I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA! Why I made the switch to Full Frame.

I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA! Why I made the switch to Full Frame.

(slow drum beat) (mellow guitar playing) – I pinched my pennies,
I saved my allowance, I Scrooged my McDucks, and
I sold one of my kidneys, and I was able to make
what I’m considering a fairly substantial
upgrade to my camera kit. And I thought it would be
fun if we talked about it. (slow techno music) What is up people, Dunna here, and today we’re gonna
talk about these things that you see on the table before you. But, if you don’t already
know what they are, take a guess down in the comments below. I’d love to see what
you think I picked up. Now upgrading your camera gear can be kind of a nerveracking process, and it’s not to be taken
lightly, necessarily. Unless you just have,
like, unlimited money. But camera gear, as most people find out the further they get into
it, is really expensive. And there’s so much of it out there. And a lot of it is really good. So how do you make a choice
what you’re going to get next, or what you’re going to get first? And I thought it would be kinda cool to talk about why I made
the choices that I did. As you can see on the
table, I made three choices. I got a new camera, I got a new lens, and I got a new tripod. Let’s begin with the tripod. As far as a tripod, what
I typically am looking for is something that I can carry
around with me every day. I throw it in the side of my backpack, and it comes with me everywhere, even if I don’t use it, which
is like 80% of the time, it’s always there just in case. For the last six or seven months, I’ve been carrying around
the Vanguard VEO 265AB, which is an aluminum travel tripod. And it does a pretty good job, but there were a couple of things about it that I wasn’t a huge fan of, and the straw that broke the camel’s back is that the ball head started
to wiggle a little bit, and no matter how much
I would tighten down that top plate, it was still wiggling, so it was time to look into a new tripod. Now I reached out on Twitter, and you guys were really
helpful in making my decision. And a good handful of people told me to look into 3 Legged Thing. Now what we can see here is
the 3 Legged Thing Punks Brian. Now it’s a very similar concept to kind of any travel tripod, but it’s got a couple of things that
I’m really excited about. First and foremost,
with my Vanguard tripod, I always ran into the
issue that it was only 59 inches tall at its maximum height. Personally, I’m six foot
one, so that’s 73 inches. So if the camera is only up 59 inches, I’m always having to point it upwards when I’m filming myself. The 3 Legged Thing Brian
goes up to 75 inches. So if I really wanted to,
I could actually get shots looking down at me, without having to like put it up on a table or anything. It’s got twist locks, which
I actually kind of prefer. I know there’s a lotta debate
about that on the internet, but whatever, I like the
twist locks, they’re not bad. And these ones feel really good. It’s carbon fiber, so it’s super light. It’s only 16 inches when
it’s folded up like this, so it fits on the side of
my backpack really nicely. It comes with Slik ball head, and it comes with this cool little tool that, unfortunately,
when I opened the box, the tool was actually broken, so they’re sending me a
replacement right now, but I’m not too worried about that. It was just kind of a little extra. And they’re replacing it, so, no big deal. Now, this is the most money that I’ve ever spent on a tripod, so I was definitely a
little bit nervous about it. It’s funny how those important things, sometimes you don’t necessarily
wanna spend all the money, so up until now, I’ve
always kind of bought either cheap tripods, or ones that I found that were on a really good
sale, or something like that. So this guy, full price,
it was like $400 Canadian, so it’s not a cheap tripod, necessarily. I’m excited to use this. I’ll keep you guys posted
on how it’s working out. If you have any questions,
make sure to lemme know. Also, lemme know what tripod you’re using, if you have a good
travel tripod suggestion. I guess I have a return policy, so, maybe if you guys have
a better suggestion, I could switch it around. The next piece in my upgrades was the Sony ZEISS F4 16 to 35 lens. Now this one was a little
bit difficult for me, because I already have that range covered. I have a Sigma 16 millimeter
F1.4 that I really love, and then I have my 18 to 105 F4, that’s kind of my all around lens. But I wanted to get something that had a bit of a shorter zoom range, so that I could make quick adjustments, and were just kind of
to cover my wide angles. Being that it’s a Sony ZEISS lens, we’ve got that nice Sony ZEISS quality. It’s super sharp, I’m
really loving it so far. If you caught my video about
the FeiyuTech AK4500 Gimbal, I was using this lens to
shoot that entire video on my a6500 and a6400, and I
really love how it turned out. Even though it’s an F4 lens, it still did a really great job. And if you put enough light,
I’m not too worried about it. Now some of you might be thinking, “Dunna, this is a full-frame lens. “Why wouldn’t you get
something like the 10 to 18 “to cover your super-wide,
or why wouldn’t you get “the 18 to 35 Sigma with an adaptor?” The reason is because I knew
that it was probably inevitable that I would eventually go full-frame, and I wanted something that would work on both my APS-C system and
on my full-frame system, once I eventually got it. A little while ago, I did a live stream when Sony announced the a6100 and a6600, talking about my thoughts
