How to wear silk saree with long jacket blouse | Dolly Jain

How to wear silk saree with long jacket blouse | Dolly Jain

hi friends this is Dolly Jain and I hope
you’re trying all my drapes and I hope you’re enjoying them if you have any
problem you can always always get back to me as I read all your comments and in
this drape that I’m going to share today is how to drape a sari on a long blouse
and a jacket. So here is my model for today Gina and today as I had already
mentioned that I’m sharing with you a drape which is with a long blouse and a
jacket so obviously when you have an outfit like this you would not want to
you know hide your jacket because it’s so beautifully embroidered with this gota patty work and maybe you don’t want to add on color in front then how do you
wear a saree I mean where am I gonna fit in the sari
so this needs the magic happen so yeah this is how I’m going to start I am just
gonna take this and I’m going to roll this up for now so that I can show you
it’s.. Gina just hold this for me yeah so I’m just I’ve just done this so
that I can show you how we tuck in so this is how I’m going to start I start
tucking in from here and then I make my second pleat on top of this which is
going to be a little away I mean don’t make too close pleats and then I’m doing my third pleat and then the fourth one after they are doing these 4 pleats I
think you can just stop and just see the length of the saree and after that what
you do is (leave) the jacket comes on top of the sari like this (turn around) you
know it comes like this the jacket is I mean the blouse comes on top and then
the jacket and now what you do with this leftover saree, how I make my pleats so
throw hold throw hold hold and see how the pleats coming it only you know
behaves well when I use these pegs so I have to discipline them by using these
pegs so after doing that what I do is (just hold here Gina) yeah so I’m just
going to make these pleats and use another peg and throw this yeah after you’ve decided the length of your
palla, what you can do is just take a sari pin and just secure the shoulder
pleats like this and since it is a silk fabric you can just align them nicely yeah this is how it looks from back/
behind all your pleats in place and if you want
since the palla that I’ve kept is long enough if you want what you can do is
just take this part and pin it up on your arms like this. In this way what
you’re showing is your full blouse is visible and your saree is in place and
yeah this is how it looks before I say a goodbye have you subscribed to my
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  1. Love the saree haul dolly maam i love your videos alot….maam can you please make a saree haul wd satin blouse and satin peticot with silk saree ??

  2. Im just in love with your saree styling….my fav style is SAREE ON LEHANGA…..published on 2nd feb..of PANGHAT STORE'S sari…that is amazing mam..really appretiate your efforts…..a big fan of your styling sense…☺️☺️

  3. 안녕하세요 ^^
    나는 한국에 살고 잇어요.
    사리옷을 좋아하는 사람입니다.
    7월에 말레이시아 길건데
    그때 리틀인디아 가서

  4. Mam I am not indian but after watching your videos I am in love with sarees.I want to wear them.but can you plz tell me what fabric is best for begineers my height is 5 feet.

  5. Wow! The editing, music, direction of this video is the great! – On TOP of the amazing draping. I always wondered how to style a saree with a long blouse.

  6. I am very picky when it comes to saree styling and saree selection. I have sarees from decades and recently in love to wear saree. When I was not married, I used to drape others. I am a big fan of you. Your voice is so pleasant to ears and your styling is very appealing to eyes. You should have more than a million subscribers. You are absolutely amazing. Best wishes , my friend.

  7. Hello mam I am in love with your saree styling.. can you please make a tutorial on banarsi saree draping ..
    Please please mam🙏🙏

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