How To Receive Supernatural Favor Bible Study Part 2 | Lance Wallnau

How To Receive Supernatural Favor Bible Study Part 2 | Lance Wallnau

Hi this is Lance Wallnau. We’re talking
about the power of the supernatural blessing of God on believers who are
advancing in God’s purpose. The word that we use for this is favor and I do
think that the word is often overly simplified because we reduced it to kind
of like a likability factor like if you have favor people are gonna like you but
it’s not true. As a matter of fact, Jesus said the false prophets were
characteristically known because all men spoke well of them. So having as kind of
a universal popularity is not favor. Favor is the attraction of God to you
that releases an influence through you so that other people are inclined to
like you, trust you, or cooperate with you. Here’s the key in the assignment God
gave you. That means if you have favor operating in your life it only needs to
operate with one person in a room where that person has the power to be able to
advance the assignment on your life favor is the most powerful when it’s
coupled with a purpose destiny or calling so personal favor may be on you
to be able to have inconveniences made remedied. And I’ve seen that through
little ways in which the favor of God just kisses somebody and things are
working out for them. But its primary focus in the Bible is on an
individual for the purpose of what they’re called to do. And that’s where I
want to talk talk to you about right now. We have the honey picture
here because favor is the stick ability factor.
It’s the factor where out of a multitude of people that will meet you or that you
will meet there’ll be a stickiness factor that will work with certain
people to come back to your mind over and over again. You need to really look
at what God’s saying to you when a person is coming back to you because the
Spirit of God is trying to get you to advance something in the direction of
what he’s doing many times and the other person will have you on their mind and
you’ll be sticking to their mind and there’s a window there to operate. Favor is designed that way and you can see that for instance
in Daniel. We’ll go take a quick look at Daniel chapter one. And I love this
because when Daniel is in this period
of being an exile and real disadvantage I mean he’s a part of a conquered people group in a
foreign land and now Daniel is now amongst a group that is appointed to be
interviewed by the king for positions potentially in his administration. And
verse 9 says that God brought Daniel into favor and goodwill, the old King
James says tender love, with the chief of the eunuchs. The chief of eunuchs said to
Daniel that that there was a special relationship that this overseer had with
Daniel. Notice that in Esther and Daniel that favor works with a person who opens up
the door for promotion. Favor works with a person to open up a door for promotion.
How does that happen? Jesus that great verse we talked about
last week is that Jesus himself in Luke chapter 2 verse 52 he increased in
wisdom he increased in physical stature and in his favor with God and with man.
So you’ll see the force of favor positions Daniel for the right
relationships that put him in a position of advantage when it came time for his
promotion into God’s purposes. But favor as David understood it brought him into
problems because favor isn’t always a positive thing listen favor works
two ways it attracts the wrong people to you also
because the devil sends people. Favor also attracts warfare think about this
Jesus was anointed with favor and he said that his enemies hated him without
a cause. If you have really got the favor of God people who are insecure will feel
threatened by you so you have to stop and think about this. Favor isn’t
necessarily your solution. Favor might create a bucket full of problems because
that promotability that’s on you will make other people envious or jealous or
suspicious because they sense that a rival is in their presence. And therefore
David says in Psalm chapter 5 verse 11 “let all those who rejoice but
their trust in you let them shout for joy because you defend them.” Now watch this.
“Let those also who love your name and be joyful in you.” Why? “For you O Lord will
bless the righteous. You’ll command a blessing and with favor you will
surround him as with a shield.” I want you to think about that favor is a shield.
Favor in a sense is like the Teflon that when something of an accusation or
resistance tries to stick to you it’s interesting the sticking factor of favor
becomes a resistance to what the enemy is speaking and trying to do in your
life. So favor becomes a shield and you’ll see this and I’ve seen this with
great fascination that when God puts favor upon somebody and they the enemies
that come against them frequently things boomerang off of the person with favor
so that if you curse what God blesses then imagine this Lester Sumrall great
deliverance minister from the past Europe said that you know with like
witch doctors and stuff like that they send those demons on an assignment but
when you’re in the blessing of God and the authority of God when the demons hit
that they bounce off that shield because they can’t go where they were sent and
they returned back to the sender it’s the boomerang and they come back mad
because they were sent on a failed mission and so they they they actually
bring back a destruction so the Bible talks about the ghosts that curse
actually fall into calamity when they attack those that are anointed now
anointing and favor go together that which God has anointed he
encompasses with favor and so the anointing and favor becomes a shield
make sense the the key idea that I want to hit right now is going to be from the
life of Joseph in Genesis because these are these are stories where you’ll
notice Esther and Daniel are in a disadvantaged position so favor is a
sympathetic force in a sense because it comes to those who God wants to promote
in the midst University that’s why it’s so important
for you to know these verses you need to know these ideas so Joseph is advanced
even though he has set up by his brothers and put into a pit his soul to
his enemies and Joseph has taken down into Egypt in chapter 39 and Potiphar an
officer of Pharaoh’s captain of the guard he brings him down from the
Ishmaelites who had taken him there and the Bible says the Lord what the Lord
was with Joseph and he was a successful man and he was in the house of his
master the Egyptian and noticed something
Faber positions you in proximity to promotion favored positions you in
proximity to promotion so although he is a prisoner he’s being taken to one of
the most powerful men’s house in all of Egypt and in that house verse four says
verse three says the master saw that the Lord was with Joseph and made him master
of all that he did so that everything all that he had to prosper in Joseph’s
sin so Joseph found favor in his sight there’s the word and served him favor
and served him so that he kept promoting him and made him overseer of everything
that he had and put everything under Joseph’s authority what you think about
this for sale Joseph because the force of favor is brought into proximity to
his own promotion but he chooses to use the favorite to serve someone else
Daniel served someone else ester serve someone else what we find here is that
God makes his people expert at facilitating and bringing into alignment
the chaotic forces that are surrounding a person so that the servant of God with
favor is mastering them and bringing out of them that which is producing success
for the person they serve favor enables you to serve and so for many believers
I’m going to suggest to you that one of the reasons why you’re not seeing
increased anointing or ministry or opportunity or business is because
you’ve never actually served somebody else’s success if you’ve never served
another who’s going to entrust you with your own assignment
I didn’t make that up that’s what Jesus taught if you’ve never been faithful in
that which is somebody else’s then who is going to trust you with your own
assignment so there’s a very powerful idea here and I want you just to grab
these things we’ve got four hours of instruction on these concepts of the
force of favor the protective shield of favor the activity of favor and you’re
going to find it all at lance wall-mount com forward slash favor for hours of
intense analysis of how favor works and I’ve been studying this for 40 years and
it continues to intrigue me lance walnut comm forward slash favor I encourage you
to get it you you