about those cameras. And in that video, I
explained that I had been kind of waiting for that announcement to decide whether I was
going to go up to full-frame, or whether I was going to wait for whatever Sony put out next in APS-C. And, as I’m sure that you
can tell by this point, I’ve made that decision. It didn’t take me long after
getting the full-frame lens to get a full-frame camera,
and this is the a7 III. Now I’m pretty sure this camera is about a year old, at this point, and it took me that much time, basically, to make my decision on it,
watching all sorts of reviews and making sure that I was
making the right choice. Because, I am really
happy with the quality that comes out of my APS-C cameras. I’m currently shooting on the a6400 here, and the a6500 there. And they produce fantastic quality! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. There’re just a few advantages that come with going full-frame. And if Sony was to put out the camera that would’ve knocked
both the a6400 and a6500 out of the water, I might
have stayed full APS-C. But they made some upgrades
that are very exciting, and we’re gonna talk a little
bit more about that later. But it wasn’t the thing that
made me go that direction. So why did I choose to get the a7 III? There are a couple of reasons. But first, I need some coffee. It’s not part of my camera
kit, but I really like it. First and foremost, I thought it was time for an upgrade to my a6500. I’d been really, really loving
the a6400 that I have now, but the a6500, as much as
it’s a great camera and stuff, doesn’t have some of the same features, and it’s weird hopping between cameras if they don’t necessarily
have the same features. For example, the a6400
has the HLG profiles, but the 6500 does not. So, I try not to shoot in HLG because I know I won’t be able
to exactly match the footage. With the a7 III, it
has those HLG profiles, so now I can match HLG to HLG if I’m using two cameras on a setup. Right now, I’m shooting cine2 because both the 6400 and the 6500 have that. I know it doesn’t have a flip
screen like the a6400 does, but it’s got a lot of the same features. It’s got similar autofocus features. It doesn’t have the screen dimming like there is in the a6500. And so, I think it’s just gonna match up a lot better with my
experience on the a6400. That’s the squad now: a6400, a7 III. Now another reason for
getting the a7 III instead of, let’s say, waiting for the
a6600 is because of this lens. I went with a full-frame lens,
and I got the F4 version. Some of you may have wondered why I got the F4 instead of
getting the G Master F2.8. I shoot F4 and F2.8 a
lot on my APS-C cameras. And because the look changes
between APS-C and full-frame, I knew that by getting the F4 lens, I get to keep a similar
look to what I’m used to, but I get it at a
significantly cheaper price. ‘Cause that G Master is, it’s pricey. Beautiful, but pricey. Also with full-frame,
I can go a lot wider. It’s a little bit tough to
find good wide glass for APS-C. There’s the 10 to 18, and that’s about it. So by getting the 16 to 35 and then getting the full-frame camera, now I can go way wider, which I’m very excited to experiment with. I don’t personally like
it too much for vlogging, but we’ll see. In fact, I already filmed something, as soon as I got this
camera, in my studio, which is a fairly tight space, and it worked out really well. Another reason that I went to the a7 III instead of keeping with APS-C, is because of the low light performance. On the newer cameras, in the APS-C line, they didn’t really
improve the sensor at all. So I was hoping maybe they
had some crazy new technology that would basically make
it better in the low light, or something like that. But they didn’t, so full-frame made sense because I do end up shooting
in a lotta low light situations in my studio and in other places, and it’s just so handy to
be able to crank up the ISO and not have to worry as much about noise or degradation of the quality. And finally, the thing that
really really pushed me over the edge, is I really wanted to get the full-frame look. It does have a different look, like I was talking about
before with the F4 lenses. Immediately, I can see the difference. And I’m very excited to
be able to play with that, and to be able to choose when I want that, and when I want the APS-C
look, when I wanna crop in. So these were all the
things going through my head when I decided to upgrade my kit. I made three significant upgrades, and then a couple of little things, like, for example, I got the L bracket to go along with this, and I
got a couple extra batteries to go along with the camera. ‘Cause when you buy a new camera, you don’t just buy a new camera. You need all those little accessories and things that you’re used to. And so, of course, it
cost a little bit more than just the camera. But as always, I wanna hear from you. What do you think of the
upgrades that I made? And also, if you could upgrade your kit, what would you get? Lemme know in the comments below. I’ll leave links to all of this stuff, everything that I’ve purchased. All my gear links are
kinda always down there, but I’ll leave this stuff
kinda closer to the top, so you can check it out. So chances are, next time you see me, I’ll be filming a little
bit more with this. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time. (beatboxing) Hey there, Mr. Lens. Hey, a7 III. (kissing noises) I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “I BOUGHT A NEW CAMERA! Why I made the switch to Full Frame.”

