How can Jesus change the life of someone who comes to him?

How can Jesus change the life of someone who comes to him?

John Ankerberg: Only God. Tell those that are listening right now that
maybe have had Jesus appear to them and say, “Follow me,”… JoAnn Doyle: Yes. John Ankerberg: What does it mean? How do you get to know Jesus personally? How does Jesus come into your life and give
you joy and give you his presence and you get know him personally? How does that happen? JoAnn Doyle: First of all, Jesus said, “I
love you.” And love is such a powerful weapon; something
that we’ve all longed for. And so, I love in Scripture it says that if
we believe in our heart that Jesus died, and that he was raised from the dead, and that
if we confess with our lips that Jesus is Lord, we will be saved. So, really, it’s just a decision of your
heart and your mind together saying, “Jesus, okay, I can’t do it on my own.” The emptiness inside of me that I long to
be filled, only he can fill by just surrendering to him. It almost seems too simple to be real. And then the love, the true love from God
fills not only your heart but fills your mind and changes your circumstances, even if they
remain the same, if that makes sense. John Ankerberg: That’s right. Yes. Put your faith in Jesus. JoAnn Doyle: That’s right. John Ankerberg: He does the saving. He will come into your life. Let him teach you how he wants you to live. He will love you, and he will lead you. He will be there with you. JoAnn Doyle: Amen.

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  1. It’s so simple and that’s what so difficult for so many to believe. Catholics, JWs Scientologists etc . Missed lead by complicated religion. It’s just simple child like faith in Christ.

  2. God saves. If God does not save you, you will not want to be saved and you will continue as you are. If God saves you, you will want to be saved and you will likely think, incorrectly, that you decided to be saved.

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