and that but the truth is I went for cosmetic
surgery due to society’s pressure. Now I will instantly change
the topic to hide my insecurity Do you know that girl about whom we
didn’t know anything in the college? I got to know through an unreliable
source that she is pregnant. OH MY GOD! And since she is from Delhi, she doesn’t
know who is the father of her baby. Oh shit! Now we need transition for the next scene So, I will ask “Who is
this unreliable source?” College’s unreliable source,
what news have you brought? I won’t tell easily, first you act as you’re going and then I’ll tell Will this do? Come here, I was just joking. Do you know Pinky Madam who used to wear red saree and blouse? For whom did she use to wear it? For me! Look at that girl, with a baby on her lap Who’s the father of that child? I am. Who discovered water on Mars? I did it. I Who taught giggling
to Rinkiya’s father? Me. Who taught acting
to Kartik Aaryan? Sorry my mistake my apologies, I didn’t teach him, Mother Swear! That betrayer said she would loot my heart I said, “Oh lady tell at
least 10 excuses for that” Papa used to say, he will defame us And the awful song continues…. Brother! can I get an egg to throw
on the singer’s face? Sure. Thanks. Awful song continues…. Hi college’s loser! I’ve heard that you’re the
most successful at present So I thought I should talk to you, So that you can ask me out for a date. I’ve never been on a date I’ve been to dates many times,
just check out any dating video on YouTube Now I will tell some facts
about my career to impress you Yeah but I’m already impressed by
your paycheque, GST, CGST, CTC, bank-balance, oil wells, gold reserve,
power of attorney, your mom’s jewellery and the land property of your
distant relative Dhinchak Pooja So should I take it as a ‘YES’? Principal sir going to
perform mujra (Dance Form) Tradition Prestige Discipline Oh they are making out there, What they did! separate them, take them away from here Ok, let’s start. You people just don’t remember me And I too don’t know you guys Speech will not end so early Now I will add 2-3 motivational
quotes from Facebook and some fake examples from my life that are not relevant to you. Now I’m saying rubbish things, that has to happen will happen the rubbish continues…. And in the end, I will like to say, “She calls you but don’t go”. Did you understand? Understand? Claps Wow what acting! I didn’t hear even a single word Who listens to the Principal Sir? Actually. Is loud music being played? Come Tamanchey pe disco (Song Lyrics) Let’s dance. See how bad things have turned for me Really. This way,
the college’s loser…. Shut up and listen, play any voice-over but not this. One more video suddenly stops Who troubled Sara Ali Khan first? Me. Who was driving Bhai’s car? Me. Who wrote the script of this video? I don’t know and I’m also searching Come Let’s come with me,
we will search him. Who troubled Sara Ali Khan first? Me. Who was driving Bhai’s car? Me. Who wrote the script of this video? I don’t know and I’m also searching Come let’s search We will search.

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  2. Youtube revolution
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  3. bura mat manna
    but story m reality hai hi nhin
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    wrong number is best….
    baaki artist gazab……

  4. Re yamuna nagar wli maami ki ksm, mja aa gya!!
    Story kaafi relatable h yrr.
    Kuki mje wo loser wla character smj skte ho.
    Bs complete success abhi baaki h.

  5. Itna TATTI video kahi aur nahi dekha..!!! RVCJ sucks all the time.. wasted my time again.
    Plz fuck off from making such shitty videos.

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