  1. If I were in a professional situation like you are, I'm definitely going full frame hands down. It's just a big step up in quality as you've said and there's so much more lenses to choose from for the Sony full frame line of cameras. Great decision Dunna 🙌🏻 now I'll be getting even better videos than before 😆💯

  2. After making the switch to Sony a month ago when I purchased the a6400, it has not taken me long to learn their camera systems and menu, and I am off to pick up the a7iii and pair it with the a6400 as well. So long Canon, it was nice knowing ya lol…. Good move, Dunna!

  3. Your live stream was what put me over the top to get the a7iii this weekend. I paired it with a couple of nice full frame lenses as well. I am loving the full frame look. Keep making great videos.

  4. Congrats on the new camera, like you, I got the a6500 as a73 and lenses were super expensive. Nice to see you get it. Look forward to hearing your experiences as I may follow suit in the next year.
    Also… you have a music studio? Do you have a band. I'm asking as a fellow musician 😎

  5. I have the canon 80D and the canon 50mm F1.8 STM lens and the canon 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS NANO USM. If i had to up grade my kit I would probably get the canon EOS R and the canon RF 15-35mm F2.8 USM and the canon RF 24-70mm F2.8 USM and the canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS USM mark 3. Dream Kit ❤️

  6. Awesome video! And welcome to the full frame club! You Could have get the tamron 17-28 f2.8 for your a7iii and a6400 , sharper and faster than the 16-35 zeiss.

  7. I’m new here but I saw that the improved auto focus on the a6400 is way better than the A7iii. I hope they release a software upgrade to the A7iii because that’s not right that a $800 camera has better auto focus than a $2000 camera with only 1 year apart

  8. Great upgrades bud!
    It’s just so damn expensive to keep up with all the cool gear out there. I guess we go one piece of equipment (or 3 😅) at a time.
    Great video 👍🏼👍🏼

  9. I gathered by one of your reasons for a shift to full-frame was reduced noise when in low light. That's new to me; I thought it was more a matter of the ISO management electronics and software of the camera. Thoughts?

