How Do We Know the Bible Isn’t Full of Errors?

Can we trust the Bible? How do we know if
it’s words are true, especially since the biblical authors were human beings? These are important questions that every Christian
should wrestle with. Let’s address them by digging into a doctrine known as the inerrancy
of Scripture. Christians believe the Bible is without error…
which is actually what the word “inerrant” means. In every subject it addresses, from
the world being created by God, to the importance of Christian social concern, to the certain
hope of the new creation itself, the Bible is completely truthful. Some struggle to understand how this can be
true when human beings wrote down the words of Scripture. But inerrancy doesn’t negate
the biblical authors’ inclusion of their own observations and emotions, unusual grammatical
constructions, rounded numbers, and even varying perspectives on particular events. What it means is that, even as we recognize
the human qualities of the book, we see Scripture as trustworthy because God is trustworthy.
And because He is the one who inspired the Bible’s human authors, we can be confident
that Scripture really is what it seems to be: an infallible guide to salvation that
is truthful in all that it affirms.

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