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    Taking away a man/woman’s livelihood is an abomination against the Lord according to the Book of Sirach. God defines it as murder. God ordained those in positions of authority to protect the meek and peaceable law-abiding citizens in their cities and countries. And those who have a large platform inside and outside of the church are to speak on the behalf of these people and free them from this outrageous discrimination and if they do not do so then they have blood on their hands.

    I am sure God would define homelessness, especially forced homelessness on up-right, peaceable skilled, and experienced and sober tax payinjg law abiding citizens as more cruel than being crucified on a cross. Homelessness is extremely painful, terrifying day to day, and moment to moment, and death comes extremely slow and is painfully physically, mentally and phychologically.

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    Take the hoimeless in, feed the hungrey, assist the widow and the fatherless in your own town, city and country – give them favor.

  2. Thanks for sharing what the Lord has shown you, and your practical applications..! Blessings….Ron (Las Vegas)

  3. Trump has found favour in God's sight, and he is not only serving America but also the world. As he is attacked and pits are dug for him, his enemies fall into their own pits and the attacks are bouncing back on his attackers. Now Christians should align themselves with President Trump, support him and reap the physical and spiritual prosperity that is being created or afforded by this man. This includes establishing God's Kingdom which still needs to be more fully understood and explored.

  4. IDK, But it seems like the lockdown until Easter, may have forced people into a type of LENT, whether tgey want to or not.
    Flights being suspended to and from europe, and universities being closed?

    They need to put all scoring break a around Easter vacation…no earlier or later

  5. Powerful message. In December I was commissioned as an apostle and in mid February I was threatened by my daughters husband who in fact is very insecure and controlling. I have been living in the house as a 'nanny' to my grandson. This isn't the first but was the most serious. since then I have been taking authority over this spirit and I believer God's is preparing to move me into a new assignment as we have entered into 2020.

  6. Lance, this a great word. Often times, individuals think that when challenges come that someone or they themselves, are doing something wrong because of the challenges. We must listen to the Voice of God and not the opinions of others. We must focus on our purpose and mission and not give up. Our president has been able to do that. Especially now, we must focus and be consistent and push through. Thank you so much for this timely message. Bless you and your family.

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