  10. Hey Dunna, What are your thoughts on changing from canon 5D mk3 to Sony a6600? Reason to switch side is size and I want something light I could bring around not leaving it behind at the hotel.

  11. I clicked because I glanced and thought "Oh Peter Mckinnon posted a new video" My eyes have lied to me… But Stayed and watched and DOPE!! Love the video.

  12. 10 seconds in, TRAITOR!!!! I'm out of here………………………………………………………….JK, I'll still watch. FYI, I'm not converting. Lol Love that tripod, and I looked into them but yeah the price kept me from getting one of their's. I have a Manfrotto elements tripod. Paid $150 usd for it and love it so far (also has twist legs).

  13. I sold my Manfrotto tripod and Got 2 GEEKOTO 79 inches Carbon Fiber, they surpassed my expectations, I love them and also can be transformed into monopods and the price is a steel.

  14. Congratulations bro for your new toys! I think you made the right choice so far, I know you will have less limitations in your projects. 🤟🏼

  15. I sold my 6500 and all my lenses after the disappointing a6600 reveal and bought an a7r III with the Tamron 17-28 and I couldn't be happier

  16. And i sold my a73 and bought canon. Those who shoot photos, potraits of their frds and family i assure you canon is going to give you most beautiful colors. I tried to switch to Sony because every youtuber is switching andni though may be its good. Yes it is good camera has everything, but normal people like you and me who shoots videos and in 4k. We take photos of our kids and need beautiful skin tone which canon gives me. Yesterday morning sold sony as it was not hard because everyone is switching to sony lol. And bought eos r , and rf lens kitnlens isnonly 800 bugs. I am happy

  17. With the price drop of the R3 from the announcement of the R4. Why didn't you go for the R3? It really lessened the gap between the a7iii and a7riii

  18. …on the trypod: keep it down…and use the flip screen…
    …for landscape: use the a7r2 or 3
    …for wildlife: use the nikon d850…
    …or the a6400 +200-600…;)
    …for general photography:
    …the a7iii is nice…
    …good wishes from germany…chris

  19. Made the same move back in April. No regrets. Full frame lenses are expensive but these less expensive ones are worth considering: Sony 85mm 1.8 (Amazing!), Sony 50mm 1.8 (not great for video, but excellent for photos and only $200 compared to $1000 for the Zeiss 55), Tamron (of course), Samyang 24mm and 35mm 2.8 (sharp, tiny inexpensive lenses). Congrats on the upgrade!

  20. Good video and use what suits you and I'm all for that , but I'm a Sony scared boy , I have had Sony products since my Sony stereo receiver in 1981 and I had it in shop 3 times in first 2 yrs then I trashed it and got a Pioneer receiver and had it till it finally gave out in 98 , go to 85 or so Sony VCR and it lasted months before it went out then in like 92 bought a Sony big screen TV and yes again multi problems so I gave up till PS 2 came out and first 4 I had it stopped reading discs yep 4 of them , then in 05 got a Sony CRT 1080I TV as a wedding gift and straight out of box the picture was dark green then replaced it with warranty and next one was dead on arrival 😑😣 , so I gave up on all Sony products until '15 and got a Gulp A 7II I was pretty satisfied for first couple months and it was smaller lighter than my Nikon and Canon cameras but wasn't blown away, but anyhow I was handing the camera to my wife out of car window and it dropped to dirt ground and she picked it up and looked at it and said "sh*t it won't come on" and it had a rattle sound in it , I took it in to Roberts to get it repaired and it had several broken internal parts and would have cost me 600 hundred for parts and labor, well long story short Never again I'm scared and non trusting of Any Don't product .

  21. Nice video.
    I bought the a6400 a while back, but also thinking of upgrading to the a7iii.
    Since I only use the camera for still photos, should I upgrade or stay with the a6400?

  22. Nice setup! I waited for the mini A9 (A7000) as well but was disappointed with the A6600. I went with the A7Riii because it was on sale for $2500 on B&H and I could still use all my APSC lenses in super 35 crop and still get 18 megapixel images. First lens I bought was the 16-35 as well :).

