Honest Trailers – The Lord of the Rings

Honest Trailers – The Lord of the Rings

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  1. As far as that all white crap, Tolkien was English, not American, and I hardly doubt black/red or whatever writers ever gave a junk about portraying whites as evil or not including whites in their novels. And what can portray goodness better that light can?

  2. A few good lines but not one of your best efforts. There's got to be a better joke about the five endings than that it was because Jackson didn't want it to end (though the line about needing to pee was good). And, after all that gushing about the last and worst Star Wars trilogy, it's way too late for you guys to play the "nerdogasmic" card. You're covered in sci-fi/fantasy ejaculate already.

  3. "Even when they die they come back Whiter…"
    You know for the sake of balance if the similarian is ever made into a move they should go full balck panther and make everyone black… just to confuse the f*ck out of all those basement dwelling nerds. LMAO

  4. I watched Black Panther… rated 1/10 cause Andy Serkis didn't have any dots on his face nor tight spandex suit

  5. Actually, the ring only granted hobbits invisibility, since they were naturally stealthy. It granted different powers depending on the wearer. That’s the theory at least. Sauron needed the ring because his life was bound to it.

  6. is it sad im more likely to remember those complicated names rather than typical american names that i forget 15 secs after you mentioned it

  7. Joking that the LOTR characters are all white is like joking that the live-action Mulan's characters are all Chinese. Like…okay?

  8. When I first watched this Movie I fell asleep during the walking scenes and then I woke up, THEY ARE STILL WALKING. Goodness. I can't, Aren't they tired of walking and hiking and so on????

  9. The guy who wrote it lived in a pretty exclusively white culture…even whiter than the US was at the time. Thanks to airplanes, modern technology…etc, there is a lot more worldwide diversity now. Leave J.R.R. out of the food fight guys. It doesn't apply to him.

  10. The movie were predictably gay and filled with social control memes related to emasculating men &, as stated in your video; the LOTR Trilogy was written by a Freemason in 1936 with a subliminal goal to ensure us non-royals ALWAYS need 'help' from some kind of higher/lower power… about THE NEW VOICE– It's another predictable lampoon type of voice. "In a world"…  where baritone male voice caricatures get the most attention. Otherwise thanks for sharing all these YT videos.~*

  11. I actually died laughing at " You think you were watching Brokeback Mount Of Doom" XD
    Like yes, Return of the King for me is a gay romance between Frodo and Sam and Merry and Pippin somehow, change my mind XD
    Because dude – you don‘t kiss your best friend, not even on forehead without feeling anything! xD

  12. I've seen them all. This may be the funniest one from start to finish. The character names on this one are insanely perfect and hilarious.

  13. From someone who has yet to watch the trilogy, can someone tell me which order they go in? This honest trailer really makes me want to watch it

  14. Wouldn't the lady of Galadriel be "Gweneth Paltrow"? Oh well, I can't think of a better name for Legolas right now.

  15. Gandalf didn't just "magically come back to life." He is one of the five members of the Ishtari, tasked with protecting middle Earth. He's over 3,000 years old.

  16. For anyone complaining about the diversity, YES this is a fantasy trilogy but do some research on what the most of the populace was back in the day

  17. One of your best "Honest"!! Always a classic to come back to!

    And here's my "short" review of these films..

    Beginning with the story itself, very little makes sense, neither the characters decisions nor how it all plays out. And so it becomes very unexciting after a while for the most part since you start to realise pretty soon, that this is going to continue and most importantly, since no one ever is in danger, except Sean Beam as pointed out by HT. Everybody is a Mary sue more or less, or if that's not enough to solve the problem/imminent threat, they solve it by a clumsy woopsy!! move (a slapstick humor getaway) or last resort, get some other incredibly convenient (usually magic) help, eagles, ghost pirates etc.. And that my friend is what absolutely ruins the whole trilogy. You also know, not only, that they are going to manage and complete the task/adventure, but that all of them are going to survive as well with almost 99 % certainty. This is what makes GOT almost great and LOTR shit in this aspect. When we talk about other aspects, there's lots of things to complain about in GOT too, like military tactics, which are planed and executed with a beyond belief utter incompetence!! Yes I'm looking at you John Snow!! Though, with this said, still in total, not even 1/10 as much as there are in LOTR.

    And yes there's obviously positive things to mention about the LOTR too, like great visuals, costumes, creatures, characters, scenery and some of the acting, check! But that's about it. Does that sound like most of the things that needs to be good for a screenplay to be great? Maybe to most of you, but not to me or anyone who understands what makes a story/movie truly exciting, immersive and mesmerising. No it's quite clear that this movie trilogy is made for and aimed at older children and younger teenagers, say 9-14 years of age. Coz they want this kind of hero story with a guarantied happy ending. That's it, sorry.. hope I didn't ruin your day! Cheers!

  18. I’m watching the extended version right now and it still holds up as one of the greatest works of cinematic art ever. It’s like blade runner; it’s meant to be sipped and appreciated; shot by shot; with wine, and weed from the shire if u got it.

  19. To all of the douchebags that have to be Tolkien Scholars in the comments…..
    Its only fun.
    You are violating the FIRST RULE of fantasy entertainment.
    You refuse to willfully suspend your disbeliefs.
    So, technically, you are all the shittiest fans of all.
    Now go back to world of warcraft.

  20. Only the bad guys are black in lord of the rings and lead by a super white guy. Im not sure which part is more racist and i dont really care.

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