How Drake’s “God’s Plan” Reveals His Path To Success | Genius News

How Drake’s “God’s Plan” Reveals His Path To Success | Genius News

JACQUES: “God’s Plan” is Drake’s
biggest solo commercial success to-date. JACQUES: It debuted at no.1 on Billboard’s
Hot 100, and has spent over 8 weeks there since its release in January 2018—putting
him in the company of musical legends like Elton John, Mariah Carey, and Diddy. JACQUES: It’s not just the song’s feel
good vibe that’s piqued public interest and kept Drake on top. In the music video, Drake gives away nearly one million dollars, the entire production
budget for the shoot, to those in need. JACQUES: “God’s Plan” highlights Drake’s
desire to live in the moment. JACQUES: This isn’t the first time Drake
has rapped about his legacy. But in the past, it’s been postmortem. On “Legend,” off his 2015 mixtape, ‘If
You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late,’ he mentions becoming an icon after his death,
much like Tupac or Biggie. JACQUES: In the second verse, Drake appreciates
the friends and family who have made him who he is today. JACQUES: Drake isn’t shy about being a mama’s
boy. In a 2013 interview with The Associated Press,
Drizzy says, quote,… JACQUES: “God’s Plan” also mentions
his friend Anthony ‘Fif’ Soares. Soares was murdered in September 2017, and
Drake has a tattoo of his face as a tribute. JACQUES: Drake shouts out the rest of his
squad in his verse as well, attributing his success as a chart-topping hitmaker partly to the help of his boys. JACQUES: Noah “40” Shebib, his manager
Oliver “Oli” El-Khatib, and of course, his crew, October’s Very Own. JACQUES: While Drake is undeniably successful, “God’s Plan” is a celebration of what’s to come.

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  1. Whether you like him or hate him but Drake has been running the rap game for almost a decade. You gotta give credit where credit is due.

  2. Trippie Redd and DJ Akademiks missed a big opportunity with this one, but hey, Big 14 and Drizzy got some music together…and for Akademiks, he finally getting senpai Drake to notice him. #GodsPlan

  3. Yo genius can you tell my why the fuck taco Bell's ingredient statement is on genius as a song

  4. Drake hasn't had a good album since Wattba. And that was basically a Future tape ft. Drake. Before that, Iyrtitl was great and Nwts was phenomenal. After Wattba however, Views was trash and More Life was worse than trash. I hope Drake surprise me on this next album but he definitely won't be getting no 1st week numbers from me. I'm not rushing to disappointment 3x in a row. On a sidenote FREE MEEK MILL!!! He, unlike Drake, has been dropping nothing but fire tapes since 2013.

  5. I made a visual for God's Plan that people seemed to like… check it out on my instagram (@baltimark) – shameless plug lol

  6. Out of all the fucking songs he put out….I can't believe THIS is his biggest record….he had so much shit I think was way hotter.

  7. Та бля, Федук тупо выебывается и рандомным челам даёт деньги. Мог бы тупо в детдом какой-нить накупить еды или одежды.

  8. And xxxTentacion’s stupid ass keeps taking Drake’s good and helpful deeds and work as an insult and mockery of him

  9. Hi, I'm a 14 year old rapper and would really appreciate it if you would take the time to listen my song and give me some honest feedback.

  10. Why's it always bad things and negativity that people are wishing on this guy? I'm pretty sure he's surrounded by people that love him and are willing to get down on their knees for him.

  11. Have you heard ‘Tekashi 69 – Billy INSTRUMENTAL (Produced by P.A.)’ by @SinReferenciaPA on #SoundCloud? #np

  12. I love how drake just said it's a lot of bad things that yall wishin and wishin and wishin and wishin and wishin on him but yall still continue

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