  23. Personally I view mirrorless vs DSLR like electric cars vs gas cars. They are plenty of advantages to mirrorless; smaller size, better tech, electronic viewfinder but the infrastructure i.e lens, accessories, etc aren't on par or have as many options as with DSLR. So for now mainly due to overall lower cost and more options for glass I'm sticking with DSLR and will be upgrading to a D850 in the near future. Once mirrorless catches up with it's lense options and cost and accessories then it'll take the upperhand in photography until then DSLRs won't die. And obviously what you plan on using the camera for will make a big factor on whether you choose a mirrorless or DSLR camera.

  24. A much better choice than a6600. I was disappoited with the specs of a6600 and will not upgrade from my a6500. I take pictures for fun and don't make any mony from photography. I will wait a while and see if A7iii goes down in price or maybe a7iv will be fantastic, then I decide what to upgrade to.

  25. I did a family portrait shoot 2 weekends ago, right after the a6600 announcement. I was using my a6500 and it grabs focus in 0.05s. The a6600 grabs in 0.02s and will continue tracking the eye (then head then eye) even when someone turns all the way around it picks it up again while the a6500 just tracks it while they are looking. I left the shoot and I realized that I didn't NEED that eye tracking capability bump to shoot what I shoot.

    Then when I was processing my images I saw that a lower focus time would NOT have improved any of the images I snapped (well, 99.9% of them). The thing is, with the sensor being the SAME as the 6600, if I focus correctly, my image will look exactly the same as my 6600 with correct focus.

    Skin tones – we can edit for that. Battery – a bigger deal for video shoots. I took 1000 images on the same Sony FW50 battery. I know…but I did.

    I want a Sony APC-C form factor for my purposes (focused more on travel, outdoors activities, and mobility) with the same sensor (or BETTER!!) as the sony sensor in the Fujifilm X-T3!

    Until something is noticeably different in the outcome of the photos taken, why would someone with an a6500 upgrade to the 6600 unless they are shooting a ton of video…and then, the 6400 is still a better buy.

    I think you made a good call. You have a foot in both worlds and I would definitely consider the same in your shoes. IF Sony falls on it's face for the next APS-C upgrade, I'll look at buying the (hopefully) A7IV for my photography needs and use my RX100VA for my outdoor hiking and mobility concerned shots. Sony made the wrong call with the sensor IMO.

    One thing – I don't like the size of FF Glass…it's so huge and really weighs your bag down when traveling. I already have a hard enough time picking lenses. If I were you I would consider the 24-105 f4 FF lens…2mm less on the wide end, but eliminate some lens purchases to cover that range.

  26. Dunna… I did it!! Federal Express delivered my new Sony A7R3 from B&H Video this morning. After doing the settings to more my liking, I put a Sigma 56mm f/1.4 APSC lens on the camera, and the camera sensed it was a APSC lens and cropped it. Took some videos, and pictures, and I can say the 5 axis stabialization works perfect on the Sigma lens with no jitters. The quality of the videos, and pictures are SOOO clear and beautiful! I had to give up one kidney, and my first born to get the camera body. Now I have to save up some more money to get the three FE lenses that I want. For the very short period of time I'll be using this camera with my APSC lenses then I'll put on the full frame lenses on it. The 42mp dropped to 18mp but on the computer it looks crystal clear.

  27. Hey Dunna! Great work man, really enjoy your content! I feel like I’m running parallel with you in regards to gear a bit. Have had the a6500 for quite some time and my go to lenses have been the sigma 16mm and the 18-105mm f4, but recently got a a7iii, but no full frame lenses yet. Will you be using those go to lenses on the a7iii as well for video?

  28. I am primarily gonna do wedding film making and I am torn between the Sony A7iii and the Lumix GH5. There are tons of pros and con's to both, but luckily I don't have the money now, so I have enough time to decide 😆 Considering renting both out at different times to see what I prefer.

