How to Attract Girls with Your Instagram Profile

How to Attract Girls with Your Instagram Profile

I’m gonna break this video down into 2 major
categories. Category 1 is the practical dating advice,
such as how to talk to the girl and things to say, and Category 2 will be practical advice
for improving your profile and making it so girls are attracted to you and receptive when
you do talk to them. Simple enough right? Let’s get started with category 1. #1 Responding to girls stories is 100x better
than cold DMing. I know a lot of guys will slide into the DMs
with all of these crazy thought out pickup lines with the hope that it will make the
girl respond. Newsflash buddy, it don’t work like that. You could have the best line in the world,
but if you send it to an averagely hot girl on Instagram, you’re just getting grouped
in with all the other guys who DM her all day. Sliding into the Dm’s is largely ineffective
because you’re giving away a lot of power when you do it. There’s a certain element to it that makes
you look like a thirsty motherfucker cat-calling girls on the street. You are showing up in her inbox and basically
saying, I like you, I’m interested, let’s have a conversation. And it creates very little chase or back and
forth. There are ways to cold DM in a way that’s
high value way but it’s difficult. I do have some lines that have a much higher
success rate than normal methods of sliding into the DMs, but I’m not going to get into
those in this video, just because responding to a girl’s story has such a higher success
rate, it’s better to focus on doing that. It’s way more natural and organic if you
simply respond to her story and make a comment about what’s going on in it. It gives you an easy way to start the conversation
because you’re just making a comment on her story, and this commentary setup makes
it really easy to tease the girl and establish a flirty vibe. It gives you something to tease her about
or make fun of and is way easier to setup the vibe than if you were to send a cold DM
about nothing. This brings me to the most important dating
element of all of this. #2 Create callback loops with girls you’re
currently talking to or want to talk to. Let me explain the concept of a callback loop,
specifically on Instagram. What you want to do is respond to a girl’s
story and tease her about something she’s doing. This creates an open loop so that if she posts
another story or photo doing that thing, you can continue to tease her about it on future
posts and stories. This makes talking to her really organic and
non-try hard since you’re talking to her in reference to something you joked about
in the past. These open loops are the PERFECT way to set
up future dates with the girl. Here’s an example… If you respond to her story and tease her
for being basic for drinking starbucks, the next time she does it you can respond to her
and make the joke again. And the next time you do it or something even
remotely like it, you can message her or send her a picture of it. So let’s take the starbucks example, if
you tell her starbucks coffee sucks, the next time you make your own coffee or go to a different
coffee shop, you can take a picture of it and send it to her with a message saying something
like, “Look how much better this is than your basic bitch drinks.” See what I mean? You can even leave a comment on her pictures
making fun of it. It creates something to callback to and makes
it really natural and easy to start conversation, makes her more comfortable with you, and once
you’re in conversation, leading to a date is the natural next step because you have
the perfect reason to take her out. In the coffee, example, it would be you taking
her to try out “the best coffee” or something along those lines. Now that you understand the dating advice
aspect, let’s talk about Category #2 and improving your profile. #3 Here are some rapid fire picture taking
tips. Don’t tilt or lean your head back
Jut your head and chin forward to create separation from your jaw and your neck to avoid a double
chin and looking like a fatass Mew in your pics. No i don’t mean moo like a cow. I mean push your tongue up against the roof
of your mouth to make your jawline more pronounced and face more structured. Easy enough right? #4 Make sure your style is on mothafuckin
point. I can’t stress this enough. If you’re gonna be posting stories and pictures
of you doing cool stuff, you have to be well-dressed in them. It’s non-negotiable. It’ll boost your profile attractiveness
SO much it’s ridiculous. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on
clothes either. The most important thing to remember is fit,
aesthetic, and overall style. The easiest way to upgrade your style and
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face on your Instagram profile, you better have the right pair of sunglasses to match
your face shape, otherwise your face is gonna be looking like doodle bop. I highly recommend you check these out, I’ll
have them linked in the description. #5 Don’t fake flex You shouldn’t go out of your way to lie
and flex on instagram. Your life should already be awesome and badass,
taking a picture of it should just be something you do as an extra thing to help you get some
pussy. You should not live your life for your instagram
profile that’s what stupid people do. It’ll also be really obvious to the girl
that you lied or flexed your lifestyle once you guys meet because she’s gonna see and
meet you for who you really are. Be authentic to you and your personality. A girl will see your profile and evaluate
it like a resume, so it’s best to give an honest and authentic representation of who
you are and what you do as opposed to lying, flexing, or exaggerating. If you want a good example of an instagram
account that is high value and girls find attractive, I HIGHLY suggest you checkout
my manager Benjamin’s Instagram profile since he absolutely crushes it with those
Instagram models. His profile is set up PERFECTLY to get laid
with hot girls consistently. I don’t know how he does it haha. #6 Post stories or posts regularly of interesting
shit You want to be top of mind for girls. If you post once every 3 months, she’s not
gonna remember that you even exist. The whole benefit of using instagram or social
media in general is that it creates a small circle of people who you know or kinda know,
and it establishes value without you having to explicitly tell the girl “hey look i
have value! I’m cool!” Now don’t take too much time out of your
life to post on social media, that’s silly. But, you should just keep in mind the fact
that taking a quick picture or story that only takes 5 seconds can have a positive effect
on your game and results with girls. And that, you horny bastards is it. In summary: Respond to stories
Create callback loops Position your head forward in pictures, not
backwards Make sure your style is on point
Don’t fake flex And post stories and pictures regularly If you want a good example of all of these
things, then like I mentioned before you can check out my manager Benajmin’s Instagram
profile. And what you’ll see there is that even HE
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