  29. Hi Dunna, care to check my latest video with a weird issue I have with Sigma art lens on my Sony A7III. Any idea what's wrong?

  30. Before watching the rest, I'm going with 3 legged thing tripod, maybe the albert (same as mine, looks similar) Sony A7R3 (I'm on a7iii, couldn't justify the R) and umm…24-70mm f2.8 sony lens?
    I'll click comment then reply to myself once i've finished watching!

  31. Wow I just bought the Sony A6400 this week as I have been debating whether I get that or the a7iii for about a month and it’s been the most ridiculously hard decision ever but I went with the A6400 as I plan to do travel vlogs so thought it’s the more blogger friendly camera but I love the photos the full frames take, really Hope I don’t regret not getting the a7iii

  32. I’m really looking forward to see how the a7riv does in crop mode with crop lenses, considering its 26mp in crop mode 🤔
    It may be the best APS-C camera out 😳

  33. Someone please give dunna an x-t3. For $1550 you could have bought a MUCH better camera with a lens f2.8-4 incredible kit lens. 4K 60 10bit 4.2.0 at 200 mbs. Sony hasn’t done anything since 2016.

  34. You won’t be disappointed. I did a 6500 at first then realized I wanted full frame. Exchanged for an A7iii and just recently bought a 2nd one to use for filming weddings. Have never been let down by these cameras. Using these and great glass will be great!

  35. Let's gooooo! Stoked to see your content with the full frame camera. Given your experience in mixing/mastering as well, would be awesome to see a BTS at the studio

  36. I upgraded from a Sony a5000 to a Fuji XH1. Absolutely satisfied. My other option was to go fullframe with an Sony a7Xx, but on the long term the Fuji XH1 was the better and cheaper choice (price of lenses). I'm now able to take photo and video jobs and look more professional to the client.

  37. You did really well except for the 16-35. I have that lens but recently bought the Tamron 17-28. Having 2.8 is a bigger deal than most people realize. The Tamron is very light so it sits on my a7III and a6400 perfectly balanced. The Tamron is sharper with better contrast and color plus you can focus really close. I will probably be selling the Sony Zeiss in the near future. It was a great lens but the Tamron is much better.

  38. I went full frame as well….but to a secondhand a7ii. Mainly gonna be using manual lenses so i figured its subpar af performance will not be a bother to me, although the pathetic battery life definitely is.

    So far i use the Minolta MC 58 f1.2 and MC 200 f4, Canon fd 24 2.8 and 135 2.8 and my latest pickup was the 7artisans 28 f1.4 which is absolutely amazing

  39. I went from a Sony a6500 to an xt3 and full circle back to Sony a7iii and don’t regret the decision besides the money ya lose switching systems. I really enjoy the samyang 85mm 1.4 and definitely recommend you check it out if you want to use that newfound shallowness!!

  40. Congratulations! I've recently upgraded to full frame as well, but I ditched Sony for Panasonic S1. I really needed the 10 bit & 60p 4K versatility that Sony doesn't want to give us, until now…

  41. If you're coming from the A7R II and the A6500 primarily for video use then is it good to get the A7R 4 and pair it with the A6600? I fear the A7S III will be later next year.

  42. I’m a new Hybrid shooter, business traveler across USA. After a short blip with iPhone videography with Gimbal and many many hours of YouTube research I jumped right to A7iii. Why? Because eventually I would end up with it anyway. It was a great choice. After trials of different lenses (thank you Amazon) I also decided to only purchase Batis lenses, again as I will probably end up with it anyway. In the end it’s all about having fun and sharing! So, Thank you for sharing!!

  43. Is it really worth going full frame or even 4k when your content is mostly seen on your phone. When I edit 4k my project takes for ever to render. For low light I just use a plugin. I'm still happy with my 1080 aspc sensor. Full frame seams more of an expensive hassle. Because everything is just bigger.

  44. With your most sincerity, if you have to choice one camera between the a7iii or the a6400 (having apsc lens) which you get? Sell all of the apsc lens and go for the a7iii or upgrade for the a6400? I’m only do landscape and nature photography (not paid) i don’t do studio work.
    BTW I’m waiting for the comparison between the a6400 and the a7iii

  45. Great kit. Don’t you think an a7IV will be released soon. I am currently also flirting with the a73 but kind of feel the successor will be announced soon.

  46. Maybe I missed this but this Sony A7Riii has no articulating flip screen? If that is true then how do you vlog if you are alone? Also, any time limits on video record? Thanks Peter!

  47. Good move bro, I made the move to Sony full frame awhile ago from a GH4 Micro 4/3 and haven't looked back. I also bought the A7III, it's such a good camera; I love it.

  48. You should have waited for the mysterious A7S 3 when the used market will be flooded with A73 cameras and the prices drop. And also possibly waited for a flying purple unicorn. Should be out any day now. 😉

  49. I moved away from an 80d and 77d to the A7iii and A6400 and am extremely pleased with the results for my two channels.
    The Sony units are far more capable than the DSLRs and I feel I’m growing (learning) so much by using these cameras.
    The 16-35 f4 not so much .. for FF waited for the Tamron 17-28 And 28-75 2.8 glass.
    The Sigma 16 and 30 plus Sony 18-105 for the A64

  50. yea… feel the same… a6600 aint a massive upgrade to my a6500… except the colour science. Been flirting with the idea of a7iii… but them lens prices… so i guess dunno.. i guess ill wait a bit longer

  51. the 9mm laowa on the a6500 is quite a monster. check out some of my shots on ig @adriant1000 ( think we are connected there already)

  52. You're going to love that A7III. I've had one since it launched. Wanted the new APS-C body to be amazing… but it wasn't so I ended up adding an a6500 to my bag.

  53. I'm stoneybroke😭😭😭😭🤣🤣😂but scraped the money together for an entry-level A7 . Can I use my sigma 16mm and 30mm apsc on my full frame? .. great vid🤗🤗

  54. Why you didn't consider the tamron 17 – 28 as a choice? I guess it'll do better than the zaies especially with the 2.8 aperture and it's much newer

  55. I just bought the A7III as well last week with the Tamron 28-75 F2.8! Great camera and great lens! I also bought the Neewer battery grip with 2 included batteries for 80 usd and the grip and batteries are perfect!

  56. Good move. I have the same dilemma, the Canon 60D, Nex 7, a6000, a6500, Sigma 16mm DN DC, Sony 18 ro 105 mm f 1.4 G lens etc and looking at the A7lll and the Fuji X T3. To add to the problem, my 6500 is simply amazing with the Sigma 16 mm and I managed to figure out some of the Fujifilm colour science using both and the creative Style option (chk my last video). My upgrade could include the Fujifilm X T4, the release which is just around the corner. The full frame look as far as I'm concerned may be a bit overrated, plus the increase in weight and cost of lenses.

  57. What is aps-c?? I’m in the market for a complete new setup I currently have the cannon gx7ii. Sony has always been the goal. I’m contemplating from the a6400 or the ar7iii. What’s your thoughts I’m caught in between both.

  58. ok, I just did it….I bought the A7 iii too BUT I needed to sell my a6500 and APSC lenses to do it. Im just buying the 16-35 like you for now to use with my RE work. Thanks for all you do!

  59. Hey Dunna, great vid. Am planning on upgrading too. Bugdet is a little tight, so can you suggest, A6100 with full frame lens (Sony 16-35 or Tamron 17-28) or A6600 with kit or APSC lens? Maybe you have an alternative suggestion. Mostly for travel, family, etc at a hobbyist level . Keep up the great work.

  60. Can you make some gadgets u suggest for the a7iii such as the L plate, rig,… cause I feel that the basic grip that Sony give us quiet small imo!!!

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